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2015 Week 10



From 03/27/2015 to 2/24/2015

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Week 10

Patents published 3/10/2015

8,973,162  through 8,978,161

5510 patents published.


245. 8,975,537
Circuit substrate, laminated board and laminated sheet

244. 8,975,513
Quantum dot-sensitized wide bandgap semiconductor heterojunction photovoltaic devices

243. 8,975,458
Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation

242. 8,975,436
Fluorinated arylene-containing compounds, methods, and polymers prepared therefrom

241. 8,975,420
Five-membered cyclocarbonate polysiloxane compound and process for preparation of same

240. 8,975,367
Polyphosphonate and copolyphosphonate additive mixtures

239. 8,975,366
Organic semiconductor compound and organic thin film including the organic semiconductor compound

238. 8,975,365
Cage-shaped cyclopentanoic dianhydride, method for production thereof, and polyimide

237. 8,975,364
Polyamide resin

236. 8,975,363
Use, as a shock absorber, of a material formed from branched molecules containing associative groups

235. 8,975,362
Graft copolymer as a gas hydrate inhibitor

234. 8,975,361
Process for the production of water and solvent-free polymers

233. 8,975,360
Polycarbonate nanocomposites

232. 8,975,359
Diketopyrrolopyrrole polymers for use in organic semiconductor devices

231. 8,975,358
Compositions and methods for synthesis of organic-silica hybrid materials

230. 8,975,357
Silicone modified fatty acids, method of preparation and usage thereof

229. 8,975,356
High refractive index polymers

228. 8,975,355
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene

227. 8,975,354
Polypropylene resin composition

226. 8,975,353
Solid titanium catalyst component, olefin polymerization catalyst, and process for producing olefin polymer

225. 8,975,352
Compositions and methods for selective deposition modeling

224. 8,975,351
Latex resin composition for rubber gloves without sulfur and vulcanization acceleator and method of manufacturing dip-formed article using the composition

223. 8,975,350
Polymerizable composition, resin moldings and manufacturing process therefor, and laminates

222. 8,975,349
Cationically polymerizable resin composition and cured object obtained therefrom

221. 8,975,348
Non-aqueous composition comprising partially fluorinated methacrylic polymers

220. 8,975,347
Method for manufacturing electronic component

219. 8,975,346
Polycarbonate copolymers via controlled radical polymerization

218. 8,975,345
Thermoplastic polymers comprising oxygen scavenging molecules

217. 8,975,344
Polyester/polycarbonate block copolymers via one-pot, neat ring opening polymerization

216. 8,975,343
Hydroxyl-functional polyester resins

215. 8,975,342
Blends of grafted copolymer and polyamide

214. 8,975,341
Process for attaching a modifying agent to a substrate

213. 8,975,340
Synthesis of sequestration resins for water treatment in light water reactors

212. 8,975,339
Surface treatment method for water-absorbent resin

211. 8,975,338
Propylene polymer compositions

210. 8,975,337
Moulding compound for mouldings with high weather resistance

209. 8,975,336
Method of melt kneading, extrudate, and transparent resin material

208. 8,975,335
Process for the production of high air flow polyether foams and the foams produced by this process

207. 8,975,334
Crosslinkable propylene-based copolymers, methods for preparing the same, and articles made therefrom

206. 8,975,333
Method for improving flowability of random polypropylene powder

205. 8,975,332
Process for preparing aqueous vinyl polymer dispersions

204. 8,975,331
Biodegradable and biocompatible waterborne polyurethane

203. 8,975,330
Coating composition

202. 8,975,329
Poly(phenylene ether) articles and compositions

201. 8,975,328
Non-thermosensitive medium for analyzing species in a channel and for minimizing adsorption and/or electroosomosic phenomena

200. 8,975,327
Controlling morphology of block copolymers

199. 8,975,326
Carbon nanotube or graphene-based aerogels

198. 8,975,325
Heat stabilized moulding composition

197. 8,975,324
Tread rubber compounds having improved abrasion resistance using functionalized liquid polybutadiene

196. 8,975,323
UV laser markable thermoplastic elastomer compound

195. 8,975,322
Calcium carbonate filler for resin, process for producing the same, and resin composition containing the filler

194. 8,975,321
Compositions suitable for use as joint compounds and related methods

193. 8,975,320
Flame retardant additive for polymers, free of halogens, antimony oxide and phosphorus containing substances

192. 8,975,319
Method for producing nanocomposite materials with polymeric matrix, and corresponding nanocomposite materials

191. 8,975,318       
Halogen-free benzoxazine based curable compositions for high TG applications

