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From 11/04/2014 to 10/21/2014

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Week 43

Patents published 10/28/2014

8,869,312 through 8,875,302

6500  patents published.


329. 8,872,218 
Molded package and light emitting device 

328. 8,872,144 
System and method for laser beam focus control for extreme ultraviolet laser produced plasma source 

327. 8,872,143 
Target for laser produced plasma extreme ultraviolet light source  8,872,066  Method for perforating material 

326. 8,872,065 
Laser machining apparatus and method for the manufacture of a rotationally symmetrical tool 

325. 8,872,062 
Laser cutting process for forming stents 

324. 8,872,034 
Flame retardant thermoplastic composition 

323. 8,872,024
Mold structure for molding housing, method for molding housing, and housing 

322. 8,871,969 
Process for the production of polyisocyanates 

321. 8,871,957 
Metal catalyst composition for producing furfural derivatives from raw materials of lignocellulosic biomass, and method for producing furfural derivatives using the composition 

320. 8,871,924 
Regioselectively substituted cellulose esters produced in a tetraalkylammonium alkylphosphate ionic liquid process and products produced therefrom 

319. 8,871,922 
Cellulose materials with novel properties 

318. 8,871,898 
Method for preparing carbon dioxide/epoxide copolymers containing ether linkages 

317. 8,871,897 
Amine-containing difluoro benzotriazolyl polymer, preparation method and use thereof 

316. 8,871,896 
Michael addition curing chemistries for sulfur-containing polymer compositions 

315. 8,871,895 
Process for manufacturing polycarbonate from derivatives of dianhydrohexitols bearing two alkyl carbonate functions 

314. 8,871,894 
Production method of polyhydroxyimide 

313. 8,871,893 
Signal-responsive plastics 

312. 8,871,892 
Polyoxazolidone resins 

311. 8,871,891 
Two part polyurea-urethane adhesive with elevated high temperature storage modulus 

310. 8,871,890 
Curable resin composition and cured article 

309. 8,871,889 
Compounds with guanidine structure and uses thereof as organopolysiloxane polycondensation catalysts 

308. 8,871,888 
One-component epoxy coating compositions 

307. 8,871,887 
Ethylene-based polymers and processes to make the same 

306. 8,871,886 
Polymerization product pressures in olefin polymerization 

305. 8,871,885 
Ethylene-a-olefin copolymer and molded article 

304. 8,871,884 
Copolymer semiconductors comprising thiazolothiazole or benzobisthiazole, or benzobisoxazole electron acceptor subunits, and electron donor subunits, and their uses in transistors and solar cells 

303. 8,871,883 
Biocompatible coating for implantable medical devices 

302. 8,871,882 
Method for the preparation of styrenic fluoropolymers 

301. 8,871,881 
Hydrophobic flourinated coating 

300. 8,871,880 
Superabsorbent copolymer 

299. 8,871,879 
Latent, high-activity olefin metathesis catalysts containing an N-heterocyclic carbene ligand 

298. 8,871,878 
Ethylene polymerization using discrete nickel(II) iminophosphonamide complexes 

297. 8,871,877 
Hybrid organic-inorganic materials that contain stabilized carbene 

296. 8,871,876 
Ethylene-based interpolymers and processes to make the same 

295. 8,871,875 
Polycarbonate resin and thermoplastic resin composition including polycarbonate resin 

294. 8,871,874 
Thermoplastic melt-mixed composition with epoxy-amino acid compound heat stabilizer and processes for their preparation 

293. 8,871,873 
Biodegradable particle, vascular embolization material and method for producing biodegradable particles 

292. 8,871,872 
Method for preparing a difunctional poly(GAP-co-THF)diol for preparation of polyurethane having excellent mechanical properties 

291. 8,871,871 
Hydroxyaryl functionalized polymers 

290. 8,871,870 
Synthesized resins and varnishes and prepegs and laminates made therefrom 

289. 8,871,869 
Hydrophilic coating 

288. 8,871,868 
Propylene impact copolymers having good optical properties 

287. 8,871,867 
Terminal-modified conjugated diene-vinyl aromatic copolymer and method for manufacturing the same 

286. 8,871,866 
Poly(arylene ether) composition and a covered conductor with flexible covering wall and large size conductor 

285. 8,871,865 
Flame retardant thermoplastic polycarbonate compositions 

284. 8,871,864 
Adhesive system, method of assembly of distinct components therewith 

