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Week 34

Patents published 8/26/2014

8,813,262 through 8,819,861

7101  patents published.


313. 8,816,479 
Atomistic quantum dot 

312. 8,816,371 
Coated color-converting particles and associated devices, systems, and methods 

311. 8,816,325 
Scalable quantum computer architecture with coupled donor-quantum dot qubits 

310. 8,816,309  
Radiation shielding panel 

309. 8,816,295 
Adhesive detection system for mailpiece creation system 

308. 8,816,257 
Flexible transparent heating element using graphene and method for manufacturing the same 

307. 8,816,246 
Method and apparatus for drilling using a series of laser pulses 

306. 8,816,245 
Method of cutting object to be processed 

305. 8,816,244 
Inverted stent cutting process 

304. 8,816,243 
Laser beam irradiation apparatus for substrate sealing and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the same 

303, 8,816,242 
Method of fabricating implantable pulse generator using wire connections to feedthrough structures and implantable pulse generators 

302. 8,816,241 
Laser welding apparatus 

301. 8,816,239 
Method of manufacturing a component 

300. 8,816,217 
Polyimides and fluoropolymer bonding layer with improved copper heat seal strength 

299. 8,816,216 
Encapsulation substrate for organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the encapsulation substrate 

298. 8,816,205 
Conductive elastomer and method of applying a conductive coating to a cable 

297. 8,816,124 
Ester-based reactive plasticizer for plastic bonded explosives 

296. 8,816,117 
Synthesis of fluorocarbofunctional silsesquioxanes 

295. 8,816,115 
Metal nanoparticles 

294. 8,816,107 
Functionalised nanoparticles, their production and use 

293. 8,816,067 
Compositions and methods for making alpha-(1,2)-branched alpha-(1,6) oligodextrans 

292. 8,816,066 
Cellulose interpolymers and methods of oxidation 

291. 8,816,045 
Membrane stripping process for removing volatile organic compounds from a latex 

290. 8,816,044 
Flexible polyamines, flexible amine-terminated adducts, compositions thereof and methods of use 

289. 8,816,042 
Polyamide composites having flexible spacers 

288. 8,816,041 
Polyester polymerization catalyst and method for producing polyester using the same 

287. 8,816,040 
Polymer dye 

286. 8,816,039 

285. 8,816,038 
Aromatic ether polymer, method for producing the same, and polymer composition 

284. 8,816,037 
Asymmetric dialdimine-containing polyurethane composition 

283. 8,816,036 
Catalysts for reaction between an isocyanate and an alcohol 

282. 8,816,035 
Photoactive polymers 

281. 8,816,034 
Method for producing alpha-olefin oligomer 

280. 8,816,033 
Radically curable compound, cured product thereof, and method for producing the compound 

279. 8,816,032 
Copolymer of conjugated diene and 1-vinylcycloalkene 

278. 8,816,031 
Water-soluble polymer and additive for paper manufacture 

277. 8,816,030 
Chloroprene rubber, chloroprene rubber composition, vulcanizate thereof, and formed body 

276. 8,816,029 
Compositions and articles comprising polymerizable ionic liquid mixture, and methods of curing 

275. 8,816,028 
Polyisobutylene composition having internal vinylidene and process for preparing the polyisobutylene polymer composition 

274. 8,816,027 
Catalysts and methods of use thereof to produce vinyl terminated polymers 

273. 8,816,026 
Method and apparatus for preparing polymer beads of uniform particle size by suspension polymerisation 

272. 8,816,025 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition 

271. 8,816,024 
Continuous take off technique and pressure control of polymerization reactors 

270. 8,816,023 
Lightweight particles and compositions containing them 

269. 8,816,022 
Sealing members, articles using the same and methods of reducing sticktion 

268. Curable composition with rubber-like properties 

267. 8,816,020 
Method to produce polyurea and polyurethane by using liquid plant oil based polyol 

266. 8,816,019 
Thermoplastic compositions for laser direct structuring and methods for the manufacture and use thereof 

265. 8,816,018 
Resin composition comprising a cyclic carbodiimide 

264. 8,816,017 
Process for producing polyamic acid solution and polyamic acid solution 

