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Week 25

Patents published 6/24/2014                   

8,756,712  through 8, 763,161

6936 patents published.


Note: Each week a Topic will be picked and covered to show the potential for Contact Marketing. These pages will contain all Patent Titles dealing with the particular Topic and will not necessarily be listed in this list.  This list will concentrate on Patents more directly related to polymeric materials and plastics. Please contact me is any topic is of interest for Contact Marketing ( ) (RDC 6/25/2014)

This list will concentrate on plastics technology and not necessarily all patents related to any of the Contact Marketing examples. 

If any visitor would like specific topics converd, please let me know and I will try to accomodate them.  ( ) (RDC 6/25/2014)

This list will included everything found on Coatings.  However, for Packaging, only those patent directly dealing with plastics will be included.  The Sample Packaging page is an example of a comlete listing of all packaging patents for a particular week.  

257. 8,759,697 
Molded case circuit breaker capable of withstanding short circuit conditions 

256. 8,759,662 
Bulk dimensional nanocomposites for thermoelectric applications 

255. ,759,478 
Method for preparing polyarylene sulfide having reduced iodine content 

254. 8,759,477 
Polysiloxane-polylactide block copolymer and preparation method thereof 

253. 8,759,476 
Method for producing polyamides 

252. 8,759,475 
Continuous production of polyamides 

251. 8,759,474 
Method for producing liquid crystal polyester 

250. 8,759,473 
High mobility periodic structured organic films 

249. 8,759,472 
Polyamide-imide resin insulating paint and insulation wire using the same 

248. 8,759,471 
Adhesion-promoting system for rubber goods 

247. 8,759,469 
Synthesis of urethanes and polyurethanes catalysed by carbenes 

246. 8,759,468 
Silicone resin with improved barrier properties 

245. 8,759,467 
Polyester polyol, polyurethane, obtained using the same, process for production thereof, and molded polyurethane 

244. 8,759,466 
Long chain-branched ethylene-alpha olefin copolymer 

243. 8,759,465 
Cross-linkable polymeric compositions 

242. 8,759,463 
Cross-linkable resin shaped article, cross-linked resin shaped article and laminate 

241. 8,759,462 
Method for producing resist copolymer having low molecular weight 

240. 8,759,461 
Post metallocene-type transition metal compounds 

239. 8,759,460 
Process for the polymerization of ethylene, and ethylene polymers having broad molecular weight distribution and long-chain branching 

238. 8,759,459 
Additives to chromium catalyst mix tank 

237. 8,759,458 
Method for producing poly(arylene ether) block copolymers 

236. 8,759,457 
Epoxy resin compositions having improved low temperature cure properties and processes and intermediates for making the same 

235. 8,759,456 
Addition reaction-curable organopolysilmethylenesiloxane copolymer composition 

234. 8,759,455 
Two-stage curable composition containing a surface-deactivated polyisocyanate 

233. 8,759,454 
Low friction polymeric compositions as well as devices and device fabrication methods based thereon 

232. 8,759,453 
Multifunctional chain shuttling agents 

231. 8,759,452 
Propylene composition with high stiffness and impact strength 

230. 8,759,451 
Method of making a graft copolymer 

229. 8,759,450 
Plastics moulding compositions, and mouldings and production processes 

228. 8,759,449 
Wiper rubber for windshield wipers 

227. 8,759,448 
Polyethylene moulding composition with improved stress crack/stiffness relationship and impact resistance 

226. 8,759,447 
Compatibilizer and method for producing same 

225. 8,759,446 
Compatibilized polypropylene and polylactic acid blends and methods of making and using same 

224. 8,759,445 
Styrene butadiene block copolymer mixtures for shrink-wrap films 

223. 8,759,444 
Conjugated polymers for use in homogeneous and solid state assays 

222. 8,759,443 
Curable benzoxazine-based compositions, their preparation and cured products thereof 

221. 8,759,441 
Pigment dispersions with polymeric dispersants having pending chromophore groups 

220. 8,759,440 
Heat-resistant resin paste 

219. 8,759,439 
Tire tread rubber composition 

218. 8,759,438 
Tire, the tread of which comprises a saturated thermoplastic elastomer 

