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Week 01

Patents published 1/6/2015

8,925,112 through 8,931,111

6396  patents published.


304. Electrical /Electronics: Devices
Compounding /Doping
Carbon /Fullerenes /Graphenes
Doped graphene electronic materials

303. Coatings /Wire Coatings
Insulated wire

302. Coatings /Anticorrosion /Wire Coatings
Anti-corrosion structure for wire connecting portion

301. Sorbents /Diapers
Absorbent article

300. Sorbents /Diapers
Absorbent garment with strand coated adhesive components

299. Sorbents /Diapers
Absorbent articles comprising wetness indicators

298. Reactions /Pyrolysis
Materials /Disposal /Recycling
Method for converting waste plastic to lower-molecular weight hydrocarbons, particularly hydrocarbon fuel materials, and the hydrocarbon material produced thereby

297. Reactions /Pyrolysis
Materials /Lignocellulose
Processes for converting lignocellulosics to reduced acid pyrolysis oil

296. Polymers /Silicon: Silicones: Polymerization
Separating cyclic siloxanes from short-chain siloxanes having terminal hydroxyl groups

295. Reactions /Metathesis
Materials /Renewable Materials /Thermosets
Thermoset and thermoplastic compositions derived from the essential oils of herbs

294. Polymers /Fluorinate Polymers: Applications
Electrical /Electronics: Devices
Fluorinated monomers, oligomers and polymers for use in organic electronic devices

293. Reactions /Polymerization
Radiation /Ultrasonics: Applications
Polymers /Sulfur: Polythiophenes
Materials /Transparent Materials
Electrical /Electrodes
Polymerization fluid, method for producing the polymerization fluid, transparent film and transparent electrode made from the polymerization fluid

292. Reactions /Click Chemistry
Polymers /Funationalized Polymers
Functionalization of polyglycolides by "click" chemistry

291. Coatings /Resists
Coating composition for use with an overcoated photoresist

290. Polymers /PC Applications
Polycarbonate resin and coating solution containing same, and molded article produced by molding said coating solution

289. Polymers /Polyimides
Crystalline thermoplastic polyimide resin

288. Polymers /Epoxy Materials
Compounding /Impact Modifiers
Toughening agent for epoxy resin compositions

287. Coatings /PUR Coatings
Heat adherent polyurethane film

286. Coatings /PUR Coatings
8,927,675 |
Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same

285. Reactions /Silylation /Crosslinking
Polymers /Silicones
Dehydrogenative silylation and crosslinking using cobalt catalysts

284. Reactions /Polymerization: Solution Polymerization
Polymers /Silicon /Silsesquioxanes
Method for preparing a polysilsesquioxane of a controlled structure and polysilsesquioxane prepared by the same

283. Polymers /PE Copolymers
Ethylene-alpha-olefin copolymer

282. Strucures /Surfaces: Surface Treatments
Reactions /Polymerization
Polymers /Polyethylene Copolymers
Copolymers, method for producing them and their use for treating surfaces

281. 8,927,668
Fluorinated elastic copolymer and method for its production (Polymers /Fluoropolymers)  (Materials /Elastomers)  (Processing /Extrusion)

280. 8,927,667
Fluorosilicones and fluorine- and silicon-containing surface treatment agent (Structures /Surface Treatments)  (Polymers /Fluoropolymers)

279. 8,927,666
Polymerization of monomers using fluorinated propylene solvents  (Reactions /Polymerization /Solution Polymerization)

278. 8,927,665
Slurry phase polymerisation process  (Reactions /Polymerization /Slurry Polymerization) (Polymers /PE Polymerization)

277. 8,927,664
Method for the manufacture of articles of thiol-ene polymers (Polymers /Sulfour Containing Polymers)

276. 8,927,663
Epoxy resin hardener compositions and epoxy resin compositions containing such hardener compositions (Polymers Epoxy Materials) (Compounding /Crosslinking Agents)

275. 8,927,662
Binder of reactive polyarylethersulphone and epoxy resin  (Polymers /Epoxies /Polyarylsulfones) (Composites /Preforms) (Compounding Coupling Agents)

