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2013 Week 44


from 10/30/2013


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Patents published 10/29/2013                   

8,566,962 through 8,572,761

409/6210 (Number selected /Total number)


409. 8,569,941 
Diamondoid monolayers as electron emitters 

408. 8,569,617 
Encapsulation housing reducing piece 

407. 8,569,610 
Light-emitting polymer 

406. 8,569,570
Airlaid sheet material 

405. 8,569,569 
Ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores 

404. 8,569,558 
Metallophosphate molecular sieves, method of preparation and use 

403. 8,569,557 
Silicometallophosphate molecular sieves, method of preparation and use 

402. 8,569,517 
Cleaning device for separating dilactide from mixtures, polymerisation device, method for separating dilactide from mixtures and use thereof 

401. 8,569,482 
Nanoparticulate probe for in vivo monitoring of tissue oxygenation 

400. 8,569,480 

399. 8,569,479 
Process for reducing the average molecular weight of cellulose ethers 

398. 8,569,465 
Method for modifying lignin structure using monolignol ferulate conjugates 

397. 8,569,443 
Copolythiophene semiconductors for electronic device applications 

396. 8,569,442 
Hydrogenation process for improving yield of hydrogenated bisphenol-A-based epoxy resin 

395. 8,569,441 
Process for transforming the end groups of polymers 

394. 8,569,440 
Highly reactive polyurethane compositions containing uretdione groups 

393. 8,569,439 
Hardener for silicone rubber materials 

392. 8,569,438 
Coating agents having high scratch resistance and weathering stability 

391. 8,569,437 
Encapsulating material for solar cell 

390. 8,569,436 
Polyvinyl chloride formulations 

389. 8,569,435 
Amino acid mimetic copolymers and medical devices coated with the copolymers 

388. 8,569,434 
Ethylene copolymers, catalyst system and process for preparing the same 

387. 8,569,433 
Energy efficient polyolefin process 

386. 8,569,432 
Semi-continuous method for emulsion polymerisation 

385. 8,569,431 

384. 8,569,430 
Method of spray drying phenol-formaldehyde resin 

383. 8,569,429 
Curable silicone resin composition with high reliability and optical semiconductor device using same 

382. 8,569,428 
High modulus polymer composites and methods of making the same 

381. 8,569,427 
Polymers derived from rosin and their methods of preparation 

380. 8,569,426 
Preparation of polymer conjugates of therapeutic, agricultural, and food additive compounds 

379. 8,569,425 
Modified phenolic resins 

378. 8,569,424 
Brominated and epoxidized flame retardants 

377. 8,569,422 
Catalytic olefin block copolymers with controlled block sequence distribution and at least one low crystallinity hard block 

376. 8,569,421 
Star macromolecules for personal and home care 

375. 8,569,420 
Singly-terminated polyisobutylenes and process for making same 

374. 8,569,419 
Propylene polymer compositions 

373. 8,569,418 
Polyolefin compositions 

372. 8,569,417 
Modified polyolefins 

371. 8,569,416 
Single phase silicone acrylate formulation 

370. 8,569,415 
Graft copolymer, thermoplastic resin composition and molded product 

369. 8,569,414 
Polyvinyl alcohol resin composition and molded article thereof 

368. 8,569,413 
Aqueous coating composition 

367. 8,569,412 
Heterophasic polypropylene copolymer composition 

366. 8,569,411 
Flexible packaging composites 

365. 8,569,410 
Procedure for manufacturing an aqueous formulation based on a solution of acrylic comb polymer and acrylic thickening emulsion, the formulation obtained and its use in coating paper 

364. 8,569,409 
Vulcanized elastomeric compositions 

363. 8,569,408 
Acrylonitrile copolymer and method for producing the same, acrylonitrile copolymer solution and polyacrylonitrile precursor fiber for carbon fiber and method for producing the same 

362. 8,569,407 
Biodegradable material composed of a polymer comprising a porous metal-organic framework 

361. 8,569,406 
Polycarbonate resin, composition of said resin, and molded article of said resin 

