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Week 31

Patents published 8/5/2014                   

8,793,812 through 8,800,061

6750  patents published.


234. 8,796,673 
Semiconducting polymer 

233. 8,796,672 
Perylene-imide semiconductor polymers 

232. 8,796,557 
Adhesive film, connecting method, and joined structure 

231. 8,796,502 
Method of marking an absorbent article 

230. 8,796,501 
Method for treatment of hazardous paint residue 

229. 8,796,494 
Process for direct conversion of biomass to liquid fuels and chemicals 

228. 8,796,486 
Process for aftertreating polyolesters 

227. 8,796,484 
Polymerizable silicone copolyol macromers and polymers made therefrom 

226. 8,796,473 
Method for producing curing agent having acidic substituent and unsaturated maleimide group, thermosetting resin composition, prepreg, and laminate 

225. 8,796,413 
Polymer material and method for producing same 

224. 8,796,412 
Polymer electrolyte membrane 

223. 8,796,411 
Polyimide precursor composition, polyimide film, and transparent flexible film 

222. 8,796,410 
Polymer having silphenylene and siloxane structures, a method of preparing the same, an adhesive composition, an adhesive sheet, a protective material for a semiconductor device, and a semiconductor device 

221. 8,796,409 
Use of temperature and ethylene partial pressure to introduce long chain branching in high density polyethylene 

220. 8,796,408 
Plants and processes for forming polymers 

219. 8,796,407 
Polyvinyl chloride formulations 

218. 8,796,406 
Siloxane copolymer and solid polymer electrolyte comprising such siloxane copolymers 

217. 8,796,405 
Degradable polycations derived from amino acid vinyl esters 

216. 8,796,404 
Polymer for optical film, method of preparing same, and optical film including same 

215. 8,796,403 
Copolymers with polar and non-polar olefin blocks 

214. 8,796,402 
Process for start-up of a polymerisation reaction fluidised bed 

213. 8,796,401 
Polymerization of high viscosity materials 

212. 8,796,400 
Double loop technology 

211. 8,796,399 
Polyethersulfone compositions with high heat and good impact resistance 

210. 8,796,398 
Superfine pattern mask, method for production thereof, and method employing the same for forming superfine pattern 

209. 8,796,397 
Silicone resin, process for producing the same, and curable resin composition comprising the same 

208. 8,796,396 
Polylactic acid, resin composition, and resin molded product 

207. 8,796,395 
Polyesters containing particular phosphorus compounds blended with other polymers 

206. 8,796,394 
Antifouling hydrogels, coatings, and methods of synthesis and use thereof 

205. 8,796,393 
Production method of polyhydroxyimide and positive photosensitive resin composition containing polyhydroxyimide obtained by the production method 

204. 8,796,392 
Low temperature injection molding of polyarylene sulfide compositions 

203. 8,796,391 
Epoxy resin curing compositions and epoxy resin systems including same 

202. 8,796,390 
Grafted compounds formed from aziridinyl-containing compounds 

201. 8,796,389 
Method for reversible covalent crosslinking of adhesives 

200. 8,796,388 
Low molecular weight brominated polymers and their use in thermoplastic formulations 

199. 8,796,387 
Rubber composition 

198. 8,796,386 
Thiocarbonyl compound and process for producing polymer using same and that polymer 

197. 8,796,385 
Soft and flexible polyolefin compositions 

196. 8,796,384 
Crosslinkable fluorine rubber composition, fluorine rubber molded article, and method for producing the same 

195. 8,796,383 
Polypropylene and polylactic acid formulations for heat seal applications 

194. 8,796,382 
Two-component structure adhesive for the adhering of rare earth magnets 

193. 8,796,381 
Encapsulated cure systems 

192. 8,796,380 
Processes for recovery of derivatives of native lignin 

191. 8,796,379 
Polyether polycarbonate  

190. 8,796,378 
Elastomer composition and pneumatic tire using same 

189. 8,796,377 
Pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesives adhering to flexible substrates 

188. 8,796,376 
Functionalized polymers and oligomers 

187. 8,796,375 
Prepreg, metal-clad laminate, printed wiring board, and semiconductor device 

186. 8,796,373 
Non-crosslinked polyethylene composition for power cable 

185. 8,796,372 
Self-healing electrical insulation 

184. 8,796,371 
Resin composition and electrically insulating part obtained from the same 

