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Week 26

Patents published 7/1/2014                   

8,763,162 through 8,769,711

7065 patents published.


Note: Each week a Topic will be picked and covered to show the potential for Contact Marketing. These pages will contain all Patent Titles dealing with the particular Topic and will not necessarily be listed in this list.  This list will concentrate on Patents more directly related to polymeric materials and plastics. Please contact me is any topic is of interest for Contact Marketing ( ) (RDC 6/25/2014)

This list will concentrate on plastics technology and not necessarily all patents related to any of the Contact Marketing examples. 

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This list will included everything found on Coatings.  However, for Packaging, only those patent directly dealing with plastics will be included.  The Sample Packaging page is an example of a comlete listing of all packaging patents for a particular week.  

336. 8,766,240 
Permeation barrier for encapsulation of devices and substrates 

335. 8,766,238 
Polymeric anions/cations 

334. 8,766,196 
Radiation sensing thermoplastic composite panels 

333. 8,766,033 
Method of using an absorbent article having a functional enhancement indicator 

332. 8,766,032 
Recycled superabsorbent polymer particles 

331. 8,766,031 
Comfortable diaper 

330. 8,766,027 
Additive composition for control and inhibition of polymerization of styrene, and method of preparation and use thereof 

329. 8,766,016 
Green and atom-economical processes for producing phenolic antioxidants 

328. 8,765,968 
Polymeric semiconductors, devices, and related methods 

327. 8,765,967 
Microcapsules with UV filter activity and process for producing them 

326. 8,765,952 
Metal complex, light emitting element, and display device 

325. 8,765,951 
Acid gas absorbent composition 

324. 8,765,938 
Process for production of polysaccharide and/or monosaccharide by hydrolysis of different polysaccharide 

323. 8,765,911 
Evaluation of copolymer diethylamide 

322. 8,765,906 
Method for producing polyacrylic acid (salt) type water absorbent resin powder 

321. 8,765,905 
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof 

320. 8,765,904 
Polyetheramines, compositions including polyetheramines, and methods of making 

319. 8,765,903 
Carbazole polymer and method of manufacturing same 

318. 8,765,902 
Method for the production of polyamides in extruders 

317. 8,765,901 
Spandex compositions for high speed spinning 

316. 8,765,900 
Aliphatic moisture-curable resins, coating compositions, and related processes 

315. 8,765,899 
Carbosilane polymer compositions for anti-reflective coatings 

314. 8,765,898 
Process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles 

313. 8,765,897 
Hydrophilic crosslinked polymer 

312. 8,765,896 
Acrylic copolymer with high heat resistance and high strength, and optical film comprising the same 

311. 8,765,895 
Crosslinked polyolefins for biomedical applications and method of making same 

310. 8,765,894 
Norbornene-type polymers having quaternary ammonium functionality 

309. 8,765,893 
Norbornene-type polymers having quaternary ammonium functionality 

308. 8,765,892 
Conjugated diene polymer, conjugated diene polymer composition, and method for producing conjugated diene polymer 

307. 8,765,891 
Laminate of an acrylic resin composition layer containing triazine based ultra-violet compounds and an organosiloxane resin composition layer 

306. 8,765,890 
Aqueous process for making fluoropolymers 

305. 8,765,889 
Method for producing hybrid particles 

304. 8,765,888 
Polymers functionalized with hydroxyl group-containing diphenylethylene 

303. 8,765,887 
Process and catalyst system for polydiene production 

302. 8,765,886 
Multifunctional chain shuttling agents 

301. 8,765,885 
Apparatus and process for the polymerisation of olefins 

300. 8,765,884 
Energy efficient polyolefin process 

299. 8,765,883 
Stabilized polymeric thiol reagents 

298. 8,765,882 
Polythiophene based active layer for solar cells 

297. 8,765,881 
Methods of making polydiorganosiloxane polyoxamide copolymers 

296. 8,765,880 
Terminal-modified difunctional sulfur-containing polymers, compositions thereof and methods of use 

295. 8,765,879 
Modified recycled polyester resin and molded article using the same 

294. 8,765,878 
Resin composition and resin molded product 

293. 8,765,877 
Multifunctional chain shuttling agents 

292. 8,765,876 
Curable fluoroelastomer composition 

291. 8,765,875 
Curable fluoroelastomer composition 

290. 8,765,874 
Ethylene based polymers and articles made therefrom 

289. 8,765,873 
Compression blow formed articles 

288. 8,765,872 
4-methyl-1-pentene polymer, resin composition containing 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer, masterbatch thereof, and formed product thereof 

