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From 02/15/2015 to 2/9/2015

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Week 05

Patents published 2/3/2015

8,943,612 through 8,950,011

6730  patents published.


Week 05 (2015) Sorted Topics

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401. 8,946,543
Propylene based resin composition and use thereof

400. 8,946,502
Slight-incontinence sanitary napkin structure

399. 8,946,501
Liquid leakage detection system

398. 8,946,500
Absorbent article with highlighted passive barrier

397. 8,946,499
Systems, methods and materials for delivery and debonding on demand

396. 8,946,489
Processing biomass

395. 8,946,485
Branched poly(trimethylene ether) polyols

394. 8,946,466
Method for producing polyether carbonate polyols

393. 8,946,465
Preparation of oligomers and co-oligomers of highly fluorinated sulfinic acids and salts thereof

392. 8,946,378
Sulfonation of conducting polymers and OLED, photovoltaic, and ESD devices

391. 8,946,377
Highly functional polyetherols and the production and use thereof

390. 8,946,376
Semiconductors based on diketopyrrolopyrroles

389. 8,946,375
Method for making over-indexed thermoplastic

388. 8,946,374
Polyether ester composition, polyurethane resin composition, and optical material using the same

387. 8,946,373
Polyureas preparable from two polyetheramines and a prepolymer

386. 8,946,372
Use of tin catalysts for the production of polyurethane coatings

385. 8,946,371
Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof

384. 8,946,370
Polymer composition, method for applying such composition and use of such composition in railway track structures

383. 8,946,369
Branched polysiloxanes and use of these

382. 8,946,368
Catalytic systems made of a complex of rare earths for stereospecific polymerisation of conjugated dienes

381. 8,946,367
Polymerizable carbamate and thiocarbamate compounds, polymers derived from them, and compositions thereof

380. 8,946,366
Cyclic olefin compound, photoreactive polymer, and alignment layer comprising the same

379. 8,946,365
Low molecular weight polystyrene resin and methods of making and using the same

378. 8,946,364
Solution phase polydiacetylene synthesis by alkyne metathesis

377. 8,946,363
Solid particulate catalysts comprising bridged metallocenes

376. 8,946,362
Process for preparation of olefin polymers

375. 8,946,361
Polyisobutylene prepared at high velocity and circulation rate

374. 8,946,360
Continuous flow polymerisation process

373. 8,946,359
Process for preparing polyolefins

372. 8,946,358
Cure acceleration of polymeric structures

371. 8,946,357
Organosilicon compound, thermosetting resin composition containing the organosilicon compound, hardening resin and encapsulation material for optical semiconductor

370. 8,946,356
Resin composition and method of producing the same

369. 8,946,355
Hydroxyaryl functionalized polymers

368. 8,946,354
Method for producing polymer particles

367. 8,946,353
Curable organopolysiloxane composition, optical semiconductor element sealant, and optical semiconductor device

366. 8,946,351
Environmental friendly poly(ether-fattyamide) resin composition

365. 8,946,350
Curable composition

364. Method for dissolving polyvinyl alcohol particles into aqueous media using high shear

363. 8,946,347
Conjugated diene based polymer, and polymer composition containing the polymer

362. 8,946,346
Polymer having unsaturated cycloaliphatic functionality and coating compositions therefrom

361. 8,946,345
Method for the preparation of (polybutylene-co-adipate terephthalate) through the in situ phosphorus containing titanium based catalyst

360. 8,946,344
Curable resin compositions, coatings, and laminated plastics including the same

358. 8,946,343  
Adhesive composition for semiconductors, adhesive film prepared using the same, and semiconductor device including the film

357. 8,946,342
Random mat and fiber-reinforced composite material

356. 8,946,341
Polymer compositions comprising poly(arylether ketone)s and graphene materials

355. 8,946,340
Glass flake filler, and resin composition including the same

354. 8,946,339
Modified conjugated diene-based polymer, method for producing the same, modified conjugated diene-based polymer composition, and tire

353. 8,946,338
Aqueous silicon dioxide dispersions for sealant and adhesive formulations

352. 8,946,337       
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded product using the same

351. 8,946,336
Hydrotalcite-type particles, heat retaining agent for agriculture films, master batch for agricultural films, and agricultural film

350. 8,946,335
Highly thermally conductive thermoplastic resin composition and thermoplastic resin

349. 8,946,334
Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tire using the same

