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From 10/08/2014 to 9/30/2014

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Week 39

Patents published 9/30/2014

8,844,062 through 8,850,610

7041  patents published.


284. 8,846,900 
Cellulose diacetate for retardation film 

283. 8,846,902 
Process for the conversion of cellulose in hydrated molten salts 

282. 8,846,901 
Sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin compositions and methods of preparation thereof 

281. 8,846,858 
Method for alcoholysis of polycarbonate compositions containing flame retardant or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene 

280. 8,846,857 
Solution phase processing of polyarylene sulfide 

279. 8,846,856 
Hydroxyl-functional polyethers and a preparation process therefor 

278. 8,846,855 
Conjugated fused thiophenes, methods of making conjugated fused thiophenes, and uses thereof 

277. 8,846,854 
Sulfonated poly(arylenes), polymer compounds and methods of producing the same 

276. 8,846,853 
Polycondensation of lactic acid for medical biodegradable polylactic acid catalyzed by creatinine 

275. 8,846,852 
Polyimide film 

274. 8,846,851 
Methods of ring opening polymerization and catalysts therefor 

273. 8,846,850 
Amphiphilic macromolecules for nucleic acid delivery 

272. 8,846,849 
Tissue sealants from plasma derived proteins 

271. 8,846,848 
Tuned synthetic dendrimer calibrants for mass spectrometry 

270. 8,846,847 
Macromolecular antioxidants based on sterically hindered phenols and phosphites 

269. 8,846,845 
Bioabsorbable and biocompatible polyurethanes and polyamides for medical devices 

268. 8,846,844 
Crosslinkable polyolefin composition comprising silane groups forming an acid or a base upon hydrolysation 

267. 8,846,843 
Silicone modified fatty acids, method of preparation and usage thereof 

266. 8,846,842 
Production and use of highly functional, highly branched or hyperbranched polylysines 

265. 8,846,841 
Catalyst compositions for producing high Mz/Mw polyolefins 

264. 8,846,840 
Adamantyl (meth)acrylic monomer and (meth)acrylic polymer containing the same as repeating unit 

263. 8,846,839 
Copolymers having zwitterionic moieties and dihdroxyphenyl moieties and medical devices coated with the copolymers 

262. 8,846,838 
Fluorine-containing block copolymeric compound 

261. 8,846,837 
Neodymium-catalyzed polybutadienes 

260. 8,846,836 
Hyaluronic acid based copolymers 

259. 8,846,835 
Adjusting polymer composition 

258. 8,846,834 
Chromium catalysts for olefin polymerization 

257. 8,846,833 
Pressure-sensitive adhesives with high molar masses and narrow molar mass distribution and process for preparing them 

256. 8,846,832 
Storage stable and safe peroxide emulsions with a high active oxygen content 

255. 8,846,831 
Process for supplying catalyst to a polymerization reactor 

254. 8,846,830 
Interlock and process 

253. 8,846,829 
Catalyst feed control during catalyst transition periods 

252. 8,846,828 
Curable organopolysiloxane composition and semiconductor device 

251. 8,846,827 
Epoxy siloxane coating compositions 

250. 8,846,826 
Golf ball 

249. 8,846,825 
Mixtures of biodegradable polyesters with at least one polymer of natural origin 

248. 8,846,824 
Functional MBS impact modifiers for use in engineering resins 

247. 8,846,823 
Water absorbing agent and production method thereof 

246. 8,846,822 
Curable composition 

245. 8,846,821 
Metal-crosslinked organopolysiloxane-thio block vinyl copolymer and antifouling coating composition containing the metal-crosslinked copolymer 

244. 8,846,820 
Activated silane compound, rubber composition using the same and tire 

243. 8,846,819 
Core-first nanoparticle formation process, nanoparticle, and composition 

242. 8,846,818 
Engineered cross-linked thermoplastic particles for interlaminar toughening 

