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From 12/05/2014 to 11/13/2014

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Week 48

Patents published 12/2/2014

8,898,812 through 8,904,561

6173  patents published.









427. 8,901,689 
Graphene photodetector 

426. 8,901,426 
Flame-retardant electrical cable 

425. 8,901,415 
Conducting polymer to which pyrene compounds are introduced, and organic solar cell using same 

424. 8,901,347 
Absorbable polyurethanes and methods of use thereof 

423. 8,901,290 
Method to control the dispersibility and barrier properties of dried nanocrystalline cellulose in solutions of different pH and ionic strength 

422. 8,901,275 
Method for producing crystallized polyester 

Polyimide oligomers 

421. 8,901,273 
Amorphous, high glass transition temperature copolyester compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles thereof 

420. 8,901,272 
Polyester polymers with low acetaldehyde generation rates and high vinyl ends concentration 

419. 8,901,271 
Process for making polyethylene terephthalate 

418. 8,901,269 
Cross-linkable silicone composition for the production of non-stick coatings for flexible substrates and an attachment-promoting additive contained in said composition 

417. 8,901,268 
Compositions, layers and films for optoelectronic devices, methods of production and uses thereof 

416. 8,901,267 
Olefin-based polymer and preparation method thereof 

415. 8,901,266 
Method for producing diallyldialkylammonium salt/maleic acid copolymer 

414. 8,901,265 
Cationic (meth) acrylic silicone-based graft copolymer and cosmetic containing same 

413. 8,901,264 
Copolymer and method for producing the same 

412. 8,901,263 
Amide-linked perfluoropolyether thiol compounds and processes for their preparation and use 

411. 8,901,262 
Polymerization of isoprene from renewable resources 

410. 8,901,261 
Catalyst component 

409. 8,901,260 
Heterogeneous ethylene alpha-olefin interpolymers 

408. 8,901,259 
Propylene polymer composition having superior hexane extractables/impact balance 

407. 8,901,258 
Copolymers for solar cells based on acridonic units 

406. 8,901,257 
Endless flexible members for imaging devices 

405. 8,901,256 
Polythioethers, moisture curable compositions and methods for their manufacture and use 

404. 8,901,255 
Curable composition 

403. 8,901,254 
Process for preparing polycarbonate diol diacrylate and high-purity polycarbonate diol diacrylate 

402. 8,901,253 
Polymer network with triple shape effect and associated programming method 

401. 8,901,252 
Method of decomposing organic compound 

400. 8,901,251 
Method for making electrode active material of lithium ion battery 

399. 8,901,250 
Low temperature cure powder coating compositions 

398. 8,901,249 
Composition based on polypropylene compounds with styrenic based elastomers 

397. 8,901,248 
Medical devices having improved performance 

396. 8,901,247 
Responsive polymer system and nanohybrid thin films 

395. 8,901,246 
Method for preparing branched functionalized polymers using branched polyol cores 

394. 8,901,245 
Rosin-derived cationic compounds and polymers 

393. 8,901,244 
Aqueous dispersions of polyurethane/acrylic hybrid compositions 

392. 8,901,243 
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters, methods of manufacture, and articles thereof 

391. 8,901,242 
Composite film 

390. 8,901,240 
Polypropylene resin composition for use in formation of microporous membrane 

389. 8,901,239 
Process for preparing a particulate solid, a particulate solid and a dispersion 

388. 8,901,238 
Sponge polymer with controlled long chain branching and broad molecular weight distribution 

387. 8,901,237 
Method to increase resistance against stain penetration of aqueous coating compositions 

386. 8,901,236 
Process for creating an ethylene elastomer 

385. 8,901,235 
Adhesive composition, film adhesive, and heat treatment method 

384. 8,901,234 
Adhesive composition 

383. 8,901,233 
Flame retardant, flame-retardant resin composition, and insulated wire 

382. 8,901,232 
Polymers for surgeons gloves 

381. 8,901,231 
Process for preparing poly(meth)acrylate-graft-polylactone polymers 

380. 8,901,230 
Modified geopolymer compositions, processes and uses 

379. 8,901,229 
Roof coating containing paint and method of making 

378. 8,901,228 
Carbon fiber composite material, method of producing the same, insulating article, electronic part, and logging tool 