348. 8,946,333
Thermally conductive plastic compositions, extrusion apparatus and methods for making thermally conductive plastics

347. 8,946,332
Flow enhanced thermoplastic compositions and methods for enhancing the flow of thermoplastic compositions

346. 8,946,331
Polypropylene resin composition and formed article

345. 8,946,330
Extrusion blown molded bottles with high stiffness and transparency

344. 8,946,329
Coating compositions

343. 8,946,328
Resin composition used for peelable coating and compounding process thereof

342. 8,946,326
Bimodal polyethylene composition for injection moulded articles

341. 8,946,325
Tire member and method for manufacturing the same

340. 8,946,324
Bulk material cover compositions and methods of applying

359. 8,946,323
Anionic wetting agents for stabilizing self-depositing compositions comprising oxidic pigments

358. 8,946,322
Thermosetting resin containing irradiated thermoplastic toughening agent

357. 8,946,321       
Polymeric compositions containing microspheres

356. 8,946,320
Ink system containing polymer binders

355. 8,946,319
Butyl ionomers for use in reducing a population of and/or preventing accumulation of organisms and coatings made therefrom

354. 8,946,317
Composition for hard tissue repair

353. 8,946,316       
Polymer having polycyclic groups and coating compositions thereof

352. 8,946,315
Hydrophilic aliphatic polyurethane foams

351. 8,946,314
Expandable polyamide composition and polyamide foam obtained therefrom

350. 8,946,313
Hybrid PHD/PMPO polyols for polyurethane foam applications

349. 8,946,311
Method for producing polyurethane insulating foams

348. 8,946,310
Composition containing specific amides and organomodified siloxanes, suitable for producing polyurethane foams

347. 8,946,306
Process for the treatment of a hydrophobic surface by an aqueous phase

346. 8,946,305
Method for crosslinking a colloid, and crosslinked colloid therefrom

345. 8,945,964
Fabrication of nitride nanoparticles

344. ,945,947
Use of perfluoropolymers in the determination of the receptor-ligand binding constant

343. 8,945,927
Polymers for delivering molecules of interest

342. 8,945,937
Apparatus and method for analyzing graphene and graphene boundary

341. 8,945,896
Ligand functionalized polymers

340. 8,945,736
Method for conditioning membrane-electrode-units for fuel cells

339. 8,945,729
Thermal barrier coating material with RF absorption capabilities at elevated temperatures

338. 8,945,718
Aqueous compositions for whitening and shading in coating applications

337. 8,945,717
Adhesive material

336. 8,945,716
Process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles

335. 8,945,715
Low V.sub.2O.sub.5--content and V.sub.2O.sub.5--free porcelain enamels

334. 8,945,714
Coated article with IR reflecting layer and method of making same

333. 8,945,712
Fluorinated compositions and surface treatments made therefrom

332. 8,945,711
Water-based composite resin composition and an article comprising the same

331. 8,945,710
Optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet

330. 8,945,708
Multilayer, coextruded, ionomeric decorative surfacing

329. 8,945,707
Surface-coated cutting tool

328. 8,945,706
Polymeric composition for cellulosic material binding and modifications

327. 8,945,705
Adhesive composition, adhesive film including the same, method of preparing adhesive film, and display member using the same

326. 8,945,704
Multi-layer film, decorative molding film and molded body

325. 8,945,703
Single- or multilayer, stabilized polyester film

324. 8,945,701
Ethylene resin composition, sealing material for solar cell, and solar cell module utilizing the sealing material

323. 8,945,699
Sheet, an article, and a method of making a sheet

322. 8,945,698
Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same

321. 8,945,697
Optical recording medium

320. 8,945,695
Polyethylene terephthalate resin synthesized inorganic Ti--Mg catalyst and its applications thereof

319. 8,945,694
Poly aryl ether ketone polymer blends

318. 8,945,692
Liquid crystal display unit and method of manufacturing the same

317. 8,945,691
Nano-material and method of fabrication

316. 8,945,690
Method and apparatus for mass-producing DLC films

315. 8,945,689
Hydrotalcite for P.V.C. stabilizer and a method of thereof

314. 8,945,688
Process of forming a material having nano-particles and a material having nano-particles

313. 8,945,687
Heat transfer medium and heat transfer method using the same

312. 8,945,686
Method for reducing thin films on low temperature substrates

311. 8,945,685
Method for dying and/or printing adhesive closure parts

310. 8,945,684
Process for coating an article with an anti-fouling surface coating by vacuum evaporation

