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Week 27

Patents published 7/8/2014                   

8,769,712 through 8,776,261

6976 patents published.


Note: Each week a Topic will be picked and covered to show the potential for Contact Marketing. These pages will contain all Patent Titles dealing with the particular Topic and will not necessarily be listed in this list.  This list will concentrate on Patents more directly related to polymeric materials and plastics. Please contact me is any topic is of interest for Contact Marketing ( ) (RDC 7/8/2014)

This list will concentrate on plastics technology and not necessarily all patents related to any of the Contact Marketing examples. 

If any visitor would like specific topics covered, please let me know..  ( (RDC 6/25/2014)

The sample pages will be as complete as possible for the given week and specific topic even if they are not polymer related.  Only the polymer related patents dealing with plastics will be included in the weekly Patent List.  

333. 8,772,671 
Precision laser ablation 

332. 8,772,670 
Dual gas laser cutting of medical devices 

331. 8,772,639 
Maintenance of electric cables by self-repairing 

330. 8,772,570 
Liquid-absorbent structure for wearing article 

329. 8,772,569 
Edge fold having substantially uniform gathers for absorbent article and method for making 

328. 8,772,567 
Use of a polyurethane foam as a wound dressing in negative pressure therapy 

327. 8,772,559 
Biochar generator and associated methods 

326. 8,772,456 
Fibrous protein fusion and use thereof in the formation of advanced organic/inorganic composite materials 

325. 8,772,444 
Method for producing petroleum resin 

324. 8,772,443 
Water soluble near infrared sensing polymers with low band gaps 

323. 8,772,442 
Conjugated polymers and their use in optoelectronic devices 

322. 8,772,441 
Polyurethanes polymerizable composition and method for producing optical resin of the same 

321. 8,772,440 
Process for manufacturing lactic acid 

320. 8,772,439 
Production of solutions of diacid/diamine salts 

319. 8,772,438 
Preparation of polyamides 

318. 8,772,437 
Biodegradable nitric oxide generating polymers and related biomedical devices 

317. 8,772,436 
Process for making thermoplastic polyesters 

316. 8,772,435 

315. 8,772,434 
Block polyisocyanate and urethane composition containing the same 

314. 8,772,433 
Polyactic acid-based polyol composition, process for production thereof, urethane resin composition, process for production of same, and molded products thereof 

313. 8,772,432 
Aqueous silane systems based on tris(alkoxysilylalkyl)amines and the use thereof 

312. 8,772,431 
Silanol condensation catalyst, heat-curable silicone resin composition for sealing photosemiconductors and sealed photosemiconductor using same 

311. 8,772,430 
Silicone resin, sealing material, and optical semiconductor device 

310. 8,772,429 

309. 8,772,428 
RTV-organopolysiloxane compositions and novel organopolysiloxane polycondensation catalysts therefor 

308. 8,772,427 
Continuous counter-current organosolv processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks 

307. 8,772,426

306. 8,772,425 
High refractive index pressure-sensitive adhesives 

305. 8,772,424 
Curable phosphorus-containing flame retardant epoxy resin 

304. 8,772,423 
Emulsions based on hydroxyl compounds bearing silyl groups 

303. 8,772,422 
Polymer composites of silicone ionomers 

302. 8,772,421 
Polymers with improved strength comprising mixed oxyalkyl units 

301. 8,772,420  z
Fluorinated polyester blend 

300. 8,772,419 
Polyester films with low thermal expansion and methods for manufacturing the same 

299. 8,772,418 

298. 8,772,417 
Polyimide membranes and their preparation 

297. 8,772,415 
Hydrogenated block copolymers and crosslinking compositions containing the same 

296. 8,772,414 
Polymeric compositions and foams, methods of making the same, and articles prepared from the same 

295. 8,772,413 
Polyacrylic acid (salt)-type water absorbent resin and method for producing of same 