377. 8,901,227 
Fine-particle, cationic, aqueous polymer dispersions, method for the production thereof, and use thereof 

376. 8,901,226 
Phenol resin based molding material 

375. 8,901,225 
Photosensitive resin composition, laminate utilizing same and solid-state imaging device 

374. 8,901,224
Process for producing a filled polymer material 

373. 8,901,223 
Polymers derived from itaconic acid 

372. 8,901,222 
Polyphenylene ether, resin composition, and molded body of resin composition 

371. 8,901,221 
Thermoplastic composition containing a mold release agent which is based on cured vegetable esters 

370. 8,901,220 
Styrene-butadiene-based binders and methods of preparing and using same 

369. 8,901,219 
Coloured polymer particles 

368. 8,901,218 
Branched (meth)acrylate copolymer with high refractive index and method for preparing the same 

367. 8,901,217 
Multiple-acid-derived metal soaps incorporated in rubber compositions and method for incorporating such soaps in rubber compositions 

366. 8,901,216 
Impact-modified polyester/polycarbonate compositions with improved elongation at break 

365. 8,901,215 
Resin composition and resin molded article 

364. 8,901,214 
Flame-retardant resin composition 

363. 8,901,213 
Aqueous coating compositions including phenylphenol ethoxylate surfactants 

362. 8,901,212 
Recycled polymer and bitumen composite asphalt additive 

361. 8,901,211 
Preparation of industrial asphalt 

360. 8,901,210 
Plasticizer, a biodegradable material comprising the plasticizer and application thereof 

359. 8,901,209 
Wood-plastic composite with improved thermal and weathering resistance and method of making the same 

358. 8,901,208 
Composite wood board 

357. 8,901,207 
Adhesive for electronic components 

356. 8,901,206 
Natural rubber, rubber composition using the same, and tire 

355. 8,901,205 
Electromagnetic wave-absorbing material 

354. 8,901,204 
Cross-linked ethylene propylene diene terpolymer latex blend for improved coatings 

353. 8,901,203 
Preparation of a pyrithione salt dispersion usable in urethane applications 

352. 8,901,202 
Biocompatible material and prosthetic device made thereof for the replacement, repair and regeneration of meniscus 

351. 8,901,201 
Method for making an ambient light curable ethylene propylene diene terpolymer rubber coating devoid of thermally activated accelerators 

350. 8,901,200 
Radiation-curable ink composition, ink jet recording process, and recorded matter 

349. 8,901,199 
Compositions and methods for UV-curable cosmetic nail coatings 

348. 8,901,198 
UV-curable coating compositions, multi-component composite coatings, and related coated substrates 

347. 8,901,197 
Modified fluorocarbon resin composition and molded products 

346. 8,901,196 
Liquid resin composition for production of optical waveguide, optical waveguide produced by using the liquid resin composition, and production method of the optical waveguide 

345. 8,901,195 
Method for making a high solids low volatile organic compounds content ethylene propylene diene terpolymer rubber coating 

344. 8,901,194 
Ambient light curable ethylene propylene diene terpolymer rubber coating devoid of thermally activated accelerators 

343. 8,901,193 
Method for making a dual curable ethylene propylene diene polymer rubber coating using a photoinitiator and a peroxide 

342. 8,901,192 
(Meth)acrylic resin composition 

341. 8,901,191 
Dual curable ethylene propylene diene polymer rubber coating using a photoinitiator and a peroxide 

340. 8,901,190 
Optical hydrogel material with photosensitizer and method for modifying the refractive index 

339. 8,901,189 
Nop foam 

338. 8,901,188 
Antimicrobial polyurethane foam and process to make the same 

337. 8,901,187 
High resilience flexible polyurethane foam using MDI 

336. 8,901,186 
Process for producing silica-comprising dispersions comprising polyetherols or polyether amines 

335. 8,901,185 
Hybrid organic-inorganic material constituted by a silica network having photochromic agents and optical power limiting agents as a doping agent in the material 

334. 8,901,184 
Foamed resin molded article, foam insulated wire, cable and method of manufacturing foamed resin molded article 

333. 8,901,183 
Expandable composite resin particles for long-term storage, pre-expanded particles formed therefrom and expanded molded articles 

332. 8,901,182 
Process for producing expanded polyolefin resin particles and expanded polyolefin resin particles 