274. 8,927,661
Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same  (Materials /NonflammableMaterials )  (Polymers /PC Materials)  (Compounding /Flame Retardants /Phosphorus )

273. 8,927,660
Crosslinkable polyisobutylene-based polymers and medical devices containing the same (Medical /Devices)  (Polymers /Polyisobutylene)

272. 8,927,659
Resorbable phenolic polymers (Polymers /Phenolics)(Reactions /Degradable /Biodegradable)

271. 8,927,658
Fluorescent hybrid of dendrimer and graphene oxide (Medical /Drugs) (Carbon /Graphene)

270. 8,927,657
Method for producing epoxidized polymer (Polymers /Epoxies)

269. 8,927,656
Rubber composition, production method therefor and tire (Compounding /Rubber Compounding Tires)

268. 8,927,655
Flame-retardant material comprising a biopolymer (Materials  /Flame Retardant Materials) /Compounding Flame Retardants) (Polymers /Biopolymers /EVA /Vinyls)

267. 8,927,654
Inhibitor and method for preventing silica-based scale (Coatings /Antifouling) (Polymers Vinyls Applications)

266. 8,927,653
Cationic polyurea cover compositions for a multi-layer golf ball. (Consumer Products /Sports /Golf /Golf Balls)  (Polymers /Polyurea Materials)

265. 8,927,652
Coating compositions for food and beverage containers (*Packaaging /Containers /Food Beverages) (Polymers /Silicone Materials)

264. 8,927,651
High-viscosity polyamide composition  (Polymers /{Polyamides)(*Processing /Extrusion Blow Molding)

263. 8,927,650
Radical polymerizable composition, cured product, and plastic lens  (Reactions /Polymerization /Free Radical) (Polymers /Epoxies) (Applications /Optical /Lenses)

262. 8,927,649
One part, storage stable polymerizable formulation (Coatings )  (Polymerization /Free Radical)

261. 8,927,648
Surface modification of pigments and compositions comprising the same (Compounding /Pigments) (Structures /Surface Treatments)

260. 8,927,647
Polyamide resin (Polymers /Polyamides)

259. 8,927,646
Polyurethane dispersion, method of producing the same, coated articles, and method for coating articles  (Coatings /PUR /Latex)

258. 8,927,645
High styrene high vinyl styrene-butadiene rubber with narrow molecular weight distribution and methods for preparation thereof (Polymers /SBR Materials)

257. 8,927,644
High styrene high vinyl styrene-butadiene rubber with narrow molecular weight distribution and methods for preparation thereof  (Materials /Elastomers)  (Polymers /ABS)

256. 8,927,643
Block diene elastomer for rubber compositions that can be used in pneumatic tires (Compounding /Rubber Compounding /Tires)  (Polymers /Polybutatidiene Materials)

255. 8,927,642
Thermoplastic resin composition with anti-dripping properties (Composites CNT Com[posites)

254. 8,927,641
Thermosetting resin composition and method of producing the same  (Composites /FRP)

253. 8,927,640
Nitrile copolymer latex composition and nitrile copolymer rubber composition (Materials /Rubber Compounding) (Polymers /PBN Materials)

252. 8,927,639
Methods for protecting organic flooring surfaces and other organic substrates  (Applied /Building Materials Flooring) (Coatings /Silicates)

251. 8,927,638
Polypropylene resin composition (Polymers /PP Materials)

250. 8,927,637
Metal scavenging polymers and uses thereof  (Compounding /Scavengers)

249. 8,927,636
Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article  (Polymers /PC Mat)

248. 8,927,635
Positively charged ink composition (Materials /Ink)

247. 8,927,634
Phthalate-free isocyanurate formulations (Polymers /Polyisocyanurates Materials)

246. 8,927,633
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition, and molded article comprising same (Polymers /PC Materials)

245. 8,927,632
Polylactic acid based film  (Polymers /PLA Materials) (Materials /Film /Biodegradable Materials)