294. 8,772,412 
Meta-stable state nitrogen-containing polymer 

295. 8,772,411 
Preparation of polyolefin-based adhesives 

294. 8,772,410 
Polyolefin foams for footwear foam applications 

293. 8,772,409 
Compositions for sports equipment 

292. 8,772,408 
Binders containing nanoparticles 

291. 8,772,407 
One component polysiloxane coating compositions and related coated substrates 

290. 8,772,406 
Synthetic wood composite 

289. 8,772,405 
Polymer polyol, method for producing the same, and method for producing polyurethane resin 

288. 8,772,401 
Flame-retardant scratch-resistant thermoplastic resin composition with improved compatibility 

287. 8,772,400 
Polyvinyl alcohol-based film for optical use, polarizing film, and polarizing plate 

286. 8,772,399 
Flexible protective and lustrous spray gel dressing composition 

285. 8,772,398 
Linerless prepregs, composite articles therefrom, and related methods 

284. 8,772,397 
Heat stabilized moulding composition 

283. 8,772,396 
Poly(arylene ether)--polyolefin composition and its use in wire and cable insulation and sheathing 

282. 8,772,395 
High damping rubber preparation raw material for car vibration reduction product 

281. 8,772,394 
Heat stabilized moulding composition 

280. 8,772,393 
Plastic formulation and method for the production of plastic bottles in a two-stage stretch blow-molding process 

279. 8,772,392 
Melt-molded article containing an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer resin composition of low carboxylic acid content 

278. 8,772,391 
Co-curable, conductive surfacing films for lightning strike and electromagnetic interference shielding of thermoset composite materials 

277. 8,772,389 
Color changing caulk 

276. 8,772,388 
Intermediate resin blend for improved coatings 

275. 8,772,387 
Dispersion adhesives, a process for preparing them and use thereof 

274. 8,772,385 
Polycarbonate resin composition and formed product thereof 

273. 8,772,383 
Material for alignment layer of liquid crystal display 

272. 8,772,382 
Heavy metal-free stabilizer composition for halogenated polymers 

271. 8,772,381 
Use of waxes in a cross-linked bitumen/polymer composition for improving its resistance to chemical attack and cross-linked bitumen/ polymer composition comprising said waxes 

270. 8,772,380 
Performance graded sulfur modified asphalt compositions for super pave compliant pavements 

269. 8,772,379 
Multifunctional biocomposite additive compositions and methods 

268. 8,772,378 
Thermoplastic starch compositions 

267. 8,772,377 
Dispersant comprising copolymer mixture 

266. 8,772,376 
Near-infrared absorbing film compositions 

265. 8,772,375 
Composition of polyacrylate, epoxy and polyamine 

264. 8,772,374 
Preparation of silica reinforced rubber composition and tire with component thereof 

263. 8,772,372 
Method of making a pigment dispersion 

262. 8,772,371 
Pearlescent pigments coated with a metal oxide/hydroxide layer and an acrylic copolymer 

261. 8,772,370 
Antifreeze agent for tire sealants 

260. 8,772,369 
Single batch latex ink compositions and methods 

259. 8,772,368 
Bioabsorbable blend for temporary scaffolding of the blood vessel wall 

258. 8,772,367 
Siloxane monomers containing hydrolysis resistance carbosiloxane linkage, process for their preparation and thin films containing the same for contact lens application 

257. 8,772,366 
Phenolic foam 

256. 4334 8,772,365 
Resin composition for foams and uses thereof 

255. 8,772,364 
Blowing agent compositions of hydrofluoroolefins and hydrochlorofluoroolefins 

254. 8,772,362 
Expanded polystyrene made using D-limonene as a plasticizer 

253. 8,772,359 
Surfactant thickened systems comprising microfibrous cellulose and methods of making same 

252. 8,772,358 
Lecithin and plasticizer compositions and methods 

251. 8,772,357 
Decontamination, stripping and/or degreasing foam containing solid particles 

