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Week 28

Patents published 7/15/2014                   

8,776,262 through 8,782,811

6996 patents published.


Note: Each week a Topic will be picked and covered to show the potential for Contact Marketing. These pages will contain all Patent Titles dealing with the particular Topic and will not necessarily be listed in this list.  This list lists Patents more directly related to polymeric materials and plastics. Please contact me if to test a special topic is of interest for Contact Marketing ( ) (RDC 7/15/2014)

This list will concentrate on plastics technology and not the patents related to the Contact Marketing examples. 

321. 8,779,225 
Conversion of a solid biomass material 

320. 8,779,087 
Method for producing aliphatic polycarbonate 

319. 8,779,086 
Electrochromic material and a method for producing the same 

318. 8,779,085 
Modified polyimide and method for producing modified polyimide 

317. 8,779,084 
Process for producing polyether-polyester block copolymer 

316. 8,779,083 
Polylactide resin, method of preparing the same, and polylactide resin composition comprising the same 

315. 8,779,082 
Catalyst for producing polyester and method for producing polyester 

314. 8,779,081 
Process for formation of poly(arylene ethers) with lower fine particle content 

313. 8,779,079 
Silicone polyether copolymers and process for preparation thereof 

312. 8,779,078 
Method for condensing silyl units using a carbene catalyst 

311. 8,779,077 
All-conjugated triblock polyelectrolytes electron injection layer 

310. 8,779,076 
Thermoplastic acrylic resin and molded body for optical member 

309. 8,779,075 
Use of nonionic surfactants as emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization (III) 

308. 8,779,074 
Addition cure silicone emulsion composition and release film 

307. 8,779,073 
Engineering resin thermoplastic silicone vulcanizates 

306. 8,779,072 
Heat-curable silicone rubber composition 

305. 8,779,071 
Conductive polymer films grafted on organic substrates 

304. 8,779,070 
Alkyl ether compositions and methods of use 

303. 8,779,069 
Cathodic electrocoating compositions 

302. 8,779,067 
High vinyl terminated propylene based oligomers 

301. 8,779,066 
Process for brominating butadiene polymers using ester solvent mixtures 

300. 8,779,065 
Fluorine-containing curable resin, active energy beam-curable composition, and cured product thereof 

299. 8,779,064 
Polypropylene resin composition with good transparence and good impact strength 

298. 8,779,063 
Cross-linked polyolefin composition 

297. 8,779,062 
Propylene/1-hexene copolymer composition with broad sealing window 

296. 8,779,061 
Curable elastomeric compositions 

295. 8,779,060 
Elastomer thermoplastic mixtures and compositions having improved properties, method of making said compositions and applications thereof 

294. 8,779,059 
Optical semiconductor sealing resin composition and optical semiconductor device using same 

293. 8,779,058 
High melt flow propylene impact copolymer and method 

292. 8,779,056 
Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion 

291. 8,779,055 
Hydrophobically modified alkylene oxide urethane polymer 

290. 8,779,054 
Aqueous crosslinkable dispersions based on organosilicon compounds 

289. 8,779,053 
Coating compositions 

288. 8,779,052 
Effect pigment-containing, water-borne base coating compositions 

287. 8,779,051 
Thermoplastic composition, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom 

286. 8,779,050 
Impact modified polycarbonate compositions 

285. 8,779,049 
Outer casing and method for producing the same 

284. 8,779,048 
Method for producing ceramic or metal components by means of powder injection moulding, based on the use of inorganic fibres or nanofibres 

283. 8,779,047 
Coating composition 

282. 8,779,046 
Polymer composition with uniformly distributed nano-sized inorganic particles 

281. 8,779,045 
Thermoplastic polymer composition 

280. 8,779,044 
Heat-stabilized acrylate elastomer composition and process for its production 

279. 8,779,043 
Silicone resin composition, silicone resin sheet, optical semiconductor element device, and producing method of silicone resin sheet 