244. 8,927,631
Transparent thermoplastic resin composition and molded article prepared therefrom (Materials /Transparent Materials) (Polymers /Acrylic Polymers)

243. 8,927,630
Inorganic nanofiller, partial discharge resistant enameled wire including the same, and preparing method of the enameled wire (Compounding /Fillers /Nanoparticles) (Coatings /Wire Coating)

242. 8,927,629
Resin composition and molded article (Polymers /Cellulose Acetate Materials)

241. 8,927,628
Method for fabricating energy plastic masterbatch and plastic product derived therefrom (Compounding /Master Batches) (Carbon /Carbon Black)

240. 8,927,627
Silicone composition for coating a flexible support intended to form a crosslinked coating having increased attachment, mechanical strength and reactivity (Coatings /Silicone Coatings)

239. 8,927,626
Latent curing agent (Reactions /Crosslinking Agents)

238. 8,927,625
Resin syrup, artificial marble containing a hardened form of the resin syrup, and a production method for the same (Composites /Filled Materials) (Applications /Building Materials)

237. 8,927,624
Dispersion, process for preparing a dispersion and ink jet printing ink (Materials /Ink)

236. 8,927,623
Recording ink, ink/media set, ink cartridge, inkjet recording method and inkjet recording apparatus  (Materials /Ink)

235/ 8,927,622
Biodegradable and compostable composition having improved physical and chemical properties  (Polymers /Starch /Vinyls) (Materials /Biodegradable Materials

234. 8,927,621
Process for the preparation of abs compositions having an improved surface after storage under warm moist conditions (Polymers /ABS Materials )  )

233. 8,927,620 |
Color-changing wood filling composition (Applications /Building Materials) (Materials /Microspheres)

232. 8,927,619
Color-stabilized iodopropynyl butylcarbamate  (Compounding /Stabilizer) (Materials /Microparticles) (Radiation /Light UV Stabilizer)

231. 8,927,618
Dye composition for ophthalmic lens, method for producing colored ophthalmic lens using the same, and colored ophthalmic lens (Medical /Eyeglasses) (Compounding /Dyes)

230. 8,927,617
Fragranced water-sensitive film (Coatings /Applications) (Consumer Products /Household)

229. 8,927,616
Modified polymeric materials and methods of modifying polymeric materials (Medical /Orthopedic Implants)

228. 8,927,615
Plasmonic assisted systems and methods for interior energy-activation from an exterior source (Coatings /Photocrosslinking) (Radiation /Photosensitive Materials)

227. 8,927,614
Process for producing rigid polyurethane foams(Materials /PUR Foams)

226. 8,927,613
Cellular elastomer with little tendency toward creep at high temperatures (Materials /PUR Foams)

225. 8,927,612
Composite having ion exchange function and preparation method and use thereof (Composites) (Polymers /Ion Exchange)

224. 8,927,464
Assembly and deposition of materials using a superhydrophobic surface structure (*Structures /Surfaces /Superhydrophobic Surfaces)

223. 8,927,457
Process for producing spherical activated carbon  (Carbon /Activated Carbon) (Reactions /Pyrolysis)

222. 8,927,456
Absorbent fibrous granules (Sorbents /Oil Spills) (Materials /Cotton) (Processing /Extrusion)

221. 8,927,450 |
Reclaiming method  (Sorbents /Carbon Dioxide)

220. 8,927,440
Film deposition apparatus and method of depositing film (Coatings /CVD)

219. 8,927,438
Methods for manufacturing high dielectric constant films (Coatings /Ceramic Coatings)

218. 8,927,437
Antireflection structures with an exceptional low refractive index and devices containing the same (Coatings /Antireflection Coatings /Nanoporous Coatings) (Polymers /PLA /PS)

217. 8,927,434
Patterned thin film dielectric stack formation (Cotings /CVD)

216. 8,927,430
Overburden removal for pore fill integration approach (Coatings /Methods)

215. 8,927,415
Graphene barrier layers for interconnects and methods for forming the same (Carbon /Graphene

214. 8,927,414
Graphene structure and method of manufacturing the graphene structure, and graphene device and method of manufacturing the graphene device (Carbon /Graphene)

