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2014 Week 11


From 10/02/2014 to 3/19/2014


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Week 11

Patents published 3/18/2014                   

8,671,462 through 8,677,511

6398 patents published.

405 polymer related patents.


405. 8,674,171 
Three-dimensional apertured film for transmitting dynamically-deposited and statically-retained fluids 

404. 8,674,170 
Thin and dry diaper 

403. 8,674,169 
Absorbent core 

402. 8,674,168 
Disposable wearable absorbent articles with multiple indicating colors 

401. 8,674,167 
Absorbent article comprising a malodor control composition having an acid catalyst 

400. 8,674,166 
Thin film dressing 

399. 8,674,165 
Adhesive injection site 

398. 8,674,154 
Apparatus and method for conducting thermolysis of plastic waste in continuous manner 

397. 8,674,153 
Method of hydrogasification of biomass to methane with low depositable tars 

396. 8,674,134 
Oligomer functionalized nanotubes and composites formed therewith 

395. 8,674,103 
Lyotropic liquid crystal systems based on aromatic tetracarboxylic bisbenzoimidazole derivatives and methods for making 

394. 8,674,102 
Fluorescent dyes 

393. 8,674,058 
Durability improving agent and cement composition 

392. 8,674,057 
Aromatic polyimides, polyamides and poly(amide-imide) containing diarylaminofluorene-benzothiazole moieties as two-photon active units 

391. 8,674,056 
Methods for producing lactide with recycle of meso-lactide 

390. 8,674,055 
Method for producing polyamide resin 

389. 8,674,054 
Polyester resin and optical lens 

388. 8,674,053 
Process for production of highly polymerized aromatic polycarbonate resin 

387. 8,674,052 
Carbazole novolak resin 

386. 8,674,051 
Polyurea and polyurethane compositions for golf equipment 

385. 8,674,050 
Reactive isocyanate compositions 

384. 8,674,049 
Silicone containing aromatic film forming polymers 

383. 8,674,048 
Method for chemically incorporating metal elements into polysiloxanes 

382. 8,674,047 
Doping conjugated polymers and devices 

381. 8,674,046 
Source material for preparing low dielectric constant material 

380. 8,674,045 
Carbon-fiber precursor fiber, carbon fiber, and processes for producing these 

379. 8,674,044 
Immobilization of membrane proteins onto supports via an amphiphile 

378. 8,674,043 
Photosensitive resin composition containing copolymer 

377. 8,674,042 
High melt flow fluoropolymer 

376. 8,674,041 
Low temperature cure using benzopinacol polymerization initiator 

375. 8,674,040 
Pyridyldiamido transition metal complexes, production and use thereof 

374. 8,674,039 
Crosslinkable polymer powder composition which is redispersible in water 

373. 8,674,038 
Curable resin composition for molded bodies, molded body, and production method thereof 

372. 8,674,037 
Silicon-containing polymer, method of manufacturing thereof, and curable polymer composition 

371. 8,674,035 
Biostable polyurethanes 

370. 8,674,034 
Polyisobutylene-based polyurethanes, polyureas and/or polyurethane-polyureas and method for making same 

369. 8,674,033 
Biodegradable phase separated segmented multi block co-polymers 

368. 8,674,032 
Biodegradable multi-block co-polymers 

367. 8,674,031 
Method of preparing water- and oil-repellent soil-resistant composition 

366. 8,674,030 
Modified high cis conjugated diene copolymer and manufacturing method of the same 

365. 8,674,029 
Method of preparing stabilized polymeric systems using polymeric peroxides 

364. 8,674,028 
Polymeric compositions and processes for molding articles 

363. 8,674,027 
Powdered thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer composition for slush molding processes 

362. 8,674,026 
Ethylene copolymer having multiple pitch in molecular weight distribution and the method of preparing the same 

361. 8,674,025 
Golf ball resin composition and golf ball 

360. 8,674,024 
Moulding composition 

359. 8,674,023 
Ionomer compositions for golf balls 

358. 8,674,022 
Polyolefin elastomer composition for artificial leather applications 