278. 8,779,042 
Flame-retardant polylactic acid based resin composition, molded article thereof and method for producing molded article 

277. 8,779,041 
Oligomeric phosphonates and compositions including the same 

276. 8,779,040 
High-heat polycarbonate blends that are halogen-free and flame retardant 

275. 8,779,039 
Flame retardant polyalkylene terphthalate/polycarbonate compositions 

274. 8,779,038 
Flame retardant radiation curable compositions 

273. 8,779,037 
Polycarbonate resin composition with excellent flame retardancy 

272. 8,779,036 
Catalysis of epoxy resin formulations 

271. 8,779,035 
Water based non-chromated primers for structural bonding applications 

270. 8,779,034 
Epoxy resin compositions 

269. 8,779,033 
Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate molding compositions 

268. 8,779,032 
Epoxy resin based core filler material developing low exothermic heat 

267. 8,779,031 
Thermoplastic elastomer mixtures 

266. 8,779,030 
Method for patterning metal using nanoparticle containing precursors 

265. 8,779,029 
Polymer product and interfacial polymerisation process using raft agent 

264. 8,779,027 
Aqueous pigment dispersion liquid and ink-jet recording ink 

263. 8,779,026 
Tire, the tread of which comprises a rubber composition a polyvinyl ester resin 

262. 8,779,025 
Method for increasing the wet coefficient of friction of a thermoplastic elastomer and composition therefor 

261. 8,779,024 
Acid-neutralizing resins and hardenable dental compositions thereof 

260. 8,779,023 
In situ formation of nanoparticles in resins 

259. 8,779,022 
Polymer components 

258. 8,779,019 
Expanded particle of noncrosslinked polyethylene-based resin and expansion molded article of noncrosslinked polyethylene-based resin 

257. 8,779,018 
Catalyst composition for production of rigid polyurethane foam and isocyanurate-modified rigid polyurethane foam and raw-material composition containing the same 

256. 8,779,017 
Foam and production method of the same 

255. 8,779,016 
Spray-in latex foam for sealing and insulating 

254. 8,779,015 
Method for recycling of phenolic antioxidant agent, process for production of olefin polymer, polyolefin powder, and fibers 

253. 8,779,012 
Biodegradable polyorganosiloxane demulsifier composition and method for making the same 

252. 8,779,009 
Fiber containing compositions and methods of making and using same 

251. 8,779,008 
Polymeric micelles for drug delivery 

250. 8,778,867 
Microcapsules and uses thereof 

249. 8,778,852 
Breaking viscoelastic surfactant gelled fluids using breaker nanoparticles 

248. 8,778,851 
Methods for treating fibers 

247. 8,778,818 
Anti-vandalism fabric suitable for upholstering seats 

246. 8,778,817 
Method of making a cover material including a skin care composition 

245. 8,778,716 
Integrated circuits based on aligned nanotubes 

244. 8,778,713 
Encapsulation sheet, method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the same, and organic light emitting display device 

243. 8,778,708 
Process for forming an electroactive layer 

242. 8,778,690 
Porous optical sensor with fiducial marker and method for detection of analytes 

241. 8,778,644 
Synthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids by recombinant cell 

240. 8,778,626 
Clickable cross-linker 

239. 8,778,613 
Affinity resin  

238. 8,778,601 
Methods of forming photolithographic patterns 

237. 8,778,600 
Method of manufacturing high resolution organic thin film pattern 

236. 8,778,597 
Long-chain alkylene-containing curable epoxy resin composition 

235. 8,778,596 
Photosensitive resin composition, pattern forming material comprising the photosensitive resin composition, and pattern forming method and article using the photosensitive resin composition 

234. 8,778,568 
Optical data storage media and methods for using the same 

233. 8,778,566 
Metal separator plate for fuel cell having coating film formed on surface and method for producing same 

232. 8,778,563 
Nanodevices for generating power from molecules and batteryless sensing 