217. 8,759,437 
Composite formed from a polyamide moulding composition and a vulcanized elastomer 

216. 8,759,436 
Transparent color coating composition containing nanosize dispersed pigments, coated substrate and method for preparing same 

215. 8,759,435 
Curable composition and cured article excellent in transparency 

214. 8,759,434 
Nano-sized composites containing polyvinyl pyrrolidone modified sodium silicates and method for making binders using same 

213. 8,759,433 
Aromatic polycarbonate composition 

212. 8,759,432 
Rubber composition for tread and pneumatic tire 

211. 8,759,431 
Durable polyoxymethylene composition 

210. 8,759,430 
Acid dyed polyester (PET) or olefin yarns and textile fabrics using such yarns 

209. 8,759,429 
Flame-retardant copolyetherester composition and articles comprising the same 

208. 8,759,428 
Polycarbonate compositions 

207. 8,759,427 
Molded articles of starch-polymer-wax-oil compositions 

206. 8,759,424 
Coated biodegradable building article 

205. 8,759,422 
B-stageable and skip-curable wafer back side coating adhesives 

204. 8,759,421 
Continuous process for preparing nanodispersions using an ultrasonic flow-through heat exchanger 

203. 8,759,420 
Marble chips for an artificial marble, method of making the same, and artificial marble including the same 

202. 8,759,418 
Urea-terminated polyurethane dispersants 

201. 8,759,416 
Hindered primary chlorinated amine in a latex formulation 

200. 8,759,415 
Aromatic vinyl ether based reverse-tone step and flash imprint lithography 

199. 8,759,414 
Polymer composition having a high refractive index 

198. 8,759,413 
Lanthanum containing novel polyacrylate for optical lenses 

197. 8,759,412 
Polymerisable photoinitiators for LED curable compositions 

196. 8,759,411 
Derivatives of diphosphines as flame retardants for polyurethanes 

195. 8,759,410 
Thermally foamable microsphere, method of producing the same, and use thereof 

194. 8,759,409 
Laser-induced plastic foaming 

193. 8,759,408 
Tire vulcanization/retreading system using autoclave with electromagnetic induction heating 

192. 8,759,279 
Fragranced biodegradable film 

191. 8,759,277 
Foam stabilization and oily soil removal with associative thickeners 

190. 8,759,276 
Foam stabilization with polyethyleneimine ethoxylates 

189. 8,759,275 
High-efficiency perfume capsules 

188. 8,759,274 
Self-emulsifiable polyolefine compositions 

187. 8,759,273 
Thickening composition comprising a copolymer of polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride and acrylamide 

186. 8,759,253 
Chemically activated carbon and methods for preparing same 

185. 8,759,245 
Method for preparing porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials, porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials obtained by the method and catalytic uses of the materials 

184. 8,759,236 
Polyolefin fiber reinforced rubber 

183. 8,759,156 
Method of producing laminated device 

182. 8,759,151 
Fixture to constrain laminate and method of assembly 

181. 8,759,149 
Encapsulated micro-electro-mechanical device, in particular a MEMS acoustic transducer 

180. 8,759,111 
Nanoporous detectors of monocyclic aromatic compounds and other pollutants 

179. 8,759,083 
Bioreactor for methanization of biomass having a high solids fraction 

178. 8,759,008 
Robust, self-assembled, biocompatible films 

177. 8,758,979 
Photoresist composition 

176. 8,758,978 
Radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist pattern formation method, and polymer 

175. 8,758,977 
Negative-type photosensitive resin composition, pattern forming method and electronic parts 

174. 8,758,976 
Positive photosensitive polyimide composition 

173. 8,758,963 
Holographic reticle and patterning method 

172. 8,758,957 
Graphene coated SS bipolar plates 

171. 8,758,956 
Polymer membrane fuel cell 

170. 8,758,955 
Additives to mitigate catalyst layer degradation in fuel cells 

169. 8,758,954 
Process for preparing membranes 

168. 8,758,936 
Thin film structures 

167. 8,758,935 
Soluble polymer with multi-stable electric states and products comprising such polymer 

166. 8,758,926 
Separator for electrochemical device, manufacturing method thereof, and electrochemical device comprising the same 