190. 8,975,316
Modified fillers and elastomeric composites comprising same

189. 8,975,315
Stabilizer composition for halogen-containing polymers

188. 8,975,314
Triazine derivative and ultraviolet absorber

187. 8,975,313
Polymer composition for producing articles having a metallic appearance

186. 8,975,312
Color indicating epoxy resins and methods thereof

185. 8,975,311
Radiation curable composite coating composition useful to form protective coatings

184. 8,975,309
Vinyl alcohol co-polymer cryogels, vinyl alcohol co-polymers, and methods and products thereof

183. 8,975,308
UV-curable coating compositions with self-healing capabilities, coating films, and methods of producing coating films

182. 8,975,306
Viscoelastic foam layer and composition

181. 8,975,305
Rigid renewable polyester compositions having a high impact strength and tensile elongation

180. 8,975,217
Methods for treating a well with a cross-linked water-soluble polymer-complexed metal cation network and an aromatic compound capable of forming a chelating agent to uncross-link the polymer

179. 8,975,197
Flexible laminate structure

178. 8,975,191
Plasma etching method

177. 8,975,190
Plasma processing method

176. 8,975,189
Method of forming fine patterns

175. 8,975,188
Plasma etching method

174. 8,975,134
Fullerene-based capacitor electrode

173. 8,975,131
Self-aligned method of forming a semiconductor memory array of floating gate memory cells with single poly layer

172. 8,974,986
Method for producing metal-supported carbon, method for producing crystals consisting of fullerene molecules and fullerene nanowhisker/nanofiber nanotubes, and apparatus for producing the same

171. 8,974,983
Electrical conductive member and polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the same

170. 8,974,973
Starch-based battery system

169. 8,974,968
Composite graphite particle for nonaqueous secondary battery, negative electrode material containing the same, negative electrode and nonaqueous secondary battery

168. 8,974,967
Nanotube-based nanomaterial membrane

167. 8,974,946
Coating for separator or cathode of lithium--sulfur or silicon--sulfur battery

166. 8,974,924
Oleophobic coating on sapphire

165. 8,974,915
Block copolymer and nanofiller composites

164. 8,974,911
Method for applying a fireproof coating on a substrate

163. 8,974,910
Treatment of wood for the production of building structures and other wood products

162. 8,974,909
Random copolymers of propylene

161. 8,974,908
Label film for deep-draw processes

160. 8,974,907
Method for reinforcing a glass of touch panel and reinforcement structure thereof

159. 8,974,906
Weather-resistant adhesive composition

158. 8,974,905
Structural adhesive and bonding application thereof

157. 8,974,904
Aligned carbon nanotubes for dry adhesives and methods for producing same

156. 8,974,903
Porous cross-linked polyimide-urea networks

155. 8,974,902
Joined body and method of producing joined body

154. 8,974,901
Multilayer thin film for ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same

153. 8,974,900
Transparent conductive film with hardcoat layer

152. 8,974,898
Coated substrate having enhanced scratch and mar resistance

151. 8,974,890
Nonwoven fabric having projections and recesses, comprising extensible fiber and elastic fiber, and method of producing nonwoven fabric

150. 8,974,889
Nanostructured thin film and method for controlling surface properties thereof

149. 8,974,886
Disbond resistant composite stiffener runout

148. 8,974,884
Part comprising a structure and a shape memory alloy element

147. 8,974,883
Thin packaging film having an incipient tear

146. 8,974,882
Method for producing thermoplastic resin foamed blow-molded article and thermoplastic resin foamed blow-molded article

145. 8,974,881
Resin composition, film, bag product and production process of resin composition

144. 8,974,875
Cellulose acylate film, polarizing plate using the same and liquid crystal display device

143. 8,974,873
Devices and methods involving polymers aligned via interchain interactions

142. 8,974,872
Method of manufacture of multilayer film

141. 8,974,871
Ultra-violet curing machine

140. 8,974,870
Fabrication of porogen residues free low-k materials with improved mechanical and chemical resistance

139. 8,974,869
Method for improving plating on non-conductive substrates

138. 8,974,868
Post deposition plasma cleaning system and method

137. 8,974,867
Method for making strip shaped graphene layer

136. 8,974,866
Process for manufacturing an inner flocked coating for vehicles with a two-colour effect

135. 8,974,865
Component and a method of processing a component

134. 8,974,864
Method of manufacturing a coated substrate having solar properties

133. 8,974,863
Method for producing fiber-reinforced composite material, and heat-resistant mold material and heat-resistant structural material using the fiber-reinforced composite material

132. 8,974,862
Method of manufacturing composite carbon sheet using expanded graphite sheet and mixed dispersion solution