213. 8,927,196
Method of making an (alkyl)acryloyl polycarbonate  (Polymers /PC /Reactions /Polymerization Ring Opening Polymerization)

212. 8,927,195
Photosensitive composition, planographic printing plate precursor, polyurethane, and method for producing polyurethane (Polymer, PUR) (Radiation /Photosensitibe Materials)

211. 8,927,116
Organic material, film comprising the same and electric device comprising the film (Electrical /LED) (Composites /Laminates) (Polymer /Aromatic) (Structures /Adhesion)

210. 8,927,115
Organic electroluminescent device (Electrical /LED) (Composites /Laminates) (Polymer /Aromatic)

209. 8,927,114
Light emitting element and electronic device using the same (Electrical /LED) (Composites /Laminates) (Polymer /Aromatic)

208. 8,927,112
Protective coatings for controlled corrosion resistance (Coatings /Corrosion)

207. 8,927,111
Surface coating material for molten zinc bath member, production method thereof, and molten zinc bath member (Coatings /Corrosio)

206. 8,927,109
Reinforced wood flooring and method for manufacturing same (Applied /Flooring) (Composites /Laminate) (Materials /Wood /Paper)

205. 8,927,108
Films incorporating polymeric material combinations, articles made therefrom, and methods of making such films and articles (Materials /Film) (Polymers /Polypropylene)

204. 8,927,107
Multi-coated metallic products and methods of making the same (Coatings /Coated Metals)

203. 8,927,106
Multilayer polyurethane protective films (Coatings /PUR Coatings)

202. 8,927,105
Biomass article and method of manufacturing (Materials /Biomass) (Applications /Building Materials)

201. 8,927,103
Method for producing base-activated carbon (Carbon /Activated Carbon) (Electrical /Capacitors)

200. 8,927,100
Activatable adhesive, labels, and related methods (Adhesives /Applications)

199. 8,927,098
Hard coating film (Coatings /Coated Plastics) (Polymers /Polyrotaxanes) (Electrical; Electronics)

198. 8,927,097
Micro-engineered poly-fiber geo-composite articles and methods of manufacturing the same (Consumer Products /Household) (Composites /FRP) (Compounding /Reinforcing Fillers)

197. 8,927,096
Coated substrates for liquid electrophotographic printing (Coatings Polyolefins) (Polymers /Polyolefin Applications)

196. 8,927,095
Method for producing thin oxidized carbon film, element having thin oxidized carbon film, and method for producing same  (Coatings /Carbon Coatings) (Reactions /Oxidation)

195. 8,927,090
Method for bonding bodies and composite body (Fabrication /Adhesive Joining)  (Composites /Structures)

194. 8,927,088
Helmet designs utilizing foam structures having graded properties (Applications /Safety /Helments)  (Materials /Foams Applications)

193. 8,927,086
Method of making a reinforcing mat for a pultruded part (Processing /Extrusion /Pultrusion) (Applications /Textiles /Mats)

192. 8,927,085
Cross laminated strand product (Composites /Laminates) (Materials /Wood) (Polymers /Isocyanates)

191. 8,927,084
Grooved type vacuum thermal insulation material and a production method for the same (Applications /Thermal Insulation) (Polymers /Polyoethylene Applications /Polypropylene)

190. 8,927,083
Handle and method of fabricating a handle for a medical device (Medical /Decides) (IM Overmolding) (Composites /Applications)

189. 8,927,082
Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same (Applied /Optical /Recording) (Casting) (Coatings /Applications)

188. 8,927,081
Flexible seam joint for use in robotic skin (Applications /Machines /Robots) (Processing /Casting)(P{UR Foam) (Silicone Foam)

187. 8,927,080
Repositionable self stick paint swatch for testing samples of paint on a wall (Paint Methods)

186. 8,927,079
Porous polyurethane networks and methods of preparation (PUR Foam)

185. 8,927,078
Encapsulated activated carbon and the preparation thereof (Activated Carbon) (Encapsulation) (Sorption Applications) (Polystyrenes)