331. 8,901,181 
Particulate, expandable polymer, a method for preparing the same as well as the use thereof 

330. 8,901,180 
Method for functionalising a thermoset, crosslinked isocyanate-based polymeric solid material 

329. 8,901,092 
Functionalized polysaccharides for active agent delivery 

328. 8,901,066 
Branched polyesters with sulfonate groups 

327. 8,901,065 
Spray-drying process 

326. 8,901,064 
Microcapsule containing detergent or cleaning agent 

325. 8,901,057 
Use of a starch base copolymer in conjunction with a maleic polymer and a hydroxypolycarboxylic acid to control hardness under alkaline conditions 

324. 8,901,056 
Reducing viscosity utilizing glycerin short-chain aliphatic ether compounds 

323. 8,901,054 
Cellulose and cellulose ether solutions and use thereof 

322. 8,901,039 
Use of photosynthetic pigment stabilizing agents to regulate ripening and quality in fruits and vegetables 

321. 8,901,031  
Brominated poly (2,6-diphenyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) and its nanocomposites as membranes for CO.sub.2 separation 

320. 8,901,030 
Sorbent substrates for CO.sub.2 capture and methods for forming the same 

319. 8,901,029 
Polycondensation catalyst for producing polyester and method for producing polyester using the same 

318. 8,901,018
Composite encapsulating material 

317. 8,901,017 
Formaldehyde-free proteinaceous binder compositions 

316. 8,901,008 
Substrate plasma-processing apparatus 

315. 8,901,007 
Addition of carboxyl groups plasma during etching for interconnect reliability enhancement 

314. 8,901,004 
Plasma etch method to reduce micro-loading 

313. 8,900,998 
Process for electroless deposition of gold and gold alloys on silicon 

312. 8,900,975 
Nanopore sensor device 

311. 8,900,918 
Graphene channel-based devices and methods for fabrication thereof 

310. 8,900,855 
pH sensor integration to single use bioreactor/mixer 

309. 8,900,841 
Processing biomass 

308. 8,900,840 
Integrated system for hydrogen and methane production from industrial organic wastes and biomass 

307. 8,900,839 
Processing biomass 

306. 8,900,834 
Process for polylactic acid production using monascus 

305. 8,900,833 
Method of recovering lipids from microbial biomass 

304. 8,900,797 
Developable bottom anti-reflective coating 

303. 8,900,796 
Acid generator, chemically amplified resist composition, and patterning process 

302. 8,900,795 
Resist composition, method of forming resist pattern and novel compound 

301. 8,900,794 
Photoacid generator and photoresist comprising same 

300. 8,900,792 
Polymerizable photoacid generators 

299. 8,900,791 
Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition and method of forming pattern with the composition 

298. 8,900,790 
Photoresist composition 

297. 8,900,789 
Actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive resin composition and method of forming pattern using the composition 

296. 8,900,788 
Resist composition for immersion exposure and method of forming resist pattern 

295. 8,900,787 
Toner compositions 

294. 8,900,781 
Binder resin for photosensitive layers and electrophotographic photoreceptor belts 

293. 8,900,780 
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same 

292. 8,900,779 
Color filter composition 

291. 8,900,775 
Hologram recording material and hologram recording medium 

290. 8,900,741 
Protective circuit board and battery pack using the same 

289. 8,900,740 
Multilayer porous film 

288. 8,900,729 
Coated article with low-E coating including zinc oxide inclusive layer(s) with additional metal(s) 

287. 8,900,720 
Multi-functional wood preservatives based on a borate/fatty acid combination 

286. 8,900,719 
Blends of ethylene copolymers and propylene based plastomers in multilayer films for low noise and RF welding 

285. 8,900,718 
Roofing membranes and methods for constructing 

284. 8,900,717 
Methods for producing synthetic surfaces that mimic collagen coated surfaces for cell culture 

283. 8,900,714 
Medical appliance having polyimide film and method for manufacture thereof 

282. 8,900,713 
Solar control glazing 

281. 8,900,712 
Member for vehicle and manufacturing process for the same 

280. 8,900,711 
Fluorooxyalkylene group-containing polymer composition, a surface treatment agent comprising the same and an article treated with the agent 

279. 8,900,710
Light-emitting device, method for manufacturing same, and molded part 

