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Week 30

Patents published 7/29/2014                   

8,789,212 through 8,793,811

4999 patents published.


262. 8,791,387 
Laser cutting method, display apparatus manufacturing method, and display apparatus 

261. 8,791,386 
Method for cutting materials using a laser beam 

260. 8,791,322 
Absorbent sheets 

259. 8,791,321 
Disposable absorbent lift device 

258. 8,791,320 
Absorbent structures comprising coated super-absorbent polymer particles 

257. 8,791,319 
Laminate absorbent core for use in absorbent articles 

256. 8,791,318 
Comfortable diaper 

255. 8,791,317 
Absorbent article and method of manufacturing absorbent article 

254. 8,791,316 
Wound packing 

253. 8,791,315 
Systems and methods for using negative pressure wound therapy to manage open abdominal wounds 

252. 8,791,290 
Acetal compound, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process 

251. 8,791,289 
Preparation method of copolymerizable photoinitiators 

250. 8,791,288 
Acid-labile ester monomer having spirocyclic structure, polymer, resist composition, and patterning process 

249. 8,791,230 
Method for producing particulate water absorbent resin 

248. 8,791,229 
Phosphorus-containing compounds and their preparation process and use 

247. 8,791,228 
Method for bulk polymerization of lactide 

246. 8,791,227 
Crosslinked aromatic polyimides and methods of making the same 

245. 8,791,226 
Preparation of low molecular weight polyornithine in high yield 

244. 8,791,225 
Titanium-nitride catalyzed polyester 

243. 8,791,224 
Castable hydrophobic polyurea compositions for use in golf balls 

242. 8,791,223 
Curable compositions and methods of catalyzing chemical reactions 

241. 8,791,222 
Polymeric dye for optical power limiting 

240. 8,791,221 
Addition-curable metallosiloxane compound 

239. 8,791,220 
Porous inorganic/organic homogenous copolymeric hybrid materials for chromatographic separation and process for the preparation thereof 

238. 8,791,219 
Rapidly crosslinkable adhesives for biomedical applications 

237. 8,791,218 
Water/oil repellent composition, method for production thereof, and article 

236. 8,791,217 
Catalyst systems for production of alpha olefin oligomers and polymers 

235. 8,791,216 
Activated inorganic metal oxides 

234. 8,791,215 
System and reactor for improved polymer homogeneity 

233. 8,791,214 
Active ester resin, method for producing the same, thermosetting resin composition, cured product of the thermosetting resin composition, semiconductor encapsulating material, pre-preg, circuit board, and build-up film 

232. 8,791,213 
Curable silicone resin composition 

231. 8,791,212 
Fluorinated block copolyesters 

230. 8,791,211 
High refractive polymers, optical elements, and photoelectric device employing the same 

229. 8,791,210 
Polyacrylic water-absorbent resin powder and method for producing the same 

228. 8,791,209 
Modified natural rubber particle, production method thereof, and modified natural rubber latex 

227. 8,791,208 
Sheet for solar cell encapsulant and solar cell module 

226. 8,791,207 
Adhesive composition 

225. 8,791,206 
Polypropylene composition and molded article of the same 

224. 8,791,205 
Polyethylene compositions, methods of making the same, and articles prepared therefrom 

223. 8,791,204 
Polymer dispersions of narrow particle size distribution 

222. 8,791,203 
Sizing compositions and sized products for thermoplastic composites 

221. 8,791,201 
Dibenzylamine hydrophobe 

220. 8,791,200 
TCD based hydrophilic polyurethane dispersions 

219. 8,791,199 
Associative monomer with an oxo alcohol base, an acrylic polymer containing this monomer, use of the said polymer as a thickening agent in an aqueous formulation, formulation obtained 

218. 8,791,198 
Curable aqueous composition 

217. 8,791,197 
Rubber composition for winter tire, and winter tire 

216. 8,791,196 
Adhesive composition for labels 

215. 8,791,195 
Compositions useful for non-cellulose fiber sizing, coating or binding compositions, and composites incorporating same 

214. 8,791,194 
Structurally enhanced plastics with filler reinforcements 

213. 8,791,193 
Non-black rubber membranes 

212. 8,791,192 
Resin composition, molded article, and production methods thereof 