360. 8,569,405 
Additive mixtures for styrenic polymers 

359. 8,569,404 
Polyamide resin composition and molded article 

358. 8,569,403 
Thermoplastic resin composition for light reflector, formed article for light reflector, light reflector, and method for producing formed article for light reflector 

357. 8,569,402 
Mouldable biodegradable polymer 

356. 8,569,400 
Elastomer composition and tire using the elastomer composition 

355. 8,569,399 
Polymeric compositions containing microspheres 

354. 8,569,396 
Antimicrobial coating having broad-range adhesion and thermoforming characteristics 

353. 8,569,395 
Methods for making oxidation-resistant cross-linked polymeric materials 

352. 8,569,394 
Active light-curable ink composition, and ink jet, ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet recording method using the light-curable ink composition 

351. 8,569,393 
UV-LED curable compositions and inks 

350. 8,569,392 
Method for making absorbent for metal 

349. 8,569,391 
Ordered porous mesostructured materials from nanoparticle-block copolymer self-assembly 

348. 8,569,390 
Polypropylene resin pre-expanded particles and in-mold foamed articles prepared therefrom 

347. 8,569,389 
Organic/inorganic hybrid composite proton exchange membrane 

346. 8,569,384 
Antimicrobial compositions 

345. Synergistic antimicrobial composition 

344. 8,569,268 
Acrylate/methacrylate-based diblock copolymer/anthranilic diamide compositions for propagule coating 

343. 8,569,263 
Method of producing silane-modified cationized cellulose 

342. 8,569,262 
Polysaccharide compositions and methods of use for the treatment and prevention of disorders associated with progenitor cell mobilization 

341. 8,569,218 
Cleaning composition containing polymer microemulsion 

340. 8,569,214 
Methods of using polysaccharide based cement additives 

339. 8,569,210 
Turfgrass fungicide formulation with pigment 

338. 8,569,209 
Thickener for plant-compatible concentrates that can be dispersed in water 

337. 8,569,206 
Porous carbon material and a method of production thereof 

336. 8,569,204 
Absorbent core 

335. 8,569,195 
Internal and external donor compounds for olefin polymerization catalysts II 

334. 8,569,194 
Catalyst composition for polymerization of olefins, polymerization process using the same, and method for its preparation 

333. 8,569,193 
Preparation of surface functionalized porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials or mesoporous materials with coordinatively unsaturated metal sites and catalytic applications thereof 

332. 8,569,190 
Waterproof/breathable moisture transfer liner for snowboard boots, alpine boots, hiking boots and the like 

331. 8,569,189 
Electronic textile 

330. 8,569,180 
Method and structure of wafer level encapsulation of integrated circuits with cavity 

329.  8,569,178 
Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus 

328. 8,569,177 
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method 

327. 8,569,166 
Methods of modifying interlayer adhesion 

326. 8,569,105 
Passivating glue layer to improve amorphous carbon to metal adhesion 

325. 8,569,089 
Nano-devices formed with suspended graphene membrane 

324. 8,569,078 
Magnetic-nanoparticle conjugates and methods of use

323. 8,569,067 
Method and apparatus for evaluating ex-situ chemical degradation of membranes 

322. 8,569,063 
Planta gold nanoparticle manufacture 

321. 8,569,062 
Cryogels of PVA-boronic acid containing co-polymers for cell culture 

320. 8,568,962 
Process for preparing a polymeric relief structure 

319. 8,568,961 
Methods for protecting a die surface with photocurable materials 

318. 8,568,958 
Underlayer composition and process thereof 

317. 8,568,957 
Data storage media containing inorganic nanomaterial data layer 

316. 8,568,956 
Resist composition and method for producing resist pattern 

315. 8,568,955 
Composition for formation of top antireflective film, and pattern formation method using the composition 

314. 8,568,954 
Positive photosensitive resin composition 

313. 8,568,950 
Polyester resin for toner, electrostatic-image-developing toner, electrostatic image developer, toner cartridge, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method 