283. 8,871,863 
Production of thermoplastic polymer matrices 

282. 8,871,862 
Molding compound on the basis of a copolyamide containing terephthalic acid and trimethylhexamethylene diamine units 

281. 8,871,861 
Silicone compound, photocurable liquid ink using the silicone compound, and method of manufacturing the ink 

280. 8,871,860 
Methods for coating a substrate with an amphiphilic compound 

279. 8,871,859 
Crosslinked pigment dispersion based on structured vinyl polymeric dispersants 

278. 8,871,858 
Thermoplastic polycarbonate compositions 

277. 8,871,857 
Coating composition 

276. 8,871,856 
Wetting agents and dispersants based on mixtures of structure copolymers 

275. 8,871,855 
Terminally unsaturated polyolefin and method for producing the same 

274. 8,871,854 
Recyclable composite and a method and a kit for producing it 

273. 8,871,853 
Resin system comprising dispersed multimodal surface-modified nanoparticles 

272. 8,871,852 
Self-sealing elastomer composition 

271. 8,871,851 
Thermoplastic composition with fly ash material 

270. 8,871,850 
Highly dielectric film 

269. 8,871,849 
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded product thereof 

268. 8,871,848 
Coating compositions for golf balls and coated golf balls 

267. 8,871,847 
Composition and photo-electric converting element obtained using the same 

266. 8,871,846 
Oxygen scavenging plastic material 

265. 8,871,845 
Composition for easy to clean surfaces 

264. 8,871,844 
Composite particles having organic and inorganic domains 

263. 8,871,843 
Halogen-free flame retardant material 

262. 8,871,842 
Method for producing a compound with at least one at least monosubstituted amino group 

261. 8,871,841 
Process for making high-pressure sheet gasketing materials 

260. 8,871,840 
Pyrolytic carbon black and polymer composites manufactured therefrom 

259. 8,871,839 
Method for heating a composite material area to be repaired 

258. 8,871,838 
Epoxy-carbon nanomaterial based coating and method for preparing the same 

257. 8,871,837 
Preparation of a molecular recognition element 

256. 8,871,836 
Polycarbonate resin composition, molded article and structure member for solar photovoltaic power generation 

255. 8,871,835 
Heat conductive elastomer composition 

254. 8,871,834 
Stabilized polypropylene-talc composite 

253. 8,871,833 
Metallic-pigment composition 

252. 8,871,832 
Rubber composition for use in tire treads and pneumatic tire using the same 

251. 8,871,831 
Modification of surfaces with polymers 

250. 8,871,830 
High-strength glue formulation 

249. 8,871,829 
Radio-opaque marker for medical implants 

248. 8,871,828 
Adhesive cream 

247. 8,871,827 
Hotmelt adhesive comprising radiation-crosslinkable poly(meth)acrylate and oligo(meth)acrylate with nonacrylic C-C double bonds 

246. 8,871,826 
Hybrid polymer compositions with enhanced bio-degradability 

245. 8,871,825 
Polypropylene resin composition, method for producing the same, and foam molded article 

244. 8,871,824 
Blown grade showing superior stiffness, transparency and processing behaviour 

243. 8,871,823 
Process for introducing a gas into a polymer 

242. 8,871,822 
Cross-linked polyphosphonate-sulfone composition for removal of metal ions from wastewater 

241. 8,871,821 
Graphene and graphene oxide aerogels 

240. 8,871,817 
Polyurethane thickeners 

239. 8,871,814 
Grease-like gel for repelling insects and preventing undesirable behavior in hoofed animals 

238. 8,871,740 
Use of polysaccharides for treating stress and anxiety 

237. 8,871,739 
Solid acid catalyzed hydrolysis of cellulosic materials 

236. 8,871,717 
Personal care compositions 

235. 8,871,704 
Cleaning composition 

234. 8,871,703 
Polyester concentrates having high stability in solution and having a greying-inhibiting effect 

233. 8,871,702 
Soil-release polymers having a grey-inhibiting effect and having high stability in solution 

232. 8,871,693 
Volatile-phosphorus free gelling agents 

231. 8,871,692 
Water-soluble polymers for oil recovery 

230. 8,871,677 
Multi-lobed porous ceramic body and process for making the same 

229. 8,871,676 
Method for making porous acicular mullite-containing composites 

228. 8,871,674 
Radioactive-substance-absorbent, radioactive-substance-absorbent production device, and bag unit 

227. 8,871,671 
Hydrogen storage unit 

226. 8,871,660 
Laminated body, circuit board including laminated body, semiconductor package and process for manufacturing laminated body 