309. 8,945,683
Prepreg for fiber reinforced plastic and production process thereof

308. 8,945,682
Deposition apparatus, method for manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus, and organic light emitting display apparatus

307. 8,945,681
Coating composition comprising autoxidisable component

306. 8,945,680
Method for the establishment of a crack resistant epoxy paint coat and paint compositions suitable for said method

304. 8,945,679
Apparatus for impregnating web-like materials with thermally curable impregnating resin

303. 8,945,678
Soft batt insulation material and method for making

302, 8,945,677
Electronic device manufacture using low-k dielectric materials

301. 8,945,676
Method and apparatus for coating

300. 8,945,675
Methods for forming conductive titanium oxide thin films

299. 8,945,674
Method for forming a protective coating containing aluminium and zirconium on a metal part

298. 8,945,673
Nanoparticles with grafted organic molecules

297. 8,945,672
Process for preparing compacted pigment granules, process for preparing encapsulated pigment granules, and process for dyeing landscaping and/or construction materials

296. 8,945,671
Method for producing encapsulated sodium percarbonate particles

295. 8,945,670
Process for the production of a deposit of inorganic nanoparticles having micro gaps onto a light-transparent support

294. 8,945,669
Extrusion material supply device and optical transmission body manufacturing method using the same

293. 8,945,668
Phenoxy resin composition for transparent plastic substrate and transparent plastic substrate using the same

292. 8,945,667
Alkylcellulose and salt compositions for dust control applications

291. 8,945,666
Systems and methods for adjusting moisture concentration of a veneer

290. 8,945,665
Process for making a dental restoration and resultant apparatus

289. 8,945,664
Mechanical stability of the biomimetic coating by cross linking of surfactant polymer

288. 8,945,663
Method for biostable inclusion of a biobeneficial agent on an outermost surface of an implantable medical device

287. 8,945,629
Nanoparticles for cytoplasmic drug delivery to cancer cells

286. 8,945,628
Magnetic nanoparticles

285. 8,945,622
Sustained release composition of therapeutic agent

284. 8,945,602
Porous photonic crystals for drug delivery to the eye

283. 8,945,601
System and method for attaching soft tissue to an implant

282. 8,945,598
Low temperature drying methods for forming drug-containing polymeric compositions

281. 8,945,551
Biopolymer hybrid gel-depot delivery system

280. 8,945,537
Process, tube and device for the preparation of wound healant composition

279. 8,945,535
Implant for the repair of a cartilage defect and method for manufacturing the implant

278. 8,945,525
Comfortable, long-wearing, transfer-resistant colored cosmetic compositions having high gloss and a non-tacky feel

277. 8,945,522
Silyl polymeric benzoic acid ester compounds, uses, and compositions thereof

276. 8,945,513
Star polymer nanoshells and methods of preparation thereof

275. 8,945,508
Dendrimer compositions and methods of synthesis

274. 8,945,502
Patterned, dense and high-quality SWNTs arrays

273. 8,945,501
Method for preparing carbon nanotube or carbon microtube

272. 8,945,500
High capacity hydrogen storage nanocomposite materials

271. 8,945,478
Microfabricated devices with coated or modified surface and method of making same

270. 8,945,477
Apparatus and method for sterilizing container closures

269. 8,945,467
Method and apparatus for the sterilisation of articles

268. 8,945,460
Extrusion blown molded bottles with high stiffness and transparency

267. 8,945,459
Container made from expanded plastic film

266. 8,945,458
Method and apparatus for producing a structure, molding tool

265. 8,945,457
Method and system for creating an apertured web-shaped material

264. 8,945,456
Stereolithography machine

263. 8,945,455
Reconfigurable shape memory polymer support tooling

262. 8,945,454
Substrate manufacturing method, substrate manufactured by the substrate manufacturing method and magnetic recording medium using the substrate

261. 8,945,453
Method for producing polytetrafluoroethylene fiber and polytetrafluoroethylene fiber

260. 8,945,452
Method for producing flexible sheet

259. 8,945,451
Implantable medical electrical device connector module assemblies and methods

258. 8,945,450
Apparatus and method for manufacturing fiber reinforced plastic structure

257. 8,945,448
Method of manufacturing an implantable drug delivery system including an impedance pump

256. 8,945,447
Tire innerliner

255. 8,945,446
Apparatus and method for manufacturing multiplex interlayer for safety glass