357. 8,674,021 
Sulfonated graft copolymers 

356. 8,674,020 
Process for preparing polyamides 

355. 8,674,019 
Composite products made with lewis acid catalyzed binder compositions that include tannins and multifunctional aldehydes 

354. 8,674,018 
Binder and process for producing metallic or ceramic moldings in powder injection molding 

353. 8,674,017 
(Poly)carbonate polyol and carboxyl group-containing polyurethane obtained from the (poly)carbonate polyol 

352. 8,674,016 
Process for producing organic fiber-containing polyolefin resin composition 

351. 8,674,015 
Rubber composition for sidewall and tire having sidewall using thereof, and rubber composition for clinch and tire having clinch using thereof 

350. 8,674,014 
Rubber composition for sidewall and tire having sidewall using thereof, and rubber composition for clinch and tire having clinch using thereof 

349. 8,674,013 
Methods for preparing reinforced fluoropolymer composites comprising surface functionalized nanocrystalline cellulose 

348. 8,674,012 
Poly(phenylene ether) composition, article, and method 

347. 8,674,011 
Organic/inorganic hybrid material and fabrication method thereof 

346. 8,674,010 
Blends of nanocomposites and their use 

345.  8,674,009 
Process for controlling the scorch time (ST) in the vulcanization of silicic acid-filled rubber blends 

344. 8,674,008 
Electrical tracking resistance compositions, methods and articles of manufacture 

343. 8,674,007 
Flame retardant and scratch resistant thermoplastic polycarbonate compositions 

342. 8,674,006 
Black pigment dispersion 

341. 8,674,005 
Flame retardant resin composition, method for production thereof, and molded article thereof 

340. 8,674,004 
Rubber composition, method for its formation, and automotive tire containing the composition 

339. 8,674,003 

338. 8,674,002 
Vibration-proof rubber composition and vibration-proof rubber using the same 

337. 8,674,001 
Encapsulated pigments containing cross-linking agent 

336. 8,674,000 
Multi-layered paper coating latex having high swelling and contraction property, method for preparing the same, and paper coating composition containing the same 

335. 8,673,999 
Water based primer composition for isocyante and silane functional adhesives 

332. 8,673,998 
Polymer compositions with improved cold flow 

331. 8,673,997 
Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article including the same 

330. 8,673,996 
UV curable anhydride-modified poly(isobutylene) 

329. Radiation curable poly(isobutylene) adhesive copolymers having pendent amine groups 

328. 8,673,993 
Method for producing a cross-linked elastomer 

327. 8,673,992 
Polyurethane gel foams 

326. 8,673,991 
Two-part curable polyurethane foam resin composition, molded article using the same, and shoe sole 

325. 8,673,990 
Process of making polyester latex with buffer 

324. 8,673,989 
Method of devulcanizing a cross-linked elastomeric material 

323. 8,673,988 
Graft copolymers for ion exchange chromatography 

322. 8,673,986 
Coacervate having an ionic polymer mixed with the adhesive protein of a mussel or of a species of the variome thereof 

321. 8,673,985 
Polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane- and/or polyurethane-polyorganosiloxane compounds 

320. 8,673,959 
Polymer having indolocarbazole moiety and divalent linkage 

319. 8,673,958 
Fullerene derivatives 

318. 8,673,835 
Treatment methods using disinfecting compositions containing a polymer complex of organic acid 

317. 8,673,827 
Method of analysis of polymerizable monomeric species in a complex mixture 

316. 8,673,821 
Coated conductor with improved grain orientation 

315. 8,673,807 
Catalyst composition for the synthesis of thin multi-walled carbon nanotube 

314. 8,673,786 
Method for manufacturing microstructure using self-assembly of amphiphilic polymer 

313. 8,673,703 
Fabrication of graphene nanoelectronic devices on SOI structures 

312. 8,673,683 
Graphene field effect transistor 

311. 8,673,682 
High order silane composition and method of manufacturing a film-coated substrate 