211. 8,791,191 
Zinc oxide particles which have been modified with phosphonocarboxylic acid and use of zinc oxide particles 

210. 8,791,190 
Stabilized aqueous compositions comprising cationic polymers that deliver paint and primer properties in a coating 

209. 8,791,189 
Moldable polyester compositions, processes of manufacture, and articles thereof 

208. 8,791,188 
Process for the production of polystyrene in an ionic liquid and novel polymers thereof 

207. 8,791,187 
Aluminum/alkyline or alkali/titanium containing polyesters having improved reheat, color and clarity 

206. 8,791,186 
Indication of improperly molded parts 

205. 8,791,185 
2-ethylhexyl methyl terephthalate as plasticizer in adhesives and sealants  

204. 8,791,184 
Two-component polyurethane adhesives with thixotropic effect 

203. 8,791,183 
Method for defoaming a vinyl chloride resin slurry 

202. 8,791,182 
Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the sealing film 

201. 8,791,181 
Reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition, and article comprising same 

200. 8,791,180 
Process for production of a heat-stabilized acrylate polymer 

199. 8,791,179 
Laser-transparent polyesters 

198. 8,791,178 
Fiber for fiber cement and resulting product 

197. 8,791,177 
Elastomer composite with silica-containing filler and methods to produce same 

196. 8,791,175 
Liquid coagulant and tire puncture sealing material set 

195. 8,791,173 
Ink composition for forming insulating film and insulating film formed from the ink composition 

194. 8,791,172 
Three-component bone cement 

193. 8,791,171 
Biodegradable coatings for implantable medical devices 

192. 8,791,170 
Photocurable organopolysiloxane composition 

191. 8,791,169 
Fluorene-based resin polymer and photo-sensitive resin composition comprising the same 

190. 8,791,168 
Viscoelastic foams having high air flow 

189. 8,791,156 
Polyacetylene compound, an extract containing the same and application thereof 

188. 8,791,053 
Spatially encoded polymer matrix 

187. 8,791,043 
Ordered mesoporous carbon composite catalyst, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell using the same 

186. 8,791,042
Process for the preparation of an unsupported, solid metallocene catalyst system and its use in polymerization of olefins 

185. 8,790,997 
Laser machining method and chip

184. 8,790,934 

183. 8,790,930 
Intelligent pigments and plastics 

182. 8,790,926 
Tissue engineering supports and methods therefor 

181.  8,790,914 
Use of cellulosic materials for cultivation of microorganisms 

180. 8,790,861 
Cycloaliphatic monomer, polymer comprising the same, and photoresist composition comprising the polymer 

179. 8,790,860 
Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, and resist film, pattern forming method, method for preparing electronic device, and electronic device, each using the same 

178. 8,790,852 
Colored composition for light-shielding film, light-shielding pattern, method for forming the same, solid-state image sensing device, and method for producing the same 

177. 8,790,789 
Erosion and corrosion resistant coatings, methods and articles 

176. 8,790,788 
Self-adhesive composite reinforcement, in particular for tires, and associated manufacturing method 

175. 8,790,787 
Coating process 

174. 8,790,786 
Simultaneously drawn opaque film made of PLA 

173. 8,790,785 
Method of forming a porous insulation film 

172. 8,790,784 
Intermediate film for laminated glass and laminated glass 

171. 8,790,783 
Barrier layers comprising Ni and/or Ti, coated articles including barrier layers, and methods of making the same 

170. 8,790,781 
Two-component polyurethane compositions that are especially suitable for use as structural adhesives 

169. 8,790,780 
Composite coating systems for air handling systems 

168. 8,790,779 
Adhesive film or adhesive tape based on epoxides 

167. 8,790,778 
Roofing granules with high solar reflectance, roofing materials with high solar reflectance, and the process of making the same 

166. 8,790,777 
Composite articles having fibers with longitudinally-varying geometry 

165. 8,790,776 
Energy absorbing system for vehicles 

164. 8,790,774 
Fluoroelastomer nanocomposites comprising CNT inorganic nano-fillers 

163. 8,790,773 
Tailorable dielectric material with complex permittivity characteristics 