312. 8,568,949 
Polyester resin for toner and toner for developing an electrostatic charge image 

311. 8,568,948 
Electrostatic-image-developing toner, electrostatic image developer, method of manufacturing electrostatic-image-developing toner, toner cartridge, process cartridge, method of image formation, and image forming 

310. 8,568,929 
Electrode assembly including separators having crossing pores and rechargeable battery 

309. 8,568,924 
Modified battery anode with carbon nanotubes 

308. 8,568,899 
Metal covered polyimide composite, process for producing the composite, and process for producing electronic circuit board 

307. 8,568,896 
Low ignition propensity wrapping paper and method and machine of manufacturing same 

306. 8,568,895 
Use of popcorn for timber and composite materials 

305. 8,568,894 
Films and articles with good taste and/or odor performance 

304. 8,568,893 
Birefringent film and polarizer 

303. 8,568,892 
Coated articles 

302. 8,568,891  
Thermosetting resin composition of semi-IPN composite, and varnish, prepreg and metal clad laminated board using the same 

301. 8,568,889 
Aqueous polymer compositions obtained from epoxidized natural oils 

300. 8,568,888 
Dendritic polyurethane coating 

299. 8,568,887 
Hydrophobic and oleophobic fuser member 

298. 8,568,886 
Fluorine-containing copolymer, paper processing agent, and coating film-forming agent for cosmetic preparation 

297. 8,568,884 
Schiff base type compound and coloring material containing the same 

296. 8,568,883 
Superabsorbent polymer particles with improved surface cross-linking and improved hydrophilicity and method of making them using vacuum UV radiation 

295. 8,568,881 
Magnetic microspheres for use in fluorescence-based applications 

294. 8,568,880 
Process for producing spherical particles of furfuryl alcohol resin, spherical particles of furfuryl alcohol resin produced thereby, and spherical carbon particles and spherical activated carbon particles obtained using the same 

293. 8,568,879 
Polyolefin dispersion technology used for resin coated sand 

292. 8,568,878 
Directly fabricated nanoparticles for raman scattering 

291. 8,568,877 
Porous and non-porous nanostructures 

290. 8,568,876 
Nanowire fabrication 

289. 8,568,875 
Copolymers containing perfluoroalkyl groups and aqueous dispersions thereof 

288. 8,568,874 
Fibers and yarns from a fluorinated polyester blend 

287. 8,568,873 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive for polarizing plates, polarizing plate with pressure-sensitive adhesive and production process for the same 

286. 8,568,872 
Catechol functionalized polymers and method for preparing them 

285. 8,568,871 
Mono-layer and multi-layer nanowire networks 

284. 8,568,870 
Coating film for building material 

283. 8,568,869 
Optical bodies including rough strippable boundary layers and asymmetric surface structures 

282. 8,568,868 
Gas barrier film laminate 

281. 8,568,867 
Polyimide solvent cast films having a low coefficient of thermal expansion and method of manufacture thereof 

280. 8,568,866 
Multilayer nitride hard coatings 

279. 8,568,865 
Ceramic composite wall covering 

278. 8,568,864 
Data carrier with see-through window and method for producing it 

277. 8,568,863 
Printable coating 

276. 8,568,862 
Patterned fine particle film structures 

275. 8,568,861 
Metallic laminate and manufacturing method of light emitting diode package using the same 

274. 8,568,860 
Multiwall polymer sheet comprising branched polycarbonate 

273. 8,568,859 
Double-cell structure for window shade and manufacture method thereof 

272. 8,568,858 
Method for producing a composite part having multipart cover layer and composite part 

271. 8,568,856 
Two-layer flexible substrate 

270. 8,568,855 
Insulation materials having apertures formed therein 

269. 8,568,854 
Optimized fiber shapes for improved optical performance 

268. 8,568,853  Lightweight thermoplastic composite including bi-directional fiber tapes 

267. 8,568,852 
Artificial grass turf and infill for sports fields 

266. 8,568,851 
Method for manufacturing optical information recording medium, and optical information recording medium 