183. 8,796,370 
Coating composition 

182. 8,796,369 
Aqueous base coating composition 

181. 8,796,368 
Water-and oil-repellent 

180. 8,796,367 
Thermoplastic polyester resin composition 

179. 8,796,366 
Easily dispersible solid pigment preparations 

178. 8,796,365 
Thermoplastic molding materials comprising organic black pigments 

177. 8,796,364 
Method for preparation of additive for coatings containing metallic nanoparticles 

176. 8,796,363 
Flame retardant resin composition and molded product 

175. 8,796,362 
Cellulose based polymer material 

174. 8,796,361 
Adhesive compositions containing graphenic carbon particles 

173. 8,796,360 
Epoxy-rubber composition for cured materials 

172. 8,796,359 
Polymer product and interfacial polymerisation process using raft agent 

171. 8,796,356 
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters, methods of manufacture, and articles thereof 

170. 8,796,355 
Thermoplastic composition containing a mold release agent which is based on an ester of di- or polyglycerols and at least one carboxylic acid 

169. 8,796,354 
Dental adhesive composition 

168. 8,796,353 
Biomedical devices containing internal wetting agents 

167. 8,796,352 
Ultraviolet ray-curable resin composition used in inkjet printing and optical element obtained using same 

166. 8,796,351 
Pressure sensitive adhesives made from renewable resources and related methods 

165. 8,796,350 
Cationic UV-crosslinkable acrylic polymers for pressure sensitive adhesives 

164. 8,796,349 
Photosensitive resin composition for microlenses 

163. 8,796,348 
UV curable coating composition 

162. 8,796,347 
Oxidation-resistant and wear-resistant polyethylenes for human joint replacements and methods for making them 

161. 8,796,346 
Method of making a cyanate ester foam 

160. 8,796,345
Method of forming a polyurethane material with a metallized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane compound 

159. 8,796,344 
Pre-expanded particles, process for producing the same, and expanded molded article 

158. 8,796,343 
Use of water-absorbent, predominantly open-celled crosslinked acid-functional addition polymer foams in hygiene articles 

157. 8,796,196 
Polysaccharide products with improved performance and clarity in surfactant-based aqueous formulations and process for preparation 

156. 8,796,174 
Fluid-absorbent articles 

155. 8,796,162 
Thermally protective flame retardant fabric 

154. 8,796,075 
Methods for vacuum assisted underfilling 

153. 8,796,071 
Thermal dissipation substrate 

152. 8,796,033 
Method of determining minute amounts of additives in polymers 

151. 8,796,000 
Polyethersiloxane-coated enzyme preparations 

150. 8,795,993 
Process for treating biomass to derivatize polysaccharides contained therein to increase their accessibility to hydrolysis and subsequent fermentation 

149. 8,795,946 
Polymerizable ester compound, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process 

148. 8,795,923 
Reinforced electrolyte membrane for fuel cell, fuel cell membrane-electrode assembly, and solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell comprising the fuel cell membrane-electrode assembly 

147. 8,795,849 
Polymers containing thermally dissociable and soluble groups and the use of such polymers as organic electroluminescent materials 

146. 8,795,844 
Adhesive composition, bonding method, laminate and tire 

145. 8,795,843 
Acrylic film for punching, surface light-source device and process for manufacturing optical member 

144. 8,795,842 
Fiber-containing pasty construction materials 

143. 8,795,841 
Graft polymerization method and product obtained thereby 

142. 8,795,838 
Composite material for optical use and method for obtaining same 

141. 8,795,837 
Adhesives with thermal conductivity enhanced by mixed silver fillers 

140. 8,795,834 
Synthetic turf having cooling layer 

139. 8,795,833 
Polyoxymethylene laser sintering powder, process for its production, and moldings produced from this laser sintering powder 

138. 8,795,829 
UV-reflecting compositions 

137. 8,795,828 
Encapsulated preformed shapes 

136. 8,795,827 
Multilayer surface covering with barrier layer 

135. 8,795,826 
Microporous polyolefin composite film with a thermally stable porous layer at high temperature 

134. 8,795,824 
Light diffusing resin composition and light diffusing plate using the same 