254. 8,945,443
Process for utilising waste drill cuttings in plastics

253. 8,945,441
Methods and materials for fabricating laminate nanomolds and nanoparticles therefrom

252. 8,945,439
Method for manufacturing lens, apparatus for manufacturing lens, and method for manufacturing optical apparatus

251. 8,945,438
Lens forming metal mold, lens forming method and pickup device

250. 8,945,437
Biodegradable suspension forming compositions

249. 8,945,436
Conductive paste and electronic part equipped with electrode wiring formed from same

248. 8,945,434
Antistatic or electronically conductive polyurethanes, and method for the production thereof

247. 8,945,432
Conductive polymer compositions in opto-electrical devices

246. 8,945,431
Intercalation of silicon and/or tin into porous carbon substrates

245. 8,945,430
Photovoltaic cell containing a polymer electrolyte

244. 8,945,429
Electrically conducting thin films and methods of making same

243. 8,945,428
Device and method of sanitation and/or sterilization

242. 8,945,427
Electrically conductive polymer compositions and films made therefrom

241. 8,945,426
Electrically conductive polymer compositions for coating applications

240. 8,945,424
Low temperature sulfur tolerant tar and sulfur removal with concomitant synthesis gas conditioning

239. 8,945,420
Liquid crystal display and liquid crystalline medium

238. 8,945,419
Coated superabsorbent polymer particles and processes therefore

237. 8,945,411
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

236. 8,945,409
Porous medium with increased hydrophobicity and method of manufacturing the same

235. 8,945,396
Process for delamination of laminated packaging

234. 8,945,391
Organic polymers-separation membrane filter, and organic polymers-separation method

233. 8,945,390
Carbon membrane and method for pervaporation separation

232. 8,945,389
Method for substance separation using a cellulose hydrate membrane in size exclusion chromatography

231. 8,945,388

230. 8,945,387
Hollow fiber membrane module for use in a tubular pressure vessel

229. 8,945,386
Cleaning device of membrane filtration apparatus

228. 8,945,385
Drive device for a membrane filtration arrangement

227. 8,945,383
Filtration system

226. 8,945,365
Electrodepositable coating compositions exhibiting resistance to cratering

225. 8,945,362
Plating method

224. 8,945,361
Electrophoresis standards, methods and kits

223. 8,945,360
High-performing electrophoresis gels with extended shelf lives

222. 8,945,348
Carbonization method and device

221. 8,945,347
Method for mechanical pulp production

220. 8,945,346
Method and an apparatus for producing nanocellulose

219. 8,945,345
Method for producing furnish, furnish and paper

218. 8,945,343
Decapsulator with applied voltage for etching plastic-encapsulated devices

217. 8,945,342
Surface wave plasma generating antenna and surface wave plasma processing apparatus

216. 8,945,341
Method and device for wet treatment of plate-like articles

215. 8,945,340
Plasma processing apparatus, and maintenance method and assembling method of the same

214. 8,945,339
Film formation apparatus

213. 8,945,338
Anaerobic curable compositions

212. 8,945,337
Method to produce a surface covering

211. 8,945,335
Adhesive stack with a central shear layer

210. 8,945,334
Method of producing a multi-layered printed absorbent article

209. 8,945,333
Method for applying edge strips onto narrow surfaces of in particular plate-shaped work pieces and work pieces obtained in said manner

208. 8,945,332
Exterior composite finish flooring

207. 8,945,331
Method of transferring a laminate and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device

206. 8,945,329
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing printed wiring board

205. 8,945,328
Methods of making garments having stretchable and conductive ink

204. 8,945,327
Sandwich component and method for the production thereof

203. 8,945,326
Method of making prefastened refastenable disposable absorbent articles

202. 8,945,325
Methods and systems for forming integral composite parts with a SMP apparatus

201. 8,945,324
Process for making elastomeric absorbent garments to reduce absorbent bunching

200. 8,945,323
Method of building carcass band and stitcher apparatus

199. 8,945,322
of producing a pneumatic tire with a surface fastener

198. 8,945,321
Method and apparatus for reworking structures using resin infusion of fiber preforms

197. 8,945,320
Belt connector and method

196. 8,945,314
Biodegradable stability binding agent for a solid detergent

195. 8,945,312
Bristle based fiber optic connector cleaner sub-surface

194. 8,945,309
Catalyst for cellulose hydrolysis and/or reduction of cellulose hydrolysis products and method of producing sugar alcohols from cellulose