264. 8,568,850 
Frozen, lightweight curable sealant 

263. 8,568,849 
Surface treated film and/or laminate 

262. 8,568,848 
Blended fluorosilicone release materials 

261. 8,568,847 
Two-sided direct thermal label with pouch 

260. 8,568,846 
Process for making polyol neoalkylester plasticizers from neo acids 

259. 8,568,845 
Heterophasic polymer composition of high stiffness 

258. 8,568,844 
Pre-applied protective jacketing construction for pipe and block insulation 

257. 8,568,843 
Tube made of flexible material, procedure for the manufacture of tubes made of flexible material, and the formulation used 

256. 8,568,842 
Film for wrapping, methods of making and using 

255. 8,568,841 
Thermo-shrinkable polyester film 

254. 8,568,840 
Base for turf system 

253. 8,568,839 
Liquid crystal composition and retardation film 

252. 8,568,838 
Power control for densification of one or more porous articles 

251. 8,568,837 
Method of making golf ball with thermal sprayed layer 

250. 8,568,836 
Organic thin film forming method, auxiliary agent for forming an organic thin film, and solution for forming an organic thin film 

249. 8,568,835 
Apparatus for coloring electric wire and method thereof 

248. 8,568,834 
Superhydrophilic coating compositions and their preparation 

247. 8,568,833 
Process for formation of multi-layered coating film 

246. 8,568,832 
Method of applying a magnesium-containing powder to the surface of an aluminum or aluminum alloy substrate 

245. 8,568,831 
Solvent-borne coating composition containing acetoacyl-functional polymers 

244. 8,568,830 
Method for manufacturing coated pipes 

243. 8,568,827 
Textured coating on a component surface 

242. 8,568,823 
Method for forming pattern and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device 

241. 8,568,808 
Intercalated layered silicate 

240. 8,568,807 
Method for closing the end of folded tubular casings 

239. 8,568,791 
Antibacterial zeolite particles and antibacterial resin composition 

238. 8,568,788 
Nanoparticulated anesthetic composition for topic use 

237. 8,568,787 
Hydroxyalkylcellulose microparticles 

236. 8,568,786 
Method and compositions for polymer nanocarriers containing therapeutic molecules 

235. 8,568,784 
Nanoparticles for delivery of active agents 

234. 8,568,781 
Peptide-carrying nanoparticles 

233. 8,568,770 
Adhesive material containing 5-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(1H)-pyridone 

232. 8,568,769 
Particle-containing complex porous materials 

231. 8,568,768 
Sequestered reactive materials 

230. 8,568,765 
Poly (diol co-citrate) hydroxyapatite composite for tissue engineering and orthapaedic fixation devices 

229. 8,568,764 
Methods of forming coating layers for medical devices utilizing flash vaporization 

228. 8,568,763 
Compositions and coatings for delivery of therapeutic agents 

227. 8,568,762 
Methods for modifying the surface of an implant to provide said surface with calcium 

226. 8,568,760 
Hydrophobic polysaccharides with pendent groups having terminal reactive functionalities and medical uses thereof 

225. 8,568,759 
Pesticidal compositions and methods 

224. 8,568,755 
Fungicidal composition and method for controlling noxious fungi 

223. 8,568,711 
Antimicrobial compositions 

222. 8,568,705 
Method for preparing branched functionalized polymers using branched polyol cores 

221. 8,568,704 
Dermatological/pharmaceutical compositions comprising benzoyl peroxide, at least one naphthoic acid compound and at least one polyurethane polymer 

220. 8,568,702 
Use and application of defined zwitterionic copolymer 

219. 8,568,701 
Cationic synthetic polymers with improved solubility and performance in phosphate surfactant-based systems and use in personal care and household applications 

218. 8,568,662 
Plasma reaction apparatus, plasma reaction method using the same, plasma reaction method of persistent gas, and apparatus for decreasing NOx by occlusion catalyst 

217. 8,568,645 
Method of making structural members using waste and recycled plastics 