225. 8,871,659 
Ground covering 

224. 8,871,658 
Rigid ballistic composites made from poly-para-phenylene terephthalamide fibers having large denier per filament 

223. 8,871,657 
Method of manufacture of a composite concrete article 

222. 8,871,654 
Film deposition apparatus, and method of depositing a film 

221. 8,871,653 
Etching agent, etching method and liquid for preparing etching agent 

220. 8,871,551 
Wafer encapsulated microelectromechanical structure and method of manufacturing same 

219. 8,871,524 
Methods of performing a sizing analysis using a corrected sizing ladder 

218. 8,871,512 
Biocompatible polymerizable acrylate products and methods 

217. 8,871,485 
Modified carbonic anhydrase enzymes and their use in carbon dioxide sequestration and elimination 

216. 8,871,483 
Biofuel cell electrocatalysts utilizing enzyme-carbon nanotube adducts 

215. 8,871,482 

214. 8,871,475 
Enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic material in the presence of sulfite, dithionite and/or dithiothreitol 

213. 8,871,474 
Glucosyltransferase enzymes for production of glucan polymers 

212. 8,871,424 
Laser imageable polyolefin film 

211. Highly proton conductive crosslinked vinylsulfonic acid polymer electrolyte composite membranes and its preparation method for polymer electrolyte fuel cells 

210. 8,871,405 
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack 

209. 8,871,399 
Method and device for limiting the ageing of fuel cells with proton exchange membrane 

208. 8,871,362 
Tool with multi-layered metal oxide coating 

207. 8,871,355 
Microstructure enhanced sinter bonding of metal injection molded part to a support substrate 

206. 8,871,353 
Film composition and method of making the same 

205. 8,871,352 
Dendritic oxygen scavenging polymer 

204. 8,871,351 
Easy-open end 

203. 8,871,350 
Gas barrier film, electronic device including the same, gas barrier bag, and method for producing gas barrier film 

202. 8,871,349 
Articles including anticondensation and/or low-E coatings and/or methods of making the same 

201. 8,871,348 
Glass substrate with conductive film for solar cell 

200. 8,871,347 
Microcapsule-type latent curing agent 

199. 8,871,346 
Precision wood particle feedstocks with retained moisture contents of greater than 30% dry basis 

198. 8,871,345 
Method for producing composite pellet for extrusion molding, and composite pellet for extrusion molding produced by the method 

197. 8,871,344 
Hydrophobization treatment of silica particles 

196. 8,871,343 
Partial-discharge-resistant insulating varnish, insulated wire and method of making the same 

195. 8,871,342 
Cellulose fibre-based support containing a modified PVA layer-method for production and use 

194. 8,871,341 
Polyolefins having one or more surfaces modified to improve adhesion of polyisocyanate functional adhesives thereto 

193. 8,871,340 
Surface-coated sintered body 

192. 8,871,339 
Modified clay and clay-polymer composite 

191. 8,871,338 
Lattice-structures and constructs with designed thermal expansion coefficients 

190. 8,871,336 
Coating layer with low-friction for vehicle component and method for producing the same 

189. 8,871,335 
Solar control laminate 

188. 8,871,334 
Solar heat responsive exterior surface covering 

187. 8,871,333 
Interlayer hot compaction 

186. 8,871,332 
Transparent fluorine-containing polymer 

185. 8,871,331 
Anti-loading abrasive article 

184. 8,871,330 
Flexible insulation composite for high and low temperatures 

183. 8,871,329 
Toothed power transmission belt with cloth component thereon 

182. 8,871,328 
Impact and vibration absorbing body-contacting medallions, methods of using and methods of making 

181. 8,871,327 
Camouflage structure capable of altering its appearance 

180. 8,871,326 
Fire protection element 

179. 8,871,325 
Web assembly for making and maintaining a contour of a baseball or a softball glove 

178. 8,871,322 
High-transparency polycarbonates with scratch-resistant coating, process for production thereof and use thereof 

177. 8,871,321 
Flexible inlay strips and method of manufacturing the same 

176. 8,871,320 
Method of manufacturing laminated flexible tubes 

175. 8,871,319 
Flexible barrier packaging derived from renewable resources 

174. 8,871,318 
Robust packaging laminate, method for manufacturing of the packaging laminate and packaging container produced therefrom 

173. 8,871,317 
Curable adhesive system, method of assembly of distinct components therewith 

172. 8,871,316 
Insulated glass (IG) units including spacer systems, and/or methods of making the same 