241. 8,846,817 
Ionic polymers, method of manufacture, and uses thereof 

240. 8,846,816 
Process and apparatus for the preparation of crosslinkable rubber mixtures 

239. 8,846,815 
Peroxide-cured thermoplastic vulcanizates prepared with ultrahigh molecular weight plastics 

238. 8,846,814 
Use of polyolefins having isotactic structural elements in flooring materials 

237. 8,846,813 
Optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet 

236. 8,846,812 
Process for manufacturing fluoroelastomer compositions containing fluoroplastic fibrils 

235. 8,846,811 
Reactor continuity 

234. 8,846,810 
Polymer particle and method for producing the same 

233. 8,846,809 
Urethane adhesive composition 

232. 8,846,808 
Curable organopolysiloxane composition 

231. 8,846,807 
Solvent composition for silicone compound 

230. 8,846,806 
Treated fillers, compositions containing same, and articles prepared therefrom 

229. 8,846,805 
Thermoplastic polyolefin compounds with decreased flaming sensitivity 

228. 8,846,804 
NBR composition and sealing rubber material 

227. 8,846,803 
Rubber adhesive compositions containing vinyl pyridine latex polymers with alternate nitrogen monomers 

226. 8,846,802 
Thermoplastic elastomer composition, method of making and articles thereof 

225. 8,846,801 
Self-healing polycarbonate containing polyurethane nanotube composite 

224. 8,846,800 
Reinforced polyamide moulding materials 

223. 8,846,799 
Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, and metal-clad laminate and multilayered printed wiring board 

222. 8,846,796 
Method of producing a modified smectite or smectite-containing substance capable of taking up and releasing water in a reversible manner 

221. 8,846,795 
Method for producing polymer molded article, and polymer molded article 

220. 8,846,794 
Golf ball 

219. 8,846,793 

218. 8,846,792 
Construction comprising tie layer 

217. 8,846,790 
Resin composition, and prepreg and printed circuit board prepared using the same 

216. 8,846,789 
Phosphonate based compound and flame retardant styrenic resin composition including the same 

215. 8,846,788 
Polyacetal resin composition, resin molded article, and method and agent for improving polyacetal resin raw material composition  

214. 8,846,787 
High curing inducing surface applied setting retarder 

213. 8,846,786 
Aqueous dispersed polyester resin compositions 

212. 8,846,785 
Manufacturing method of core-shell-type ceria-polymer hybrid nanoparticles and dispersion sols of them 

211. 8,846,784 
Additive with applications in construction chemistry 

210. 8,846,781 
Use of oils with high concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids in plastics and surface coatings 

209. 8,846,780 
Friction element for synchronizing device 

208. 8,846,777 
Thiol-vinyl and thiol-yne systems for shape memory polymers 

207. 8,846,776 
Filled polyurethane composites and methods of making same 

206. 8,846,775 
Processes for producing polyurethane foams containing alkoxysilane functional polymers and uses therefor 

205. 8,846,774 
Resin composition for polyolefin resin foam, polyolefin resin foam and foamed sealing material 

204. 8,846,773 
Method for manufacturing anion exchange resin, anion exchange resin, method for manufacturing cation exchange resin, cation exchange resin, mixed bed resin, and method for manufacturing ultrapure water for washing electronic component material 

203. 8,846,772 
Silica-based sols 

202. 8,846,640 
Viscoelastic gels as novel fillers 

201. 8,846,624 
Modified protein polymers 

199. 8,846,595 
Method of making a cleaning solution from hydrogel cleaning concentrate and packaged cleaning concentrate 

198. 8,846,590 
Method for lubricating diamond-like carbon coated surfaces 

197. 8,846,587 
Functionalized monomers and polymers 

196. 8,846,586 
Articles having low coefficients of friction, methods of making the same, and methods of use 

195. 8,846,584 
Methods of preparing degradable materials 

194. 8,846,583 
Biodegradable lubricating composition and use thereof in a drilling fluid, in particular for very deep reservoirs 

