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Week 32

Patents published 8/12/2014                   

8,800,062 through 8,806,661

7109  patents published.


263. 8,802,918 
Water-absorbent sheet composition 

262. 8,802,917 
Absorbent article and sanitary napkin 

261. 8,802,916 
Reduced-pressure, composite manifolds 

260. 8,802,915 
Hydrocarbon decomposition for soil and water remediation  

259. 8,802,896 
Polyether compound, curing agent using the polyether compound, and producing method of the polyether compound 

258. 8,802,882 
Composition and method for low temperature chemical vapor deposition of silicon-containing films including silicon carbonitride and silicon oxycarbonitride films 

257. 8,802,877 
Process for modifying vegetable oils and primary plasticizer for vinyl polymers 

256. 8,802,834 
Sucrose polyesters 

255. 8,802,814 
Fine powder of biosourced aliphatic polyester and production method thereof 

254. 8,802,813 
Polymer comprising cyclohexylene groups and its use in films with negative optical dispersion 

253. 8,802,812 
Photovoltaic polymer material, preparation method and use thereof 

252. 8,802,809 
Method of production of cast polyamides 

251. 8,802,808 
Casting compounds based on polyurethane 

250. 8,802,807 
Method for the manufacture of polybranched organic/inorganic hybrid polymers 

249. 8,802,806 
Two-component sealant comprising cross-linked polyalkylene oxide 

248. 8,802,805 
Process for preparing shelf-stable curable polysilazanes, and polysilazanes prepared thereby 

247. 8,802,804 
Hydroxy-terminated siloxane, polysiloxane-polycarbonate copolymer, and preparation method thereof 

246. 8,802,803 
Polyethylene for rotomoulding 

245. 8,802,802 
Polyethylene films having high resistance to deformation or elgonation 

244. 8,802,801 
Reconfigurable polymeric self-healing coating 

243. 8,802,800  
Production method for water-absorbent resin 

242. 8,802,799 
Neutralization process 

241. 8,802,798 
(Meth)acrylate derivative, polymer and photoresist composition having lactone structure, and method for forming pattern by using it 

240. 8,802,797 
Vinyl-terminated macromonomer oligomerization 

239. 8,802,796 
Air and water tolerant catalyst 

238. 8,802,795 
Process for the preparation of a polyolefin polymer with improved wax deposition 

237. 8,802,794 
Interlock and process 

236. 8,802,793 
Polymer electrolyte with aromatic sulfone crosslinking 

235. 8,802,792 
Partially hydrogenated bisphenol-A-based polymers as substitutes for bisphenol-A-based polymers 

234. 8,802,791 
High-performance resin for abrasive products 

233. 8,802,790 
Polyurea compositions and methods of use 

232. 8,802,789 
Polybenzimidazole-polyetherketoneketone blends and miscible blends 

231. 8,802,788 
Rubber composition for golf ball 

230. 8,802,787 
Bromination of low molecular weight aromatic polymer compositions 

229. 8,802,786 
Particulate superabsorbent polymer composition having improved performance properties 

228. 8,802,785 
Process for preparing AB diblock copolymers with a bimodally distributed A block 

227. 8,802,784 
Functionalized polymers and methods of making 

226. 8,802,783 
(Meth)acrylate derivative, polymer and photoresist composition having lactone structure, and method for forming pattern by using it 

225. 8,802,782 
Modified polyolefins with an exceptional profile of properties, process for preparation thereof and use thereof 

224. 8,802,781 
Polymer composition 

223. 8,802,780 
Crosslinkable blend for the production of a layered article 

222. 8,802,779 
Propylene-based polymer composition, use thereof, and method for producing thermoplastic polymer composition 

221. 8,802,778 
Golf ball material, golf ball and method for preparing golf ball material 

220. 8,802,777 
Thermally crosslinking polyacrylates and method for producing the same 

219. 8,802,776 
Epoxy resin composition, method for producing composite unit using the epoxy resin composition, and composite unit 

218. 8,802,775  
Silane-modified binder dispersions 

217. 8,802,774 
Block composites and impact modified compositions 

216. 8,802,773 
In vivo polynucleotide delivery conjugates having enzyme sensitive linkages 