184. 8,927,077
Polyester-carbamate polymer and coating compositions thereof. (Polyester Coatings)

183. Article comprising light absorbent composition to mask visual haze and related method. (Materials /Transparent Materials) (Polymers /Polyester Applications) (Packaging /Containers)

182. 8,927,075
Food and beverage containers and methods of coating  (Packaging /Containers /Beverage) (Coatings /Coated Containers /Latex Coatings)

181. 8,927,071
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive and optical film (Adhesives /Pressure Sensitive Adhesives ) (Polymers /Acrylics Applications) (Electrical  /Liquid Crystal Displays)

180. 8,927,070
Dichroic dye composition, light absorption anisotropic film, and polarizing element (Compounding /Colorants Dyes ) (Coatings /Applications /Electrical /Liquid Crystal Displays)

179. 8,927,069
Method and apparatus for improving radio frequency signal transmission through low-emissivity coated glass (Coatings /Coated Glass) (Radiation /Radio Frequency)

178. 8,927,071
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive and optical film (Adhesives /Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) (Polymers /Acrylics Applications) (Electrical /Liquid Crystal Displays)

177. 8,927,070 |
Dichroic dye composition, light absorption anisotropic film, and polarizing element (Compounding /Colorants /Dyes) (Coatings /Applications) (Radiation /Light)

176. 8,927,069
Method and apparatus for improving radio frequency signal transmission through low-emissivity coated glass (Coatings /Applications) (Radiation /Infrared)

175. 8,927,065
Process for producing continuous graphitic fibers from living graphene molecules (Carbon; Graphene) (Processing; Solution Spinning)

174. 8,927,064
Coating agent for tapping screw, method for preparing the coating agent, method for forming coating layer on the periphery of tapping screw using the coating agent, and tapping screw having coating layer formed from the coating agent (Coatings; Coated Tools)

173. 8,927,063
Compositions for the treatment of timber and other wood substrates (Materials: Wood  (Compounding, Biocides)

172. 8,927,062 |
Method of preparing a substrate with a composition including an organoborane initiator (Coatings, Methods) (Decorating; Patterns)

171. 8,927,060
Method for forming Ge-Sb-Te film and storage medium (Plating)

170. 8,927,059
Deposition of metal films using alane-based precursors (Plating)

169. 8,927,058
Photoresist coating process (Resists)

168. 8,927,057
Graphene formation utilizing solid phase carbon source (Carbon)

167. 8,927,055
Methods for depositing antireflective coating compositions  (Coatings: Antireflective Coatings, Epoxy Coatings)

166. 8,927,054
Conductive substrate and process for producing same (Decorating; Patterns) (Materials; Conductive Materials)

165. 8,927,052
Process for deposition and characterization of a coating (Plasma Coating)

164. 8,927,051
Method for manufacturing a compound film (Coatings; CVD)

163. 8,927,050
Method and apparatus for coating a stent (Coatings; Medical) (Medical; Stents)

162. 8,927,049
Adhesion promoting temporary mask for coated surfaces (Coatings; Medical)

161. 8,927,048
Apparatus and methods for making coated liners and tubular devices including such liners(Coatings: Medical) (Medical; Devices)

160. 8,927,047
Methods of drug loading a hollow stent with a high viscosity formulation (Medical; Stents, Drugs, Controlled Release) (Coatings: Medical Coatings)

159. 8,927,045
Process for the preparation of a spreadable dispersion (Materials: Powders)(Compounding; Dispersants)

158. 8,927,042
Toxic phenolic compound removal by selective binding of phenolic compounds using smart polymers (Sorption) (Polymers; Polyaniline, Smart Polymers)

157. 8,927,024
Antimicrobial polyanhydride nanoparticles (Materials, Nanoparticles; Polymers; Polyanhydrides)

156. 8,927,023
Biocompatible, non-biodegradable, non-toxic polymer useful for nanoparticle pharmaceutical compositions (Materials; Nanoparticles) (Polymers; Vinyls, PEG)

155. 8,927,022
Granules of porous biocompatible materials (Materials;Powder, Biocompatible)