131. 8,974,861
Alkaline coating composition for autodeposition

130. 8,974,860
Selective deposition of metal on plastic substrates

129. 8,974,859
Micro-channel coating deposition system and method for using the same

128. 8,974,858
Method of depositing organic material

127. Methods for manufacturing of cobalt boride coating layer on surface of steels by using a pack cementation process

126. 8,974,854
Compositions and methods for treating cellulose-based materials with micronized additives

125. 8,974,853
Tire dressing paste composition

124. 8,974,827
Nanoparticles comprising a non-ionizable cellulosic polymer and an amphiphilic non-ionizable block copolymer

123. 8,974,826
Nanoparticle film delivery systems

122. 8,974,815
Fibrous membrane for biomedical application based on poly(ester-amide)s

121. 8,974,814
Layered drug delivery polymer monofilament fibers

120. 8,974,803
Injectable biomaterials

119. 8,974,778
Method for drying biomaterials

118. 8,974,776
Biodegradable peptide releasing polymers

117. 8,974,775
Silicone ionomer composition

116. 8,974,767
Fluorescent nanoparticles

115. 8,974,762
Silica particle manufacturing process

114. 8,974,761
Methods for producing silane

113. 974,741
Device for treating gases using surface plasma

112. Method for producing porous film or tape of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene supporting catalyst particles, and ozone-removing filter

111. 8,974,729
Anti-thermally-expansive resin and anti-thermally-expansive metal

110. 8,974,727
Method for manufacturing three-dimensionally shaped object and three-dimensionally shaped object

109. 8,974,725
Friction material tooling

108. 8,974,719       
Composite materials formed with anchored nanostructures

107. ,974,715
Seam concealment for three-dimensional models

106. 8,974,714
Process for the preparation of superhydrophobic film

105. 8,974,713
Method and apparatus for producing plastic products with integrated reinforcing structure

104. 8,974,712       
Method of manufacturing radome

103. 8,974,711
Method and apparatus for manufacturing waterproof footwear with attached compressible lining

102. 8,974,706
Dielectric material with non-linear dielectric constant

101. 8,974,694
Liquid-crystal composition

100. 8,974,693
Liquid-crystalline medium

99. 8,974,686
Bonding composition for mineral wool based on reducing saccharide and hydrogenated saccharide, and insulating products obtained

98. 8,974,685
Fine-processing agent and fine-processing method

97. 8,974,678
Methods using block co-polymer self-assembly for sub-lithographic patterning

96. 8,974,675
Porous solids, selective separations, removal of sulfur compounds, adsorption

95. 8,974,671
Process for the treatment of the aqueous stream coming from the fischer-tropsch reaction by means of ion exchange resins

94. 8,974,649
Combinatorial RF bias method for PVD

93. 8,974,648
Reactive sputtering method and reactive sputtering apparatus

92. 8,974,644
Production of carbon nanostructures from functionalized fullerenes

91. 8,974,636
Composition containing a multivalent cationic metal and amine-containing anti-static agent and methods of making and using

90. 8,974,635
Paper product having unique physical properties

89. 8,974,634
Cellulose nanofibers

88. 8,974,633
System and method for the pumped feed of chips to a continuous digester

87. 8,974,631
Device for fluid treating plate-like articles

86. 8,974,630
Inductively coupled plasma processing apparatus having internal linear antenna for large area processing

85. 8,974,629
High density plasma reactor

84. 8,974,628
Plasma treatment device and optical monitor device

83. 8,974,627
Curable compositions containing silyl groups, and use thereof

82. 8,974,626
Method of manufacturing micro structure, and substrate structure

81. 8,974,625
Method for bonding supplemental material to textiles

80. 8,974,624
Label applicator including a plurality of air flow generators

79. 8,974,622
Composite ePTFE-silicone covering for stent

78. 8,974,621
Composite friction elements and pultrusion method of

77. 8,974,619
Method of making a decorated extruded profile

76. 8,974,618
Systems and methods for assembling a skin of a composite structure

75. 8,974,617
Method for transferring a graphene sheet to metal contact bumps of a substrate for use in semiconductor device package

74. 8,974,616
Method for providing liquid-proof seams for corrugated elastic laminates

73. 8,974,615
Label dispensing systems and methods

72. 8,974,599
Boron doped single crystal diamond electrochemical synthesis electrode

71. 8,974,593
Particle packed cement-SCM blends

70. 8,974,592
Coating composition containing high-refractive-index metal oxide fine particles, and curable coating film obtained by applying the coating composition onto base

69. 8,974,591
Heat-resistant structural wood adhesive compositions involving pMDI, polyol and aromatic polyols