215. 8,802,772 
Use of poly(biphenyl ether sulfone)s 

214. 8,802,771 
Two component polyurethane coating compositions comprising isocyanurate compositions from bis(isocyanatomethyl) cyclohexane and from aliphatic diisocyanates 

213. 8,802,770 
Hydrophobic thermoplastic polyurethane 

212. 8,802,768 
Polymer composition for use in blow moulding 

211. 8,802,767 
Redispersible polymer powder from polyolefin dispersions and the use thereof in construction applications 

210. 8,802,766 
Silane-containing polyamideimide intermediate transfer members 

209. 8,802,765 
Aqueous copolymer dispersion and coating composition 

208. 8,802,764 
Nucleating agent for nylon system 

207. 8,802,763 
Curable organopolysiloxane composition and semiconductor device 

206. 8,802,762 
Additive composition and polymer composition comprising the same 

205. 8,802,761 
.pi.-conjugated polymer composition 

204. 8,802,759 
Binders for coatings, having high water vapor permeability 

203. 8,802,758 
Polycarbonate resin composition and formed product thereof 

202. 8,802,757 
Viscosity regulating composition 

201. 8,802,756 
Low-charging fiber and method for producing the same 

200. 8,802,755 
Rubber compositions including metal phosphate esters 

199. 8,802,754 
Starch-plastic composite resins and profiles made by extrusion 

198. 8,802,752 
Process for preparing granules of pigments by means of double extrusion 

197. 8,802,751 
Impact-modified polycarbonate/polyester or polycarbonate/polyamide compositions 

196. 8,802,750 
Reduced density opaque coatings and aerospace vehicles at least partially coated therewith 

195. 8,802,749 
Lignite-based foundry resins 

194. 8,802,748 
Graft polymer mixture 

193. 8,802,747 
Nanoimprint lithography processes for forming nanoparticles 

192. 8,802,746 
Isocyanate-based foam having improved anti-yellowing properties and process for production thereof 

191. 8,802,745 
Porous resin bead and method for producing nucleic acid using the same 

190. 8,802,744 
Alkyl carbonate endcapped polyether siloxanes and preparation thereof 

189. 8,802,742 
Expandable functional TFE copolymer fine powder, expanded products and reacted products therefrom 

188. 8,802,738 
Polyesters with grafted zwitterions 

187. 8,802,616 
Polymers for laundry detergents 

186. 8,802,592 
Resin composition for protective layer transfer sheets 

185. 8,802,543 
Laser processing method 

184. 8,802,514 
Graphene and nanotube/nanowire transistor with a self-aligned gate structure on transparent substrates and method of making same 

183. 8,802,490 
Dielectric nanocomposites and methods of making the same 

182. 8,802,436 
Methods of manufacturing bioactive gels from extracellular matrix material 

181. 8,802,430 
Micro and nano glass balls embedded in a gel presenting micrometer and nanometer scale curvature and stiffness patterns for use in cell and tissue culturing and a method for making same  

180. 8,802,358 
Method of forming alignment film 

179. 8,802,357 
Method for using a topcoat composition 

178. 8,802,356 
Photosensitive film pattern and method for manufacturing a photosensitive film pattern 

177. 8,802,351 
Water-dispersible electrically conductive fluorine-containing polyaniline compositions for lithography 

176. 8,802,342 
Crystalline resins for toners 

175. 8,802,341 
Carbon based black toners prepared via limited coalescence process 

174. 8,802,339 
Crosslinkable urethane acrylate charge transport molecules for overcoat 

173. 8,802,330 
Method for manufacturing composite separator for fuel cell and composite separator manufactured by the same 

172. 8,802,329 
Electrode containing nanostructured thin catalytic layers and method of making 

171. 8,802,328 
Method of producing a shaped part 

170. 8,802,319 
Block copolymer electrolyte composite membranes and methods of producing the same 

169. 8,802,317 
Oxidation-stabilised polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cells 

168. 8,802,315 
Composition, composite prepared from the composition, electrode using the composition or the composite, composite membrane including the composite, and fuel cell including the composite membrane 

167. 8,802,314 
Reinforced electrolyte membrane for fuel cell, membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell comprising the same 

166. 8,802,246 
Light emitting polymer comprising phosphorescence unit and fluorescence unit and organic light emitting device comprising the light emitting polymer 