250. 8,772,258 
Single walled carbon nanotube/sirna complexes and methods related thereto 

249. 8,772,181 
Method for producing graphene, graphene produced on substrate, and graphene on substrate 

248. 8,772,176 
Method for forming an adhesive layer and adhesive composition 

247. 8,772,211 
Polymer blends useful as viscosity modifiers 

246. 8,772,210 
High viscosity index PAO with polyurea thickeners in grease compositions 

245. 8,772,205 
Water-soluble degradable synthetic vinyl polymers and related methods 

244. 8,772,181 
Method for producing graphene, graphene produced on substrate, and graphene on substrate 

243. 8,772,176 
Method for forming an adhesive layer and adhesive composition 

242. 8,772,145 
Carbon nanotube dispersion liquid and method of manufacturing thin layer and display panel using the same 

241. 8,772,141 
Doping carbon nanotubes and graphene for improving electronic mobility 

240. 8,771,995 
Enzymatic synthesis of sulfated polysaccharides 

239. 8,771,923 
Radiation-sensitive composition 

238. 8,771,922 
Copolymer for resist comprising novel acryl based monomer and resin composition for resist comprising the same 

237. 8,771,921 
Negative resist composition, method of forming resist pattern and polymeric compound 

236. 8,771,917 
Monomers, polymers, photoresist compositions and methods of forming photolithographic patterns 

235. 8,771,916 
Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition and pattern forming method using the same 

234. 8,771,913 
Cardanol derivatives in polyester toner resins 

233. 8,771,907 
Positive photosensitive resin composition and method of forming cured film from the same 

232. 8,771,900 
Super-hydrophobic composite bipolar plate including a porous surface layer 

231. 8,771,899 
Fuel cell components and systems having carbon-containing electrically-conductive hollow fibers 

230. 8,771,897 
Electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including blend of polymers with different degrees of sulfonation, and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell including the same 

229. 8,771,880 
Binder for separator of non-aqueous electrolyte battery comprising 2-cyanoethyl group-containing polymer and separator and battery using the same 

228. 8,771,839 
Composite material 

227. 8,771,836 
Resin composition and method for production thereof, and rolling bearing and sliding bearing 

226. 8,771,835 
Substantially biodegradable and compostable high-barrier packaging material and methods for production 

225. 8,771,833 
Laminated polyester film 

224. 8,771,832 
Lignin/polyacrylonitrile-containing dopes, fibers, and methods of making same 

223. 8,771,831 
Multi-functional yarns and fabrics having anti-microbial, anti-static and anti-odor characterisitics 

222. 8,771,829
Flame retardant thermoplastic polymer composition, method of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom 

221. 8,771,828 
Sealing film and a semiconductor device using the same 

220. 8,771,827 
Film for construction and film combination 

219. 8,771,823 
Thermoplastic part, tool and method for the manufacturing thereof 

218. 8,771,821 
Honeycomb body with flexible connecting points, exhaust-gas treatment unit and motor vehicle 

217. 8,771,817 
Method for applying an elastomer on a sheath 

216. 8,771,816 
Controlling melt fracture in bimodal resin pipe 

215. 8,771,815 
Process for making triglyceride plasticizer 

214. 8,771,814 
Reusable placemat with strap 

213. 8,771,813 
Biodegradable tube with restrictor portion 

212. 8,771,810 
Polymerizable composition, polymer, and film 

211. 8,771,807 
Organoaminosilane precursors and methods for making and using same 

210. 8,771,805 
Polymer layer comprising silicone and at least one metal trace and a process of manufacturing the same 

209. 8,771,803 
Method of applying a microstructure, mould and article with a microstructure 