310. 8,673,641 
On-line detection method of chromium-free coating film thickness on surface of strip steel 

309. 8,673,640 
Porous scaffold, method of producing the same and method of using the porous scaffold 

308. 8,673,618 
Construction of highly efficient cellulase compositions for enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose 

307. 8,673,558 
Luciferase biosensor 

306. 8,673,546 
Process for forming a hydrophilic coating and hydrophilic coating, and process for forming an ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head 

305. 8,673,541 
Block copolymer assembly methods and patterns formed thereby 

304. 8,673,540 
Photosensitive polymides 

303. 8,673,539 
Photosensitive adhesive composition, and obtained using the same, adhesive film, adhesive sheet, semiconductor wafer with adhesive layer, semiconductor device and electronic part 

302. 8,673,538 
Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, and actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive film and pattern forming method using the composition 

301. 8,673,537 
Photo-curable resin composition, pattern forming method and substrate protecting film, and film-shaped adhesive and adhesive sheet using said composition 

300. 8,673,536 
Photosensitive polymeric networks 

299. 8,673,535 
Thermal image receiver elements having release agents 

298. 8,673,517 
Polymer electrolyte membrane composed of a fluorinated proton conductive polymer and a fluorinated reinforcing material 

297. 8,673,503 
Polyurethane gel electrolytes with improved conductance and/or solvent retention 

296. 8,673,502 
Method for producing coated carbon particles and use of the latter in anode materials for lithium-ion batteries 

295. 8,673,456 
Composite plated film and laminated film 

294. 8,673,455 
In-situ composite formation of damage tolerant coatings utilizing laser 

293. 8,673,454 
System for producing a dental-shaped body 

292. 8,673,453 
High thermal conductivity metal matrix composites 

291. 8,673,452 
Security and/or valuable documents with a top layer with a scratch-resistant finish 

290. 8,673,451 
Multilayer thermoplastic structures with improved tie layers 

289. 8,673,450 
Graphite member for beam-line internal member of ion implantation apparatus 

288. 8,673,449 
Cooking release sheet materials and release surfaces 

287. 8,673,448 
Articles containing precisely branched functional polymeric phase change materials 

286. 8,673,447 
Water-soluble substrate with resistance to dissolution prior to being immersed in water 

285. 8,673,446 
Graphite complex and manufacturing method thereof 

284. 8,673,445 
Composite-plated article and method for producing same 

283. 8,673,444 
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive resin composition, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet or pressure-sensitive adhesive tape using the same 

282. 8,673,443 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet having light-reflective property and/or light-shielding property, and liquid crystal display apparatus 

281. 8,673,442 
Label, a method in labelling and use of an adhesive 

280. 8,673,441 
Antimicrobial plastics product and process for production thereof 

279. 8,673,440 
Porous membrane 

278. 8,673,439 
Article undergoing stimulus-responsive deformation and vehicle part using the same 

277. 8,673,438 
Self-healing and adaptive shaped articles 

276. 8,673,437 
Films having improved mechanical properties 

275. 8,673,436 
Nanoengineered material for hydrogen storage 

274. 8,673,435 
Coated cBN sintered body tool 

273. 8,673,432 
Aliphatic polyester sheet and molded body composed of the same 

272. 8,673,429 
Transparent conductive film, transparent conductive laminate, touch panel, and method for producing transparent conductive film 

271. 8,673,428 
Engraved plate and substrate with conductor layer pattern using the same 

270. 8,673,427 
System, method and apparatus for increasing average reflectance of a roofing product for sloped roof 

269. 8,673,426 
Driver circuit, method of manufacturing the driver circuit, and display device including the driver circuit 

268. 8,673,425 
Touch panel and manufacturing method thereof 

267. 8,673,424 
Snap in weatherstripping 

266. 8,673,423 
Foaming composition for filling, foaming member for filling, and foam for filling 