287. 8,765,871 
Non-porous thermoformable polyurethane solid 

286. 8,765,870 
Diluent for a flourine-containing silicone coating agent 

285. 8,765,869 
Olefin polymers having associative groups, and adhesives containing same 

284. 8,765,868 
Resin composition for insulating film or surface-protective film of electronic components, method for producing pattern-cured film and electronic components 

283. 8,765,867 
Heat-resistant resin paste and method for producing same 

282. 8,765,866 
Additive for a thermoplastic resin, a process for producing the same, a thermoplastic resin composition, and a shaped article 

281. 8,765,865 
Heat resistant polylactic acid compositions 

280. 8,765,864 
Melamine cyanurate in crystalline form 

279. 8,765,863 
Triethylamine functionalized elastomer in barrier applications 

278. 8,765,862 
Metal nanoparticle composite and production method thereof 

277. 8,765,861 
Masterbatch pellet, production method therefor and polyamide resin composition containing masterbatch pellet 

276. 8,765,860 
Injection molding composition and producing method thereof 

275. 8,765,859 
Polymer-filler coupling additives 

274. 8,765,858 
Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition with improved thermal conductivity and surface appearance and articles thereof 

273. 8,765,857 
Particulate water retaining material for cultivating plant having water absorbent resin as main component 

272. 8,765,856 
Thermosetting polymer-based composite materials 

271. 8,765,855 
Reaction-based laser marking compositions, systems and methods 

270. 8,765,854 
Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer resin composition of low carboxylic acid content 

269. 8,765,853 
Coating compositions and methods for improving the adhesion of coatings to polymeric substrates 

268. 8,765,852 
Pre-treatment coating 

267. 8,765,851 
Free radical initiator modified hot melt adhesive composition including functionalized polyethylene and propylene-alpha-olefin polymer 

266. 8,765,850 
Polyacetal resin composition and preparation process thereof 

265. 8,765,849 
Reinforced flame-retardant polyamide composition 

264. 8,765,848 
Modified waxes, a process for their preparation, and their use 

263. 8,765,847 
Asphalt compositions with cracking resistance additives 

262. 8,765,846 
Derivatives of native lignin 

261. 8,765,845 
Hydraulic binder composition 

260. 8,765,844 
Rubber composition, its manufacturing method and pneumatic tire 

259. 8,765,843 
Polyolefin composition for medium/extra/high voltage cables comprising benzophenone-type voltage stabilizer 

258. 8,765,842 
Method for producing polymeric solids 

257. 8,765,841 
Low carbon footprint coating material for construction products 

256. 8,765,840 
Artificial marble, and system and method of producing artificial marble 

255. 8,765,839 
Inkjet ink set, inkjet recording device, and inkjet recording method 

254. 8,765,838 
Non-aqueous ink composition for inkjet printing 

253. 8,765,837 
Dental curable composition 

252. 8,765,836 
Hybrid polymer network compositions for use in dental applications 

251. 8,765,835 
Epoxy resin composition having monocyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon ring 

250. 8,765,834 
Crosslinked polyolefin polymer blends 

249. 8,765,833 
UV-curable optical resin adhesive composition 

248. 8,765,832  
Polyolefin-based crosslinked compositions and methods of making them 

247. 8,765,831 
Photocurable resin composition 

246. 8,765,830 
Polyimide foam and method for producing same 

245. 8,765,829 
Phenolic foam 

244. 8,765,828 
Flexible foams 

243. 8,765,827 
Multifunctional biocomposite additive compositions and methods 

242. 8,765,826 
Expandable composite resin particles for long-term storage, pre-expanded particles formed therefrom and expanded molded articles 

241. 8,765,825 
Method for manufacturing anion exchange resin, anion exchange resin, method for manufacturing cation exchange resin, cation exchange resin, mixed bed resin, and method for manufacturing ultrapure water for washing electronic component material 

240. 8,765,824 
Ethanol stable polyether epoxy based membrane for ethanol and aromatics separation 

239. 8,765,822 
Concentrated inverse latex, process for preparing it and industrial use thereof 

238. 8,765,659 
Cationic polymer stabilized microcapsule composition 

237. 8,765,644 
Polyamide emulsifier based on polyamines and fatty acid/carboxylic acid for oil based drilling fluid applications 

236. 8,765,642 
Combinatorial probe libraries 

235. 8,765,626 
Internal donor structure for olefin polymerization catalysts and methods of making and using same 