231. 8,778,562 
Method of depositing durable thin gold coating on fuel cell bipolar plates 

230. 8,778,561 
Electrocatalytic polymer-based powder, method of production and use thereof 

229. 8,778,558 
Methods for making a thermoformed subgasket and products thereof 

228. 8,778,540 
Monolithic three-dimensional electrochemical energy storage system on aerogel or nanotube scaffold 

227. 8,778,525 
Multi-layer, microporous polyethylene membrane, battery separator formed thereby and battery 

226. 8,778,505 
Tissue product comprising bamboo 

225. 8,778,503 
Poly(amic acid amideimide) intermediate transfer members 

224. 8,778,501 
Fluorescent polymers for oxygen sensing 

223. 8,778,500 
Laminated polyester film 

222. 8,778,498 
Dense barrier-coating system and method 

221. 8,778,497 
Underlayment mat employed with a single-ply roofing system 

220. 8,778,495 
Phenol-formaldehyde novolac resin having low concentration of free phenol 

219. 8,778,494 
Pigment for laser marking 

218. 8,778,490 
Absorbent composite material comprising water-absorbent resin particles having specific surface strength, and method for manufacturing the same 

217. 8,778,489 
Optical layered product 

216. 8,778,488 
Formation of silicon carbide-silicon nitride nanoparticle carbon compositions 

215. 8,778,487 

214. 8,778,486 
Polycarbonate resin and transparent film formed therefrom 

213. 8,778,485 
Elastic multi-layer films and elastic article thereof 

212. 8,778,484 
Laminated polyester film and antireflection film 

211. 8,778,483 
Optical article and method for producing the same 

210. 8,778,482 
Coated substrate and method for producing the same 

209. 8,778,480 
Vehicle floor mats 

208. 8,778,479 
Pre-form and method of preparing a pre-form 

207. 8,778,478 
Assemblies comprising block co-polymer films and nanorods 

206. 8,778,473 
Multilayered resin tube-shaped body 

205. 8,778,472 
Refrigerant transporting hose and polyamide resin composition for forming gas barrier layer of the same 

204. 8,778,471 
Propylene resin composition and molded article 

203. 8,778,470 
Multi-layer bottle 

202. 8,778,465 
Ion-assisted direct growth of porous materials 

201. 8,778,457 
Hydrophobizing of fibrous materials with polyorganosiloxanes 

200. 8,778,452 
Method of manufacturing optical waveguide 

199. 8,778,427 
Packaging, unit comprising such a packaging and a food product, and sheet for the production of said packaging 

198. 8,778,415 
Antimicrobial and antiviral composition 

197. 8,778,407 
Micronized wood preservative formulations 

196. 8,778,401 
Mesoporous material excipients for poorly aqueous soluble ingredients 

195. 8,778,400 
Nanoparticle-stabilized capsule formulation for treatment of inflammation 

194. 8,778,376 
Copolymer comprising elastin pentapeptide block and hydrophilic block, and medical device and method of treating 

193. 8,778,368 
Use of acrylic comb copolymers as a colour developing agent in cosmetic compositions 

192. 8,778,326
Hydrogel tissue adhesive for medical use 

191. 8,778,325 
Water-soluble and biodegradable antimicrobial agent 

190. 8,778,324 
Ion binding polymers and uses thereof 

189. 8,778,323 
Cosmetic compositions containing block copolymers, tackifiers and modified silicones 

188. 8,778,322 
pH responsive biodegradable polylactic acid derivatives forming polymeric micelles and uses thereof for poorly water soluble drug delivery 

187. 8,778,321 
Modification of cellulosic substrates to control body odor 

186. 8,778,319 
Polysiloxanes having quaternary ammonium groups, method for producing same and use thereof in formulations for cleansing and care 

185. 8,778,314 
Co-polymers in hair styling applications 

184. 8,778,313 
Aqueous fluid photoprotective compositions comprising ester-terminated poly(ester amide) polymers 