162. 8,790,772 
Impregnating method for the production of wound coupling coatings 

161. 8,790,771 
Encapsulants for window assemblies 

160. 8,790,770 
Cross-woven spunlace compacted towel with recoverable texture 

159. 8,790,769 
Transparent, laser-inscribable polyurethane 

155. 8,790,768 
Coating compositions and related products and methods 

154. 8,790,767 
Release sheet and formed article obtained by using such release sheet 

153. 8,790,766 
Polymer film 

152. 8,790,765 
Pad structure for absorbing vibration and dispersing pressure 

151. 8,790,764 
Surface covering for melting ice and snow 

150. 8,790,763 
Thermoplastic polyurethane with reduced tendency to bloom 

149. 8,790,762 
Unsaturated polyester resin 

148. 8,790,761 
Pipes comprising .beta.-nucleated propylene copolymers 

147. 8,790,760 
Container made from plastics materials with a polymeric organofluorine interior coating for active-compound formulations for crop protection or protection of materials 

146. 8,790,759 
Label for wet applications 

145. 8,790,758 
Uni-directional fiber composite structure 

144. 8,790,757 
Articles including anticondensation coatings and/or methods of making the same 

143. 8,790,756 
Thermal-transfer laminate film, thermal-transfer sheet, and image forming apparatus 

142. 8,790,755 
Adhering method using electrostatic powder adhesive, and powder adhesive to be used in adhering method 

141. 8,790,754 
Method of preparing metal nitride and/or metal oxynitride particulate material as nanoparticles, microparticles, nanotubes, bulk powder, and/or coatings from organometallic precursors, and precursors therefor 

140. 8,790,753 
Rubber material with barrier material made of cycloolefin copolymers 

139. 8,790,752 
Coating materials with high solids content and good levelling, multicoat paint systems produced therefrom and use thereof 

138. 8,790,750 
Thin film deposition apparatus 

137. 8,790,748 
Polymer modified bitumen cap sheets and methods 

136. 8,790,747 
Method and apparatus for producing insulated wire 

135. 8,790,746 
Method for manufacturing a polymer molecular film for photo-electronic device 

134. 8,790,717 
Natural crystalline colorant and process for production 

133. 8,790,717 
Natural crystalline colorant and process for production 

132. 8,790,709 
Polymer Carrier 

131. 8,790,708 
Coated tablet formulations and uses thereof 

130. 8,790,707 
Surface-treated calcium phosphate particles suitable for oral care and dental compositions 

129. 8,790,700 
Modified release formulations containing drug-ion exchange resin complexes 

128. 8,790,699 
Foam-formed collagen strand 

127. 8,790,685 
Bioadhesive gel based on hydroxyethylcellulose 

126. 8,790,684 
Vascular closure device 

Cell tissue gel containing collagen and hyaluronan 

125. 8,790,698 
Use of a regenerative biofunctional collagen biomatrix for treating visceral parietal defects 

124. 8,790,697 
Controlled release delivery system for bio-active agents 

123. 8,790,693 
Aqueous polymer dispersion based on N,N-diethylaminoethyl methacrylate,preparation and use 

122. 8,790,692 
Break resistant gel capsule 

121. 8,790,691 
Modified drugs for use in liposomal nanoparticles 

120. 8,790,685 
Bioadhesive gel based on hydroxyethylcellulose 

119. 8,790,684 
Vascular closure device 

118. 8,790,683 
Cell tissue gel containing collagen and hyaluronan 

117. 8,790,685 
Bioadhesive gel based on hydroxyethylcellulose 

116. 8,790,684 
Vascular closure device 

115. 8,790,665 
Serum protein-based detection of random sequence polymer compositions 

114. 8,790,632 
Polymer-based tissue-adhesive form medical use 

113. 8,790,631 
Use of biocompatible polymers for the preparation of a composition or a medical device 

112. 8,790,629 
High viscosity heat-treated xanthan gum 

111. 8,790,622 
Cosmetic formulation containing a non water-soluble amphiphilic copolymer as thickening agent 

110. 8,790,621 
Nanoparticles and nanoparticle compositi

109. 8,790,615 
Methods of synthesizing carbon-magnetite nanocomposites from renewable resource materials and application of same 

