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Patents published 8/13/2013                   

8,505,112 through 8,510,859

324/6172 (Number selected /Total number)


324. 8,507,792 
Solar panels with adhesive layers 

323. 8,507,791 
Sheet for sealing rear surface of solar cell 

322. 8,507,747 
Absorbent article 

321. 8,507,746 
Leakage-signaling absorbent article 

320. 8,507,733 
Coordination complexes and process of producing polycarbonate by copolymerization of carbon dioxide and epoxide using the same as catalyst 

319. 8,507,713 
Pigment, method for manufacturing the same, pigment dispersion, and yellow toner 

318. 8,507,711 
Flame-retardant compound, flame-retardant particle, resin composition and resin formed body 

317. 8,507,706 
Metallocene compounds, catalysts comprising them, process for producing an olefin polymer by use of the catalysts, and olefin homo- and copolymers 

316. 8,507,700 
Method of carbon chain extension using novel aldol reaction 

315. 8,507,699 
Bisphenol polymer structural units and method of making the same 

314. 8,507,645 
Process for continuously producing water-absorbing polymer particles 

313. 8,507,644 
Method of making a metal terephthalate polymer 

312. 8,507,643 
Composition comprising glycerol, process for obtaining same and use thereof in the manufacture of dichloropropanol 

311. 8,507,642 
(Per)fluorinated addition products 

310. 8,507,641 
Production of vinylidene-terminated and sulfide-terminated telechelic polyolefins via quenching with disulfides 

309. 8,507,640 
Methods of ring opening polymerization and catalysts therefor 

308. 8,507,639 
Radiopaque amide polymers and medical devices formed thereof 

307. 8,507,638 
Polyester compositions containing cyclobutanediol having a certain combination of inherent viscosity and moderate glass transition temperature and articles made therefrom 

306. 8,507,637 
Porphyrin copolymer containing thienothiadiazole units, preparation method and uses thereof 

305. 8,507,636 
High molecular weight poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene ether) and process therefor 

304. 8,507,635 
Modified polycarbonates having improved surface properties 

303. 8,507,634 
Polyimide intermediate transfer belt 

302. 8,507,633 
Thermoplastic polyurethanes 

301. 8,507,632 
Composition curable with actinic energy ray and use thereof 

300. 8,507,631 
Polysiloxane coating with hybrid copolymer 

299. 8,507,630 
Organic inorganic composite material and utilization thereof 

298. 8,507,629 
Organic polymer containing two or more organic ring structures and a chain structure threading through the organic ring structures, and production method thereof 

297. 8,507,628 
Propylene based polymers for injection stretch blow molding 

296. 8,507,627 
Aromatic vinyl compound-conjugated diene compound copolymer and method of producing the same as well as rubber composition and tire 

295. 8,507,626 
Catalyst for producing of acrylic acid, method for producing acrylic acid using the catalyst and method for producing water-absorbent resin using the acrylic acid 

294. 8,507,624 
Compositions having hase rheology modifiers 

293. 8,507,623 
Maleimide-alpha-alkylstyrene-based terpolymer with low molten viscosity and continuous bulk process for producing it 

292. 8,507,622 
Polymerizable compositions 

291. 8,507,621 
Polymerization process for producing bimodal polymers 

290. 8,507,620 
Process for preparing water absorbent resin with high performance 

289. 8,507,619 
Process for the polymerisation of vinyl-containing monomers  

288. 8,507,618 
Siloxane mixtures containing epoxide resins and method for the preparation thereof and use thereof 

287. 8,507,617 
Polyurea compositions and methods of use 

286. 8,507,616
Halo-free heat transfer label with pigmented adhesive 

285. 8,507,615 
Polyimide resins for high temperature wear applications 

284. 8,507,614 
Multiphasic absorbable compositions of segmented l-lactide copolymers 

283. 8,507,613 
Process for the alkoxylation of amino group containing polymers 

282. 8,507,612 
Aziridine crosslinking agents for acrylic adhesives 

281. 8,507,611 
Crosslinkable polymer material, crosslinked polymer material, and production method thereof 

280. 8,507,610 
Modified polymer material modified by nitrile oxide, and production method thereof 

279. 8,507,609 
Weatherable thermoplastic resin composition having excellent low gloss characteristic and method of preparing the same 