183. 8,778,300 
Method of forming an injectable radioactive composition of a carbon encapsulated radioactive particulate

182. 8,778,296 
Dispersible carbon nanotube, carbon nanotube-polymer composite and method of manufacturing the carbon nanotube-polymer composite 

181. 8,778,295 
Combinatorial synthesis of diamond 

180. 8,778,254 
Method and apparatus for the production of fine fibres 

179. 8,778,253 
Process for producing fiber composite material 

178. 8,778,250 
Method of manufacturing a container assembly and a container assembly 

177. 8,778,249 
Porous, carbon-containing preform and process for producing the same 

176. 8,778,248 
Method of manufacturing an airway device 

175. 8,778,247 
Polyamide films for flexible printed circuit boards 

174. 8,778,246 
Method for preparing polyurethane urea-containing films 

173. 8,778,245 
Axially oriented confined crystallization multilayer films 

172. 8,778,243 
Composite hook and loop fasteners, methods of their manufacture, and products containing them 

171. 8,778,242 
Housing for fluid dynamic bearing device 

170. 8,778,241 
Method for converting a blow molding machine and blow molding machine 

169. 8,778,240 
Split fiber producing devices and methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers 

168. 8,778,238 
Fluid conduits with molded plastic part 

167. 8,778,237 
Mold for forming optical fiber connector 

166. 8,778,230 
Sulphur-modified monolithic porous carbon-based material, process for the preparation thereof and uses thereof in the storage and release of energy 

165. 8,778,227 
Organic/inorganic composite 

164. 8,778,224 
Fluorescent dye-siloxane hybrid resin 

163. 8,778,223 
Liquid crystals having cyclohexyl core structures and fluorinated tails 

162. 8,778,222 
Liquid crystalline polyester composition, method of producing the same and molded product manufactured from the same 

161. 8,778,221 
Aromatic amide compound 

160. 8,778,220 
Wholly aromatic liquid crystal polyester resin compound with improved heat resistance, and preparation method thereof 

159. 8,778,215 
Thermoelectric composite material 

158. 8,778,214 
Thermoelectrics compositions comprising nanoscale inclusions in a chalcogenide matrix 

157. 8,778,213 
Ferrocene-based fire extinguishing composition 

156. 8,778,201 
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern 

155. 8,778,197 
Graphene windows, methods for making same, and devices containing same 

154. 8,778,196 
Methods of manufacturing diamond capsules 

153. 8,778,195 
Method to fabricate a mould for lithography by nano-imprinting 

152. 8,778,194 
Component having a through-connection 

151. 8,778,186 
High-density polydicyclopentadiene 

150. 8,778,164 
Methods for producing a high temperature oxidation resistant coating on superalloy substrates and the coated superalloy substrates thereby produced 

149. 8,778,163 
Protection of magnesium alloys by aluminum plating from ionic liquids 

148. 8,778,162 
Stamper and method of manufacturing the same 

147. 8,778,142 
Suction roll for dewatering a fibrous web 

146. 8,778,141 
Hand-held apparatus for controlling the condition of a circulating band in a papermaking machine 

145. 8,778,140 
Preflocculation of fillers used in papermaking 

144. 8,778,139 
Papers with a high filler material content and high dry strength 

143. 8,778,138 
Absorbent cellulosic sheet having a variable local basis weight 

142. 8,778,137 
Bulky paper with concavo-convex pattern and process for producing thereof 

141. 8,778,136 
Modified cellulose from chemical kraft fiber and methods of making and using the same 

140. 8,778,135 
Circular utilization method in pulping and papermaking processes with straw 

139. 8,778,134 
Process for producing microfibrillated cellulose 

138. 8,778,133 
Method and apparatus for peeling protective tape 

138. 137. 8,778,132 
Support fixture for acid etching of PCD inserts 

136. 8,778,126 
Base material for artificial leather and grained artificial leather 