208. 8,771,788 
Conductive polymer film and polarizing plate using the same 

207. 8,771,747 
Microemulsions with adsorbed macromolecules and microparticles 

206. 8,771,742 
Porous cellulose aggregate and molding composition thereof 

205. 8,771,740 
Process for producing nanoparticles by spray drying 

204. 8,771,738 
Polysaccharide-based polymer tissue adhesive for medical use 

203. 8,771,734 
Sustained-release hydrogel preparation 

202. 8,771,726 
Nail patch 

201. 8,771,725 
Poly(urea-urethane) compositions useful as topical medicaments and methods of using the same 

200. 8,771,721 
Flexible bone composite 

199. 8,771,720 
Medical device comprising polyhydroxyalkanoate having pyrogen removed using oxidizing agent 

198. 8,771,719 
Synthesis of a bone-polymer composite material 

197. 8,771,717 
Interference pigments on the basis of perlite flakes 

196. 8,771,716 
Modified release analgesic suspensions 

195. 8,771,711 
Sprayable gel-type skin/mucosa-adhesive preparation and administration system using the preparation 

194. 8,771,662 
Multi-arm polymer prodrugs 

193. 8,771,661 
Metal ion modified high surface area materials for odor removal and control 

192. 8,771,657 
Personal care compositions with ethylene acrylic acid copolymer aqueous dispersions 

191. 8,771,654 
Artificial nail composition having excellent appearance 

190. 8,771,630 
Method for the preparation of graphene 

189. 8,771,629 
Nano-carbon material production apparatus and method 

188. 8,771,628 
Aqueous carbon nanotube applicator liquids and methods for producing applicator liquids thereof 

187. 8,771,627 
Process for producing carbon nanotubes from renewable raw materials 

186. 8,771,602 
Resin production apparatus and resin production method 

185. 8,771,596 
Method and apparatus for sterilizing infectious material 

184. 8,771,595 
Plasma powder sterilization apparatus and methods 

183. 8,771,584 
Apparatus for the heating of plastics material pre-forms with sterile room 

182. 8,771,583 
Polyester composition and method for preparing articles by extrusion blow molding 

181. 8,771,582 
Electrospinning process for making a textile suitable for use as a medical article 

180. 8,771,581 
Method of making annealed door skins and composite door assemblies, and related articles 

179. 8,771,580 
Method for making molded skins from multiple plastics 

178. 8,771,579 
Method and apparatus for fluting a web in the machine direction 

177. 8,771,578 
Acidified polyamidoamine adhesives, method of manufacture, and use for creping and ply bond applications 

176. 8,771,577 
Light emitting device with molded wavelength converting layer 

175. 8,771,576 
Processes for providing images on resin structures 

174. 8,771,575 
Methods and systems for forming reinforced composite articles having variable thickness corners 

173. 8,771,574 
Bonding of fibre-reinforced material with an injection-moulding material; component and apparatus for conduct of the process 

172. 8,771,573 
Method for producing a plastic housing comprising an incorporated guide and/or bearing for mechanical components 

171. 8,771,572 
Methods for manufacturing an embosser drum for use in pre-formatting optical tape media 

170. 8,771,571 
Method for preparing high water-absorption and anti-bacterial gamma polyglutamic acid fibers 

169. 8,771,570 
Method for producing quantum dots 

168. 8,771,569 
Polyethylene film and method for the manufacture thereof 

167. 8,771,568 
Offset mold twinning 

166. 8,771,567
Process for producing fibre preforms 

165. 8,771,566 
Method of fabricating insulating resin material 

164. 8,771,565 
Method for manufacturing a disc brake pad 

163. 8,771,564 
Shaped expandable material 

162. 8,771,563 
Manufacturing method of optical electronic components and optical electronic components manufactured using the same 

161. 8,771,562 
Optical waveguide production method 

160. 8,771,561 
Aminoguanidinephenylphosphinate flame retardant compositions 

159. 8,771,551 
Method of treating wood 

158. 8,771,545 
Absorbent and passivation layer for optical element comprising the same 

157. 8,771,543 
Conductive reinforcing material, negative electrode material and negative electrode 