234. 8,765,624 
Coating suspension for coating catalyst substrates 

233. 8,765,450 
Compositions and methods for waste remediation 

Compositions and methods for waste remediation 

232. 8,765,432 
Targeted drug phosphorylcholine polymer conjugates 

231. 8,765,429 
Biomass shock pretreatment 

230. 8,765,403 
Use of synthetic scaffolds for the production of biosynthetic pathway products 

229. 8,765,402 
Copolymer containing 3-hydroxyalkanoate unit and lactate unit, and its manufacturing method 

228. 8,765,338 
Quantum dot photoconductor for an electrophotographic printer 

227. 8,765,267
Composition and method for treating wood 

226. 8,765,258 
Cover film 

225. 8,765,254 
Polymeric membranes with human skin-like permeability properties and uses thereof 

224. 8,765,253 
Exercise mat 

223. 8,765,252 
Thin film device with minimized spatial variation of local mean height 

222. 8,765,248 
Continuous fastener element and fastener stringer 

221. 8,765,247 
Vacuum insulation panel 

220. 8,765,246 
Stack or collection of essentially flat primary products and method for producing such a stack or such a collection 

219. 8,765,245 
Self adhering fabric patch 

218. 8,765,244 
Resin-made inlet pipe and method of producing the pipe 

217. 8,765,243 
Implementing interface free hose-to-barb connection 

216. 8,765,242 
Plastic fuel tank 

215. 8,765,241 
Polyester coating composition for metal substrates comprising oxirane-functional acrylic resin 

214. 8,765,240 
Molding compound comprising a polyester resin composition, film produced from the molding compound and method for producing a film or film web 

213. 8,765,239 
Printed flexible film for food packaging 

212. 8,765,238 
Polymeric/inorganic composite materials for use in medical devices 

211. 8,765,237 
Trash compactor carton with antimicrobial properties 

210. 8,765,235 
Polymerizable compound 

209. 8,765,231 
Method for aligning nanostructures 

208. 8,765,229 
Method for producing porous thin film with variable transmittance 

207. 8,765,219 
Method of making a metal-resin composite 

206. 8,765,217 
Method for continuous production of (meth)acrylate syrup and adhesives therefrom 

205. 8,765,216 
Process for the manufacture of lenses 

204. 8,765,215 
Non-mechanically created iridescent film 

203. 8,765,183 
Polymer microgel beads 

202. 8,765,182 

201. 8,765,180 
Composition comprising calcium carbonate as a white pigment 

200. 8,765,179 
Process for preparing a surface coated by crosslinked polyelectrolyte multilayer films as a biomimetic reservoir for proteins 

199. 8,765,178 
Controlled release formulations and associated methods 

198. 8,765,177 
Bioadhesive progressive hydration tablets 

197. 8,765,164 
Poly(ester urea) polymers and methods of use 

196. 8,765,163 
Biocompatible material and uses thereof 

195. 8,765,162 
Poly(amide) and poly(ester-amide) polymers and drug delivery particles and coatings containing same 

194. 8,765,161 
Monomers and phase-separated biocompatible polymer compositions prepared therefrom for medical uses 

193. 8,765,122 
Nanosphere/microsphere delivery system for the treatment of spinal cord injury 

192. 8,765,111 
N-maleimidyl polymer derivatives 

191. 8,765,110 
Composition containing an alkoxysilane and hyaluronic acid 

190. 8,765,098 
Star polymers, methods of preparation thereof, and uses thereof 

189. 8,765,093 
Expanded graphite sheet 

188. 8,765,083 
Acid gas absorbent composition 

187. 8,765,065 

186. 8,765,052 
Abrasion and corrosion resistant alloy and hardfacing/cladding applications 

185. 8,765,048 
Manufacture of composites by a flexible injection process using a double or multiple cavity mold 

184. 8,765,047 
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded product thereof 

183. 8,765,046 
Method of making annealed door skins and composite door assemblies, and related articles 

182. 8,765,045 
Surface-treatment method for rapid-manufactured three-dimensional objects 

181. 8,765,043 
Method of producing a foam material product 

180. 8,765,042 
Fuselage section of an aircraft and method for the production of the fuselage section 

179. 8,765,041 
Weather strip and production method thereof 

178. 8,765,040 
Medical device fabrication process including strain induced crystallization with enhanced crystallization 

177. 8,765,039 
Implantable micro-textured scar inducing ePTFE structures 

176. 8,765,038 
Method of feeding composite molten resin and apparatus for feeding the same 