216. 8,568,643 
Methods of manufacturing linearly expandable ureteral stents 

215. 8,568,642 
Method of fabricating a robotics skin system having integral actuation points 

214. 8,568,641 
Composite material human body support and process for making same 

213. 8,568,640 
Method of making breast prosthesis for patients with edema 

212. 8,568,639 
Process for producing a device using a mold 

211. 8,568,638 
Polymer-based sausage casing 

210. 8,568,637 
Method of forming a fiber made of peptide nanostructures 

209. 8,568,636 
Multilayer film 

208. 8,568,635 
Method for manufacturing three-dimensional netted structure having four molded surfaces 

207. 8,568,634 
Blow molding method and apparatus for forming squeezable plastic container 

206. 8,568,633 
Elastic particle foam based on polyolefin/styrene polymer mixtures 

205. 8,568,632 
Method of forming thermoplastic foams using nano-particles to control cell morphology 

204. 8,568,631 
Control method for screw of injection molding machine 

203. 8,568,630 
Rotary press for quality surveillance of powdered pressed material 

202. 8,568,629 
Spray-Drying process 

201. 8,568,627 
Method for forming and modifying lenses 

Extended wear ophthalmic lens 

Aqueous dispersion of flame retardant for textiles and process for producing same 

Acrylic resin composition, and optical film comprising same 

Triphenylamine derivatives and organic photovoltaic cells including the derivatives 

Transparent conductive film 

Electrode composite material, method for making the same, and lithium ion battery using the same 

Electrically conductive polymer compositions 

Oxide coatings on lithium oxide particles 

High-pH synthesis of nanocomposite thermoelectric material 

Forming nanometer-sized patterns by electron microsco

200. 8,568,603 
Method of manufacturing transparent conductive film 

199. 8,568,600 
Touch screen panel and method of manufacturing the same 

198. 8,568,599 
Touch panel fabricating method 

197. 8,568,596 
Membrane filtering device managing system and membrane filtering device for use therein, and membrane filtering device managing method 

196. 8,568,587 
Electro-spun fibers and applications therefore 

195. 8,568,579 
Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device 

194. 8,568,578 
Electrode for electrochemical measurement apparatus and electrode for biosensor 

193. 8,568,577 
Magnetron sputtering apparatus 

192. 8,568,576 
Sputtering target of nonmagnetic-particle-dispersed ferromagnetic material 

191. 8,568,572 
Very low pressure high power impulse triggered magnetron sputtering 

190. 8,568,569 
Method and apparatus for efficient production of activated carbon 

189. 8,568,566 
Method and apparatus for making absorbent structures with absorbent material 

188. 8,568,564 
Sheet-formed fibrous material with improved strength property 

187. 8,568,563 
Methods of making a non-woven fire barrier mat 

186. 8,568,562 
Creping methods using pH-modified creping adhesive compositions 

185. 8,568,561 
Creped tissue sheets treated with an additive composition according to a pattern 

184. 8,568,560 
Method of making a cellulosic absorbent sheet 

183. 8,568,559 
Method of making a cellulosic absorbent sheet 

182. 8,568,556 
Plasma processing apparatus and method for using plasma processing apparatus 

181. 8,568,552 
Sheet member and method of manufacturing sheet member 

180. 8,568,551 
Pre-patterned layup kit and method of manufacture 

179. 8,568,550 
Method for the production of a protection device 

178. 8,568,549 
Process and device for manufacturing a preform for a load path aligned fiber composite structure 

177. 8,568,548 
Method of manufacturing footwear using adhesive films and composite of adhesive films 

176. 8,568,547 
Molded product and manufacturing method thereof 

175. 8,568,545 
Automated material removal in composite structures 

174. 8,568,543 
Explosive composition, method of making an explosive composition, and method of using an explosive composition 

173. 8,568,542 
Perchlorate-free yellow signal flare composition 

172. 8,568,541 
Reactive material compositions and projectiles containing same 

171. 8,568,538 
Nanoparticle surface treatment 

170. 8,568,533 
Multistage cellulose hydrolysis and quench with or without acid 

169. 8,568,525 
Hard coating film, material coated with hard coating film, and die for cold plastic working 