156. 8,771,541 
Polymer composite piezoelectric body and manufacturing method for the same 

155. 8,771,538 
Plasma source design 

154. 8,771,537 
Plasma treatment device and plasma treatment method 

153. 8,771,536 
Dry-etch for silicon-and-carbon-containing films 

152. 8,771,533 
Edge protection seal for bonded substrates 

151. 8,771,530 
Method for producing polarizing element 

150. 8,771,527 
Method of manufacturing an extreme ultraviolet mask 

149. 8,771,526 
Composite concrete article and method of manufacture thereof 

148. 8,771,516 
Membranes having improved performance 

147. 8,771,494 
Synthesis of oil containing microcapsules and their use in functional composite coatings 

146. 8,771,492 
Device and method for electrochemical treatment 

145. 8,771,491 
Ultrafast sequencing of biological polymers using a labeled nanopore 

144. 8,771,483 
Combinatorial process system 

143. 8,771,480 
Processing biomass and petroleum containing materials 

142. 8,771,473 
Doctor blade for a fiber web machine and doctor arrangement in a fiber web machine 

141. 8,771,472 
Treatment, such as cutting, soaking and/or washing, of organic material 

140. 8,771,471 
Process for making absorbent component 

139. 8,771,470 
Method of preparing a treated article and treated article formed therefrom 

138. 8,771,469 
Reactive cationic resins for use as dry and wet strength agents in sulfite ion-containing papermaking systems 

137. 8,771,468 
Tissue comprising macroalgae 

136. 8,771,466 
Method for manufacturing an embossed sheet comprising a ply of water-soluble material 

135. 8,771,465 
Raw Paper 

134. 8,771,464 
Method for separating lignin from black liquor 

133. 8,771,463 
Cellulose fiber assembly and method for preparing the same, fibrillated cellulose fibers and method for preparing the same, and cellulose fiber composite 

132. 8,771,462 
Coated thermoplastic articles with removable coating 

131. 8,771,461 
Plasma processing apparatus 

130. 8,771,459 
Method of encapsulating an electronic arrangement 

129. 8,771,455 
Process for production of composite fine particles with heterogeneous surfaces 

128. 8,771,454 
Polarizing film, optical film laminate including polarizing film, and method for manufacturing the same 

127. 8,771,453 
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal panel 

126. 8,771,452 
Process for producing fiber-reinforced resin material 

125. 8,771,450 
Method for manufacturing a composite body and a composite body manufacturing arrangement 

124. 8,771,449 
Method for making disposable diaper 

123. 8,771,448 
Curvature reduction for switchable polymer lenticulars 

122. 8,771,447 
Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire 

121. 8,771,446 
Band detaching method in band building drum and band building drum 

120. 8,771,445 
Method for producing single-or multi-layered fiber preforms by the TFP process 

119. 8,771,444
Low emissivity and EMI shielding window films 

118. 8,771,443 
Method of fabricating a composite laminate enabling structural monitoring using electromagnetic radiation 

117. 8,771,442 
Cyclic olefin compositions for temporary wafer bonding 

116. 8,771,441 
High fracture toughness aluminum-copper-lithium sheet or light-gauge plates suitable for fuselage panels 

115. 8,771,434 
Artificial turf remover and infill separator, and method of use thereof 

114. 8,771,426
Process for recovering sugars from a pretreatment stream of lignocellulosic biomass 

113. 8,771,425 
Process for the treatment of lignocellulosic biomass 

112. 8,771,422 
Coating method and apparatus, a permanent magnet, and manufacturing method thereof 

111. 8,771,421
Entrance and exit roll seal configuration for a vapor deposition system 

110. 8,771,420 
Substrate processing apparatus 

109. 8,771,419 
Roll to roll evaporation tool for solar absorber precursor formation 