263. 8,816,016 
Reduced corrosion curable composition 

262. 8,816,015 
Low emission polyoxymethylene 

261. 8,816,014 
Method for producing modified conjugated diene-based polymer, modified conjugated diene-based polymer, and modified conjugated diene-based polymer composition 

260. 8,816,013 
Curable fluoroelastomer composition 

259. 8,816,012 
Curable acrylate based printing medium 

258. 8,816,011 
Process for preparing AB diblock copolymers with a broadly distributed A block 

257. 8,816,010 
Automotive material with excellent flow, high stiffness, excellent ductility and low CLTE 

256. 8,816,009 
Method of making functionalized elastomer 

256. 8,816,008 
Impact modifier and impact modified thermoplastic composition 

255. 8,816,007 
Phenol-formaldehyde polymer with carbon nanotubes, a method of producing same, and products derived therefrom 

254. 8,816,006 
Compositions of ethylene/.alpha.-olefin multi-block interpolymer suitable for films 

253. 8,816,005 
Solvent-free synthesis of amphiphilic polymeric material 

252. 8,816,004 
Oxazolinyl-containing polymers and grafted compounds prepared from the oxazolinyl-containing polymers 

251. 8,816,003 
High plasticization-resistant cross-linked polymeric membranes for separations 

250. 8,816,002 
Method involving 1-benzotriazolyl carbonate esters of poly(ethylene glycol) 

249. 8,816,001 
Genetically encoded initiator for polymer growth from proteins 

248. 8,816,000 
Multifunctional stellate prepolymer mixtures, production and use and coatings made thereof 

247. 8,815,999 

246. 8,815,998 
Modified natural rubber, production process for the same and rubber composition and tire prepared by using the same 

245. 8,815,997 
Aqueous compositions comprising ion exchange resins that deliver paint and primer properties in a coating 

244. 8,815,996 
Surface segregating additives for enhanced chemical agent resistant topcoats 

243. 8,815,995 
Tire tread with resin 

242. 8,815,994 
Heat-shrinkable polyester-based single-layer film 

241. 8,815,993 
Polyester resin composition 

240. 8,815,992 
Tetracarboxylic ester plasticizers 

239. 8,815,991 
Composition of polymers derived from renewable resources 

238. 8,815,990 
Stabilizer composition 

237. 8,815,989 
Resin composition for coating material 

236. 8,815,988 
Resin compound, resin composition, and resin-molded product 

235. 8,815,987 
Polypropylene mineral compound with reduced volatiles 

234. 8,815,986 
Method for storing resin solution, and method for producing prepreg and laminate 

233. 8,815,985 
Curable composition 

232. 8,815,984 
Elastomeric compositions with improved heat resistance, compression set, and processability 

231. 8,815,983 
Dispersion, method for producing same, and use thereof 

230. 8,815,982 
Colored system 

229. 8,815,981 
Hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposites 

228. 8,815,979 
Amphoteric polyurethane dispersants and their use in inkjet inks 

227. 8,815,978 
Process for modifying natural rubber, and modified natural rubber 

226. 8,815,977 
Process for producing conjugated diene-based polymer, conjugated diene-based polymer, and conjugated diene-based polymer composition 

225. 8,815,976 
Humic substances-based polymer system 

224. 8,815,975 
Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive formulations with multipurpose rheology modifiers 

223. 8,815,974 
Dental adhesive composition 

222. 8,815,972 
Ionic silicone hydrogels having improved hydrolytic stability 

221. 8,815,971 
Control over controlled radical polymerization processes 

220. 8,815,970 
Method of preparing polyurethane 

219. 8,815,969 
Plant oil-based UV-curable coating 

218. 8,815,968 
Polyurethane foam 

217. 8,815,967 
Porous polyurea material and methods for preparing the same 

216. 8,815,966 
Sheet for use as a packaging material for solar cells 

215. 8,815,965 
Processes for recovering rubber from natural rubber latex 

214. 8,815,964 
Devulcanization of rubber and other elastomers 

213. 8,815,793 
Polymeric compositions and related methods of use 

212. 8,815,784 
High molecular weight low polydispersity polymers 

211. 8,815,783 
High molecular weight low polydispersity polymers 

210. 8,815,771 
Mechanochromic coating composition 

209. 8,815,770 
Color-stable superabsorber 

208. 8,815,766 
Metal containing composites 

207. 8,815,758 
Silica-based nonflammable material for replacing asbestos and method for preparing same 