165. 8,802,245 
Polymer composition and polymer light emitting device 

164. 8,802,244 
Ceramic nanocomposite material and method of manufacturing thereof 

163. 8,802,238 
Optical compensation films based on fluoropolymers 

162. 8,802,237 
Entry sheet for drilling holes in printed circuit boards 

161. 8,802,236 
Durable transparent intelligent coatings for polymeric transparencies 

160. 8,802,235 
Drug and imaging agent delivery compositions and methods 

159. 8,802,234 
Composite nanoparticles and methods for making the same 

158. 8,802,236 
Durable transparent intelligent coatings for polymeric transparencies 

157. 8,802,235 
Drug and imaging agent delivery compositions and methods 

156. 8,802,234 
Composite nanoparticles and methods for making the same 

155. 8,802,233 
Meta-type wholly aromatic polyamide fiber excellent in high-temperature processability, and method for producing the same 

154. 8,802,229 
Lyocell fibers 

153. 8,802,228 
Blister top foil for blister packs 

152. 8,802,224 
Reinforcing material for the local reinforcement of a component formed with a composite material, and method 

151. 8,802,223 
Decorated sheet and molded article integrated with the same 

150. 8,802,220 
Housing for electronic devices and method for making housing 

149. 8,802,215 
Fire resistant roofing products 

148. 8,802,214 
Non-random array anisotropic conductive film (ACF) and manufacturing processes 

147. 8,802,213 
Tapered patch for predictable bonded rework of composite structures 

146. 8,802,212 
Welding of biodegradable polymer parts 

145. 8,802,211 
Method for manufacturing a sheet product for use in a dispenser and strip of sheet product 

144. 8,802,210 
Blow moulded articles of bimodal polyethylene 

143. 8,802,209 
Multi-layered plastic polymeric container for the storage of pharmaceutical compositions 

142. 8,802,208 
Breathable glove for use in packing and sorting high-purity silicon 

141. 8,802,207 
In-situ polymerized polymer-platinum group metal nanoparticle blends and oxygen scavenging containers made therefrom 

140. 8,802,205 
Corrugated water resistant box 

139. 8,802,204 
Packaging inserts with myoglobin blooming agents, packages and methods of packaging 

138. 8,802,197 
Method of producing an article comprising an interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) and an article comprising an IPN 

137. 8,802,150 
Hollow biodegradable nanospheres and nanoshells for delivery of therapeutic and/or imaging molecules 

136. 8,802,149 
Systems and processes for spray drying hydrophobic and hydrophilic components 

135. 8,802,148 
Microparticles and method for their production 

134. 8,802,147 
Controlled release of biologically active compounds 

133. 8,802,145 
Highly porous, fast-disintegrating solid dosage form and its way of manufacturing comprising the preparation of a powder and a freezedrying step 

132. 8,802,133 
Silicone scar treatment preparation 

131. 8,802,132 
Anti-microbial tissue paper and process to manufacture same 

130. 8,802,128 
Steroid-containing sustained release intraocular implants and related methods 

129. 8,802,126 
Polyester implantable medical device with controlled in vivo biodegradability 

128. 8,802,124 
Erodible vessel sealing device without chemical or biological degradation 

127. 8,802,123 
Endosseous implant 

126. 8,802,122 
Multi-phased, biodegradable and osteointegrative composite scaffold for biological fixation of musculoskeletal soft tissue of bone 

125. 8,802,121 
Silane-functionalized hydrophobic .alpha.(1.fwdarw.4)glucopyranose polymers and polymeric matrices for implantation or injection 

124. 8,802,116 
Poloxamer emulsion preparations 

123. 8,802,115 
Solid forms for tissue repair 

122. 8,802,081 
Biomatrix scaffolds 

121. 8,802,075 
Bi-functional co-polymer use for opthalmic and other topical and local applications 

120. 8,802,074 
Polymers functionalized with ion-specific recognition elements 

119. 8,802,073
Methods and compositions for wound healing 

118. 8,802,072 
Biocompatible adhesive materials and methods 

117. 8,802,045 
Mesoporous and nanoporous materials, and methods of synthesizing the same 

116. 8,802,023 
Autoclave door apparatus for an autoclave for treating medical waste 