193. 8,846,565 
Water-absorbing polymeric particles and method for the production thereof 

192. 8,846,561 
Catalyst for the production of polyester, use of the catalyst for the production of polyester, and polyester obtained by the use of the catalyst 

191. 8,846,553 
Woven preform with integral off axis stiffeners 

190. 8,846,552 
Soluble terminally modified imide oligomer using 2-phenyl-4, 4'-diaminodiphenyl ether, varnish, cured product thereof, imide prepreg thereof, and fiber-reinforced laminate having excellent heat resistance 

189. 8,846,551 
Systems and methods of laser texturing of material surfaces and their applications 

188. 8,846,529 
Electroless plating of cobalt alloys for on chip inductors 

187. 8,846,507 
Silicon polymers, methods of polymerizing silicon compounds, and methods of forming thin films from such silicon polymers 

186. 8,846,269 
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and fuel cell stack comprising the same 

185. 8,846,267 
Membrane electrode assemblies 

184. 8,846,208 
Porous materials, articles including such porous materials, and methods of making such porous materials 

183. 8,846,206 
Injection molded component 

182. 8,846,205 
Hybrid strategies for reducing leaching of metal biocides from biodegradable substrates 

181. 8,846,204 
Laminate film and method of making the same 

180. 8,846,203 
Method of making ligand functionalized substrates 

179. 8,846,202 
Film arrangement 

178. 8,846,201 
Composite plated product 

177. 8,846,200 
Gas-barrier film, process for producing same, member for electronic device, and electronic device 

176. 8,846,199 
Organic-inorganic electrospun fibers 

175. 8,846,198 
Aqueous formulations based on crystalline or semicrystalline polyurethane polymers 

174. 8,846,197 
Impact-absorbing pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method of producing the same 

173. 8,846,195 
Ultra-thin polymeric adhesion layer 

172. 8,846,194 
Electromagnetic wave-permeable brilliant coated resin product and manufacturing method therefor 

171. 8,846,193 
Coated glass sheet 

170. 8,846,192 
Enhanced film carrier 

169. 8,846,191 
Thermal expansion control employing platelet fillers 

168. 8,846,189 
Long fiber thermoplastic thin-walled aeroshells for missile applications and methods of manufacture 

167. 8,846,188 
Impact resistant LLDPE composition and films made thereof 

166. 8,846,187 
Transparent gas barrier film and method for producing transparent gas barrier film 

165. 8,846,186 
Layered product for metamaterial transfer and metamaterial transferred substrate 

164. 8,846,185 
Decorated sheet for insert molding 

163. 8,846,184 
Chromic luminescent objects 

162. 8,846,183 
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems 

161. 8,846,182 
Process for producing transparent conductive transfer plate, transparent conductive transfer plate, process for producing transparent conductive substrate using the transparent conductive transfer plate, transparent conductive substrate, and molded product using the transparent conductive substrate 

160. 8,846,181 
Interior panel and injection molding method 

159. 8,846,180 
Retardation film 

158. 8,846,179 
Three-dimensional camouflage surface 

157. 8,846,178 
Layered flame-proof material 

156. 8,846,176 
Honeycomb composite plate of plastic foam 

155. 8,846,175 
Light transmissive film and fabrication method of light transmissive film 

154. 8,846,174 
Transparent laminate structures 

153. 8,846,173 
Optical recording medium and manufacturing method of optical recording medium 

152. 8,846,170 
Sulfur-containing cycloaliphatic compound, filled sulfur-vulcanizable elastomer composition containing sulfur-containing cycloaliphatic compound and articles fabricated therefrom 

151. 8,846,169 
Flexible encapsulating film systems 

150. 8,846,168 
Thermal transfer film 

149. 8,846,167 
Image transfer sheet 

148. 8,846,164 
Compound having propyl ether as bonding group, liquid crystal composition thereof and liquid crystal display device thereof 