206. 8,815,757 
Coated base fabric for air bags 

205. 8,815,756 
Contoured composite armour panels and systems comprising such panels 

204. 8,815,755 
Polydiorganosiloxane bearing carbamate functions, their preparation and their use as softeners in the textile industry 

203. 8,815,750 
Method for manufacturing a barrier on a sheet and a sheet for PV modules 

202. 8,815,749 
Method for manufacturing a barrier layer on a substrate and a multi-layer stack 

201. 8,815,725 
Low alpha particle emission electrically-conductive coating 

200. 8,815,641 
Diamond SOI with thin silicon nitride layer and related methods 

199. 8,815,608 
Curable compositions containing color indicators for indicating the curing progress 

198. 8,815,594 
Hybrid tissue scaffold for tissue engineering 

197. 8,815,476 
Pellicle membrane 

196. 8,815,472 
Volume hologram optical recording medium, composition for volume hologram recording layer formation, and volume hologram recording material 

195. 8,815,465 
Membrane electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and polymer electrolyte fuel cell 

192. 8,815,436 
Microporous membrane, methods for making such film, and the use of such film as battery separator film 

193. 8,815,435 
Separator for nonaqueous secondary battery 

192. 8,815,434 
Electrode assembly for secondary battery with wound and folded separator portions and secondary battery having the same 

191. 8,815,420 
Coated article having zinc oxide seed layer with reduced stress under functional layer and method of making the same 

190. 8,815,414 
Polymer compound and polymer light emitting device using the same 

189. 8,815,405 
Exterior deep base paint formulation 

188. 8,815,404 
Protective film and encapsulation material comprising the same 

187. 8,815,402 
Mirror having reflective coatings on a first surface and an opposite second surface 

186. 8,815,401 
Prepreg and laminate 

185. 8,815,400 
Epoxy resin composition, die attach method using same, and semiconductor device containing cured product thereof 

184. 8,815,399 
Carbon nanotube conductive layer using spray coating and preparing method thereof 

183. 8,815,398 
Carbon nanotube film 

182. 8,815,397 
Carbon nanotube film 

181. 8,815,396 
Abrasive particles comprising nano-sized silicon carbide particles surface-coated with silica, and methods using same 

180. 8,815,395 
High density polymer particles and dispersion of same 

179. 8,815,394 
Encapsulated nanoscale particles of organic pigments 

178. 8,815,391 
Stacked polymer technology. An alternating polymer extrusion process and product 

177. 8,815,390 
Matte biaxially oriented polylactic acid film 

176. 8,815,389 
Highly abrasionproof strip for armouring cable harnesses in motorcars 

175. 8,815,388 
Inorganic-organic hybrid material, optical material using the same, and inorganic-organic composite composition 

174. 8,815,386 
Polymeric composition useful as electrical conduit covering and insulated electrical conduit 

173. 8,815,385 
Controlling peel strength of micron-scale structures 

172. 8,815,384 
Aromatic polyamide porous film and separator for capacitor or battery using the same 

171. 8,815,383 
Component having a cushioned region and method for making a component having a cushioned region 

170. 8,815,379 
Coated article and method for making same 

169. 8,815,378 
Substrate having a photocatalytic coating 

168. 8,815,377 
Multi-layer opaque films, articles including such films, and uses thereof 

167. 8,815,374 
Direct printed lightweight panel 

166. 8,815,373 
Bendable polycarbonate resin laminate, optically transparent electromagnetic wave shield laminate, and manufacturing method thereof 

165. 8,815,372 
Gel cushion 

164. 8,815,371 
Structure and method for forming detailed channels for thin walled components using thermal spraying 

163. 8,815,370 
Adhesiveless decorative floor tile 

162. 8,815,369 
Adhering jig for adhesive connecting member 

161. 8,815,368 
Composite sheet having a core having end walls and a mat with fibers 