108. 8,790,610 
Method of forming composite materials including conjugated materials attached to carbon nanotubes or graphenes 

107. 8,790,568 
Method for producing a plastic bottle, and preform and blowing mold suited therefor 

106. 8,790,567 
Electret sheet 

105. 8,790,566 
Manufacturing method of composite material member and prepreg sheet laminate 

104. 8,790,565 
Composite structure 

103. 8,790,564 
Fabrication method of composite components and thus obtained components 

102. 8,790,563 
Method of producing molded article of fiber-reinforced composite material and the molded article 

101. 8,790,562 
Method of making a molding utilizing a dynamic seal in a molding apparatus 

100. 8,790,561 
Methods for manufacturing an embosser drum for use in pre-formatting optical tape media 

99. 8,790,560 
Process for making molds 

98. 8,790,559 
Method for preparing microporous polyolefin film with improved productivity and easy control of physical properties 

97. 8,790,558 
Method for manufacturing film for film capacitor 

96. 8,790,557 
Method and installation for producing a wood-fiber board 

95. 8,790,556 
Process of making tri-arc filaments 

94. 8,790,555 
Tool changing device 

93. 8,790,554 
Method for preparing meta-Aramid fibers 

92. 8,790,552 
Conductive wet coating composition and thin-film prepared therefrom 

91. 8,790,548 
Carbonaceous materials 

90. 8,790,547 
Anisotropic conductive adhesive 

89. 8,790,545 
Composition for liquid crystal film, liquid crystal film using composition, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal film 

88. 8,790,544 
Liquid-crystalline coating solution and polarizing film 

87. 8,790,543 
Scavenging oxygen 

86. 8,790,542 
Compositions and methods useful for ionic liquid treatment of biomass 

85. 8,790,541 
Method for preparing fluorinated nanodiamond liquid dispersion 

84. 8,790,540 
Phase change material pack 

83. 8,790,538 
Composition for ferroelectric thin film formation, method for forming ferroelectric thin film, and ferroelectric thin film formed by the method thereof 

82. 8,790,537 
Process for the preparation of solid polymer electrolytes using ionic liquids 

81. 8,790,530 
Planar cell ONO cut using in-situ polymer deposition and etch 

80. 8,790,510 
Mercury removal with amine sorbents 

79. 8,790,503 
Method for forming anodized layer 

78. 8,790,498 
Method and device for ion beam processing of surfaces 

77. 8,790,491 
Use of a styrene latex 100 nm in size as a rheological agent in a paper coating, the paper coating, and the method for obtaining it 

76. 8,790,490 
Plasma processing apparatus and method 

75. 8,790,489 
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method 

74. 8,790,488 
Biocompatible surgical compositions 

73. 8,790,487 
Method of fabricating a part out of reinforced composite material, and a method of repairing such a part 

72. 8,790,486 
Welding techniques for polymer or polymer composite components 

71. 8,790,485 
Single vacuum debulk composite panel repair 

70. 8,790,484 
Method for producing a multilayer system and corresponding multilayer system 

69. 8,790,482 
Exterior film for home appliance and adhesion method thereof 

68. 8,790,481 
Manufacturing process 

67. 8,790,480 
System and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device 

66. 8,790,479 
Manufacturing method of functional film 

65. 8,790,476 
Mold-free resin-insulated coil windings 

64. 8,790,475 
Method for forming loop member of hook-and-loop fastener, apparatus for performing the method, and article manufactured by the method 

63. 8,790,463 
Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method 

62. 8,790,459 
Colored reflective features and inks and processes for making them 

61. 8,790,457 
Bio-based corrosion inhibitors 

60. 8,790,456 
Polyhydroxy-diamines as multi-functional additives for paints, coatings and epoxies 

59. 8,790,449 
Electret webs with charge-enhancing additives 

58. 8,790,426 
Quaternized terpolymer 

57. 8,790,424 
Copolymer and use thereof for improving the cold flow properties of middle distillate fuels 

56. 8,790,421 
Non-woven fabric and method for fabricating the same, gas fuel generation device and method for generating gas fuel 

55. 8,790,232 
Machine for making absorbent items 

54. 8,790,231 
Device and method for the production of tubes or sections of tubes 