135. 8,778,125 
Fabricating thermoset plates exhibiting uniform thickness 

134. 8,778,123 
Carbon fiber tubular pole and method of manufacture 

133. 8,778,121 
Method for laser-assisted bonding, substrates bonded in this manner and use thereof 

132. 8,778,120 
Transmission laser welding method for connecting shaped plastic bodies 

131. 8,778,119 
Underbody convective blanket and method for manufacturing thereof 

130. 8,778,118 
Manufacturing method of laser processed parts, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for laser processing used for the same 

129. 8,778,117 
Method for producing an integral, reinforced fibre composite component as well as a hollow fibre composite component 

128. 8,778,116
Method for producing carbon nanotube-containing conductor 

100. 8,778,114 
Apparatus and methods to manufacture shaped counter top edges for custom counter tops 

99. 8,778,113
Method for continuously forming lamination optical function element sheet and lamination optical function element sheet forming apparatus 

98. 8,778,112 
Method for bonding thin film piece 

97. 8,778,110 
Method of manufacturing a composite textile 

96. 8,778,109 
Low emissivity and EMI shielding films 

95. 8,778,108 
Laminating apparatus and laminating method therefor, and printing apparatus 

94. 8,778,107 
Method for producing reversible thermosensitive recording medium, production apparatus for the same, and reversible thermosensitive recording medium 

93. 8,778,106 
Method for preparing pre-form materials 

92. 8,778,105 
Carbon nanotubes containing confined copper azide 

91. 8,778,104 
Insensitive gun propellant, ammunition round assembly, armament system, and related methods 

90. 8,778,084 
Method and apparatus for treating a cellulosic feedstock 

89. 8,778,080 
Apparatus for double-plasma graft polymerization at atmospheric pressure 

88. 8,778,077 
Solvent for heat-shrinkable polyester-based labels 

87. 8,778,058 
Multilayer sulfur-resistant composite metal membranes and methods of making and repairing the same 

86. 8,778,057 
Gas-adsorption device structure and method for using same 

85. 8,778,056 
Zeolite membrane and process for producing zeolite membrane 

84. 8,778,055 
High pressure liquid degassing membrane contactors and methods of manufacturing and use 

83. 8,778,040 
Superabrasive elements, methods of manufacturing, and drill bits including same 

82. 8,778,039 
Composite material for further processing into sheet-like abrasive products and process for the production thereof 

81. 8,778,014 
Coatings for preventing balloon damage to polymer coated stents 

80. 8,777,917 
Absorbent article having an anchored core assembly 

79. 8,777,916 
Tampon applicator assembly 

78. 8,777,915 
Reusable diapers having seam allowances 

77. 8,777,914 
Absorbent member 

76. 8,777,913 
Absorbent articles and method for manufacturing the same 

75. 8,777,826 
Plastic bag making apparatus 

74. 8,777,787 
Sport ball 

73. 8,777,780 
Golf ball 

72. 8,777,779 
Golf ball 

71. 8,777,763 
Artificial surface suitable for making horse tracks 

70. 8,777,761 
Composite tubeshaft to metallic interface 

69. 8,777,607 
Mold including a locking device 

68. 8,777,606 
Injection stretch blow molding device and molded part heating device 

67. 8,777,605 
Deckle technology 

66. 8,777,604 
Apparatus for manufacturing plastic containers with variable station deactivation 

65. 8,777,603 
Double tread mold 

64. 8,777,602 
Method and apparatus for layerwise production of a 3D object 

63. 8,777,601
Manufacturing device of high modulus graphite fiber 

62. 8,777,599 
Multilayer apparatuses and methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers 

61. 8,777,523 
Geotextile tube with flat ends 

60. 8,777,415 
Multifocal contact lenses and related methods and uses to improve vision of prebyopic subjects 

59. 8,777,229 
Liftoff carbon seal 

58. 8,777,206 
Bucket holder/mixer system 

57. 8,777,161 
Lightweight blast mitigating composite panel 

56. 8,777,158 
Joint sealing system 

55. 8,777,144 
Installation for preparing wood fibers for a cultivation substrate 