265. 8,673,422 
Process for encapsulating an electro-optical device 

264. 8,673,420 
Master disc having a PTM layer and a nickel undercoat 

263. 8,673,419 
Stretch releasable adhesive tape 

262. 8,673,418 
Composite core densification 

261. 8,673,417 
Hose for gasohol fuel 

260. 8,673,416 
Multilayer electrical component, coating composition, and method of making electrical component 

259. 8,673,415 
Printable film 

258. 8,673,414 
Heat-shrinkable polyester film, process for production thereof, and package 

257. 8,673,412 
Adhesive composition for polarizing plates, polarizing plate with adhesive using same, and liquid crystal display device using same 

256. 8,673,411 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

255. 8,673,410 
Adhesion layer for thin film transistors 

254. 8,673,408 
Plasma film deposition method 

253. 8,673,407 
Three dimensional engineering of planar optical structures 

252. 8,673,406 
Method and device for the plasma treatment of surfaces containing alkali and alkaline-earth metals 

251. 8,673,405 
Method for producing a wear layer 

250. 8,673,404 
Barrier film and laminated material, container for wrapping and image display medium using the same, and manufacturing method for barrier film 

249. 8,673,403 
Method for forming fine pattern of polymer thin film 

248. 8,673,402 
Spray clad wear plate 

247. 8,673,351 
Crystallization inhibitor and its use in gelatin capsules 

246. 8,673,347 
Polymer conjugates of K-252A and derivatives thereof 

245. 8,673,345 
Dissolvable film composition 

244. 8,673,344 
Solid dosage form with a film containing an active substance, as well as its method of production 

243. 8,673,337 
Method of tissue repair using a composite material 

242. 8,673,334 
Stent coatings comprising hydrophilic additives 

241. 8,673,333 
Cross-linked polymer matrices, and methods of making and using same 

240. 8,673,323 
Polymer nanofiber scaffold for a heparin / fibrin based growth factor delivery system 

239. 8,673,295 
Thermoresponsive, biodegradable, elastomeric material and uses therefor 

238. 8,673,284 
Cosmetic compositions containing block copolymers, tackifiers and a selective solvent for hard blocks 

237. 8,673,283 
Cosmetic compositions containing block copolymers, tackifiers and a solvent mixture 

236. 8,673,282 
Cosmetic compositions containing block copolymers, tackifiers and a selective solvent for soft blocks 

235. 8,673,277 
Structured acrylate copolymer thickeners 

234. 8,673,275 
Block copolymers and their use 

233. 8,673,272 
Ultraviolet-absorbing compounds 

232. 8,673,266 
Polyvinyl alcohol microspheres, injectable solutions and therapeutic uses of the same 

231. 8,673,258 
Enhanced carbon nanotube 

230. 8,673,213 
Test element analysis system with contact surfaces coated with hard material 

229. 8,673,211 
Method to reduce corrosion of aluminum alloys exposed to seawater 

228. 8,673,207 
Porous ceramic honeycomb articles and methods for making the same 

227. 8,673,206 
Methods of extruding a honeycomb body 

226. 8,673,205 
Process for manufacturing a piece that is made of composite material and device for its implementation 

225. 8,673,204 
Large returnable container, method and apparatus for molding the same, and blow mold with separate heating zones 

224. 8,673,203 
Method of depositing material 

223. 8,673,202 
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene articles and methods of forming ultra high molecular weight polyethylene articles 

222. 8,673,200 
Checker balloon winding machine 

221. 8,673,199 
Method for producing an orthesis 

220. 8,673,198 
Method of making improved ballistic products 

219. 8,673,197 
Multi-layer structure and method of producing the same 

218. 8,673,196 
Radial seal filter with open end pleats 

217. 8,673,195 
Method for making a reinforced structural part for an automotive vehicle 

216. 8,673,194 
Method for forming a connector for an implantable medical device 

215. 8,673,193 
Roller nanoimprint apparatus, mold roller for use in roller nanoimprint apparatus, fixing roller for use in roller nanoimprint apparatus, and production method of nanoimprint sheet 

214. 8,673,191 
Apparatus for producing plastic parts interspersed with reinforcing fibres 