168. 8,568,524 
Method for coating mineral granules to improve bonding to hydrocarbon-based substrate and coloring of same 

167. 8,568,523 
Method of treating tire surfaces 

166. 8,568,522 
Method of passivating metallic surfaces by means of copolymers having phosphoric acid and/or phosphonic acid groups 

165. 8,568,518 
Method of making SAPO-34 membranes for use in gas separations 

164. 8,568,517 
Mesoporous silica membrane on polymeric hollow fibers

163. 8,568,510 
Gas-separation processes using membranes with permeate sweep to recover reaction feedstocks

162. 8,568,493 
Method for producing negative carbon fuel 

161. 8,568,492 
Composition for dyeing of cellulosic fabric 

160. 8,568,491 
Cationic 4-aminoindoles, dye composition comprising a cationic 4-aminoindole, processes therefor and uses thereof 

159. 8,568,478 
Intraocular lenses for managing glare, adhesion, and cell migration 

158. 8,568,477 
Stentless aortic valve replacement with high radial strength 

157. 8,568,476 
Methods of assembling and delivering a cardiac implant 

156. 8,568,474 
Transcatheter prosthetic heart valve post-dilatation remodeling devices and methods 

155. 8,568,473 
Systems and methods for enabling heart valve replacement 

154. 8,568,472 
Integrated heart valve delivery system 

153. 8,568,471 
Crush recoverable polymer scaffolds 

152. 8,568,470 
Guide wire and stent 

151. 8,568,469 
Stent locking element and a method of securing a stent on a delivery system 

150. 8,568,468 
Stent-graft comprising at least one reinforced hole 

149. 8,568,428 
Suture system and assembly including a tubular leader having a clasp 

148. 8,568,420 
Devices for delivering bone filler material and associated method of use 

147. 8,568,384 
Disposable absorbent articles having wetness appearing graphics 

146. 8,568,383 
Disposable pants-type wearing article and method for making the same 

145. 8,568,382 
Disposable absorbent articles having co-elongation 

144. 8,568,381 
Tampon and a method of producing a tampon 

143. 8,568,380 
Diapering system using re-usable diaper shell with replaceable absorbent insert and method of manufacture of same 

142. 8,568,379 
Absorbent article comprising a design field 

141. 8,568,378 
Method of packaging an absorbent article and attaching the absorbent article to an undergarment 

140. 8,568,377 
Elastic composite for a disposable absorbent garment 

139. 8,568,376 
Incontinence device for ambulatory males 

138. 8,568,375 
Wound treatment and containment arrangement 

137. 8,568,362 
Surgical access device with sorbents 

136. 8,568,252 
Multi-color golf ball 

135. 8,568,251 
In-mold powder coating of golf ball equipment and methods of making the same 

134. 8,568,250 
Golf ball with cover having zones of hardne

133. 8,568,206 
Abrasive article for use with a grinding wheel 

132. 8,568,205 
Abrasive tools having a continuous metal phase for bonding an abrasive component to a carrier 

131. 8,568,204 
Material removing tool 

130. 8,568,191 
Spinning toy vehicle and game 

129. 8,568,190 
Balloon sealing and displaying device 

128. 8,568,189 
Context-based interactive plush toy 

127. 8,568,183 
Process of producing organic electroluminescence element composition, organic electroluminescence element composition, process of producing organic electroluminescence element, organic electroluminescence element, organic EL display device and organic EL lighting 

126. 8,568,169 
Waterproof connector and method of assembly of waterproof connector 

125. 8,568,168 
Waterproof connector and method of producing rubber stopper 

124. 8,568,155 
Laminous multi-polymeric high amperage over-molded connector assembly for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging 

123. 8,568,148 
Artificial bones and methods of making same 

122. 8,568,130 
Casting machine and casting machine valve 

121. 8,568,129 
Floating cut-off bar for a mold box 

120. 8,568,128 
Housing support for an apparatus used for providing packaging material 