175. 8,765,037 
Process for preparing ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer composition, and process for producing ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer pellets 

174. 8,765,035 
Process for manufacturing a self-extinguishable cable 

173. 8,765,034 
Pattern formation method, pattern formation apparatus, and recording medium recorded with alignment program 

172. 8,765,033 
Manufacturing device and manufacturing method for absorbent 

171. 8,765,032 
Process for producing a graphite cage for an anti-friction bearing, which cage holds a plurality of anti-friction elements 

170. 8,765,030 
Preparation of an enteric release system 

169. 8,765,029 
Light transmissive articles and methods thereof 

168. 8,765,027 
Polymer composition 

167. 8,765,024 
Functionalized carbon nanotubes exhibiting enhanced solubility and methods of making 

166. 8,765,022 
Water dispersible polypyrroles made with polymeric acid colloids for electronics applications 

166. 8,765,021 
Aqueous treatment composition for inhibiting corrosion and acid attack on metallic surfaces 

165. 8,765,020 
Method for reducing metal corrosion 

164. 8,765,014 
Quantum dot ink composition for inkjet printing and electronic device using the same 

163. 8,765,013 
Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device using the same 

162. 8,765,012 
Thermosetting composition and printed circuit board using the same 

161. 8,765,011 
Fluorovinyl derivative, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

160. 8,765,010 
Lignocellulosic fibrous composites and associated methods for preparing the same 

159. 8,765,008 
Hydroxyalkylated polyalkylenepolyamine composition, method for producing same and method for producing polyurethane resin using such hydroxyalkylated polyalkylenepolyamine composition 

158. 8,765,002 
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method 

157. 8,764,998 
Method for manufacturing composite substrate 

156. 8,764,991 
Dewatering biomass material comprising polysaccharide, method for extracting polysaccharide from biomass material, and dewatered biomass material 

155. 8,764,982 
Membrane separation device 

154. 8,764,981 
Dialysis treatment devices for removing urea 

153. 8,764,979 
Non-particulate organic porous material having optical resolution capability and method for manufacturing same 

152. 8,764,960 
Manufacturing methods for metal clad laminates 

151. 8,764,957 
Water treatment using a bipolar membrane 

150. 8,764,949 
Prediction and compensation of erosion in a magnetron sputtering target 

149. 8,764,948 
Processing biomass containing materials 

148. 8,764,934 
Device and method for removing a peelable seal 

147. 8,764,933 
Adhesive and adhesive s

146. 8,764,930 
Manufacturing method of flat-panel display device and adhesive-resin application apparatus therefor 

145. 8,764,929 
Method of promoting adhesion and bonding of structures and structures produced thereby 

144. 8,764,928 
Methods for manufacturing a paint roller and component parts thereof with strips of compounded material 

143. 8,764,927 
Method and apparatus for providing a diaper 

142. 8,764,926 
Method and apparatus for manufacturing elasticated webs comprising discontinuous elastic threads 

141. 8,764,925 
Apparatus and methods for manufacturing fiber bundles 

140. 8,764,924 
Tire carcass building method and drum 

139. 8,764,923 
Laminated glazing 

138. 8,764,922 
Method of manufacturing a body adhering absorbent article orientated in the machine direction with reduced curl 

137. 8,764,921 
Apparatus and process for automatic, continuous production of preforms 

136. 8,764,916 
Agent for the production of anti-corrosion layers on metal surfaces 

135. 8,764,913 
Surface-coated metal nanoparticles, method for producing the same, and metal nanoparticle paste comprising the same 

134. 8,764,912 
Method of cleaning nozzle and device for cleaning nozzle 

133. 8,764,904 
Fiber comprising starch and a high polymer 

132. 8,764,899 
Coating for and method of testing landscaping material 

131. 8,764,898 
Adhesive composition for the non-permanent adhesion of finger and thumb picks for the play of stringed instruments 

130. 8,764,897 
Oil type release agent for die casting method for getting solvent mixing ratio, casting method, and spray unit 

129. 8,764,888 
Drying substances, preparation and use thereof 

128. 8,764,887 
Methods for electrochemically induced cathodic deposition of crystalline metal-organic frameworks 

127. 8,764,881 
Gas separation membrane 

126. 8,764,874 
Arrangement, method, integrated circuit and device for routing requests 

125. 8,764,873 
Nutrient yielding bio-renewable controlled release fertilizer coatings 