213. 8,673,188 
Carbon-carbon parts and methods for making same 

212. 8,673,187 
Method of separating excess lens forming material from a molded ophthalmic lens, in particular a contact lens 

211. 8,673,186 
Fabrication of an optical wedge 

210. 8,673,184 
Systems and methods for providing overcharge protection in capacitive coupled biomedical electrodes 

209. 8,673,183 
Tetrazine monomers and copolymers for use in organic electronic devices 

208. 8,673,182 
Optical film having antistatic layer, polarizing plate and image display device 

207. 8,673,176 
Method of reusing micro-encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystal 

206. 8,673,175 
Method of recycling cholesteric liquid crystal 

205. 8,673,174 
Liquid crystalline polyester fiber and process for production of the same 

204. 8,673,173 
Oxygen-absorbable solvent-soluble resin and oxygen-absorbable adhesive resin composition 

203. 8,673,172 
Latex accelerator composition 

202. 8,673,171 
Cathode for secondary battery 

201. 8,673,170 
Non-homogenous positive electrode materials combining high safety and high power in a Li rechargeable battery 

200. 8,673,169 
Lubricant composition for refrigerating machine 

199. 8,673,168 
Method for producing silicon fine particles and method for controlling particle diameter of silicon fine particles 

198. 8,673,167 
Laser processing method 

197. 8,673,166 
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method 

196. 8,673,164 
Simple method to fabricate nano-porous diamond membranes 

195. 8,673,160 
Electrical interconnect with improved corrosion resistance for a disk drive head suspension 

194. 8,673,154 
Tunable electrical field for aggregating microorganisms 

193. 8,673,151 
Method of modifying surface of material 

192. 8,673,150 
Method for reducing organic waste in waste water 

191. 8,673,149 
Liquid filter assembly 

190. 8,673,148 
Multifiltration cartridge filtration apparatus 

189. 8,673,147 
Container for filtering liquid having an outlet aperture for air 

188. 8,673,146 
Push filter with floating key lock 

187. 8,673,141 
Oil filter device 

186. 8,673,140 
Biological filtration system with socks of absorbent material 

185. 8,673,139 
Dialysis machine, in particular peritoneal dialysis machine 

184. 8,673,138 
Fuel filter 

183. 8,673,120 
Efficient boron nitride nanotube formation via combined laser-gas flow levitation 

182. 8,673,116 
Water disintegratable fibrous sheet 

181. 8,673,115 
Method of making a fabric-creped absorbent cellulosic sheet 

180. 8,673,114 
Method for producing a watermark element, watermark element, and also applications 

179. 8,673,113 
Process for reducing specific energy demand during refining of thermomechanical and chemi-thermomechanical pulp 

178. 8,673,112 
Method and device for thermal hydrolysis and steam explosion of biomass 

177. 8,673,111 
Plasma processing chamber for bevel edge processing 

176. 8,673,110 
Solution supplying unit and substrate treating apparatus having the same 

175. 8,673,109 
Method of making a layered bituminous membrane, and an apparatus therefor 

174. 8,673,108 
Curable epoxy resin-based adhesive compositions 

173. 8,673,107 
Methods for fabricating optically encoded particles and methods for optically encoding objects with such particles 

172. 8,673,106 
Methods and apparatus for forming molded thermal plastic polymer components 

171. 8,673,105 
Method of manufacturing translucent rigid substrate laminate and translucent rigid substrate bonding apparatus 

170. 8,673,104 
Fabricating method of liquid crystal display device 

169. 8,673,103 
Method of fabricating an armor panel 

168. 8,673,102 
Inflatable structure and method of manufacture 

167. 8,673,101 
Fiber reinforced rebar with shaped sections 

166. 8,673,100 
Strip lined catheters and methods for constructing and processing 

165. 8,673,099 
Compressed inner covering hinged segmented stent-graft 

164. 8,673,098 
Method and apparatus for stretching segmented stretchable film and application of the segmented film to a moving web 