133. 8,795,821 
Interlayer for laminated glass and laminated glass 

112. 8,795,820 
Composite material 

111. 8,795,817 
Phosphor film, method of manufacturing the same, coating method of phosphor layer, method of manufacturing LED package, and LED package manufactured thereby 

110. 8,795,816 
Cross directional zoned bicomponent films, film laminates, and systems and methods for manufacture of the same 

109. 8,795,815 
Laminated structure 

108. 8,795,814 
Panel with footfall and ambient sound deadening, covering composed of panels, sound reducing coating, process for its production and apparatus for this purpose 

107. 8,795,813 
Ribbed backed panels 

106. 8,795,811 
Recycled crosslinked vinyl-alcohol polymer coated films and methods to manufacture the same 

105. 8,795,810
Laminate of thermoplastic film materials exhibiting throughgoing porosity 

104. 8,795,809 
Tear resistant film 

103. 8,795,808
Multi-directional reinforcing drywall tape 

102. 8,795,807 
Assembly including a compression-molded composite component having a sandwich structure and a unitarily connected second component 

101. 8,795,806 
Half closed thermoplastic honeycomb, their production process and equipment to produce 

100. 8,795,805 
Optical disc recording medium and method of manufacturing optical disc 

99. 8,795,804 
Joint structure for fiber reinforced resin and metal, and joining method for fiber reinforced resin and metal 

98. 8,795,803 
Multi-layer high moisture barrier polylactic acid film 

97. 8,795,802 
Foam duct 

96. 8,795,801 
Conformable braid 

95. 8,795,800 
Water resistant medical bandaging product 

94. 8,795,799 
Polyimide resins for high temperature applications 

93. 8,795,781 
Methods and devices utilizing soluble conjugated polymers 

92. 8,795,772 
Method of forming nano-pads of catalytic metal for growth of single walled carbon nanotubes 

91. 8,795,727 
Fragmented hydrogels 

90. 8,795,718 
Functional nano-layered hemostatic material/device 

89. 8,795,648 
Poly(beta malic acid) with pendant Leu-Leu-Leu tripeptide for effective cytoplasmic drug delivery 

88. 8,795,622 
Process for preparing crosslinked polymer-carbon sorbent 

87. 8,795,608 
Controlled pressure release vessel for microwave assisted chemistry 

86. 8,795,575 
Method for producing plastic containers and/or plastic preforms 

85. 8,795,574 
Vacuum forming regulator bag 

84. 8,795,573 
Polyurethane/polyisoprene blend catheter 

83. 8,795,570 
Golf ball cover composition 

82. 8,795,567 
Method for fabricating highly contoured composite stiffeners with reduced wrinkling 

81. 8,795,566 
Method for producing a multilayered preform and a preform 

80. 8,795,565 
Biaxially oriented microporous membrane 

79. 8,795,564 
Male surface fastener member for use in a cushion body mold and manufacturing method thereof 

78. 8,795,563 
Roll press comprising two mobile rolls 

77. 8,795,562 
Method and device for granulating polymer melts containing blowing agent 

76. 8,795,561 
Process of forming a nanofiber non-woven containing particles 

75. 8,795,560 
Low thermal distortion silicone composite molds 

74. 8,795,558 
Methods for formation of an ophthalmic lens precursor and lens 

73. 8,795,557 
Flame resistant polyphthalamide/poly(arylene ether) composition 

72. 8,795,552 
Liquid-crystalline medium 

71. 8,795,551 
Water-absorbing material 

70. 8,795,539 
Block copolymer and method of forming patterns by using the same 

69. 8,795,490 
Redox polymers 

68. 8,795,475 
System and method for recycling of carbon-containing materials 

67. 8,795,474 
Pulp moulded plate and preparation apparatus thereof 

66. 8,795,473 
Tube bank apparatus for distributing stock 

65. 8,795,472 
Process for generating a hydrocarbon feedstock from lignin 

64. 8,795,471 
Composite intermediate, method for forming same, and use of the composite intermediate 

63. 8,795,470 
System and method for producing bonded fiber/cellulose products 

62. 8,795,465 
Method of making a sandwich-type composite panel having a living hinge and panel obtained by performing the method 

61. 8,795,464 
Reversible welding process for polymers 

60. 8,795,463 
Joint system, joint method, program and computer storage medium 

59. 8,795,461 
Method for stretching carbon nanotube film 

58. 8,795,459 
Method for producing a trim element having a decorative area with a particular appearance 