165. 8,758,892 
Thermally conductive foam product 

164. 8,758,887 
Multilayer porous membrane and process 

163. 8,758,882 
Composite layer 

162. 8,758,878 
Method for reducing adhesion between polymer bodies 

161. 8,758,874 
Prepreg base material, layered base material, fiber-reinforced plastic, process for producing prepreg base material, and process for producing fiber-reinforced plastic 

160. 8,758,873 
Cast-in-place torsion joint 

159. 8,758,872 
Edge protector 

158. 8,758,871 
Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing same 

157. 8,758,866 
Process for producing composite of metal and resin 

156. 8,758,861 
Insulating glass sealant 

155. 8,758,859 
Housing and method for making same 

154. 8,758,854 
Process for producing sugar-plum-shaped particle 

153. 8,758,823 
Method for obtaining non-water-soluble powders having antimicrobial activity, the powders thus obtained and the antibacterial use thereof 

152. 8,758,822 
Method for manufacturing uniform size polymeric nanoparticles containing poorly soluble drugs 

151. 8,758,808 
Method of making a high enhancer-loading polyacrylate formulation for transdermal applications 

150. 8,758,807 
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition comprising salt 

149. 8,758,806 
Human lubrication gel 

148. 8,758,803 
Film-shaped preparation comprising oily substances for oral administration

147. 8,758,797 
PVA and silica particle blood vessel model 

146. 8,758,796 
Functionalizing implantable devices with a poly (diol citrate) polymer 

145. 8,758,795 
Polymer-based surgically implantable haloperidol delivery systems and methods for their production and use 

144. 8,758,788 
Fungicidally active compound combinations 

143. 8,758,778 
Polymeric nano-carriers with a linear dual response mechanism and uses thereof 

142. 8,758,777 
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising water-soluble sulfonate-protected nanoparticles and uses thereof 

141. 8,758,738 
Methods for sealing wounds with a sterilized composition of a cyanoacrylate monomer and a poloxamer 

140. 8,758,735 
Compositions containing a fatty quaternary amine, a nonionic surfactant, and a phosphate ester for lifting color and/or imparting shine onto keratinous substrates 

139. 8,758,728 
Foamable suspension gel 

138. 8,758,720 
High purity water produced by reverse osmosis 

137. 8,758,717 
Electrical current-induced structural changes and chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes 

136. 8,758,716
Composition containing single-walled nanotubes 

135. 8,758,714 
Adsorbents for radioisotopes, preparation method thereof, and radioisotope generators using the same 

134. 8,758,808  
Method of making a high enhancer-loading polyacrylate formulation for transdermal applications 

133. 8,758,803 
Film-shaped preparation comprising oily substances for oral administration 

132. 8,758,802 
Methods of inhibiting cataracts and presbyopia 

131. 8,758,801 
Coatings for implantable devices comprising poly(hydroxy-alkanoates) and diacid linkages 

130. 8,758,797 
PVA and silica particle blood vessel model 

129. 8,758,796 
Functionalizing implantable devices with a poly (diol citrate) polymer 

128. 8,758,791 
Highly compression resistant matrix with porous skeleton 

127. 8,758,789 
Medium chain peroxycarboxylic acid compositions 

126. 8,758,788 
Fungicidally active compound combinations 

125. 8,758,739 
Cosmetic compositions containing block copolymers, tackifiers and gelling agents 

124. 8,758,738 
Methods for sealing wounds with a sterilized composition of a cyanoacrylate monomer and a poloxamer 

123. 8,758,716 
Composition containing single-walled nanotubes 

122. 8,758,715 
Porous wall hollow glass microspheres as a medium or substrate for storage and formation of novel materials 

121. 8,758,714 
Adsorbents for radioisotopes, preparation method thereof, and radioisotope generators using the same 

120. 8,758,670 
Method and apparatus for blow-molding containers 

119. 8,758,668 
Method of making coiled and buckled electrospun fiber structures 

118. 8,758,667 
Cold press and method for the production of green compacts 

117. 8,758,666 
Apparatus for fabricating parts and method of forming the apparatus 