278. 8,900,709 
Elastic device using carbon nanotube film 

277. 8,900,708 
Resin-coated metal pigment, and process for producing same 

276. 8,900,707 
Method for producing water-absorbent resin particles and water-absorbent resin particles 

275. 8,900,706 
Cellulose nanocrystals from renewable biomass 

274. 8,900,705 
Mesoporous titanium dioxide nanoparticles exhibiting bimodal pore size distributions and process for their production 

273. 8,900,704 
Nanostructured metal-diamond composite thermal interface material (TIM) with improved thermal conductivity 

272. 8,900,703 
Nanotechnology for protection of proprietary hardware and software 

271. 8,900,702 
Artificial hair and wig using the same 

270. 8,900,701 
Fibrous columnar structure aggregate and pressure-sensitive adhesive member using the aggregate 

269. 8,900,700 
Transfer film and synthetic resin product decorated with the transfer film 

268. 8,900,699 
Terpolymer blends and their use as pressure-sensitive adhesives 

267. 8,900,698 
Polylactic acid resin sheet and molded article 

266. 8,900,697 
Surface modified silica by alkyl sulfonated tetrazole compound, preparing method thereof, and resin composition containing the same 

265. 8,900,696 
Antimicrobially modified, coated, biaxially oriented polyester film 

264. 8,900,695 
Durable conformal wear-resistant carbon-doped metal oxide-comprising coating 

263. 8,900,694 
Layer or coating and a composition for the production thereof 

262. 8,900,693 
Polycarbonate compositions having infrared absorbance, method of manufacture, and articles prepared therefrom 

261. 8,900,692 
Reinforced composit that is complementarily reinforced and production method therefor 

260. 8,900,691 
Method for selecting an interlayer for vibroacoustic damping, interlayer for vibroacoustic damping and glazing unit comprising such an interlayer 

259. 8,900,690 

258. 8,900,689 
Method for producing resin plated product and resin molded product to be plated used therefor 

257. 8,900,687 
Biaxially stretched polyamide resin film 

256. 8,900,686 
Molded body, and method for producing the molded body 

255. 8,900,685 
Stack of interfolded absorbent sheet products, and method of forming the same 

254. 8,900,684 
Vapour barrier collar 

253. 8,900,683 
Rapid access fire barrier panel system 

252. 8,900,682 
Decorative can body and process for producing the same 

251. 8,900,681 
Layered product, packaging material and formed product using the same, and method for producing the layered product 

250. 8,900,680 
Packaging material comprising magnetisable portions 

249. 8,900,678 
Coated medium for inkjet printing and method of fabricating the same 

248. 8,900,676 
Polarizing plate protective film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display 

247. 8,900,675 
Deposition method and method for manufacturing deposition substrate 

246. 8,900,674 
Method of coating a substrate 

245. 8,900,673 
Long-lasting water-repellent textile treatment process using UV-curable polydimethylsiloxane-containing polyurethane system 

244. 8,900,672 
Method of applying indicia to an item having a textured surface 

243. 8,900,671 
Method for manufacture of an infused spar cap using a low viscosity matrix material 

242. 8,900,670 
Anti-corrosive hybrid sol-gel film on metallic substrates and method of producing the same 

241. 8,900,669 
Clear matte coating 

240. 8,900,668 
Corrosion-resistant coatings and methods using polyureasil precursors 

239. 8,900,667 
One-component, ambient curable waterborne coating compositions, related methods and coated substrates 

238. 8,900,666 
Stable nanoparticles for electroless plating 

237. 8,900,665 
Method of forming hardmask layer with alternating nanolayers 

236. 8,900,663 
Methods for coating articles 

235. 8,900,662 
Thin film depositing apparatus and thin film depositing method used by the same 

234. 8,900,661 
Method of filling porosity of ceramic component 

233. 8,900,660 
Silver coating pigment, and method for producing same 

232. 8,900,659 
Metal nanowires, nanomesh, and a method of fabrication 

231. 8,900,658 
Metal effect pigments coated with SiO.sub.2, method for producing said metallic effect pigments and use 

230. 8,900,656 
Method for producing optical film, optical film, and image display 

229. 8,900,654 
Methods of polymerizing silanes and cyclosilanes using N-heterocyclic carbenes, metal complexes having N-heterocyclic carbene ligands, and lanthanide compounds 