119. 8,568,127 
Device and method for forming moulded bodies from a mouldable mass 

118. 8,568,125 
Roll fed flotation/impingement air ovens and related thermoforming systems for corrugation-free heating and expanding of gas impregnated thermoplastic webs 

117. 8,568,124 
Powder spreader 

116. 8,568,123 
Universal auxiliary controller for an injection moulding machine 

115. 8,568,122 
Control and actuation system for machine for producing expanded-grain cakes 

114. 8,568,121 
Techniques for sensing material flow rate in automated extrusion 

113. 8,568,120 
Tire vulcanization mold manufacturing method and tire vulcanization mold 

112. 8,568,115 
Peristaltic hose pump 

111. 8,568,104 
Fast set material proportioner 

110. 8,568,069 
Machining apparatus and method for machining a laminate 

109. 8,568,061 
Polyurethane foams for trench breaker and other applications 

108. 8,568,060 
Rehabilitating pipe segment and existing pipe rehabilitation method using same 

107. 8,568,059 
Method and device for laying pipelines in the ground 

106. 8,568,043 
Coating and developing apparatus and coating and developing method 

105. 8,568,027 
Carbon nanotube temperature and pressure sensors 

104. 8,568,016 
Mobile paint system utilizing slider attribute prompts and reflectance memory storage 

103. 8,567,969 
Bi-polymer infrared optics for high-G applications 

102. 8,567,965 
Reflective object and the production process thereof 

101. 8,567,964 
Ultraviolet retroreflectors 

100. 8,567,924 
Patterned conductive array and self leveling epoxy 

99. 8,567,910 
Durable non-wetting coating on fluid ejector 

98. 8,567,824 
Polymer duct having clamping collar 

97. 8,567,789 
Sealing device 

96. 8,567,788 
vehicle brake master cylinder seal 

95. 8,567,780 
Sheet discharging device and image forming apparatus 

94. 8,567,779 
Apparatus for pressing flat materials onto a transport module 

93. 8,567,778 
Sheet feeder, original document transport device, image forming apparatus, and sheet feeding method 

92. 8,567,750 
Device having both non-abrading and fire-resistant properties for linking concrete formwork panels 

91. 8,567,749 
Sill or hob moulding system 

90. 8,567,748 
Protective casing 

85. 8,567,741 
Hard coated seat rail 

84. 8,567,702 
Post consumer scrap film recycling process 

83. 8,567,694 
Test method and test apparatus for checking the function of a painting device 

82. 8,567,690 
Toy vehicle track set 

81. 8,567,634 
Foldable container for transporting and storing goods 

80. 8,567,633 
Waste collection container 

79. 8,567,632 
Cover for a culinary article with silicone gasket 

78. 8,567,631 
Tool box 

77. 8,567,630 
Receptacle with motion dampers for lid and air filtration device 

76. 8,567,629 
Food packaging with a lid and closure system for packaging 

75. 8,567,628 
Fuel cap with fuel-tank pressure/vacuum dissipation control system 

74. 8,567,627 
Small container for liquid and/or pasty materials and a method of producing the same 

73. 8,567,626 
Fastening device for fastening a tube to a bearing structure and transport and storage container with such a fastening device 

72. 8,567,625 
Synthetic resin container having a rectangular cylindrical part and a round cylindrical narrow part 

71. 8,567,624 
Lightweight, high strength bottle 

70. 8,567,623 
Hot-fill container having a tapered body and dome 

69. 8,567,622 
Dome shaped hot-fill container 

68. 8,567,621 
Closure and container having the same 

67. 8,567,620 
Container having a shock-absorbing element 

66. 8,567,619 
Vent valve assemblies for baby bottles 

65. 8,567,618 
Bag dispenser rack 

64. 8,567,611 
Filtration material 

63. 8,567,607 
Folding box with a blister pack contained therein 

62. 8,567,606 
Book-like packaging structure for receiving a blister pack 

61. 8,567,604 
Container for produce storage, packing and transport 

60. 8,567,603 
Implant package 

59. 8,567,602 
Package for hydrophilic medical instruments 

58. 8,567,601 
Roofing product 

57. 8,567,598 

56. 8,567,597 
Compartmented container for snus 

55. 8,567,596 
Electronic device protective film application kit and method 

54. 8,567,595 
Endless annular baler belt made of rubber or rubber-like materials 