163. 8,673,097 
Anchoring loops of fibers needled into a carrier sheet 

162. 8,673,096 
Method of fabricating pneumatic tire 

161. 8,673,091 
Pretreatment compositions and methods for coating a metal substrate 

160. 8,673,089 
Aldimine cleaning composition for reactive polyurethane compositions 

159. 8,673,088 
Foam dispensing device 

158. 8,673,087 
Reducing copper defects during a wet chemical cleaning of exposed copper surfaces in a metallization layer of a semiconductor device 

157. 8,673,069 
Processing bituminous mixtures for paving at reduced temperatures 

156. 8,673,069 
Processing bituminous mixtures for paving at reduced temperatures 

155. 8,673,064 
Partial wall-flow filter and method 

154. 8,673,062
Method for purifying gases and obtaining acid gases 

153. 8,673,061 
Methods for facilitating use of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) by removal of same, related compounds, or associated odors 

152. 8,673,060 
Composite H.sub.2O absorber for sealed medical devices 

151. 8,673,059 
Rapid temperature swing adsorption contactors for gas separation 

150. 8,673,058 
Method and arrangement for removing solid particles and tar component from carbon monoxide gas 

149. 8,673,057 
Zeolite DDR membranes 

148. 8,673,053 
Method of hardening an interface of carbon material using nano silicon carbide coating 

147. 8,673,050 
Conductive material, conductive paste, circuit board, and semiconductor device 

146. 8,673,049 
Low-temperature sintered silver nanoparticle composition and electronic articles formed using the same 

145. 8,673,013 
Devices and methods for inter-vertebral orthopedic device placement 

144. 8,673,012 
Intervertebral spacer and insertion tool providing multiple angles of insertion 

143. 8,673,010 
Flexible chain implants and instrumentation 

142. 8,673,009 
Spinal prosthesis and facet joint prosthesis 

141. 8,673,008 
Posterior spinal arthroplasty system 

140. 8,673,007 
Implant with insertion device and method 

139. 8,673,006 
Spinal implant 

138. 8,673,005 
System and methods for spinal fusion 

137. 8,673,004 
Method for inserting an interbody spinal fusion implant having an anatomically conformed trailing end 

136. 8,673,000 
Stents for prosthetic heart valves 

135. 8,672,999 
Prosthetic heart valve assemblies 

134. 8,672,998 
Method for anchoring a mitral valve 

133. 8,672,997 
Valve with sinus 

132. 8,672,996 
Self-expanding medical device 

131. 8,672,995 
Polymer prosthesis 

130. 8,672,994 
Prosthesis for treating vascular bifurcations 

129. 8,672,993 
Pararenal stent graft 

128. 8,672,992 
Stent and stent-graft having one or more conformance struts 

127. 8,672,991 
Delivery and recovery sheaths for medical devices 

126. 8,672,990 
Fiber mesh controlled expansion balloon catheter 

125. 8,672,985 
Bone fasteners and method for stabilizing vertebral bone facets using the bone fasteners 

124. 8,672,983 
Orthopedic plate system 

123. 8,672,982 
Apparatus and methods for repairing craniomaxillofacial bones using customized bone plates 

122. 8,672,981 
Osteosynthesis plate comprising through-openings which are inclined in relation to the plane of the plate 

121. 8,672,980 
Implant retaining device 

120. 8,672,979 
Spinal stabilization system for the stabilization and fixation of the lumbar spine and method for using same 

119. 8,672,969 
Fracture fixation device 

118. 8,672,957 
Adhesive patch vascular applicator 

117. 8,672,956 
Endoscopic suturing machine 

116. 8,672,955 
Medical suturing device 

115. 8,672,954 
Piercing implement particularly useful as a medical implement for piercing body tissue, and method of using such implement for applying a suture to the body tissue 

114. 8,672,953
Tissue closure system and methods of use 

113. 8,672,952 
Close-wound coil and medical treatment tool using this coil 

112. 8,672,916 
Absorbent garment having outer shell and adjustable absorbent assembly therein 