228. 8,900,652 
Marked fluoropolymer surfaces and method of manufacturing same 

227. 8,900,651 
Polymer films for medical device coating 

226. 8,900,641 
Antimicrobial composition 

225. 8,900,640 
Expandable, porous apatite/collagen composite, and its production method 

224. 8,900,636 
Controlled release compositions 

223. 8,900,635 
Nanoparticle isoflavone compositions and methods of making and using the same 

222. 8,900,633 
Method for producing a product having a polymer matrix, implants made thereof and use thereof 

221. 8,900,632 
Rapidly disintegrating coated tablets 

220. 8,900,630 
Microcapsules having multiple shells and method for the preparation thereof 

219. 8,900,629 
Rapidly dissolving pharmaceutical compositions comprising pullulan 

218. 8,900,628 
Hard capsule and method for producing same 

217. 8,900,625 
Antimicrobial compounds and methods of use 

216. 8,900,624 
Antimicrobial silver compositions 

215. 8,900,623 
Sticky soft gel for treating poultry 

214. 8,900,622 
Hypotensive lipid-containing biodegradable intraocular implants and related methods 

213. 8,900,621 
Polyamine derivatives 

212. 8,900,620 
Drug-impregnated encasement 

211. 8,900,619 
Medical devices for the release of therapeutic agents 

210. 8,900,618 
Liquid and low melting coatings for stents 

209. 8,900,613 
Compositions of dibromomalonamide and their use as biocides 

208. 8,900,606 
Methods of applying coating materials for solid medicines 

207. 8,900,603 
Local delivery of drugs from self assembled coatings 

206. 8,900,562 
Semi-fluorinated block copolymers for delivery of therapeutic agents 

205. 8,900,560 
Amide dendrimer compositions 

204. 8,900,559 
Composition and periodical delivery system for cellular rejuvenation 

203. 8,900,556 
Hardenable thermally responsive compositions 

202. 8,900,554 
Foamable composition and uses thereof 

201. 8,900,553 
Oil and liquid silicone foamable carriers and formulations 

200. 8,900,542 
Method for forming graphene nanoribbons 

199. 8,900,541 
Apparatus for manufacturing carbon nanotube heat sink 

198. 8,900,538 
Doped, passivated graphene nanomesh, method of making the doped, passivated graphene nanomesh, and semiconductor device including the doped, passivated graphene nanomesh 

197. 8,900,537 
Synthesis of pyrochlore nanostructures and uses thereof 

196. 8,900,536 
Catalyst support materials, catalysts, methods of making them and uses thereof 

195. 8,900,533 
Welded blister pack for tips 

194. 8,900,521 
Microwave plasma sterilisation system and applicators therefor 

193. 8,900,505 
Method of making an inverted-hook groove for a plant-fiber molded cup lid 

192. 8,900,504 
Method for manufacturing a mandrel 

191. 8,900,503 
Method of forming an overmolded dual in-line memory module cooling structure 

190. 8,900,502 
Method for manufacturing shaped product with maintained isotropy 

189. 8,900,501 
Method for manufacturing crash pad for vehicle and crash pad manufactured thereby 

188. 8,900,500 
Facet deformation minimizing fresnel lens die roller and manufacturing method 

187. 8,900,499 
Method of and device for producing endless strips 

186. 8,900,498 
Process for manufacturing a resulting multi-layer pharmaceutical film 

185. 8,900,497 
Process for making a film having a substantially uniform distribution of components 

184. 8,900,496 
Edge seals for composite structure fuel tanks 

183. 8,900,494 
Safety and clamping device for an apparatus for fabricating parts 

182. 8,900,493 
Waste treatment method and corresponding device 

181. 8,900,492 
Process for preparing insulation sheets from unseparated mixtures of post-consumer plastic articles 

180. 8,900,491 
Flame retardant filler 

179. 8,900,488 
Conductive paste composition and semiconductor devices made therewith 

178. 8,900,487 
Conductive paste composition and semiconductor devices made therefrom 

177. 8,900,486 
Conductivity of resin materials and composite materials 

176. 8,900,485 
Carbon nanotube slurry, method for making the same, and method for making cathod emitter using the same 

175. 8,900,484 
Composite sulphur/carbon conductive material, use as an electrode and method for producing such a material 