53. 8,790,230 
Method of manufacturing a stand-up bag 

52. 8,790,229 
Method and machine for the continuous manufacture of packages made from flexible material and resulting package 

51. 8,790,197 
Golf ball 

50. 8,790,164 
Method, system, and apparatus for modifying surfaces 

49. 8,790,163 
Multi-purpose machine for wall processing 

48. 8,790,135 
Insert molded connector 

47. 8,790,130 
Flexible printed circuit (PC) board, junction method thereof, and battery pack using the flexible PC board 

46. 8,790,113 
Mold with high exhaust efficiency 

45. 8,790,112 
Device and method for manufacturing plastic containers 

44. 8,790,111 
Device for blow-molding containers 

43. 8,790,110 
Completely disposable cooking apparatus for filling and decorating of foods 

42. 8,790,106 
Apparatus for processing scrap cross-linked thermoset elastomeric material 

41. 8,790,105 
Apparatus for manufacturing stamp printing blocks 

40. 8,790,104 
Apparatus and method of fabricating a compensating element for wavefront correction using spatially localized curing of resin mixtures 

39. 8,790,103 
Screw mounting structure of an injection molding machine 

38. 8,790,102 
Injection molding apparatus 

37. 8,790,101 
Thin plate for a lining of a mould intended for vulcanizing a tire tread 

36. 8,790,100 
Screw expander 

35. 8,790,036 
Geotechnical structures and processes for forming the same 

34. 8,790,032 
Applicators, dispensers and methods for dispensing and applying adhesive material 

33. 8,790,002 
Apparatus for mixing 

32. 8,789,832 
Split-ring gland pipe coupling with corrugated armor 

31. 8,789,831 
Compression limiter with molded insert for gaskets 

30. 8,789,822 
Gripping and releasing mechanism of blank pipes in a mould for expanding said blank pipes--prior to their molecular orientation 

29. 8,789,775 
Method for refining aqueous suspended cellulose fibers and refiner fillings for carrying out said method 

28. 8,789,774 
Method for producing water-absorbing polymer particles 

27. 8,789,773 
Recycling process for discarded roof shingles 

26. 8,789,665 
Carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composite for brake pad back plate 

25. 8,789,627 
Polycrystalline diamond cutter with improved abrasion and impact resistance and method of making the same 

24. 8,789,626 
Ultra hard/hard composite materials 

23. 8,789,571 
Prepreg manufacturing device 

22. 8,789,569 
Apparatus for manufacturing ultrathin substrate using a laminate body 

21. 8,789,568 
Tape detection system 

20. 8,789,567 
Pneumatic tire 

19. 8,789,562 
Flexible tube for transporting cryogenic fluid and structure for detecting leakage of fluid in tube 

18. 8,789,531 
Mouth and nose mask for preventing and treating allergic respiratory diseases 

17. 8,789,496 
Articulating chew toy 

16. 8,789,493 
Sealed elastomer bonded Si electrodes and the like for reduced particle contamination in dielectric etch 

15. 8,789,486 
Boats having inflatable planking 

14. 8,789,484 
Easily transportable personal watercraft 

13. 8,789,476 
Disposable food contact article with light reflective design 

12. 8,789,454 
Multi-ply heterogeneous armor with viscoelastic layers and cylindrical armor elements 

11. 8,789,452 
Methods of manufacturing woven vascular treatment devices 

10. 8,789,331 
System and method for covering a surface of a wall 

9. 8,789,329 
NP-EIFS non-permissive exterior insulation and finish systems concept technology and details 

8. 8,789,328 
Wall panel and building system 

7. 8,789,324 
Impact resistant window 

6. 8,789,323 
Method for attachment of an object to a thin-walled profile, such as a fibre glass reinforced profile made by pultrusion, and such a profile 

5. 8,789,311 
Manufactured seed having packing material 

4. 8,789,289 
Method and an apparatus for manufacturing a three-dimensional surface structure web 

3. 8,789,278 
Method of forming a composite link fitting 

2. 8,789,277 
Method for producing a static resistant synthetic inter-connectable structural mat 

1. 8,789,212 
Protective athletic headwear with open top 


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