116. 8,758,664 
Method for forming composite components and tool for use therein 

115. 8,758,662 
Nitrile rubber article having natural rubber characteristics 

114. 8,758,661 
Device for generating a hollow plastic profile 

113. 8,758,660 
Process of making high crimp bicomponent fibers 

112. 8,758,657 
Process of making polyhydroxyalkanoate medical textiles 

111. 8,758,656 
Process for producing graphite film and graphite film produced thereby 

110. 8,758,655 
Optical film and method of manufacturing the same 

109. 8,758,654 
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same 

108. 8,758,653 
Molecular optimization of multiply-functionalized mesostructured materials 

107. 8,758,650 
Graphene-based thermopile 

106. 8,758,648 
Stabilizer of color former and use thereof 

105. 8,758,644 
Oxygen-scavenging materials and articles formed therefrom 

104. 8,758,642 
Compositions and methods for reducing fire hazard of flammable refrigerants 

103. 8,758,640 
Nonflammable compositions comprising fluorinated compounds and use of these compositions 

102. 8,758,635 
Method for making thermoacoustic element 

101. 8,758,615 
Systems and methods for anaerobic digestion of biomaterials 

100. 8,758,608 
Continuously flowing, inner circulatory, quasi-fluidized-bed reactor for resin ion exchange and adsorption 

99. 8,758,597 
Reclaimed asphalt pavement 

98. 8,758,592 
Adhesive composition for use in an immunosensor 

97. 8,758,591 
Electrochemical nanocomposite biosensor system 

96. 8,758,588 
Method for manufacturing a one-dimensional nano-structure-based device 

95. 8,758,566 
Process for manufacturing paper or board 

94. 8,758,565 
Paper substrates containing high surface sizing and low internal sizing and having high dimensional stability 

93. 8,758,564 
Water-degradable paper sheet, and tube for a paper roll consisting of such a sheet 

92. 8,758,563 
Method of making tough, flexible mats 

91. 8,758,562 
Method for increasing the advantages of starch in pulped cellulosic material in the production of paper and paperboard 

90. 8,758,561 
Cellulosic material 

89. 8,758,557 
Process for producing fibrous material from wood 

88. 8,758,555 
Method of producing cellulose pulp 

87. 8,758,554 
Clamping tape for furniture and related repairs 

86. 8,758,547 
Method of manufacturing a body adhering absorbent article orientated in the cross-machine direction with reduced curl 

85. 8,758,545 
Method for producing molded body 

84. 8,758,543 
Disposable absorbent article and method of manufacturing the same 

83. 8,758,541 
Wrist protecting glove and methods thereof 

82. 8,758,540 
Method for laying carbon nanotube film 

81. 8,758,538 
Robotic based fiber placement cell with stationary dispensing head and creel 

80. 8,758,534 
Method of attaching elements by bonding 

79. 8,758,533 
Process and apparatus to foam a water-base adhesive 

78. 8,758,517 
Process for the hydrolysis of cellulose 

77. 8,758,509 
Diamond sensors, detectors, and quantum devices 

76. 8,758,496 
Redispersible dried nanocrystalline cellulose 

75. 8,758,491 
Thin film gas separation membranes 

74. 8,758,490 
Method of forming an electrically conductive hollow fiber separation module 

73. 8,758,448 
Laminate sheet articles for tissue regeneration 

72. 8,758,294 
Balloon inflation device 

71. 8,758,214 
Radiation catheter with multilayered balloon 

70. 8,758,168 
Multi-layer golf ball with translucent cover 

69. 8,758,167 
Compositions for golf balls based on oriented nanostructures 

68. 8,758,008 
Candle with embedded item and methods for manufacturing and selling same 

67. 8,758,007 
Structure of slide-block module of a plastic pallet shaping mold 

66. 8,758,006 
Processes and systems for manufacturing spars and other hollow structures 

65. 8,758,004 

64. 8,758,003 
Multiple spider head 

63. 8,758,002 
Quick-change molding system for injection molding 

62. 8,758,001 
Method for changing a mold 

61. 8,758,000  
Apparatus for moulding plastic micro-pieces by ultrasound 

60. 8,757,999 
Alternative pressure control for a low constant pressure injection molding apparatus 

59. 8,757,998 
Coinjection hot runner injection molding system 

58. 8,757,997 
Deposited hard shell and soft chewy center candy and method of making 