174. 8,900,483 
Polymer electrolyte composition and dye-sensitized solar cell containing the same 

173. 8,900,479 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

172. 8,900,469 
Etch rate detection for anti-reflective coating layer and absorber layer etching 

171. 8,900,468 
Methods of forming a pattern 

170. 8,900,467 
Method for making a chemical contrast pattern using block copolymers and sequential infiltration synthesis 

169. 8,900,458 
Method of isolating target substance using membrane and apparatus therefor 

168. 8,900,435 
Separating gas using ion exchange 

167. 8,900,428 
Sputtering apparatus 

166. 8,900,426 
Double-layer shutter sputtering apparatus 

165. 8,900,423 
Low refractive index material by sputtering deposition method 

164. 8,900,414 
Fiber products 

163. 8,900,413 
Nonwoven fabric comprising polyphenylene sulfide fiber 

162. 8,900,412 
Surface application of polymers to improve paper strength 

161. 8,900,411 
Manufacturing method for nonwoven fabric 

160. 8,900,410 
Fine fibrous cellulosic material and process for producing the same 

159. 8,900,409 
Paper product having unique physical properties 

158. 8,900,408 
Process for production of bleached pulp 

157. 8,900,407 
Cellulosic and lignocellulosic structural materials and methods and systems for manufacturing such materials 

156. 8,900,406 
Procedure for obtaining nanofibrillated cellulose from recovered paper 

155. 8,900,405 
Plasma immersion ion implantation reactor with extended cathode process ring 

154. 8,900,404 
Plasma processing systems with mechanisms for controlling temperatures of components 

153. 8,900,403 
Semiconductor processing system having multiple decoupled plasma sources 

152. 8,900,402 
Semiconductor processing system having multiple decoupled plasma sources 

151. 8,900,401 
Plasma processing method and apparatus 

150. 8,900,398 
Local plasma confinement and pressure control arrangement and methods thereof 

149. 8,900,397 
Apparatus for manufacturing joined laminated media and method of manufacturing joined laminated media 

148. 8,900,394 
Adhesive fastening elements for holding a workpiece and methods of de-bonding a workpiece from an adhesive fastening element 

147. 8,900,393 
High bulk laminated board using embossed plies and the method of manufacture 

146. 8,900,392 
Bias fiber control during wrapping of a fabric preform for a composite component 

145. 8,900,391 
Automated resin and fiber deposition for resin infusion 

144. 8,900,390 
Method for making graphene/carbon nanotube composite structure 

143. 8,900,389 
Method for producing pneumatic tire 

142. 8,900,388 
Tire with tread profile having continuous curvature and method for forming tire 

141. 8,900,387 
Methods and apparatus for stitching tire patches 

140. 8,900,386 
Tyre retreading method and system 

139. 8,900,385 
Composite for on demand fragrance delivery and related method of manufacture 

138. 8,900,377 
Flexible pipe having increased acid resistance and/or corrosion resistance 

137. 8,900,370 
Method and apparatus for conveying a cellulosic feedstock 

136. 8,900,369 
Method and apparatus for lignocellulose pretreatment using a super-cellulose-solvent and highly volatile solvents 

135. 8,900,368 
Device and method for continuous chemical vapour deposition under atmospheric pressure and use thereof 

134. 8,900,367 
Apparatus and method for manufacturing large-area carbon nanotube films 

133. 8,900,366 
Apparatus for depositing a multilayer coating on discrete sheets 

132. 8,900,365 
Apparatus for depositing material on elongate substrate 

131. 8,900,364 
High productivity vapor processing system 

130. 8,900,360 
Asphalt compositions with resinous addition derived from animal waste 

129. 8,900,350 
Separation membrane module and fuel vapor processing apparatus incorporating the same 

128. 8,900,349 
Absorbent composition designed for removing contaminants, mainly sulfur compounds, contained in liquid and gaseous streams, a method for obtaining a designed absorbent composition, a method for removing impurities, mainly sulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide, contained in liquid or gaseous streams, and use of an absorbent composition 

127. 8,900,348 
Adsorption of volatile organic compounds derived from organic matter 

126. 8,900,347 
Method of adsorptive gas separation using thermally conductive contactor structure 

125. 8,900,346 
Self-ignition resistant thermally-activated carbon 

124. 8,900,345 
Separation membrane, hydrogen separation membrane including the separation membrane, and device including the hydrogen separation membrane 