111. 8,672,915 
Wearing article 

110. 8,672,914 
Absorbent article having a telescoping waist 

109. 8,672,913 
Disposable absorbent article having a frangible bonding agent 

108. 8,672,912 
Absorbent article with improved fit 

107. 8,672,911 
Body adhering absorbent article 

106. 8,672,907 
Drainable ostomy pouch 

105. 8,672,906 
Medical dressing containing antimicrobial agent and related methods therefor 

104. 8,672,784 
Sport ball with an inflation-retention bladder 

103. 8,672,783 
Sports ball 

102. 8,672,778 
Golf ball 

101. 8,672,777 
Golf ball core with soft outer transition volume and negative hardness gradient 

100. 8,672,776 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

99. 8,672,775 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

98. 8,672,774 
Golf ball 

97. 8,672,710 
Gasket with fingers for RJ45 cable connector 

96. 8,672,680 
Tactile relief films, decals and stickers for indicating object characteristics 

95. 8,672,668 
Device for producing closures 

94. 8,672,662 
Plastic extruder 

93. 8,672,661 
Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method 

92. 8,672,660 
Devices and methods for regulating extruder ceramic batch material 

91. 8,672,609 
Composite fan containment case assembly 

90. 8,672,585 
Flood wall protection system 

89. 8,672,584 
Drainage beads 

88. 8,672,545 
Liner bag for warming device 

87. 8,672,522 
Optical sheet 

86. 8,672,493 
Display device and optical film 

85. 8,672,492 
Optical film and method for manufacturing the same, antiglare film, polarizer with optical layer, and display apparatus 

84. 8,672,491 
Eyeguard with automatic diaphragm 

83. 8,672,490 
High reflectivity retro-reflective marker 

82. 8,672,489 
Medical lens assemblies and sterile drapes with a lens assembly 

81. 8,672,479 
Visual device including an ophthalmic lens having a partially cropped insertion rib, and method for preparing such lens 

80. 8,672,478 
Ophthalmic lens arrangement and an apparatus for demonstrating a plurality of optical functions and a method for demonstrating a plurality of optical functions 

79. 8,672,477 
Eyewear with pinhole aperture and lens 

78. 8,672,476 
Contact lenses with improved movement 

77. 8,672,475 
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses and methods of making silicone hydrogel contact lenses 

76. 8,672,457 
Piezoelectric film and method of manufacturing same, piezoelectric device and liquid ejection apparatus 

75. 8,672,456 
Piezoelectric film, piezoelectric device and liquid ejection apparatus 

74. 8,672,455 
Piezoelectric element, piezoelectric actuator, droplet-ejecting head, droplet-ejecting apparatus, and method for manufacturing piezoelectric element 

73. 8,672,423 
Rubber track 

72. 8,672,372 
Reinforced blown film bag 

71. 8,672,307 
Stretch liner clamp 

70. 8,672,272 
Coating for prevention of electrostatic discharge within an equipment in a spatial environment 

69. 8,672,265 
Container for air freight transport and fuselage of an aircraft for freight transport 

68. 8,672,257 
Centrally-holed paper roll with reinforcing element and method of manufacturing said roll 

67. 8,672,251 
Paper shredder with staple and clip remover 

66. 8,672,248 
Asphalt material recycling system and method with ball screener and impact and cutting choppers 

65. 8,672,247 
Shredder with thickness detector 

64. 8,672,246 
Method for purifying graphene powder 

63. 8,672,238 
Spray head for a blower tube of a spray apparatus 

62. 8,672,237 
Device for mixing and dispensing of two-component reactive surgical sealant 

61. 8,672,215 
Flexible hinge clam shell food service container with continuous sidewall construction 

60. 8,672,214 
Cartons with reclosable opening features 

59. 8,672,213 
Food container and method for producing food container 

58. 8,672,212 
Joining method and friction stir welding method 

57. 8,672,211 
Vibration welding system with thin film sensor 

56. 8,672,187 
Method and apparatus for generating ozone containing fluid and foam 