171. 8,871,315 
Triphenyl monomers suitable for microstructured optical films 

170. 8,871,314 
Polymer film, retardation film, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display, and compound 

169. 8,871,313 
Optical sheet 

168. 8,871,312 
Method of reducing plasma arcing on surfaces of semiconductor processing apparatus components in a plasma processing chamber 

167. 8,871,311 
Curing method employing UV sources that emit differing ranges of UV radiation 

166. 8,871,309 
Off-white and gray autodeposition coatings 

165. 8,871,308 
Method and a device for coating ceramic material fibers in metal by a liquid technique 

164. 8,871,307 
Method for manufacturing cylindrical member 

163. 8,871,305 
Methods for infusing one or more materials into nano-voids of nanoporous or nanostructured materials 

162. 8,871,304 
(Amide amino alkane) metal compound, method of manufacturing metal-containing thin film using said metal compound 

161. 8,871,302 
Chemical vapor deposition of graphene on dielectrics 

160. 8,871,301 
Coating treatment apparatus, coating treatment method, and non-transitory computer storage medium 

159. 8,871,300 
Method for making carbon nanotube based composite 

158. 8,871,299 
Solid particles having a silicate coating 

157. 8,871,298 
Method for manufacturing on a film substrate at a temperature above its glass transition 

156. 8,871,297 
Method of applying a nanocrystalline coating to a gas turbine engine component 

155. 8,871,296 
Method for producing conducting and transparent films from combined graphene and conductive nano filaments 

154. 8,871,295 
Method for separating high aspect ratio molecular structures 

153. 8,871,294 
Method of coating a substrate with nanoparticles including a metal oxide 

152. 8,871,293 
Method for making touch panel 

151. 8,871,277 
Particulate wood preservative and method for producing the same 

150. ,871,272 
Layered nanoparticles 

149. 8,871,269 
Method for the preparation of controlled release formulations 

148. 8,871,268 
Biodegradable polymeric networks and methods for manufacturing the same 

147. 8,871,240 
Rapamycin coated expandable devices 

146. 8,871,239 
Polymeric materials for medical devices 

145. 8,871,238 
Medical devices and coatings therefore comprising biodegradable polymers with enhanced functionality 

144. 8,871,237 
Medical scaffold, methods of fabrication and using thereof 

143. 8,871,236 
Biocompatible polyacrylate compositions for medical applications 

142. 8,871,234 
UV-resistant gelatin/silica viral particles, preparation method and uses thereof 

141. 8,871,229 
Cosmetic composition for long-wearing properties 

141. 8,871,173 
Method for carbon black production using preheated feedstock and apparatus for same 

140. 8,871,172 
Carbon fibers having improved strength and modulus and an associated method and apparatus for preparing same 

139. 8,871,171 
Production of graphene and nanoparticle catalysts supported on graphene using microwave radiation 

138. 8,871,167 
Biocompatible ceramic-polymer hybrids and calcium phosphate porous body 

137. 8,871,160 
Biomaterial detecting device 

136. 8,871,145 
Plasma powder sterilization apparatus and methods 

135. 8,871,138 
Method and device for blow-molding containers 

134. 8,871,137 
Process for producing medical instruments 

133. 8,871,135 
Labeler and a labeling method for labeling plastic bottles in a blow mold, in particular in a rotary blow molder 

132. 8,871,134 
Labeler for labeling plastic containers in the blow mold in a rotary blow molder 

131. 8,871,131 
Processes comprising crosslinking polyethylene or using crosslinked polyethylene 

130. 8,871,130 
Solid state drawing a filled polymer composition to a stable extent of cavitation and density 

129. 8,871,129 
Breast prosthesis 

128. 8,871,128 
Device and method for pressure control of electric injection molding machine 

127. 8,871,127 
Method of producing a fiber-reinforced resin member 

126. 8,871,126 
Manufacturing method for trumpet spar and other curved objects 

125. 8,871,125 
Laminates of partially scorched adhesive and DVA film 

124. 8,871,124 
Method for producing a filament yarn from an aromatic polyamide 

123. 8,871,123 
Method of making an absorbent core having a plurality of first regions and a second region surrounding each of the first regions 

122. 8,871,122 
Methods for fabricating cellular cushions 

121. 8,871,121 
Optical and metamaterial devices based on reactive composite materials 

Semi-conductive rubber composition and vulcanizate thereof 

119. 8,871,116 
Hydrochloric acid washing of carbon and graphite for making conductive ink for ultracapacitors 