57. 8,757,996 
Apparatus and method for manufacturing three-dimensional netted structure 

56. 8,757,995 
Tire vulcanization mold 

55. 8,757,993 
Gear pump with fluid communication portion 

54. 8,757,952 
Fastener for securing together two panels 

53. 8,757,936 
Free-wheeling-resistant rolls for mining roof support and the combination of a mining machine and such rolls 

52. 8,757,821 
Protective cover for a telescopic device 

51. 8,757,704 
Lightweight multi-layer composite panel 

50. 8,757,703 
Car body with a shear element on one side 

49. 8,757,702 
Plastic vehicle-interior-part with an impact module 

48. 8,757,698 
Floor mat system for vehicle 

47. 8,757,696 
Vehicle enclosure and method and system of installation 

46. 8,757,638 
Compact lightweight flexible disposable game carrying sled 

45. 8,757,527 
Raw material supply apparatus and grinding system using the same 

44. 8,757,526 
Shredder with thickness detector 

43. 8,757,525 
Fibrous materials and composites 

42. 8,757,523 
Method and system for separating and recovering wire and other metal from processed recycled materials 

41. 8,757,515 
Internal mixing spray gun 

40. 8,757,514 
Spray system with remote target inspection and actuation 

39. 8,757,513 
Valve for spraying coating material, and an atomizer including such a valve 

38. 8,757,511 
Viscous non-contact jetting method and apparatu

37. 8,757,499 
Laminated cards with manual input interfaces 

36. 8,757,451 
Powder measuring and dispensing apparatus 

35. 8,757,396 
Composite membrane with coating comprising polyalkylene oxide and oxy-substituted phenyl compounds 

34. 8,757,395 
Porous PTFE materials and articles produced therefrom 

33. 8,757,389 
Amine-aldehyde resins and uses thereof in separation processes 

32. 8,757,388 
Biomass conditioning system and method for conditioning 

31. 8,757,209 
Overmolded or pressed-in sleeve for hydraulic routing of solenoid 

30. 8,757,186 
Attic access door seal 

29. 8,757,182 
Cleaning device for cleaning spray guns 

28. 8,757,144 
Absorber for a thermal solar panel 

27. 8,757,140 
Barrier system for enhancing the safe operation of a commercial cooking appliance 

26. 8,757,090 
Gas shower plate for plasma processing apparatus 

25. 8,757,089 
Coating and developing apparatus, coating and developing method, and storage medium 

24. 8,757,087 
Device and method for coating elongate objects 

23. 8,757,086 
Cladding the interior of a straight pipe section 

22. 8,757,085 
Reinforced boat hull 

21. 8,757,062 
Method for printing water-soluble film 

20. 8,757,061 
Method for applying powder to a printed sheet and printing press for carrying out the method 

19. 8,757,058 
Process for perforating a web 

18. 8,757,058 
Process for perforating a web 

17. 8,757,056 
Die cushion device for press machine 

16. 8,756,990 
Molded flow restrictor 

15. 8,756,983 
Erosion resistant hard composite materials 

14. 8,756,980 
Method for determining and/or monitoring viscosity and corresponding apparatus 

13. 8,756,979 
Multifunctional apparatus comprising a superliquidphobic surface 

12. 8,756,897 
Cost effective method for manufacturing retainers and inserts incorporated into a garage door panel

11. 8,756,896 
Roof panel for protection against airborne threats 

10. 8,756,891 
Insulated fiber cement siding 

9. 8,756,890 
Insulated concrete form and method of using same 

8. 8,756,889 
Metal stud building panel with foam block core 

7. 8,756,888 
Modular building panel and duct system 

6. 8,756,887 
Thermal insulation element with ventilation ducts 

5. 8,756,802 
Carbon nanotube contact structures for use with semiconductor dies and other electronic devices 

4. 8,756,801 
Method of manufacturing a lighting assembly with thermal overmolding 

3. 8,756,754 
Anti-vibration cantilevered handle for a blowing apparatus 

2. 8,756,736 
Inclined air mattress having internal air baffles and supports 

1. 8,756,719 
Method and apparatus for an adaptive impact absorbing helmet system 


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