278. 8,507,608 
Propylene polymer resin composition 

277. 8,507,607 
Biodegradable absorbent material and method of manufacture 

276. 8,507,606 
Biocomposite materials and methods for making the same 

275. 8,507,605 
Latex compositions and uses thereof 

274. 8,507,604 
Polyolefin graft copolymer and adhesive composition 

273. 8,507,603 
Solvent dispersion of composite resin and uses thereof 

272. 8,507,602 
Non-stick coating composition 

271. 8,507,601 
Method using fluoropolymer emulsions 

270. 8,507,600 
Polyolefin graft poly(meth)acrylate copolymer-based priming agent for polyolefin surfaces 

269. 8,507,599 
Golf ball layers based on ionomers made with polyalkenamer carriers 

268. 8,507,598 
Transparent polyamide moulding compound 

267. 8,507,597 
Polymeric defoamer additive 

266. 8,507,596 
Bio-based plasticizer 

265. 8,507,595 
Plasticizer composition 

264. 8,507,594 
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition with improved compatibility 

263. 8,507,593 
Primer composition 

262. 8,507,592 
Adhesive composition, adhesive film and wiring film using the same 

261. 8,507,591 
Waterborne soft-feeling coating composition with high gloss 

260. 8,507,590 
Fluorescent brighteners, methods of preparation thereof, fluorescent brightener compositions, and methods of preparation and uses thereof 

259. 8,507,589 
Polyolefin dispersions, froths, and foams 

258. 8,507,587 
Lightweight wall repair compounds 

257. 8,507,586 
Reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and molded article 

256. 8,507,585 
Non-aqueous pigment ink 

255. 8,507,582 
Tire tread-use rubber composition 

254. 8,507,581 
Stone based copolymer substrate 

253. 8,507,580  
Antifouling composition, process for its production and article treated therewith 

252. 8,507,579 
Aqueous coating compositions with de minimis volatile emissions 

251. 8,507,577 
Process for forming clear, wettable silicone hydrogel articles 

250. 8,507,576 
Composition of at least one vinylidene chloride copolymer 

249. 8,507,575 
Radiation-sensitive resin composition, polymer, and compound 

248. 8,507,574 
Zirconium oxide dispersion, photo-curing composition containing zirconium oxide particle, and cured film 

247. 8,507,572 
Functionalization of organic surfaces 

246. 8,507,571 
Macro-photoinitiator via enzymatic polymerization 

245. 8,507,570 
Radical polymerization inhibitors for light-curable dental materials 

244. 8,507,568 
Suspension polymerization and foaming of water containing activated carbon-nano/microparticulate polymer composites

243. 8,507,565 
Polyorganosiloxane demulsifier compositions and methods of making same 

242. 8,507,563 
Pseudo-thermosetting neutralized chitosan composition forming a hydrogel and a process for producing the same 

241. 8,507,424 
Process for producing oligomers 

240. 8,507,423 
Synthesis of biolubricant esters from unsaturated fatty acid derivatives 

239. 8,507,422 
Antiwear polymer and lubricating composition thereof 

238. 8,507,421 
Lubricating greases and process for their production 

237. 8,507,399 
Porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials with crystallinity and method for preparing thereof 

236. 8,507,391 
Elastic articles, particularly drive belts, having a textile overlay and a bonding agent made from meltable plastic 

235. 8,507,390 
Methods and devices for forming nanostructure monolayers and devices including such monolayers 

234. 8,507,290 
Water-soluble silsesquioxanes as organic quantum dots for sensing and imaging 

233. 8,507,283 
Stimuli-responsive magnetic nanoparticles and related methods 

232. 8,507,258 
Apparatus for perforating membrane 

231. 8,507,256 
Sorption reinforced catalytic coating system and method for the degradation of threat agents 

230. 8,507,255 
Coating system comprising synzyme for degradation of threat agents 

229. 8,507,230 
Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate 

228. 8,507,192 
Antireflective compositions and methods of using same 

227. 8,507,179 
Switchable antireflective coatings 

226. 8,507,151 
Membrane electrode assembly having low surface ionomer concentration 

225. 8,507,148 
Benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the polymer, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the polymer, and fuel cell using the electrode 

224. 8,507,147 
Proton exchange membrane and cell comprising such a membrane 

223. 8,507,146 
Diaphragm for solid polymer fuel cell and membrane-electrode assembly 