160. 8,815,367 
Graphene/carbon nanotube composite structure 

159. 8,815,365 
Carbon fiber structure and method for manufacturing the same 

158. 8,815,364 
Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing same 

157. 8,815,363 
Multilayer protective liner 

156. 8,815,362 
Method for making a reinforced balloon with composite materials 

155. 8,815,361 
Silicone urisheath with integrated adhesive 

154. 8,815,360 
Multilayer film having passive and active oxygen barrier layers 

153. 8,815,359 
Multilayered container, die for multilayered container, and method for producing multilayered container 

152. 8,815,357 
Polymer resins with improved processability and melt fracture characteristics 

151. 8,815,356 
Machine-readable plastic preform 

150. 8,815,355 
Fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher cylinder, and preform of fire extinguisher cylinder 

149. 8,815,354 
Heat- and pressure-resistant polyester bottle and process for producing the same 

148. 8,815,353 
Wireless hose article and related methods 

147. 8,815,352 
Film forming method and method for manufacturing film-formation substrate 

146. 8,815,350 
Method for grafting a porous element for leucodepletion 

145. 8,815,348 
Modified geopolymer compositions, processes and uses 

144. 8,815,346 
Compliant and nonplanar nanostructure films 

143. 8,815,345 
Method for fabricating three dimensional models 

142. 8,815,344 
Selective atomic layer depositions 

141. 8,815,343 
Highly conductive and stable transparent conducting polymer films 

140. 8,815,342 
Process for forming a protective coating on the surface of a metal part 

139. 8,815,341 
Carbon fiber substrates having carbon nanotubes grown thereon and processes for production thereof 

138. 8,815,340 
Thin film deposition method 

137. 8,815,337 
Methods for fabrication of polymer-based optically variable devices 

136. 8,815,334 
Adhesion assisting agent-bearing metal foil, printed wiring board, and production method of printed wiring board 

135. 8,815,331 
Film-forming apparatus, method of cleaning the same, and method of manufacturing a light-emitting device 

134. 8,815,307 
Process for producing porous polymer masterbatch and fiber thereof having anti-bacterial and odor eliminating functions 

133. 8,815,290 
Rapidly disintegrating gelatinous coated tablets 

132. 8,815,283 
Immuno-compatible hydrogel system 

131. 8,815,277 
In situ forming hydrogel and biomedical use thereof 

130. 8,815,276 
Three-dimensional nanostructured hybrid scaffold and manufacture thereof 

129. 8,815,275 
Coatings for medical devices comprising a therapeutic agent and a metallic material 

128. 8,815,274 
Poly(ester amides) for the control of agent-release from polymeric compositions 

127. 8,815,273 
Drug eluting medical devices having porous layers 

126. 8,815,272 
Recyclable porous bead--satellite nanoparticle composite and fabrication method thereof 

125. 8,815,264 
Water-based olefin-graft polymer system for multifunctional cosmetic applications 

124. 8,815,259 
Drug eluting superhydrophobic coatings 

123. 8,815,168 
Carbon nanotube synthesizing apparatus 

122. 8,815,158 
Granular nanoparticles having bright fluorescence and giant raman enhancements 

121. 8,815,157 
Combinatorial screening methods and apparatus 

120. 8,815,149 
Semi-reflective film and reflective film for optical recording medium, and Ag alloy sputtering target for forming semi-reflective film or reflective film for optical recording medium 

119. 8,815,145 
Methods and systems for fabricating composite stiffeners with a rigid/malleable SMP apparatus 

118. 8,815,144 
Carbon nanotube/polymer composites resistant to ionizing radiation 

117. 8,815,143 
Method for producing a three-dimensional object by means of mask exposure 

116. 8,815,142 
Method of manufacturing a resin molded gear by injection molding 

115. 8,815,141 
Method for building three-dimensional models with extrusion-based additive manufacturing systems 

114. 8,815,140 
Method of producing film by inkjet process, and film 

113. 8,815,139 
Method and apparatus for forming flared tube ends  

112. 8,815,138 
Method of producing a recoil pad for a weapon 

111. 8,815,136 
Method for the production of bodies in plastic material comprising at least two portions hinged to each other by a single rotation pin 

110. 8,815,135 
Process for the manufacture of unexpanded glass-like polysaccharides 