53. 8,567,589 
Blow molding machine for containers and mandrel holder 

52. 8,567,588 
Container filling device 

51. 8,567,559 
Shock absorbing fabric structures 

50. 8,567,558 
Partition panel 

49. 8,567,557 
Sound-muffling underlay tile systems 

48. 8,567,556 
Firearm sound suppressor with inner sleeve 

47. 8,567,534 
Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutting elements and bits incorporating the same 

46. 8,567,470 
Method and apparatus for removing a film from a surface 

45. 8,567,469 
Elastic fiber laying die, laying device comprising such a die, and use of said device 

44. 8,567,468 
Apparatus and method for pressing printed circuit board 

43. 8,567,467 
Process and apparatus for producing composite structures 

42. 8,567,462 
Rubber composition for studless tire and studless tire 

41. 8,567,417  Ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, ultrasonic cleaning method, and storage medium storing computer program for executing ultrasonic cleaning method 

40. 8,567,412  Use of polyphenol compounds or derivatives thereof as free-radical scavengers in cigarette filters 

39. 8,567,408  Composite oral appliances and methods for manufacture 

38. 8,567,403  Biochemical agent filter using ultraviolet irradiation on nanoparticle-embedded ionic grids 

37. 8,567,346 
Teatcup liner 

36. 8,567,342 
Coating device and coating method 

35. 8,567,341 
Supply changing apparatus for powder coating systems 

34. 8,567,340 
System and method for coating a medical device 

33. 8,567,324 
Foam pallets and methods for constructing 

32. 8,567,312 
Bulk bag conditioning system 

31. 8,567,268 
Environmental testing device 

30. 8,567,230 
Impact test fixture 

29. 8,567,223 
Method and tool for expanding tubular members by electro-hydraulic forming 

28. 8,567,165 
Method and apparatus for compacting product 

27. 8,567,164 
Plastic bottle for hot filling or heat treatment 

26. 8,567,163 
Method for packaging articles 

25. 8,567,162 
Dynamic bioactive bone graft material and methods for handling

24. 8,567,160 
Method for gas filling of a handle portion of a container 

23. 8,567,159 
Apparatus and method for making inflated articles 

22. 8,567,158 
Container end closure with optional secondary vent opening 

21. 8,567,157 
System for disposing waste packages such as diapers 

20. 8,567,153 
Composite concrete and framing system and method for building construction 

19. 8,567,152 
Cushion material fastening structure for interior trim part 

18. 8,567,145 
Masonry insulation and siding connector 

17. 8,567,144 
Low cost roof system and method of constructing the same 

16. 8,567,143 
Fortified flashing laminate 

15. 8,567,141 
Panel assembly for mounting to the facade of a building 

14. 8,567,140 
Facade construction 

13. 8,567,117 
Netless fiber mulch mats bound with bicomponent fibers 

12. 8,567,086 
Continuous drying apparatus 

11. 8,567,050 
Single shot molding method for COB USB/EUSB devices with contact pad ribs 

10. 8,567,032 
Method for joining metal and plastic workpieces 

9. 8,567,026 
Piezoelectric film poling method 

8. 8,567,021 
Method for constructing a product and fastener therefore 

7. 8,567,000 
Interdental brush and method of producing the same 

6. 8,566,999 
Extension for paint brush handle 

5. 8,566,998 
Absorbent structures with integrated contact elements 

4. 8,566,969 
Adjustable fitting helmet 

3. 8,566,968 
Helmet with columnar cushioning 

2. 8,566,967 
Helmet with neck roll 

1. 8,566,965 
Elastomeric articles having a welded seam that possess strength and elasticity 


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