57. 8,795,458 
Method of forming single face corrugated board 

56. 8,795,457 
Fabrication process for thermoplastic composite parts 

55. 8,795,456 
Fabric adhesion improvement for EPDM based low cost timing belt 

54. 8,795,455 
Bonded patches with bond line control 

53. 8,795,453 
Device and method for processing a packing material using ultrasound 

52. 8,795,452 
System and method for joint integrity detection 

51. 8,795,434 
Method and apparatus for mass production of graphene and carbon tubes by deposition of carbon atoms, on flat surfaces and inside walls of tubes, generated from dissociation of a carbon-containing gas stimulated by a tunable high power pulsed laser 

50. 8,795,428 
Aerated inorganic polymer compositions and methods of making same 

49. 8,795,426 
Reflective asphalt composition 

48. 8,795,418 
Adsorptive member and apparatus using the same 

47. 8,795,417 
Composite oxygen transport membrane 

46. 8,795,410 
Monolith adsorbent and method and apparatus for adsorbing samples with the same 

45. 8,795,406 
Cross-linked polyols for controlled release fertilizers 

44. 8,795,405 
Beneficial use of carbon 

43. 8,795,368 
Expandable implant system and methods of use 

42. 8,795,332 
Barbed sutures 

41. 8,795,331 
Medical devices incorporating functional adhesives 

40. 8,795,289 
Foam introduction system including modified port geometry 

39. 8,795,107 
Symmetrical wood composite bat 

38. 8,795,106 
Sports safety padding 

37. 8,795,103 
Low lift golf ball 

36. 8,794,958 
Ejection mechanism 

35. 8,794,957 
Method and apparatus for contouring composite pre-preg articles 

34. 8,794,956 
Mold system for forming multilevel blocks 

33. 8,794,955 
Apparatus for transferring objects 

32. 8,794,954 
Apparatus for transferring objects 

31. 8,794,953 
Blow-molding device provided with means for attaching, by suction, a half-mold to a back wall of a corresponding recess of a mold carrier 

30. 8,794,952 
Apparatus for molding electronic components 

29. 8,794,951 
Mold for resin molding, method for manufacturing mold for resin molding, and resin molded product 

28. 8,794,950 
Device for converting materials using induction heating and deformable compacting means 

27. 8,794,949 
High pressure relief assembly and assembly locking device for use with extruders 

26. 8,794,948 
Apparatus for the continuous production of a twin wall pipe with an integral socket 

25. 8,794,947 
Translating forming dies 

24. 8,794,946 
Compression molding machine 

23. 8,794,896 
Vacuum processing apparatus and zonal airflow generating unit 

22. 8,794,872 
Method for constructing membrane lined structures for holding large fluid volumes

21. 8,794,869 
Rotary mixer and method for controlling material gradation thereof 

20. 8,794,868 
Optical guidance system for a laying engine for producing a concrete or asphalt top layer 

19. 8,794,867 
Asphalt milling machine control and method 

18. 8,794,819 
Extruder with feed-back means 

17. 8,794,818 
Method of decreasing acetaldehyde level in a molded article  

16. 8,794,462 
Container and method for blowmolding a base in a partial vacuum pressure reduction setup 

15. 8,794,451 
Hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane with excellent fouling resistance 

14. 8,794,325 
Method of preparing polymer-water emulsion and further settling a sticky polymer material in downhole environment 

13. 8,794,292 
Double-faced adhesive tape joining apparatus 

12. 8,794,291 
Adhesive tape stamp and method for stamping an adhesive tape section onto an object 

11. 8,794,269 
Multi-layer film permeable to UV radiation 

10. 8,794,117 
Apparatus for cutting elastomeric materials 

9. 8,794,116 
Perforating apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus 

8. 8,794,115 
Single transfer insert placement method and apparatus 

7. 8,793,937 
Weather strip for motor vehicle

6. 8,793,863 
Method and apparatus for forming retainers on a suture 

5. 8,793,862 
Water-tight membrane 

4. 8,793,859 
Method for manufacturing a flexible piping device for an exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle 

3. 8,793,858 
Alignment layer, liquid crystal display device, and method of fabricating the same 

2. 8,793,850 
Method for producing a tube with a bent progression as a transverse progression 

1. 8,793,847 
Double-layer nylon zipper 


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