147. 8,846,161 
Hydrophobic coating and method 

146. 8,846,160 
Three-dimensional articles using nonlinear thermal polymerization 

145. 8,846,159 
Mold for fabricating barrier rib and method of fabricating two-layered barrier rib using same 

144. 8,846,158 
Method for depositing functional particles in dispersion as coating preform 

143. 8,846,157 
Production of solid materials based on hydraulically setting coating agents 

142. 8,846,156 
Methods and compositions for coating substrates 

141. 8,846,155 
Coating method and associated coating device 

140. 8,846,154 
Carpet decor and setting solution compositions 

139. 8,846,153 
Reinforcement mesh for architectural foam moulding 

138. 8,846,152 
Antioxidant agent and process for producing metallic material 

137. 8,846,151 
Metalized plastic articles and methods thereof 

136. 8,846,150 
Building material having a fluorocarbon based capstock layer and process of manufacturing same with less dimensional distortion 

135. 8,846,149 
Delamination resistant semiconductor film and method for forming the same 

134. 8,846,148 
Composition for chemical vapor deposition film-formation and method for production of low dielectric constant film 

133. 8,846,147 
Method for manufacturing a complexly shaped composite material part 

132. 8,846,146 
Smoothing agents to enhance nucleation density in thin film chemical vapor deposition 

131. 8,846,145 
Liquid processing method 

130. 8,846,144 
Method for making a carbon nanotube film 

129. 8,846,143 
Method for selectively anchoring and exposing large numbers of nanoscale structures 

128. 8,846,140 
Method for producing an optical article coated with an antireflection or a reflective coating having improved adhesion and abrasion resistance properties 

127. 8,846,139 
Coating apparatus and film production method using the same 

126. 8,846,135 
Process for the preparation of conductive carbon layers on powdered supports 

125. 8,846,133 
Method for producing a proton-conducting membrane 

124. 8,846,132 
Method for producing polymer layers 

123. 8,846,131 
Method for forming a coating on a stent 

122. 8,846,130 
Implant and method for producing the same 

121. 8,846,123 
Biomass pelletizing process 

120. 8,846,110 
Polymeric systems for the delivery of anticancer drugs 

119. 8,846,109 
Treatment solution for treating wounds, in particular for liquid wound treatment 

118. 8,846,101 
Film-coated and/or granulated calcium-containing compounds and use thereof in pharmaceutical compositions 

117. 8,846,096 
Nanoparticles and methods of use 

116. 8,846,095 
Dextran-based polymer tissue adhesive for medical use 

115. 8,846,093 
Adhesive mixture for transdermal delivery of highly plasticizing drugs 

114. 8,846,092 
Gum resin as a carrier for topical application of pharmacologically active agents 

113. 8,846,091 
Matrix for sustained, invariant and independent release of active compounds 

112. 8,846,090 
Matrix for sustained, invariant and independent release of active compounds 

111. 8,846,087 
Formulation for providing an enteric coating material 

110. 8,846,076 
Hemostatic sponge 

109. 8,846,072 
Controlled delivery system 

108. 8,846,071 
Stent formed from crosslinked bioabsorbable polymer 

107. 8,846,070 
Biologically degradable compositions for medical applications 

106. 8,846,069 
Coatings for implantable devices comprising polymers of lactic acid and methods for fabricating the same 

105. 8,846,060 
Suturable dural and meningeal repair product comprising collagen matrix 

104. ,846,022 
Crosslinked polyalkyleneimine hydrogels with tunable degradation rates 

103. 8,846,021 
Acryloyloxyethylphosphorylcholine containing polymer conjugates and their preparation 

102. 8,846,020 
Scaffolds formed from polymer-protein conjugates, methods of generating same and uses thereof 

101. 8,846,011 
Curable resin composition for covering a fingernail or artificial fingernail 

100. 8,846,010 
Silicone compound and photoprotective personal care compositions comprising the same 