109. 8,815,134 
Process for manufacturing polyolefin films 

108. 8,815,132 
Method of configuring a patch body 

107. 8,815,131 
Apparatus and method for fabricating antimicrobial hybrid materials of natural product and carbon nanomaterials 

106. 8,815,130 
Method for producing a lens 

105. 8,815,129 
Device and method for forming lens 

104. 8,815,124 
Organic photovoltaic devices comprising fullerenes and derivatives thereof 

103. 8,815,114 
Phenol stabilizers for fluoroolefins 

102. 8,815,113 
Biodegradable halogen-free flame retardants composition and methods for use 

101. 8,815,111 
Substrate treatment method and substrate treatment apparatus 

100. 8,815,105 
Method using block copolymers for making a master mold for nanoimprinting patterned magnetic recording disks with chevron servo patterns 

99. 8,815,097 

98. 8,815,073 
Web pressure welding method, pressure welding device, power supply method, power supply device, continuous electrolytic plating apparatus and method for manufacturing web with plated coating film 

97. 8,815,066 
Coating composition with phosphorous-containing resins and organometallic compounds 

96. 8,815,062 
Plating pretreatment apparatus and method for multi-cylinder block 

95. 8,815,046 
Double-sided adhesive tape for affixing protective sheetlike structures 

94. 8,815,045 
Method for manufacturing semi-finished blank for varifocal lens 

93. 8,815,043 
Dry lamination method and laminate obtained by using the same 

92. 8,815,042 
Method of manufacturing a hip panel for a disposable absorbent article 

91. 8,815,041 
Self supported pleated panel filter with frayed media edges 

90. 8,815,038 
Joining curved composite sandwich panels 

89. ,815,037 
Method of manufacturing absorbent articles, apparatus for manufacturing absorbent articles and disposable pant 

88. 8,815,036 
Method for manufacturing a profiled preform 

87. 8,815,035 
Apparatuses and methods for fabricating elastomeric laminates 

86. 8,815,034 
Pneumatic radial tire and process for producing retreaded tire 

85. 8,815,033 
Method for producing pneumatic tire and pneumatic tire 

84. 8,815,032 
Method for producing a tread rubber for a vehicle tire, in particular a pneumatic vehicle tire 

83. 8,815,008 
Starch-based abrasive absorbent 

82. 8,815,007 
Alkoxylated polyamines and polyetheramine polyol compositions for foam control 

81. 8,815,006 
Method for coating a substrate and substrate with a coating 

80. 8,815,003 
Crosslinking systems for hydroxyl polymers 

79. 8,814,998 
Method of preparation and application for flame retarding composition 

78. 8,814,997 
Electroless plating pretreatment agent, electroless plating method using same, and electroless plated object 

77. 8,814,991 
Powder coating system with easily cleanable cyclone 

76. 8,814,986 
Method of protecting a solid adsorbent and a protected solid adsorbent 

75. 8,814,985 
Composite adsorbent bead, process for its production, gas separation process and gas adsorption bed 

74. 8,814,967 
Abrasive article and method of making 

73. 8,814,966 
Polycrystalline diamond compact formed by iniltrating a polycrystalline diamond body with an infiltrant having one or more carbide formers 

72. 8,814,965 
Cubic boron nitride sintered body and coated cubic boron nitride sintered body and preparation processes thereof 

71. 8,814,953 
System and method for spray dyeing fabrics 

70. 8,814,946 
Cushion bearing implants for load bearing applications 

69. 8,814,844 
Absorbent article 

68. 8,814,843 
Reusable diaper liner 

67. 8,814,820 
Ocular implant with therapeutic agent and methods thereof 

66. 8,814,733 
Baseball or softball bat with modified restitution characteristics 

65. 8,814,732 
Blade for a hockey stick 

64. 8,814,731 
Flexible racquet handle 

63. 8,814,730 
Cover for the shaft of athletic equipment 

62. 8,814,726 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

61. 8,814,723 
Rotational molded golf club heads 

60. 8,814,634 
Conveying apparatus and a blasting machine 

59. 8,814,630 
PVC beehive 

58. 8,814,559 
Clamping apparatus for injection molding machine 

57. 8,814,558 
Mould part, mould assembly and method of closing a mould assembly 

56. 8,814,557 
Die inserts for die casting 

55. 8,814,556 
Method and device for manufacturing sheet having fine shape transferred thereon 