108. 8,771,414 
Foaming agent 

107. 8,771,413 
Asphalt-mineral compositions 

106. 8,771,411 
Modified pigments 

105. Methods of forming polycrystalline compacts 

104. 8,771,390 
High porosity vitrified superabrasive products and method of preparation 

103. 8,771,389 
Methods of making and attaching TSP material for forming cutting elements, cutting elements having such TSP material and bits incorporating such cutting elements 

102. 8,771,388 
Method to produce methane rich fuel gas from carbonaceous feedstocks using a steam hydrogasification reactor and a water gas shift reactor 

101. 8,771,387 
Systems and methods for solar-thermal gasification of biomass 

100. 8,771,374 
Method for the production of leather, copolymers that are suitable therefor, and further uses thereof 

99. 8,771,369 
Surface modification of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene 

98. 8,771,368 
Interspinous bone implant device 

97. 8,771,367 
Self centering, anti-seizing acetabular liner 

96. 8,771,348 
Multifocal intraocular lens 

95. 8,771,347 
Accommodating intraocular lens 

94. 8,771,346 
Valve prosthetic fixation techniques using sandwiching 

93. 8,771,345 
Valve prosthesis fixation techniques using sandwiching 

92. 8,771,344 
Transcatheter heart valve delivery system with reduced area moment of inertia 

91. 8,771,343 
Medical devices with selective titanium oxide coatings 

90. 8,771,342 
Methods for deploying stents in bifurcations 

89. 8,771,250 
Inverse standing gathers for an absorbent article 

88. 8,771,249 
Absorbent incontinence article with improved closure system 

87. 8,771,248 

86. 8,771,247 
Absorbent article with side gathers 

85. 8,771,243 
Wound treatment system

84. 8,771,110 

83. 8,771,105 
Golf tee with low energy absorption 

82. 8,771,104 
Golf ball 

81. 8,771,103 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

80. 8,771,089 
Elastic joint body having a collar bushing arrangement to protect loops 

79. 8,771,088 
Damper device 

78. 8,770,967 
Device for blow-molding containers 

77. 8,770,966 
Mould assembly with hinge mechanism and method for closing a mould assembly 

76. 8,770,965 
Device and method for transferring micro structure 

75. 8,770,964 
Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method 

74. 8,770,961 
Molding device provided with a controlled means for clampingly attaching a half-mold by means of slidable attachment bolts 

73. 8,770,960 
Moving head dough press 

72. 8,770,959 
Device for producing electrospun fibers 

71. 8,770,958 
Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus in which a substrate and a mold are aligned in an in-plane direction 

70. 8,770,957 
Blow moulding machine, method of exchanging blow moulding station components and beverage filling plant and/or beverage container production plant 

69. 8,770,956 
System for producing high internal phase emulsion foam 

68. 8,770,894 
Helical strakes with molded in stand-offs 

67. 8,770,888 
Watering mat for the large-area distribution of water 

66. 8,770,887 
Vibratory compacting roller machine and operator control therefor 

65. 8,770,884 
Elastomeric joint 

64. 8,770,863 
Multi-fiber fiber-optic connector with switchable polarity key 

63. 8,770,862 
Hardened fiber optic connector 

62. 8,770,827 
Method for coating micromechanical parts with high tribological performances for application in mechanical systems 

61. 8,770,826 
Gearbox with breather system 

60. 8,770,825 
Kneading apparatus with rotary shafts having stirring members 

59. 8,770,824 
Extruder and process for preparing a mixture of polymer and diluent 

58. 8,770,803 
Reflective cover molding method and reflective cover manufactured thereof 

Procedure for designing a progressive ophthalmic lens and corresponding lens 

56. 8,770,747 
Colored contact lens 

55. 8,770,746 
Methods materials and systems for producing a contact lens and contact lenses produced using said methods materials and systems 

54. 8,770,745 
Lens having an optically controlled peripheral portion and a method for designing and manufacturing the lens 