118. 8,871,110 
Composition generating fire extinguishing substance through chemical reaction of ingredients at high temperature 

117. 8,871,108 
Process for removing carbon material from substrates 

116. 8,871,066 
Sample receiving device for sample materials in ultra-high vacuum chambers 

115. 8,871,057 
Process for the production of nano-fibrillar cellulose suspensions 

114. 8,871,056 
Process for the production of nano-fibrillar cellulose gels 

113. 8,871,055 
Sizing compositions 

112. 8,871,054 
Process for preparing fluff pulp sheet with cationic dye and debonder surfactant 

111. 8,871,053 
Fire retardant treated fluff pulp web 

110. 8,871,052 
Processes to produce short cut microfibers 

109. 8,871,051 
Process for decomposing lignin in biomass 

108. 8,871,048 
Flexible nanoimprint mold, method for fabricating the same, and mold usage on planar and curved substrate 

107. 8,871,044 
Part based on C/C composite material, and a method of fabricating it 

106. 8,871,037 
Method for carrying out diffusion treatment on coating of engineering parts resistant to marine climate 

105. 8,871,027 
Electrical contacts for use with vacuum deposition sources 

104. 8,871,021 
Concrete mixtures including carbon encapsulating admixture 

103. 8,871,020 
High elongation fibres 

102. 8,871,019 
Composition for construction materials manufacturing and the method of its production 

101. 8,871,018 
Use of polyethylenimines as additive in aqueous suspensions of calcium carbonate-comprising materials 

100. 8,871,017 
Modeling compound 

99. 8,871,016 
Cellulose-based hydrogels and methods of making thereof 

98. 8,871,015 
Non-aqueous pigment dispersions using dispersion synergists 

97. 8,871,011 
Electret filter element and method for the manufacture thereof 

96. 8,871,010 
Plasma spray method for the manufacture of an ion conductive membrane 

95. 8,870,986 
Bonded abrasive body and method of forming same 

94. 8,870,985 
Abrasive particle and method of forming same 

93. 8,870,982 
Method for converting biomass into products containing acetal groups and use thereof as biofuels 

92. 8,870,980 
Process for producing enzymes 

91. 8,870,972 
Sublimation dying of textiles and other materials 

90. 8,870,945 
Bioabsorbable device having composite structure for accelerating degradation 

89. 8,870,944 
Two valve caval stent for functional replacement of incompetent tricuspid valve 

88. 8,870,943 
Stent structure for implantable medical device 

87. 8,870,942 
Bioabsorbable polymeric medical device 

86. 8,870,941 
Graft systems having filling structures supported by scaffolds and methods for their use 

85. 8,870,914 
Medical device and a method for sealing a puncture or an opening 

84. 8,870,843 
Disposable absorbent product with temporary adhesive attachment and related methods 

83. 8,870,842 
Sanitary pad 

82. 8,870,841 
Disposable diaper with attached wrapper for enclosing and sealing the diaper when soiled 

81. 8,870,840 
Protective diapering system 

80. 8,870,839 
Disposable article including a nanostructure forming material 

79. 8,870,837 
Wound-connection pads for fluid instillation and negative pressure wound therapy, and systems and methods 

78. 8,870,814 
Implantable or insertable medical devices containing silicone copolymer for controlled delivery of therapeutic agent 

77. 8,870,718 
Flexible shroud for exercise equipment 

76. 8,870,685 
Golf ball having a thermosetting intermediate and outer cover and a thermoplastic inner cover 

75. 8,870,684 
Multi-layer core golf ball 

74. 8,870,573 
Dental implant 

73. 8,870,572 
Implant, method of preparing an implant, implantation method, and kit of parts 

72. 8,870,564 
Hot runner valve apparatus for an injection-molding machine 

71. 8,870,563 
Plasticating and injection device 

70. 8,870,562 
Motif-arraying apparatus 

69. 8,870,561 
Layer sequence repeater module for a modular disk co-extrusion die and products thereof 

68. 8,870,560 
System for producing NdFeB system sintered magnet 

67. 8,870,559 
Melt spinning apparatus and melt spinning method 

66. 8,870,558 
Earplug shaper having curved shaping surfaces

65. 8,870,513 
Vacuum treatment apparatus 

64. 8,870,513 
Vacuum treatment apparatus 

63. 8,870,458 
Multiple pocket reclosable disposable plastic bags and methods for making them 

62. 8,870,457 
Storage pocket with attachment ring and loop for foldable shopping bags and other articles 