54. 8,814,555 
Drywall tapering device 

53. 8,814,554 
Ice cream scoops and methods of manufacturing 

52. 8,814,553 
Modular clamp station 

51. 8,814,552 
Die clamping device for injection molding machine 

50. 8,814,551 
Positioning control ejection mechanism and turntable device using same 

49. 8,814,550 
Powder slush molding machine and powder slush molding method 

48. 8,814,549 
Powder press 

47. 8,814,548 
Mold assembly 

46. 8,814,547 
Seal retaining sleeve for gear pump 

45. 8,814,465 
Method and composition for road construction and surfacing 

44. 8,814,464 
Recycled reclaimed asphalt pavement 

43. 8,814,456 
Applicator for automatically dispensing self-adhesive products 

42. 8,814,407 
Hard-sided suitcase including lighting 

41. 8,814,352 
Method for producing an anti-UV plastic film with non-uniform spatial distribution of the UV absorber and photochromic optical elements covered with such a plastic film 

40. 8,814,351  
Impact-resistant ophthalmic lens and its manufacturing process 

39. 8,814,350 
Dynamic stabilization zones for contact lenses 

38. 8,814,349 
One-piece lens with surplus inner optical material 

37. 8,814,174 
Rubber gasket and seal structure using the same 

36. 8,814,173 
Seal and seal arrangement for confining leakage flows between adjacent components of turbo-machines and gas turbines 

35. 8,814,176 
Device for sealing intersecting joints 

34. 8,814,175 
Metal seal 

33. 8,814,174 
Rubber gasket and seal structure using the same 

32. 8,814,173 
Seal and seal arrangement for confining leakage flows between adjacent components of turbo-machines and gas turbines 

31. 8,814,172 
Cylinder head gasket 

30. 8,814,171 
Engine sealing assembly 

29. 8,814,170 
Annular seal member 

28. 8,814,169 
Brush seal front plate and assembly 

27. 8,814,100 
Continuous moldline technology (CMT) elastomeric control surface 

26. 8,813,952 
Container limiting drying of paint 

25. 8,813,951 
Apparatus and methods for transporting molds 

24. 8,813,845 
Polymeric additives for enhancement of treatment fluids comprising viscoelastic surfactants and methods of use

23. 8,813,843 
Hydrophobically modified polymer for thermally stabilizing fracturing fluids 

22. 8,813,842 
Particles comprising blocked isocyanate resin and method of modifying a wellbore using the same 

21. 8,813,830 
Use of branched alkane diol carboxylic acid diesters in polyurethane-based foundry binders 

20. 8,813,829 
Method for producing mold 

19. 8,813,828 
Casting delivery nozzle 

18. 8,813,825 
Permanent mold for continuous casting 

17. 8,813,823 
Annular clean metal casting mold 

16. 8,813,822 
Vacuum casting apparatus 

15. 8,813,820 
Gravity casting mold 

14. 8,813,819 
Die change apparatus and die carrying-in device for use in flaskless molding machine 

13. 8,813,815 
Vacuum die-casting system, and method for operating a vacuum die-cast system 

12. 8,813,660 
Pallet construction with multi surface bonding plasticized spray 

11. 8,813,659 
Pallet with rotatable legs 

10. 8,813,463 
Recyclable containers and manufacturing method for controlling the container value to maximize container recycling 

9. 8,813,462 
Device and method for producing plastic containers and plastic containers produced by said method 

8. 8,813,461 
Methods of producing a synthetic material part of which at least sections are lacquered, synthetic material part and base body for the production thereof 

7. 8,813,453 
Laminated shingle with wider nailing zone 

6. 8,813,443 
Building envelope assembly including moisture transportation feature 

5. 8,813,439 
Method and apparatus for making insulating translucent panel assemblies 

4. 8,813,332 
Polymeric materials 

3. 8,813,270 
Helmet with flush aligned shield when closed 

2. 8,813,269 
Sports helmet with quick-release faceguard connector and adjustable internal pad element 

1. 8,813,268 
Lighted headwear with recessed light source and lens 


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