99. 8,845,991 
Silica particle manufacturing process 

98. 8,845,988 
Carbon-rich sorbent filters 

97. 8,845,973 
Particle filter with hydrolysis coating, device and motor vehicle 

96. 8,845,969 
Material, system, and method that provide indication of a breach 

95. 8,845,953 
Three-dimensional printer, ceramic article and method of manufacture 

94. 8,845,952 
Method of manufacturing honeycomb structure 

93. 8,845,950 
Method for manufacturing polyimide-based carbon nanofiber electrode 

92. 8,845,949 
Method for reducing differential shrinkage in stereolithography 

91. 8,845,948 
Cytocompatible three-dimensional structures fabricated by microstereolithography 

90. 8,845,947 
Method and apparatus for molding composite articles 

89. 8,845,946 
Method and device for manufacturing a fiber composite component with an integral structural design 

88. 8,845,945 
Method of securing low density filler in cavities of a blade body of a fan blade 

87. 8,845,943 
Method of making a structured surface and article therefrom 

86. 8,845,942 
Compact production apparatus and method for producing compact 

85. 8,845,941 
Apparatus for growing carbon nanotube forests, and generating nanotube structures therefrom, and method 

84. 8,845,939 
Foam product with an insert and its method of manufacture 

83. 8,845,938 
Polyacrylonitrile fiber manufacturing method and carbon fiber manufacturing method 

82. 8,845,937 
Porous material having anisotropic structure and method of making the same 

81. 8,845,936 
Process and device for the preparation of hollow microspheres comprising centrifugal atomization 

80. 8,845,935 
Method for cast molding contact lenses 

79. 8,845,934 
Compatibilized biopolyamide-poly(arylene ether) thermoplastic resin 

78. 8,845,933 
Electrically conductive polymer compositions and films made therefrom 

77. 8,845,931 
Nanometal-polymer composite conductive film and method for preparing the same 

76. 8,845,928 
Sterilizing compositions comprising phosphors for converting electromagnetic radiation to UVC radiation and methods for using the same 

75. 8,845,927 
Functionalized nanoparticles and method 

74. 8,845,926 
Composition, method for manufacturing thin film, and method for manufacturing light-emitting element 

73. 8,845,925 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal panel 

72. 8,845,924 
Water absorbing agent and production method thereof 

71. 8,845,923 
Corrosion-inhibiting deicers derived from biomass 

70. 8,845,922 
Compositions and use of vinylidene fluoride and blends thereof 

69. 8,845,920 
Polymer compositions with heat-absorbing properties and a high stability 

68. 8,845,918 
Thermoelectric material and composites made from thermoelectric material and a method for fabricating thereof 

67. 8,845,917 
Soundproofing nanoclay composite and method of manufacturing the same 

66. 8,845,915 
Abrading agent and abrading method 

65. 8,845,912 
Tools and methods for forming semi-transparent patterning masks 

64. 8,845,911 
Method for production of a microstructured molded object 

63. 8,845,905 
Polypyrrole copolymer nanoparticles-based compositions and methods for detecting lead ions 

62. 8,845,874 
Porous electroformed shell for patterning and manufacturing method thereof 

61. 8,845,862 
Device for producing fibrous sheet 

60. 8,845,851 
Protein adhesive formulations with amine-epichlorohydrin and isocyanate additives 

59. 8,845,850 
Anaerobic adhesive and sealant compositions in film form, film spool assemblies containing such compositions in film form and preapplied versions thereof on matable parts 

58. 8,845,849 
Anisotropic conductive adhesive 

57. ,8,845,847 
Accelerated low toxicity method of making a composite door 

56. 8,845,846 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive mass 

55. 8,845,845 
Carbon fiber tubular pole and method of manufacture 

54. 8,845,844 
Vacuum lamination system and vacuum lamination method 

53. 8,845,842 
Method for manufacturing circuit board using electrically conductive particles and circuit board manufactured by the method