193. 8,945,307
Apparatus and method for vapor deposition of dielectric wire coating

192. 8,945,305
Methods of selectively forming a material using parylene coating

191. 8,945,304
Ultrahigh vacuum process for the deposition of nanotubes and nanowires

190. 8,945,303
Device for crystallizing biopolymer, cell of solution for crystallizing biopolymer, method for controlling alignment of biopolymer, method for crystallizing biopolymer and biopolymer crystal

189. 8,945,301
Method of producing diamond powder and doped diamonds

188. 8,945,299
Method for purifying ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate adhesive composition and ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate adhesive composition

187. 8,945,298
Non-etching non-resist adhesion composition and method of preparing a work piece

186. 8,945,297       
Dielectric protective layer for a self-organizing monolayer (SAM)

185. 8,945,295
Building materials and methods of manufacture

184. 8,945,288
Device for separating paint overspray

183. 8,945,287
Active particle-enhanced membrane and methods for making and using the same

182. 8,945,284
Deoiler seal

181. 8,945,279
Polymer-encapsulated carbon capture liquids that tolerate precipitation of solids for increased capacity

180. 8,945,277
Advanced fire-resistant forms of activated carbon and methods of adsorbing and separating gases using same

179. 8,945,276
Parallel feed gas separation membrane element assembly

178. 8,945,268
Seal arrangement for filter element; filter element assembly; and, methods

177. 8,945,267
Collapsible extended surface filter and air cleaner system using collapsible extended surface filter

176. 8,945,263
Filter and method for grease filtration

175. 8,945,253       
Abrasive article for ultra high material removal rate grinding operations

174. 8,945,252
Coated abrasive laminate disc and methods of making the same

173. 8,945,249
Methods for characterizing a polycrystalline diamond element by magnetic measurements

172. 8,945,248
Biofilter assemblies for biomass gasification systems

171. 8,945,247
Methods and apparatus for the improved treatment of carbonaceous fuel and/or feedstocks

170. 8,945,246
Method for producing liquefied fuel oil using biomass as feedstock

169. 8,945,245
Methods of hydrolyzing pretreated densified biomass particulates and systems related thereto

168. 8,945,243
Systems capable of adding cellulosic biomass to a digestion unit operating at high pressures and associated methods for cellulosic biomass processing

167. 8,945,238
Artificial foot

166. 8,945,237
Adjustable prosthetic limb socket

165. 8,945,236
Liner having an integrated electrode

164. 8,945,235
Removable deployment device, system, and method for implantable prostheses

163. 8,945,234
Prosthesis having a metaphyseal element

162. 8,945,233
Hip joint method

161. 8,945,232
Ball and socket implants for correction of hammer toes and claw toes

160. 8,945,231
Composite trial prosthesis

159. 8,945,230
Patient selectable knee joint arthroplasty devices

158. 8,945,229
Reverse shoulder orthopaedic implant having a metaglene component with a screw locking cap

157. 8,945,228
Endplate for a vertebral implant

156. 8,945,227
Spinal implant co-insertion system and method

155. 8,945,226
Vertebral spacer

154. 8,945,225
Prosthetic spinal disc system

153. 8,945,224
Sacro-iliac implant system, method and apparatus

152. 8,945,223
In-situ formable nucleus pulposus implant with water absorption and swelling capability

151. 8,945,222
Wear compensating joint assembly incorporating a pressurized fluid injectable reservoir upwardly biasing a hardened plastic with a wear surface

150. 8,945,220
Soft tissue spacer

149. 8,945,215
Accommodating intraocular lens with a compressible inner structure

148. 8,945,212
Durable multi-layer high strength polymer composite suitable for implant and articles produced therefrom

147. 8,945,211
Tissue plication device and method for its use

146. 8,945,210
Implantable devices for controlling the internal circumference of an anatomic orifice or lumen