123. 8,900,344 
Hydrogen selective protective coating, coated article and method 

122. 8,900,333 
Biodiesel cold flow improver 

121. 8,900,330 
Agents for improving dye fastness 

120. 8,900,303 
Porous bone reinforcements 

119. 8,900,300 
Prosthetic capsular bag and method of inserting the same 

118. 8,900,299 
Method in eye surgery 

117. 8,900,298 
Fluid for accommodating intraocular lenses 

116. 8,900,297 
Ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials 

115. 8,900,296 
Corneal inlay design and methods of correcting vision 

114. 8,900,295 
Prosthetic valve with ventricular tethers 

113. 8,900,294 
Method of controlled release of a percutaneous replacement heart valve 

112. 8,900,293 
Magnetically-controllable delivery system for therapeutic agents 

111. 8,900,292 
Coating for medical device having increased surface area 

110. 8,900,291 
Medical instrument and metal product 

109. 8,900,290 
Implant with attached element and method of making such an implant 

108. 8,900,289 
Stent with dual support structure 

107. 8,900,287 
Intravascular deliverable stent for reinforcement of abdominal aortic aneurysm 

106. 8,900,286 
Medical device shield and methods for delivering a medical device 

105. 8,900,285 
Covering electrolytic restraint implant delivery systems 

104. 8,900,249 
Method of delivering temperature controlled intraocular lens 

103. 8,900,222 
Method and apparatus for inflating and deflating balloon catheters 

102. 8,900,217 
Surgical wound dressing incorporating connected hydrogel beads having an embedded electrode therein 

101. 8,900,211 
Disposable wearing article 

100. 8,900,210 
Absorbent article with disposal wrapper 

99. 8,900,199 
Needle tip protector and indwelling needle assembly 

98. 8,900,198 
Device for protecting an injection apparatus, in particular an injection apparatus for medical use, such as a syringe 

97. 8,900,180 
Coatable compositions, coatings derived therefrom and microarrays having such coatings 

96. 8,900,178 
Method and apparatus for a self-venting endoscopic biomaterial applicator 

95. 8,900,176 
Chronic hemodialysis catheter with balloon 

94. 8,900,109 
Plastic bag, a novel intermediate product, methods for making the bag and intermediate product, and improved pouch machine 

93. 8,900,108 
Sheet conveying roller and rubber composition 

92. 8,900,107 
Conductive rubber member 

Toy vehicle with flipping mechanism 

90. 8,900,030 
System and method for toy adoption and marketing 

89. 8,900,029 
Method for making carbon nanotube field emitter 

88. 8,900,026 
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device 

87. 8,900,025 
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same 

86. 8,900,024 
Inflatable bathing suit system 

85. 8,900,023 
Swim fin 

84. 8,899,984 
CT-based, side-loading surgical and laboratory dental implant guide system and method 

83. 8,899,983 
Method and apparatus for preparing denture 

82. 8,899,982 
Implant with structure for securing a porous portion 

81. 8,899,981 
Dental implant for a jaw with reduced bone volume and improved osseointegration features 

80. 8,899,980 
Bone powder filling tool for dental implant 

79. 8,899,967 
Interrupted ring gate molding apparatus 

78. 8,899,966 
Multilayer molding apparatus and multilayer molding method 

77. 8,899,965 
Mold arrangement having a melt distribution manifold with a hinged joint 

76. 8,899,964 
Edge-gated injection molding apparatus 

75. 8,899,963 
Hot nozzle for lateral spraying 

74. 8,899,962 
Mold stack for a preform 

73. 8,899,961 
Mold-tool assembly including a heater having a resistive element encased in aluminum nitride 

72. 8,899,960 
Air side pivot casting for mold clamping linkage system 

71. 8,899,959 
Spacer molds with releasable securement 

70. 8,899,956 
Device for producing pipes made of thermoplastic 

69. 8,899,955 
Electronic cycle counter 

68. 8,899,954 

67. 8,899,953 
Extrusion die head 

66. 8,899,829 
Temperature-sensitive label 

65. 8,899,823 
Gel hydration unit 

64. 8,899,820 
Melting kneading devolatilizing extruder 

63. 8,899,746 
Contact lens sets and methods to prevent or slow progression of myopia or hyperopia 