53. 8,770,744 
Laminated composite lens 

52. 8,770,666 
Molded urethane foam pad for vehicle seats, vehicle seat, and processes for the production thereof 

51. 8,770,658 
Sliding roof system 

50. 8,770,657 
Resin roof mounting structure 

49. 8,770,541 
Sealing apparatus and method 

48. 8,770,523 
Aerodynamic profile with a reversibly deformable contour for aircraft, in particular for rotary wing aircraft 

47. 8,770,499 
Method for manufacturing powder 

46. 8,770,496 
Circuit for displaying the relative voltage at the output electrode of an electrostatically aided coating material atomizer 

45. 8,770,442 
O-ring retainer for valve stem 

44. 8,770,345 
Gypsum-panel acoustical monolithic ceiling 

43. 8,770,344 
Acoustic panel 

42. 8,770,343 
Noise reduction system for composite structures 

41. 8,770,342 

40. 8,770,267 
Adsorption module and method of manufacturing the same 

39. 8,770,258 
Sunshade apparatus for vehicle 

38. 8,770,253 
Cutting and splicing apparatus for conveyor belts and method 

37. 8,770,250 
Thermoformable web joining apparatus 

36. 8,770,247 
Masking system using masking piece 

35. 8,770,234 

34. 8,770,233 
Flexible hose structure with a interlaced reinforcement 

33. 8,770,232 
Method for manufacturing climate control duct, and climate control duct 

32. 8,770,231 
Pipe element with a trimmed edge for welding onto a carrier 

31. 8,770,230 
Tubular component 

30. 8,770,202 
Nipple protection device for breast-feeding mothers 

29. 8,770,201 
Condom with multifunctional coating 

28. 8,770,200 
Fornix manipulator 

27. 8,770,143 
Multi-region processing system 

26. 8,770,142 
Electrode for generating plasma and plasma generator 

25. 8,770,141 
Substrate coating device with control section that synchronizes substrate moving velocity and delivery pump 

24. 8,770,085 
Apparatus, methods and system for improved lightweight armor protection 

23. 8,770,081 
Closed tubular fibrous architecture and manufacturing method 

22. 8,770,038 
Triaxial cell for the testing of geomaterials in compression and in shear 

21. 8,770,037 
System and method for structure stiffness determination 

20. 8,770,036 
Nanomechanical testing system 

19. 8,770,026 
Devices comprising nanotubes or nanowires having alterable characteristics and related methods 

18. 8,769,909 
Panel capture frame 

17. 8,769,908 
Modular building panel 

16. 8,769,907 
Construction elements and method of using and making same 

15. 8,769,904 
Interlock panel, panel assembly, and method for shipping 

14. 8,769,903 
TPO batten system 

13. 8,769,901 
Cladding system for building laminates 

12. 8,769,900 
Building construction system 

11. 8,769,899 
Attic platform 

10. 8,769,898 
Structural infill wall panel module 

9. 8,769,894 
Insulation and ventilation systems for building structures 

8. 8,769,893 
Twist lock portable building footing 

7. 8,769,892 
Building structure provided with vertical walls comprising a thermoplastic polymer 

6. 8,769,891 
Building method using multi-storey panels 

5. 8,769,888 
Protective assembly for doors, windows and the like 

4. 8,769,880 
Portable barrier 

8. 8,769,877 
Thermoplastic frame for a sealing or wheel cover profiled element of a motor vehicle, production method thereof, and profiled element comprising same 

7. 8,769,876 
Weatherstrip adapted to be captured in t-slots 

6. 8,769,842 
Substrate drying apparatus, substrate drying method and control program 

5. 8,769,840 
Recirculating dryer 

4. 8,769,801 
Biomass bale processing system with automatic binding remover 

3. 8,769,782 
Resin molded parts lock mechanism 

2. 8,769,732 
Disposable sanitary waste receptacle 

1. 8,769,716 
Moisture control garment 


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