154. 8,927,004
Bioabsorbable substrates and systems that controllably release antimicrobial metal ions (Medical Coatings; Controlled Drug Release)

153. 8,927,002
Stent with a coating or a basic body containing a lithium salt and use of lithium salts for prevention of restenosis (Medical Coatings)

152. 8,927,001
Bioswellable, crystalline, amphiphilic, block/graft polymers and applications thereof  (Medical Coatings; Polymers, PEO)

151. 8,927,000
Lipid coating for medical devices delivering bioactive agent (Medical Coatings)

150. 8,926,999
Antimicrobial textiles comprising peroxide (Biocides; Materials, Textiles)

149. 8,926,998
Polycarbonates bearing pendant primary amines for medical applications  (Drugs; Polymers)

148. 8,926,997
Polymeric biocidal salts (Polymers; Biocides)

147. 8,926,963
Compositions and soft tissue replacement methods (Tissue Engineering)

146. 8,926,955
Synthesis of polymer conjugates of indolocarbazole compounds (Drugs; Polymer Applications)

145. 8,926,935
Compression processes for graphene sheets (Carbon; Fabrication)

144. 8,926,934
Laser-based method for growing an array of carbon nanotubes (CNT; Radiation)

143. 8,926,933
Fabrication of twisted and non-twisted nanofiber yarns

142. 8,926,932
High surface area carbon and process for its production (Biomass; Pyrolysis; Activated Carbon)

141. 8,926,923
Biocontainer transfer assembly  (Drug Containers)

140. 8,926,920
Plasma source

Method and apparatus for the analysis and identification of molecules (Nanofoam Application, Properties)

138. 8,926,889
Apparatus and method for curing a rubber like article (Composites /Tire Molding)

137. 8,926,886
Multichannel collagen nerve conduit for nerve repair

136. 8,926,885
Method of molding boot for constant velocity joint (Injection Molding Process)

135. ,926,884
Method for programming a shape memory polymer while defining the switch temperature by selection of the programming temperature  (SMM, Fabrication)

134. 8,926,883
Forming apparatus (Pressing)

133. 8,926,882
Ribbon liquefier and method of use in extrusion-based digital manufacturing systems (Heat Transfer, Extrusion)

132. 8,926,881
Super-hydrophobic hierarchical structures, method of forming them and medical devices incorporating them (Film, Structures)

131. 8,926,880
Method for manufacturing a core composite provided with cover layers on both sides as well as a core composite (Honeycomb Structure)

130. 8,926,879
Method for the production of heavily inclined surfaces in layers (3D Printing)

129. 8,926,878
Golf ball and method for manufacturing the same

Process of making multicomponent fibers

127. 8,926,876
Method for making shapeable microcellular poly lactic acid articles

126. 8,926,875
Managed pore size distribution in honeycomb substrates

125. 8,926,873
Artificial stone and method of making same

124. 8,926,872
Acrylic resin composition, and optical film comprising same

123. 8,926,867
Use of fruit skin extracts as corrosion inhibitors and process for producing same

122. 8,926,813
Devices and methods for determining the length of biopolymers and distances between probes bound thereto

121. 8,926,805
Method and apparatus for electroplating on SOI and bulk semiconductor wafers

120. 8,926,804
Container for activation of drinkable liquids

119. 8,926,798
Apparatus and method for measuring cross direction (CD) profile of machine direction (MD) tension on a web

118. 8,926,797
Method for increasing the dry strength of paper, paperboard, and cardboard

117. 8,926,796
Bulk and stiffness enhancement in papermaking

116. 8,926,794
Process of extraction of hemicellulose from corn fiber

115. 8,926,793
Processes for preparing pulp and paper

114. 8,926,790
Plasma processing apparatus

113. 8,926,789
Apparatus for the removal of a fluorinated polymer from a substrate

112. 8,926,787
Surface-modified film, process for producing same, and laminated film and process for producing same