124. 8,764,872 
Honeycomb filter and manufacturing method of the same 

123. 8,764,865 
Shaped abrasive particles with grooves 

122. 8,764,864 
Polycrystalline diamond compact including a polycrystalline diamond table having copper-containing material therein and applications therefor 

121. 8,764,863 
Composite shaped abrasive particles and method of forming same 

120. 8,764,862 
Element containing thermally stable polycrystalline diamond material and methods and assemblies for formation thereof 

119. 8,764,851 
Antimicrobial fabrics made using sol-gel/N-halamine chemistry, and methods of making same 

118. 8,764,823 
Semi-rigid framework for a plate haptic accommodating intraocular lens 

117. 8,764,822 
Method of calculating the required power of a toric implant 

116. 8,764,821 
Degenerative vavlular disease specific annuloplasty ring sets 

115. 8,764,820 
Transapical heart valve delivery system and method 

114. 8,764,819 
Arterial device, system and method for removing embolic debris 

113. 8,764,818 
Heart valve replacement 

112. 8,764,817 
Methods for securing strands of woven medical devices and devices formed thereby 

111. 8,764,816  
Stent delivery and deployment system 

110. 8,764,815 
Intraluminal stent 

109. 8,764,798 
Knotless suture anchor 

108. 8,764,797 
Suture anchor with insert-molded suture eyelet 

107. 8,764,796 
Suture method 

106. 8,764,795 
Tissue closure device and method 

105. 8,764,778 
Biodegradable suture clip for joining bodily soft tissue 

104. 8,764,752 
Protection sleeve holding mechanism

103. 8,764,722 
Absorbent article with cushioned waistband 

102. 8,764,721 
Three-piece disposable undergarment with folded crotch member and method for the manufacture thereof 

101. 8,764,720 
Absorbent article and absorbent article packaging 

100. 8,764,719 
Absorbent article including an absorbent core layer having a material free zone and a transfer layer arranged below the absorbent core layer 

99. 8,764,718 
Absorbent article 

98. 8,764,717 
Seal for an ostomy appliance 

97. 8,764,714 
Dressing for protecting the skin around objects projecting out therefrom 

96. 8,764,675 
Composite electrode 

95. 8,764,647  
Foam port device having closed-end lumens 

94. 8,764,625 
Contoured elastomeric barrier for bowel retention and method of use 

93. 8,764,622 
Medical slings

92. 8,764,586 
Golf ball having cross-core hardness differential and method for making it 

91. 8,764,585 
Dual core golf ball having a shallow "positive hardness gradient" thermoplastic inner core and a steep "positive hardness gradient" thermoset outer core layer 

90. 8,764,584 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

89. 8,764,583 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

88. 8,764,582 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

87. 8,764,581 
Systems and methods for manufacturing a golf ball 

86. 8,764,580 
Golf ball having relationships among the densities of various layers 

85. 8,764,517 
Abrasive article and method of making the same 

84. 8,764,516 
Hand held machine for grinding and like operations 

83. 8,764,513 
Media recycling apparatus and process for wet media blast operations 

82. 8,764,512 
Inner cover for bee hive 

81. 8,764,511 
Toy vehicle 

80. 8,764,510
Fighting toy 

79. 8,764,509 
Yoyo with an independently rotating magnetic sidecap 

78. 8,764,506 
Manually pivoting wings on a toy airplane 

77. 8,764,434 
Mounting device for a rotatable center part in an injection molding device 

76. 8,764,433 
Mold apparatus 

75. 8,764,432 
High-pressure press 

74. 8,764,431 
Method and apparatus for transcripting fine patterns 

73. 8,764,430 
Device for forming tablets by constant volume compaction 

72. 8,764,428 
Device for the preparation of preforms of carbon fiber-reinforced components 

71. 8,764,427 
Apparatus for forming pattern using laser 

70. 8,764,426 
Electromotive injection molding machine and power supplying method of electromotive injection molding machine 

69. 8,764,425 
Mold for making a membrane for use with a flow control system for a micropump 

68. 8,764,323 
Heat-activated linerless label 

67. 8,764,279 
Y-cross mixers and fluid systems including the same 

66. 8,764,278 
Mixer assembly and method for flow control in a mixer assembly 

65. 8,764,276 
Caulking material coloring system 

64. 8,764,274 
Kneading tank inversion discharging sealed pressurized type kneading machine 

63. 8,763,941 
Bottle shredder having a bottle shaped housing 

62. 8,763,938 
Method and system for preparing densified lignocellulosic pulp for use in thermoplastic composite manufacturing processes 