68. 8,974,590
Treatments and kits for creating renewable surface protective coatings

67. 8,974,589
Silicone protectant compositions

66. 8,974,588
Coating composition, a process of applying a coating, and a process of forming a coating composition

65. 8,974,579
Device for separating paint overspray

64. 8,974,578
Porous polymer networks and ion-exchange media and metal-polymer composites made therefrom

63. 8,974,577
Sorbent compositions, sorbent articles, methods for preparing sorbent articles, and methods for capturing target gases using the sorbent articles

62. 8,974,562
Method of making a diamond particle suspension and method of making a polycrystalline diamond article therefrom

61. 8,974,560
Coated abrasive aggregates and products containg same

60. 8,974,330
Sport ball casing and methods of manufacturing the casing

59. 8,974,329
Game ball

58. 8,974,320
Golf ball

57. 8,974,319
Golf ball material and golf ball using the same

56. 8,974,318
Golf ball having core composed of a highly neutralized polymer

55. 8,974,266
Novelty system utilizing translucent putty and an internal illumination module

54. 8,974,262
Inflatable walking apparatus

53. 8,974,259
Electrical connectors with encapsulated corrosion inhibitor

52. 8,974,229
Virtually designing a post and core restoration using a digital 3D shape

51. 8,974,224
Position-locking apparatus for insert and over molding of delicate components

50. 8,974,223
Injection foaming mold, method of producing foamed plastic product, and foamed plastic product

49. 8,974,222       
Nozzle-locating insulator having spring-noncontact sections interposed between spring-contact sections

48. 8,974,221
Molding machines and methods of molding resin products

47. 8,974,220
Mold stack for a preform

46. 8,974,218       
Mold plate and method of molding golf ball core

45. 8,974,217
Reconfigurable shape memory polymer tooling supports

44. 8,974,215
Mold for thermal nanoimprint lithography, process for fabricating the same, and nanoimprint process using the same

43. 8,974,214
Device for manufacturing optical film

42. 8,974,213
Large shells manufacturing apparatus

41. 8,974,212
Systems for manufacturing composite parts with female tools

40. 8,974,211
System for aiding in the replacement of a mould of a moulding unit of a machine for manufacturing containers

39. 8,974,210
Pelletizing device

38. 8,974,209
Underwater cutting and pelletizing apparatus

37. 8,974,208
Mould for vulcanizing a tire, installation and method for regulating the temperature of the mould

36. 8,974,164
Plastic high heat fastener

35. 8,974,152
Polymer grouting method for constructing vertical supporting system

34. 8,974,142
Crash cushion

33. 8,974,135
Fabric preform insert for a composite tank Y-joint

32. 8,974,111
Method and apparatus for continuous liquid stream blending

31. 8,974,110
Kneading device

30. 8,974,109
Blending scale

29. 8,973,981
Acoustic wheel well liner

28. 8,973,871
Box structures for carrying loads and methods of making the same

27. 8,973,589
Embossing techniques

26. 8,973,588
Plasticizer composition for degradable polyester filter tow

25. 8,973,534
Pop up tennis ball pet toy

24. 8,973,527
Plasma processing apparatus, plasma processing method, method for cleaning plasma processing apparatus and pressure control valve for plasma processing apparatus

23. 8,973,526
Plasma deposition apparatus and method

22. 8,973,525
Thin film deposition apparatus

21. 8,973,524
Combinatorial spin deposition

20. 8,973,523
Device for creating and conveying a gas-powder mixture

19. 8,973,522
Dual feeding spray device and use thereof

18. 8,973,521
Coating device and coating method

17. 8,973,520
Coating machine for coating fiber yarns

16. 8,973,321
Two-part molding system

15. 8,973,320
Post and panel construction

14. 8,973,319
Two-piece track system

13. 8,973,315
Window trim system

12. 8,973,310
Ventilated roof system and method

11. 8,973,291
Motorized foam greeting card

10. 8,973,270
Method for producing panels and panel produced according to the method

9. 8,973,263
Composite duct assembly

8. 8,973,261
Manufacturing method of object having conductive line

7. 8,973,260
Method of making self-aligned nanotube contact structures

6. 8,973,259
Method for manufacturing a multilayered circuit board

5. 8,973,248
Connection assembly for connecting metallic and plastic components and method of connecting plastic and metallic components

4. 8,973,247
Method and device for supply of connecting elements to a processing apparatus

3. 8,973,227
Process of fitting a collapsible clip to a sleeve of a piezoelectric actuator

2. 8,973,197
Sanitizing floor mat

1. 8,973,175
Biodegradable toiletry apparatus and method


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