111. 8,926,786
Composite panel and method of manufacturing the same

110. 8,926,785
Multi-piece board and method for manufacturing the same

109. 8,926,784
Resin laminate manufacturing method

108. 8,926,783
Top coating for indoor and outdoor temporary removable graphics and system and method for making, applying and removing such graphics

107. 8,926,782
Laminated microfluidic structures and method for making

106. 8,926,781
System and method of manufacturing a composite candle wick

105. 8,926,780
Cavity sealing assembly (Foam Application)

104. 8,926,779
Method for making laminate sheets with flexible hinges for binding into security documents

103. 8,926,777
Method for manufacturing high brightness optical sheet

102. 8,926,776
Method for making a reinforced balloon with composite materials (Balloon Catheters)

101. 8,926,757
Plasma process and reactor for treating metallic pieces

100. 8,926,756
Strip passing apparatus, apparatus for treating surface of strip with the same, and method for treating surface of strip

99. 8,926,755
Lift-off deposition system featuring a density optimized HULA substrate holder in a conical deposition chamber

98. 8,926,747
Preparation of coating dispersions

97. 8,926,746
Flaky particles and luster pigment, and cosmetic, coating composition, resin composition and ink composition each containing the same

96. 8,926,745
Method for preparing low K material and film thereof

95. 8,926,744
Water-compatible sols for coating various substrates

94. 8,926,743
Metal pigment, method for producing the same, and water base metallic resin composition including the same

93. 8,926,742
Asphalt-rubber compositions and systems and methods for preparing same

92. 8,926,741
Process for manufacturing cold bituminous mixes, cold bituminous mixes with controlled workability and use thereof for producing road pavements

91. 8,926,740
Pigment dispersion, and resist composition for color filter and ink composition each using the pigment dispersion

90. 8,926,733
Polymers, polymer membranes and methods of producing the same

89. 8,926,732
Imidazolium-based room-temperature ionic liquids, polymers, monomers, and membranes incorporating same

88. 8,926,725
V-shaped filter with serviceable frames and cartridges

87. 8,926,724
Filtering device, in particular air filter

86. 8,926,712
Solvent spun bamboo fiber with high wet modulus and producing method thereof

85. 8,926,453
Golf ball dimples having circumscribed prismatoids

84. 8,926,452
Multilayer golf ball

83. 8,926,411
Abrasive article with array of composite polishing pads

82. 8,926,407
Devices and methods for removing a coating on a surface of a submerged pipeline

81. 8,926,406
Surface applied abrasive cleaning apparatus and method

80. 8,926,401
Method of shaping an ophthalmic lens

79. 8,926,399
Support material removing method

78. 8,926,328
Jigs for placing dental implant analogs in models and methods of doing the same

77. 8,926,327
Dental device and method of use thereof

76. 8,926,326
Denture retention system

75. 8,926,325
Method and system for fixing removable dentures

74. 8,926,324
Systems and methods for reconditioning implants in situ

73. 8,926,323
Hand apparatus for dispensing a pasty filler mass and container for receiving a curable medical filler mass

72. 8,926,322
Centrifugal deflection device for a surgical or dental handpiece for removing foreign matter

71. 8,926,316
Undercut processing mechanism

70. 8,926,315
Injection molding machine

69. 8,926,314
Transport device and transport method for container treatment plant as well as blow molding machine

68. 8,926,313
Jig used for manufacturing composite material structure having thickened wall portion in transverse cross-section

67. 8,926,312
Detachable threaded rod for use in a mold

66. 8,926,310
Cup thermoforming machine

65. 8,926,309
Method of manufacturing reinforcing cloth of a seat pad and apparatus therefor

64. 8,926,308
Dough extruders and methods

63. 8,926,307
High-viscosity dough depositor machine

62. 8,926,303
Valve assembly for an injection molding machine

61. 8,926,301
Appliance for localized heating of a polymer material surface to be repaired by blowing a hot fluid inside a confinement chamber

60. 8,926,220
Process for thickening a drilling mud waste materials and a modified drilling mud waste material