61. 8,763,936 
Nozzle assembly and methods related thereto 

60. 8,763,935 
Nozzle of a valve 

59. 8,763,933 

58. 8,763,924 
Rail web damping to reduce sound on rail lines 

57. 8,763,847 
Units insulated with foams and having flexible outer skins 

56. 8,763,846 
Bonding structure of metal member and composite-material member 

55. 8,763,833 
Vacuum vessel, vacuum processing apparatus comprising vacuum vessel, and vacuum vessel manufacturing method 

54. 8,763,829 
Collapsible container for holding liquids or objects 

53. 8,763,825 
Plastic container and blow-moulding method for making same 

52. 8,763,754 
Sound insulating element and process for producing a sound insulating element 

51. 8,763,753 
Acoustic panel and method of forming 

50. 8,763,752 
Noise attenuator and vehicle air intake duct provided therewith 

49. 8,763,731 
Polycrystalline compacts having differing regions therein, cutting elements and earth-boring tools including such compacts, and methods of forming such compacts 

48. 8,763,730 
Diamond bonded construction with improved braze joint 

47. 8,763,669 
Apparatus for manufacturing composite sheet of absorbent article 

46. 8,763,668 
Apparatus for making sheets of composite material 

45. 8,763,667 
Layered packaging cushion 

44. 8,763,666 
All-round labelling apparatus 

43. 8,763,665 
Modular head automated fabric laminating apparatus 

42. 8,763,664 
Reinforcement comprising two reinforcing materials and tire comprising such a reinforcement 

41. 8,763,663 
Run-flat tire having an additional sidewall reinforcement 

40. 8,763,662 
Pressure-sensitive composite reinforcement 

39. 8,763,661 
Tire inflation system 

38. 8,763,660 
Tire belt incorporating an antioxidant agent 

37. 8,763,659 
Pneumatic tire with tread having sub-grooves and sipes 

36. 8,763,658 
Tyre comprising an electronic unit 

35. 8,763,647 
Composite tubing 

34. 8,763,646 
Fuel tank with connected functional components 

33. 8,763,645 
Support system for process piping and method of installation 

32. 8,763,617 
Material removal systems and methods utilizing foam 

31. 8,763,616 
Multi-surface cleaning apparatus and method 

30. 8,763,597 
Toy gun and attachment device 

29. 8,763,535 
Narrowing high strength polymer-based cartridge casing for blank and subsonic ammunition 

28. 8,763,534 
Molded part, and method for the production of the molded part 

27. 8,763,526 
Apparatus for perforating a web material 

26. 8,763,525 
Gravure printing of transparent conductive films containing networks of metal nanoparticles

25. 8,763,523 
Method of perforating a web material 

24. 8,763,479 
Mold and sensor cells for a nanocomposite material process control system 

23. 8,763,387 
Hydraulic geofracture energy storage system 

22. 8,763,341 
Mechanical locking of floor panels with vertical folding 

21. 8,763,340 
Mechanical locking system for floor panels 

20. 8,763,339 
Energy saving insulated shingle and method of manufacturing same 

19. 8,763,338 
Method for producing a functional layer of a building shell, and building shell and functional layer 

18. 8,763,337 
Transition strip for floor panel and method of installation, replacement, and repair using the same 

17. 8,763,333 
Method of making a dual panel composite truss 

16. 8,763,332 
Roof insulation fastening system 

15. 8,763,331 
Wall molds for concrete structure with structural insulating core 

14. 8,763,309 
Deployable and inflatable roof, wall, or other structure for stadiums and other venues 

13. 8,763,271 
Paint applicator cleaning device 

12. 8,763,254 
Reinforcements, baffles and seals with malleable carriers 

11. 8,763,253 
Vertical laminate noodle for high capacity pull-off for a composite stringer 

10. 8,763,250 
Method and device for producing a pipe 

9. 8,763,219 
Method of producing a hydroentangled nonwoven material 

8. 8,763,218 
Structurally reinforced casket and manufacturing method 

7. 8,763,198 
Edge/corner roller system 

6. 8,763,197 
Cleaning article with non-planar element in place of strips 

5. 8,763,196 
Toothbrush incorporating a flexible undulating region 

4. 8,763,181 
Multipurpose mat 

3. 8,763,174 
Soaking basin having disposable liner and support frame 

2. 8,763,173 
Stainless steel plumbing fixtures with resistant coatings 

1. 8,763,167 
Anti-ballistic paneled protective undergarments 


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