61. 8,870,443 
Flexible pouch with a mixing apparatus 

60. 8,870,442 
Plasticating screw 

59. 8,870,441 
Apparatus and method for plastic extrusion 

58. 8,870,436 
Patterned adhesives for reflectors 

57. 8,870,372 
Silicone hydrogel contact lens modified using lanthanide or transition metal oxidants 

56. 8,870,371 
Colored contact lens 

55. 8,870,370 
Contact lens that facilitates antenna communication via sensor impedance modulation 

54. 8,870,369 
Spectacles, device having a spectacles element and a hinge part, and method for fastening a hinge part to a spectacles element 

53. 8,870,368 
Eyeglasses with replaceable lenses 

Carbon nanotube ink composition

51. 8,870,327 
Three-dimensional printing device, three-dimensional printing system and three-dimensional printing method 

50. 8,870,231 
Fiber-reinforced resin pipe 

Foam-in-place interior panels having integrated airbag doors including substrates with airbag chute-door assemblies for motor vehicles 

48. 8,870,124 
Application of elastomeric vortex generators 

47. 8,870,120 
Composite structure 

46. 8,870,112 
Set changing device of a slitter-winder 

45. 8,870,106 
Shredder with thickness detector 

44. 8,870,105 
Cone crusher and method of preparing cone crusher for operation 

43. 8,870,104 
Method for separating carpet fibers 

42. 8,870,103 
Spray electrode 

41. 8,870,102 
Electrospraying devices and methods 

40. 8,870,097 
Airless spray gun having a removable valve cartridge and protective insert 

39. 8,870,088 
Insulating anti-corrosive rail clamp integrally made of polymeric composition 

38. 8,870,041 
Immersion nozzle for continuous casting 

37. 8,870,018 
Sleeve for a container 

36. 8,870,017 
Bottle for flowable product 

35. 8,870,016 
Heat-insulating packaging film, packaging bag, and packaging bag having opening member 

34. 8,870,015 
Hybrid pulp and thermoformed containers 

33. 8,870,003 
Biodegradable container for liquid and/or semi-solid products 

32. 8,869,985 
Packaging container 

31. 8,869,984 
Boxed blister pack having slide and retain feature 

30. 8,869,974 
Spliceless belt 

29. 8,869,973 
Blister package assembly and method and system for manufacturing the same 

28. 8,869,895 
Biodegradable set retarder for a cement composition 

27. 8,869,863 
Delamination apparatus and inline thermal imaging system 

26. 8,869,862 
Labelling machine 

25. 8,869,857 
Tire comprising electrically non-conducting compounds and a path through which charge can flow 

24. 8,869,813 
Reinforcing tape, cloth produced by sewing said reinforcing tape, and web structure utilizing said reinforcing tape 

23. 8,869,812 
Shock absorber insert for a walking aid 

22. 8,869,798 
Foam-based interfacing structure method and apparatus 

21. 8,869,742 
Plasma processing chamber with dual axial gas injection and exhaust 

20. 8,869,741 
Methods and apparatus for dual confinement and ultra-high pressure in an adjustable gap plasma chamber 

19. ,869,740 
Layered particle electrostatic deposition process for making a coated abrasive article 

18. 8,869,739 
Wheel coating method and apparatus for a turbine 

17. 8,869,738 
Mask frame assembly for thin film deposition and the manufacturing method thereof 

16. 8,869,737 
Cylinder bore spraying apparatus and sprayed film forming method  

15. 8,869,736 
Apparatus for applying edible pearlescent coating to a food product 

14. 8,869,702 
Variable inside shoulder polymer cartridge 

13. 8,869,687 
Adhesive joint construction for the frame of a food-processing machine 

12. 8,869,542 
Polymer-based electrocaloric cooling devices 

11. 8,869,542 
Polymer-based electrocaloric cooling devices 

10. 8,869,495 
Reinforced board and method of producing thereof 

9. 8,869,485 
Mechanical locking of floor panels 

8. 8,869,476 
Sealing arrangement 

7. 8,869,475 
Self-adjusting firestopping sleeve apparatus with flexibly resillient supplemental constriction means 

6. 8,869,470 
Protective covering for roof device 

5. 8,869,458 
Molded plastic access door 

4. 8,869,457 
Assembly structure of weather strip 

3. 8,869,425 
Waste processing 

2. 8,869,397 
Method of fabricating a metal part including fibrous annular reinforcement 

1. 8,869,361 
Method and apparatus for applying a compaction pressure to a fabric preform during wrapping 


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