59. 8,926,166
Kneading rotor, batch kneader and method of kneading materials

58. 8,926,165
Agitation mixing apparatus

57. 8,926,164
Mixer truck with drum rotation unevenness determination

56. 8,926,163
Liquid crystal display and the backlight module thereof

55. 8,926,092
Single microstructure lens, systems and methods

54. 8,926,090
Eyeglass frame assembly

53. 8,926,084
Polymerizable ink composition, ink cartridge containing the same, and inkjet printer

52. 8,926,083
Polymerizable ink composition, ink cartridge, and inkjet printer

51. 8,926,082
Optically polymerizable ink jet ink, ink cartridge, and printer

50. 8,926,081
Ink-jet overcoats including latex polymers and inorganic nano particles

49. 8,926,080
Formaldehyde-free inkjet compositions and processes

48. 8,925,906
Device for diluting a viscous substance

47. 8,925,795
Materials and method for making a container with a locking closure

46. 8,925,794
Swing-open type package

45. 8,925,750
Plastic container with elongated vertical formation

44. 8,925,749
Storage container for electrical components

43. 8,925,748
Integrallly blow-moulded bag-in-container having a bag anchoring point; process for the production thereof; and tool thereof

42. 8,925,738
Water treatment membrane having high chlorine resistance and high permeability and method of manufacturing the same

41. 8,925,737
Crystalline polymer microporous membrane and filtration filter

40. 8,925,736
Nanocomposite polymer-carbon based nanomaterial filters for the simultaneous removal of bacteria and heavy metals

39. 8,925,735
Sifting screen

38. 8,925,734
Filter vial

37. 8,925,733
Screen element for a disc screen device

36. 8,925,732
Screen panel

35. 8,925,731
Unbalanced drive for screening machines

34. 8,925,728
Method for removing solid matter from a fibrous material suspension by means of flotation

33. 8,925,727
Disposable transdermal patch packaging

32. 8,925,726
Blister package for pharmaceutical cartridges

31. 8,925,678
Noise barrier structure with sound-absorbing and sound-redirecting properties, and high performance sound absorber for use in such structure

30. 8,925,677
Gypsum-panel acoustical monolithic ceiling

29. 8,925,656
Diamond bonded construction with reattached diamond body

28. 8,925,655
Polycrystalline diamond compact including a non-uniformly leached polycrystalline diamond table and applications therefor

27. 8,925,613
Label separator and label printer incorporating the label separator

26. 8,925,612
Ultrasonic collet horn for ultrasonic welder

25. 8,925,611
Adhesive tape dispenser for single hand operation

24. 8,925,607
Ultrasonic joining apparatus and absorbent article manufacturing apparatus

23. 8,925,592
Flexible, abrasion resistant textile sleeve and method of construction thereof

22. 8,925,591
Axially compressible flexible tubing and method for making same

21. 8,925,590
Pipeline leak detection and repair device

20. 8,925,589
Active flow high pressure pipe plug apparatus and method

19. 8,925,553
Wrappable sterile radiation shield drape, combination of a radiation shield and sterile drape therefor and method of providing a sterile drape about a radiation shield

18. 8,925,539
Paintball marker with quick access receiver

17. 8,925,455
Self-lubricating seal for enclosed doctor blade assembly

16. 8,925,448
Accumulating and strapping apparatus

15. 8,925,436
Sheet cutting device and image forming apparatus including the sheet cutting device

14. 8,925,400
Instrumented foam pig  (PUR App)

13. 8,925,398
Method for classifying powder

12. 8,925,284
Building panel

11. 8,925,275
Floor panel

10. 8,925,274
Mechanical locking of building panels

9. 8,925,272
Roofing shingles with reduced usage of conventional shingle material having side lap extension

8. 8,925,265
Encapsulants for window assemblies

7. 8,925,264
Floor tiles with hybrid interlocking system

6. 8,925,244
Beneficial reuse of biosolids

5. 8,925,147
Grommet and water stop structure for vehicle door

4. 8,925,194
Flex-rigid wiring board and method of manufacturing the same

3. 8,925,193
Methods for fabricating circuit boards

2. 8,925,192
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same

1. 8,925,181
Cut-proof anti-theft bag construction


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