54. 8,777,143 
Anti-spin system for the head of a cone crusher 

53. 8,777,142 
Device for mechanical separation of material conglomerates from materials of different density and/or consistency 

52. 8,777,141 
Roller mill 

51. 8,777,137 
Grinder unit and method for controlling it 

50. 8,777,136 
Chopper for commingled fibers 

49. 8,777,134 
Suspension comprising benzimidazole carbamate and a polysorbate 

48. 8,776,854 
Pneumatic tire with improved crown durability 

47. 8,776,853 
Lightweight tire comprising a crown layer radially on the inside of the carcass structure 

46. 8,776,852 
Pneumatic tire and vulcanization mold for the same 

45. 8,776,851 
Film to keep tire surface clean and simultaneously prime for better adhesion of balance pad 

44. 8,776,850 
Tire valve fixing element 

43. 8,776,849 
Retreaded tire 

42. 8,776,848 
Tire for vehicle, comprising a tread, comprising plurality of compounds and a carcass reinforcement formed of at least two layers 

41. 8,776,847 
Mechanisms for ejecting objects from a tire tread 

40. 8,776,837 
Coated pipes for conveying oil 

39. 8,776,698 
Composite air cargo pallet 

38. 8,776,697 
Pallet with tine support elements 

37. 8,776,696 
Low floor vehicle 

36. 8,776,695 
Support sleeve for a track riser 

35. 8,776,662 
Multi-functional body armor 

34. 8,776,603 
Method and system for non-destructive testing 

33. . 8,776,558
System for ultrasonically detecting defects in a pipe wall 

32. 8,776,554 
Method of processing leather material 

31. 8,776,490 
Natural polymeric yarn and its fabrication method as well as application 

30. 8,776,486 
Apparatus for wrapping a stack of objects with a film 

29. 8,776,476 
Composite building and panel systems 

28. 8,776,474 
Anchoring method for external bonding and reinforcing technique with prestressed fiber cloth 

27. 8,776,472 
Insulated panel arrangement for welded structure 

26. 8,776,471 
Laminated roofing shingle with contrast zones providing variegated appearance 

25. 8,776,470 
Wall repair apparatus, system, and method 

24. 8,776,469 
Adjustable hanger assembly for use with metal bar joists and beams 

23. 8,776,468 
Insulation roof or floor panels with deformation resistant elements for composite insulated concrete roof or floor system and such system 

22. 8,776,467 
Climate positive building envelope for housing 

21. 8,776,461 
Plastic window frame trim for corrugated building walls and installation method 

20. 8,776,460 
Plastic window frame trim for corrugated building walls and installation method 

19. 8,776,459 
Adaptable basement window frame system 

18. 8,776,458 
Skylight to integrated in a covering structure made of insulated sheets and production method thereof 

17. 8,776,452 
Universal quick corner for raised floor system 

16. 8,776,451 
Extendible structure 

15. 8,776,450 
Building roof structure 

14. 8,776,449 
Shelter building 

13. 8,776,448 
Composite cantilevered balcony 

12. 8,776,392 
Resin drying method and apparatus 

11. 8,776,348 
Method for the production of an exterior door handle 

10. 8,776,346 
Production and application of biodegradable sediment control device 

9. 8,776,343 
Method for making a composite metal part having inner reinforcements in the form of fibers, blank for implementing same and metal part thus obtained 

8. 8,776,323 
Cargo strap 

7. 8,776,322 
Tie wrap for bundling objects 

6. 8,776,321 
Ergonomic, shock-absorbing hand grip 

5. 8,776,320 
Handle assembly for a domestic appliance 

4. 8,776,273 
Safety hat system 

3. 8,776,272 
Helmet cover 

2. 8,776,270 
Windproof waterproof breathable seamed articles 

1. 8,776,262 
Ballistic vest carrier cover system 


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