52. 8,845,840 
Process for recycling waste film and product made therefrom 

51. 8,845,839 
Lamination apparatus and lamination method 

50. 8,845,838 
Method for producing a steering wheel 

49. 8,845,834 
Method for assembling at least two plastic components to each other 

48. 8,845,803 
Method for the surface treatment of inorganic pigment particles 

47. 8,845,802 
Refractory coating for producing mold coatings 

46. 8,845,784 
Composite mixed carbonate ion and electron conducting membranes and reactant gas assisted chemical reactors for CO2 separation and capture 

45. 8,845,757 
Treated cellulosic fibers and absorbent articles made from them 

44. 8,845,736 
Composite implant 

43. 8,845,713 
Self-supporting laminated films, structural materials and medical devices manufactured therefrom and methods of making same 

42. 8,845,692 
Implants formed of a shape memory polymeric material for spinal fixation 

40. 8,845,660 
Surgical repair article based on HPPE material 

39. 8,845,507 
Inorganic nanoparticles of high density to destroy cells in-vivo 

38. 8,845,503 
Method for manufacturing disposable worn article 

37. 8,845,458 
Solid golf ball 

36. 8,845,457 
Golf ball cores based on polyalkenamer rubber having positive hardness gradients 

35. 8,845,456 
Multi-piece golf ball comprising low hardness gradient core 

34. 8,845,322 
Mold assembly for making light guide plates 

33. 8,845,319 
Means for modifying a building space and device for manufacturing a three-dimensional object having means for modifying a building space 

32. 8,845,317 
Alignment method, imprint method, alignment apparatus, and position measurement method 

31. 8,845,316 
Process and device for producing a three-dimensional object 

30. 8,845,315 
Injection molding apparatus having a thermostat assembly 

29. 8,845,314 
Lens manufacturing apparatus 

28. 8,845,181 
Mixing system including a flexible bag, specific flexible bag and locating system for the mixing system 

27. 8,844,872 
Composite structure 

26. 8,844,720 
Biodegradable novelty package 

25. 8,844,578 
Pliable-wall air ducts with internal expanding structures 

24. 8,844,549 
Modular outdoor playpen apparatus 

23. 8,844,455 
Buoyed biomats for reservoir fluid management 

22. 8,844,332 
Device for the superplastic forming of a blank 

21. 8,844,331
Electro-hydraulic forming process with electrodes that advance within a fluid chamber toward a workpiece  

20. 8,844,255 
Composite yarn, fabric, and automotive interior material made from paper 

19. 8,844,250 
Sealing device and method for producing sealed packages of a pourable food product 

18. 8,844,249 
Film supplying apparatus 

17. 8,844,248  
Method for packaging articles using cauterized films to inhibit tearing 

16. 8,844,247 
Storage method 

15. 8,844,246 
Film laminate for the production of bags with an integrated film handle, and method for the production of the laminate 

14. 8,844,194 
Vegetative roofing systems 

13. 8,844,173 
Elastomeric plow edge 

12. 8,844,158 
Super absorber polymer felt and method for the production thereof 

11. 8,844,157 
Biosolids drying system and method 

10. 8,844,155 
Hopper of injection molding machine 

9. 8,844,154 
Individual gear dryer system 

8. 8,844,125 
Method of making an electronic device having a liquid crystal polymer solder mask and related devices 

7. 8,844,115 
Production method for a shredding device 

6. 8,844,113 
Methods for crimping a polymeric stent scaffold onto a delivery ball

5. 8,844,112 
Methods of manufacturing safety shields for medical needles and related manufacturing devices 

4. 8,844,111 
Barbed metal insert overmolding using crosslinked polymers 

3. 8,844,108 
Large area repair of composite aircraft 

2. 8,844,106 
Installation fixture for elastomer bands and methods of using the same 

1. 8,844,062 
Garment for ballistic protection and carrying equipment 

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