62. 8,899,745 
Ophthalmic lenses modified with functional groups and methods of making thereof 

61. 8,899,744 
Lighted reading glasses 

60. 8,899,743 
Protective spray painter eyewear 

59. 8,899,655 
Manufacturing vehicle floor trays 

58. 8,899,595 
Gasket mounted between power modules for separating coolant passage 

57. 8,899,594 
Adjustable seal apparatus for mounting a mixing apparatus to a vessel 

56. 8,899,593 
Intershaft seal 

55. 8,899,592 

54. 8,899,565 
Sputtering device with gas injection assembly 

53. 8,899,547 
Molds and method of using the same for optical lenses 

52. 8,899,512 
Acoustic attenuation panel for aircraft for engine nacelle 

51. 8,899,503 
Scissor type hammer mill 

50. 8,899,502 
Crusher and control method for a crusher 

49. 8,899,501 
Spray gun with paint cartridge 

48. 8,899,491 
Thermostatic mixer device 

47. 8,899,444 
Aseptic tubing connection for a container 

46. 8,899,443 
Container assembly with flexible seal 

45. 8,899,442 
Synthetic resin spout stopper 

44. 8,899,441 
Cup sleeve 

43. 8,899,437 
Closure with integrated dosage cup 

42. 8,899,436 
Food packaging with a lid and closure system for packaging 

41. 8,899,422 
Methods, systems, and devices for enrichment of plastic materials derived from electronics shredder residue 

40. 8,899,419 
Package with break-away clamshell 

39. 8,899,418 

38. 8,899,416 
Soft plastic insert for use in protective case 

37. 8,899,414 
Slide and shell container having tamper evident seal 

36. 8,899,377 
Acoustically optimized air conditioning components 

35. 8,899,376 
Cushioning device and metal cover 

34. 8,899,328 
Resin sealant for zonal isolation and methods for making and using same 

33. 8,899,303  
Ceramic core with composite insert for casting airfoils 

32. 8,899,302 
Mold valve 

31. 8,899,294 
Labelling machine for sleeve labels 

30. 8,899,291 
Laminating apparatus 

29. 8,899,288 
Coupling for mounting a labeling machine and method of adjusting a labeling machine 

28. 8,899,285 
Fuel tank opening and closing device 

27. 8,899,277 
Manufacturing method of medical textiles woven from chitosan containing high wet modulus rayon fibre 

26. 8,899,276 
Joining loop structure of industrial multilayer fabric 

25. 8,899,274 
Fiberglass flanged pipe and method of making same 

24. 8,899,273 
Inflatable device for blocking chimney flues or other ducts 

23. 8,899,265 
Plastic fuel tank with increased deformation stability 

22. 8,899,176 
Adhesive agent applying apparatus and adhesive agent applying method for absorbent article 

21. 8,899,175 
Apparatus and method for dispensing liquid crystal material 

20. 8,899,174 
Device and method for fabricating display device 

19. 8,899,173 
Nozzle for adhesive coater 

18. 8,899,172 
Substrate treatment apparatus and substrate treatment method 

17. 8,899,163 
Biomass pulverizing apparatus and biomass/coal mixed-combustion system 

16. 8,899,136 
Punching device 

15. 8,899,135 
Cutting tool setting system 

14. 8,898,988 
Mechanical locking system for floor panels 

13. 8,898,987 
Roofing shingles with reduced usage of conventional shingle material and having top lap extension 

12. 8,898,972 
Quick assembling floor mat and components thereof 

11. 8,898,963 
Roofing shingles with reduced usage of conventional shingle material and having a combination vertical and lateral lap extension 

10. 8,898,962 
Building roof system 

9. 8,898,928 
Delamination drying apparatus and method 

8. 8,898,927 
Apparatus and methods for drying material 

7. 8,898,926 
Substrate dryer using supercritical fluid, apparatus including the same, and method for treating substrate 

6. 8,898,882 
Press-in element for pressing into a non-pierced or pierced component and also method for the manufacture of the press-in element 

5. 8,898,873 
Acrylic urn vault 

4. 8,898,851 
Doctor blade holder

3. 8,898,821 
Flame resistant fabric with anisotropic properties 

2. 8,898,819 
Form-fitting protective headwear 

1. 8,898,818 
Helmet having blunt force trauma protection 


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