115. 8,802,022
Cold plasma sterilization device 

114. 8,802,002 
Dimensionally stable bonded nonwoven fibrous webs 

113. 8,802,001 
Customized luggage bag and vacuum forming method thereof 

112. 8,802,000 
Microplates with ultra-thin walls by two-stage forming 

111. 8,801,999
Hydraulic stretching 

110. 8,801,998 
Method for producing a polyamide nanofiber product by electrospinning 

109. 8,801,997 
Fabrication method of flexible devices 

108. 8,801,996 
Air venting valve of vulcanising mould 

107. 8,801,995 
Tool for forming a three dimensional article or container 

106. 8,801,994 
Forming the end portions of fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite tubes 

105. 8,801,993 
Polyurethane header formed directly on implantable electrical devices 

104. 8,801,992 
Process for manufacturing a structural part made of an organic matrix composite and part obtained 

103. 8,801,991 
Heat-seal failure prevention method and article 

102. 8,801,990 
Method for building three-dimensional models in extrusion-based additive manufacturing systems using core-shell semi-crystalline consumable filaments 

101. 8,801,989 
Manufacturing method for rubber band 

100. 8,801,988 
Solution casting method for preventing skinning 

99. 8,801,987 
Method and apparatus for multi-stream metered extrusion 

98. 8,801,986 
Method of manufacturing molded object and molded object 

97. 8,801,985 
Process of making a carbon fiber precursor fiber bundle 

96. 8,801,984 
Microporous polyolefin multi layer film and preparing method thereof 

95. 8,801,983 
Spacer mold and methods therefor 

94. 8,801,982 
Method to start-up a process to make expandable vinyl aromatic polymers 

93. 8,801,981
Preventing carbon AO migration by limiting surface porosity 

92. 8,801,980 
Device and method for production of dental molded parts 

91. 8,801,979 
Apparatus and method for continuous production of materials 

90. 8,801,978 
Biaxial-optical polynorbornene-based film and method of manufacturing the same, integrated optical compensation polarizer having the film and method of manufacturing the polarizer, and liquid crystal display panel containing the film and/or polarizer 

89. 8,801,964 
Encapsulated polymer network liquid crystal material, device and applications 

88. 8,801,947 
Methods for forming microlenses 

87. 8,801,942 
Method for manufacturing a flexible intraocular retinal implant having doped diamond electrodes 

86. 8,801,935 
Hybrid TFC RO membranes with non-metallic additives 

85. 8,801,934 
Osmotically-assisted desalination method and system 

84. 8,801,933
Membrane distillation modules using oleophobically and antimicrobially treated microporous membranes 

83. 8,801,904 
Chain drag system for treatment of carbaneous waste feedstock and method for the use thereof 

82. 8,801,890  
Curable silicone compositions containing reactive non-siloxane-containing resins 

81. 8,801,885 
Method for making a structural part of a composite material having a calibrated thickness and structural part thus obtained 

80. 8,801,882 
Torsion sonotrode and ultrasonic welding process using a torsion sonotrode  

79. 8,801,881 
Production method of flat panel display 

78. 8,801,880 
Formation of a fabric seam by ultrasonic gap welding of a flat woven fabric 

77. 8,801,879 
Method for manufacturing multilayer film 

76. 8,801,866 
Composition and method for cleaning and removing oleaginous materials from composites 

75. 8,801,848 

74. 8,801,847 
Microcrystalline cellulose compositions 

73. 8,801,833 
De-powdering plant for a scrap shredding machine and relative method 

72. 8,801,817 
Surface-coated cutting tool and manufacturing method thereof 

71. 8,801,801 
At least partially resorbable reticulated elastomeric matrix elements and methods of making same 

70. 8,801,790 
Intervertebral disc augmentation and rehydration with superabsorbent polymers 

69. 8,801,789 
Two-component artificial disc replacements 

68. 8,801,788 
Expandable medical implant 

67. 8,801,781 
Intraocular lens for correcting corneal coma 

66. 8,801,648 
Ocular implant with anchor and methods thereof 

65. 8,801,596 
Sling with support and suspending members formed from same polymer 

64.  8,801,553 
Sports ball 

63. 8,801,545 
Colored golf ball 

62. 8,801,544 
Three-layer-core golf ball having highly-neutralized polymer outer core layer 