145. 8,945,209
Encapsulated heart valve

144. 8,945,208
Methods of valve delivery on a beating heart

143. 8,945,207
Removable stent and method of production

142. 8,945,206
Methods for making implantable medical devices

141. 8,945,081
Disposable wearing article

140. 8,945,080
Disposable diaper

139. 8,945,079
Disposable wearable absorbent articles with anchoring subsystems

138. 8,945,078
Wearing article

137. 8,945,077
Female urination device with a retractable tip

136. 8,945,062
Barrier system to reduce the rates of line-related infections

135. 8,945,030
Negative pressure dressing and method of using same

134. 8,945,025
Catheter with atraumatic tip

133. 8,945,002
Seal for closing-off an access instrument into a body

132. 8,945,001
Miniature ingestible capsule

131. 8,944,997
Medical devices and methods

130. 8,944,948
Flat belt

129. 8,944,938
Golf ball having a resilient material

128. 8,944,937
Method of recycling a ball and ball for use in recycling method

127. 8,944,936
Golf ball resin composition and golf ball

126. 8,944,935
Multilayer golf ball with resin inner core and specific coefficient of restitution relationships between the layers

125. 8,944,933
Golf training device

124. 8,944,932
Swing analyzer

123. 8,944,931
Training aid for a golfer

122. 8,944,930
Golf eyeglasses having function of correcting various swing errors and head up movement

121. Method for filling sausages with a paste-like substance and filling machine for performing this method

120. 8,944,882
Wall mounted toy track set

119. 8,944,881
Toy track set

118. 8,944,880
Apparatus for distributing scale ballast on a model railroad track

117. 8,944,877
Action toy with jet pack

116. 8,944,820
Dental restorative composite with luminescent crystals

115. 8,944,817
Connection of a prosthesis structure with an implant structure

114. 8,944,815
Components for permanent removable and adjustable dentures and bridges

113. 8,944,806
Blow mold unit and blow molding machine using same

112. 8,944,805
Method and apparatus for packaging a liquid food product

111. 8,944,808
Molding apparatus

110. 8,944,807
Devices and method for draw blow moulding a container and the corresponding use

109. 8,944,804
Nanostructured surfaces for biomedical/biomaterial applications and processes thereof

108. 8,944,801
Pellet press for producing pellets

107. 8,944,799
Techniques for sensing material flow rate in automated extrusion

106. 8,944,619
Nanoparticle complex, light conversion member and display device having the same, and method for fabricating the same

105. 8,944,795
Mold release sheet

104. 8,944,795
Mold release sheet

103. 8,944,794
Blowing machine with demountable blowing stations

102. 8,944,797
Molding apparatus and method for manufacturing insert molded article

101. 8,944,796
Mesh and apparatus for forming and/or using mesh

100. 8,944,789
Enhanced elastomeric stator insert via reinforcing agent distribution and orientation

99. 8,944,768
Composite turbine blade and method of manufacture

98. 8,944,721
Apparatus and method for insertion of gaskets8,944,715
Sanitary disposable writing instrument, method of making and dispenser therefore

97. 8,943,674
Method of making a patch antenna having an insulation material

96. 8,944,619
Nanoparticle complex, light conversion member and display device having the same, and method for fabricating the same

95. 8,944,594
Systems and methods for creating aberration-corrected gradient index lenses

94. 8,944,593
Progressive lenses

93. 8,944,592
Silicone hydrogel lens with a crosslinked hydrophilic coating

92. 8,944,591
Eyeglasses assembly structure

91. 8,944,590
Electronic spectacle frames

90. 8,944,589
Water sport glasses

89. 8,944,570
Piezoelectric film and ink jet head and angular velocity sensor using the same

88. 8,944,539
Sealing system for refrigerator

87. 8,944,504 |
Inflatable thin seat

86. 8,944,472
Conduit joint and seal ring

85. 8,944,471
Electrically conductive hydraulic hose

84. 8,944,470
Safety label or adhesive tape with evidence of tampering

83. 8,944,450
Mountable water spray shield

82. 8,944,427
Supply device for a machine for transversely cutting at least one strip of flexible material

81. 8,944,424
Carbon fiber clamping apparatus and method

80. 8,944,417
Packing layer for a structured packing

79. 8,944,416
Membrane based contactor module for mass and heat transfer

78. 8,944,389
Flexible hose tensioning device

77. 8,944,361
Method for handling a fiber reinforced plastic tube, and combination of such tube wound on a reel

76. 8,944,360
Coreless paper roll rewinding machine

75. 8,944,358
Package and locking ring for dispensing wound material from a container

74. 8,944,359
Machine for winding pairs of tubes parallel to an advancing direction and independent of each other

73. 8,944,356
Fastening device, a cone crusher and a method for fastening an inner crushing blade to a head of a cone crusher

72. 8,944,354
Apparatus, systems, and methods for grinding a material

71. 8,944,347
Deposition nozzle and apparatus for thin film deposition process

70. 8,944,315
Apparatus and method for working an optical lens and also an optical lens and a transporting container for optical lenses