55. 8,672,184 
Bag in box packaging having a locating panel for a tap 

54. 8,672,183 
Collapsible bottle and cover 

53. 8,672,182 
Discharge spout for flexible bags 

52. 8,672,174 
Multi-function lid for beverage containers 

51. 8,672,168 
Sealing disc with tab for closing a container having a plug or cap closure and fabrication method 

50. 8,672,167 
Self-opening and re-sealable pouring element of plastics material for application to a pack for liquids 

49. 8,672,166 
Resealable food container with lid having a tamper evident tear away band 

48. 8,672,165 
Containers with dispensing cap and methods of manufacturing the same 

47. 8,672,164 
Drinking vessel with atmospheric assist valve 

46. 8,672,163 
Reinforced paper lid 

45. 8,672,160 
Composite interlocking stopper and method of manufacture 

44. 8,672,159 
Hollow product with localized relief for vacuum sealing 

43. 8,672,158 
Impact resistant closure 

42. 8,672,157 
Procedure for manufacturing bottles containing fluids, particularly cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical products or the like, and relative system and bottles 

41. 8,672,156 
Bottle and cap 

40. 8,672,155 
Closure cap for a container filled with medicinal fluid, and container having a closure cap 

39. 8,672,154 
Fillable closure device with triggering pushbutton 

38. 8,672,145 
Urea sorbent 

37. 8,672,144 
Adsorbent filter media for removal of biological contaminants in process liquids 

36. 8,672,143 
Composite semipermeable membrane 

35. 8,672,142 
Composite semipermeable membrane 

34. 8,672,134 
Child-resistant medication container 

33. 8,672,130 
Blister package having partially exposed blister tray 

32. 8,672,128 
Container for sanitizing an article 

31. 8,672,029 
System for reducing foam in mixing operations 

30. 8,672,012 
Adhesive force development unit, adhesive-label issue device, and printer 

29. 8,672,011 
Rubber composition for bead apex and tire having bead apex prepared using same 

28. 8,672,007 
Sealing arrangement between a stationary first machine part and a second machine part that rotates around the first machine part 

27. 8,671,999 
Foam retainer 

26. 8,671,882 
Plasma processing apparatus 

25. 8,671,881 
Thickness adjustment device for thin-film coating 

24. 8,671,878 
Profile and CD uniformity control by plasma oxidation treatment 

23. 8,671,877 
Coating apparatus 

22. 8,671,874 
Process and apparatus for localized coating of assembled cascade impactor particle collection surfaces 

21. 8,671,873 
Painting device to produce decorative appearance 

20. 8,671,872 
Production coater with exchangeable drums 

19. 8,671,855 
Apparatus for treating waste 

18. 8,671,854 
Shaft seal for pyrolytic waste treatment system 

17. 8,671,848 
Pallet protector device and method 

16. 8,671,835 
Disposable cup insert for pad printing and decorating 

15. 8,671,820 
Soft ballistic shields 

14. 8,671,759 
Method and apparatus for measuring amount of material removed from target in pulsed laser ablation 

13. 8,671,657 
Drawing frame for a spinning machine 

12. 8,671,654 
Method and system for forming containers with corrugated material 

11. 8,671,652 
Packages, packaging systems, methods for packaging and apparatus for packaging 

10. 8,671,651 
Packaging machine and method of packaging articles 

9. 8,671,647 
Continuous pelletizing, drying and bagging systems with improved throughput 

8. 8,671,639 
Roof panel for roofing system and roof structure 

7. 8,671,637 
Structural insulating core for concrete walls and floors 

6. 8,671,616 
Biopolymer-based growth media, and methods of making and using same 

5. 8,671,599 
Labels and methods of making same 

4. 8,671,573 
Method of forming fastenable member for sealing, baffling or reinforcing

3. 8,671,572 
Method for the production of a dental implant 

2. 8,671,524 
Production of and drying of copolymer fibers 

1. 8,671,462 
Stab resistant knit fabric having ballistic resistance made with layered modified knit structure and soft body armor construction containing the same 


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