61. 8,801,526 
Foamed drive shaft damper 

60. 8,801,487 
Method for making emitter having carbon nanotubes 

59. 8,801,426 
Injection molding system having a dynamic mixer 

58. 8,801,425 
Mold for fabricating light guiding plate 

57. 8,801,424 
Device for expanding hollow bodies 

56. 8,801,423 
Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus 

55. 8,801,422 
Machine and method to produce structural elements for the building trade made of cement material, having one or more polymer material inserts 

54. 8,801,421 
Method for forming tablets and a roll press type apparatus thereof 

53. 8,801,420
Die plate 

52. 8,801,418 
Method and apparatus for making three-dimensional objects from multiple solidifiable materials 

51. 8,801,417 
Sheet forming die and sheet forming method 

50. 8,801,416 
Compression molding machine 

49. 8,801,415 
Contour crafting extrusion nozzles 

48. 8,801,414 
Systems for forming aggregate materials from heat fusable powdered materials 

47. 8,801,413 
Helical gear pump 

46. 8,801,412 
Screw compressor 

45. 8,801,411 
Internal-gear type fluid device 

44. 8,801,410 
Coupling shaft for gear pump 

43. 8,801,265 
Machine and method for homogenizing a bitumen-based mixture with polymer granules 

42. 8,801,200 
Reflective film structure for preformed structural element 

41. 8,801,185 
Ophthalmic inspection lens 

40. 8,801,176 
Contact lenses with improved movement 

39. 8,801,031 
Inflatable restraint deployment ramp 

38. 8,800,953 
Method for Producing Composite Laminates Using a Collapsible Mandrel 

37. 8,800,929 
Under-wing pylon made of composite material 

36. 8,800,911
Lightning strike protection 

35. 8,800,849 
Direct bonding of heat conducting foam and substrates 

34. 8,800,846 
Ultrasonic bonding 

33. 8,800,828 
Baseball glove mold method and system 

Biaxially drawn, blow-molded bottle and its preform 

31. 8,800,775 
Method for recovering metals from electronic waste containing plastics materials 

30. 8,800,768 
Clamshell packaging 

29. 8,800,713 
Plastic muffler with Helmholtz chamber 

28. 8,800,670 
Filler rings for swellable packers and method for using same 

27. 8,800,665 
Marine composite riser for structural health monitoring using piezoelectricity 

26. 8,800,664 
Non-rotating buoyancy modules for sub-sea conduits 

25. 8,800,659 
Equipment for quick dispersion of polyacrylamide powder for fracturing operations 

24. 8,800,631 
Laminate body, method, and apparatus for manufacturing ultrathin substrate using the laminate body 

23. 8,800,626 
System and method for making laminated sheets 

22. 8,800,621 
Rubber composition and tire 

21. 8,800,620 
Tire with rubber tread composed of a primary and at least one lateral tread portion containing a dispersion of short carbon fibers 

20. 8,800,615 
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using the same 

19. 8,800,614 
Golf club head covers with a strap and methods to manufacture golf club head covers 

18. 8,800,605 
Molded composite mandrel for a downhole zonal isolation tool 

17. 8,800,604 
Hose having a low permeation rate, in particular a hose for a high temperature coolant, and method for producing same 

16. 8,800,601 
Insertion and removal of inflatable pipeline flow stopper bags 

15. 8,800,574 
Fluffy floss kit 

14. 8,800,482 
Apparatus and method of dispensing conductive material with active Z-axis control 

13, 8,800,481 
Adhesive application apparatus and control method of the same 

12. 8,800,480 
Laser cladding device with an improved nozzle 

11. 8,800,478 
Film formation system and film formation method 

10. 8,800,471 
Adhesive tape with visual indicators and associated methods of use 

9. 8,800,470 
Dive door for rigid inflatable boats 

8. 8,800,467 
Float structure mainframe 

7. 8,800,466 
Inflatable watercraft with reinforced panels 

6. 8,800,149 
Process for repairing airplane panels 

5. 8,800,137 
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board 

4. 8,800,136 
Method for making an insulated microwire 

3. 8,800,067 
Eyewear with interchangeable lens mechanism 

2. 8,800,066 
Fog-resistant goggles 

1. 8,800,065 
Helmet and method of removing the same 


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