69. 8,944,312
Packing box

68. 8,944,302
Plastic bag holder for a vehicle

67. 8,944,293
Dispenser adapted to engage a bottle and adapted for use with thick consumable fluid having solid ingredients therein

66. 8,944,292
Dispenser of fluid material

65. 8,944,288
Collapsible container

64. 8,944,270
Container with improved tamper evident structure

63. 8,944,268       
Fuel tank

62. 8,944,266       
Floor-mount service container and lid

61. 8,944,265
Liquids packaging

60. 8,944,264
Medical vial cap

59. 8,944,257
Polysulfone polymers and membranes for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration

58. 8,944,256

57. 8,944,253
Marine microplastic removal tool

56. 8,944,252
Vacuum-packed diaper kit

55. 8,944,251
Packaging device

54. 8,944,250
Mono-web resealable package with tamper-evident tear strip

53. 8,944,249
Refuse container with mechanical weight indicator and danger alerting

52. 8,944,248
Blank configured to form a package and related package and method

51. 8,944,247
Pouch-based cumulative packaging

50. 8,944,225
Structure for absorbing energy

49. 8,944,131
Adhesive tape dispenser with automatic winding of releasable backing

48. 8,944,130
Sealing packages using tape and pull cord

47. 8,944,129
Apparatus for manufacturing a disposable wearing article

46. 8,944,128
Device for tensioning a preform

45. 8,944,126
Filter for a pneumatic tire

44. 8,944,125
Tension-based non-pneumatic tire

43. 8,944,124
Pneumatic tire for a motorcycle

42. 8,944,123
Pneumatic tire

41. 8,944,122
Filler neck with blocker device for diesel fuel tank

40. 8,944,115
Method and device for the manufacturing of fabrics with at least two different pile heights in a same pile row

39. 8,944,113
Composite pipe and method of manufacture

38. 8,944,112
Braided hose and method of making same

37. 8,944,111
Pipe pitch apparatus, system and method of installation

36. 8,944,110
Vent duct

35. 8,944,079
Device and method for filling or packing contents into containers

34. 8,944,078
Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method and storage medium

33. 8,944,077
Film deposition apparatus, cleaning method for the same, and computer storage medium storing program

32. 8,944,075
Smoking article wrapper

31. 8,944,068

30. 8,944,045
Self-heatable container

29. 8,944,039
Paintball marker

28. 8,944,011
Impact action cat toy

27. 8,944,007
Mealworm feeder

26. 8,944,003
Remote plasma system and method

25. 8,944,002
High throughput physical vapor deposition system for material combinatorial studies

24. 8,943,997
Hot melt glue applicator

23. 8,943,981
Reinforced plastic pallet

22. 8,943,980
Adaptor pallet and method of handling cargo

21. 8,943,979
Modular pallet

20. 8,943,971
Compounded high explosive composites for impact mitigation

19. 8,943,897
Carbon nanotubes based sensing elements and system for monitoring and mapping force, strain and stress

18. 8,943,884
Smart seals and other elastomer systems for health and pressure monitoring

17. 8,943,789
Hybrid core rope

16. 8,943,787
Packaging machine for packs of beverage containers, a guide system for packaging packs and a method for packaging packs

15. 8,943,786
Packaging and filling machine

14. 8,943,780
Method and system for verification of product transfer from an intermediate loading cartridge to a multi-container blister pack

13. 8,943,772
Grooved panel covering for providing a varying pattern of shading

12. 8,943,770
Insulated panel and method of assembly

11. 8,943,763
Method and structure for damping movement in buildings

10. 8,943,761
Building construction wrapped with reinforcement fabric to resist wind loading

9. 8,943,706
Acoustic wave drying method

8. 8,943,705
Dielectric dryer drum

7. 8,943,692
Conductive roller and manufacturing method therefor

6. 8,943,684
Continuous extrusion process for manufacturing a Z-directed component for a printed circuit board

5. 8,943,683
Fabricating method of embedded package structure

4. 8,943,677
Method for joining core laminations by adhesive force to form a soft-magnetic laminated core

3. 8,943,674
Method of making a patch antenna having an insulation material

2. 8,943,670
Composite engine part and fastener assembly and method of securing a composite part to an engine

1. 8,943,617
Protective temperature helmet, protective temperature helmet liner


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