222. 8,507,141 
Membrane permeation adjustment in PEM fuel cell 

221. 8,507,135 
Electrically conductive nanocomposite material comprising sacrificial nanoparticles and open porous nanocomposites produced thereof 

220. 8,507,128 
Method for dismantling device comprising at least one article embedded at least partially in resin 

219. 8,507,124 
Multi-layer, microporous membrane, battery separator and battery 

218. 8,507,123 
Flexible battery and flexible electronic device including the same 

217. 8,507,110 
Coated cutting tool and a method of making thereof 

216. 8,507,108 
Thin wear resistant coating 

215. 8,507,107 
Electronic device housing and method for making the same 

214. 8,507,105 
Thermal spray coated rolls for molten metal baths 

213. 8,507,104 
Metal coating, forming method thereof, and metal wiring 

212. 8,507,103 
Polyethylene and process for production thereof 

211. 8,507,102 
Conductive leather materials and methods for making the same 

210. 8,507,101 
Biocorrodible implant having a corrosion-inhibiting coating 

209. 8,507,100 
Primer, conductor foil with resin, laminated sheet and method of manufacturing laminated sheet 

208. 8,507,099 
Coated article having low-E coating with absorber layer(s) 

207. 8,507,098 
Wear resistant coatings and tiles and methods of making same 

206. 8,507,097 
Multilayer films containing a fluorinated copolymer resin layer and a cross-linkable ionomeric encapsulant layer 

205. 8,507,096 
Flake pigment, powder paint containing the same, powder-coated film obtained by coating with the powder paint using triboelectrification electrostatic coating apparatus, painted product on which film is formed, and method of manufacturing flake pigment 

204. 8,507,095 
Metal oxide-based fine particle and method for manufacturing the same

203. 8,507,094 
Superparamagnetic cluster-nano particles-porous composite bead and fabrication method thereof 

202. 8,507,093 
Comminution process to produce precision wood particles of uniform size and shape with disrupted grain structure from wood chips 

201. 8,507,092 
Dust suppressants 

200. 8,507,091 
Method of reducing odor of composite resin particles, and composite resin particles 

199. 8,507,090 
Spherical molybdenum disulfide powders, molybdenum disulfide coatings, and methods for producing same 

198. 8,507,089 
Articles with porous particles for security purposes

197. 8,507,088 
Porous particles with multiple markers 

196. 8,507,085 
Anti-corrosion treatment process for aluminum or aluminum alloy and aluminum or aluminum alloy article thereof 

195. 8,507,084 
Multilayer sealant film 

194. 8,507,083 
Embossed fibrous structures 

193. 8,507,082 
CVD coated polycrystalline c-BN cutting tools 

192. 8,507,081 
Absorbing article with zones of different surface properties 

191. 8,507,080 
Thermoplastic-thermosetting composite and method for bonding a thermoplastic material to a thermosetting material 

190. 8,507,079 
Structural color body 

189. 8,507,075 
Adhesion method for attaching barrier sheets to motor vehicle door panels 

188. 8,507,074 
Foamed molding with soft insert component and its molding method 

187. 8,507,073 
Exterior parts 

186. 8,507,069 
Laminated plate 

185. 8,507,061 
Wet friction material for blow molded articles 

184. 8,507,060 
Pressure vessel 

183. 8,507,059 
Multilayer film using solvent-free adhesive, method for producing same and packaging container 

182. 8,507,057 
Heat-shrinkable polyester film and preparation method thereof 

181. 8,507,056 
Microreservoir with end plugs for controlled release of corrosion inhibitor 

180. 8,507,055 
Laser or dye sublimation printable image transfer paper 

179. 8,507,049 
Method and compositions for creating an atomic composite of ceramics coated with titanium making use of coating methodology 

178. 8,507,048 
Apparatus and method for applying a film on a substrate 

177. 8,507,044 
Molding material composed of polyorganosiloxane compound, sealing material, and sealed optical device 

176. 8,507,043 
Non-electrolytic method for metallizing a substrate by the reduction of metallic salt(s) and the spraying of aerosol(s) 

175. 8,507,042 
Application of insulating coating 

174. 8,507,039 
Method for growing thin films 

173. 8,507,038 
Substrate having a coating comprising copper and method for the production thereof by means of atomic layer deposition 

172. 8,507,036 
Process for producing rigid open-cell foam 

171. 8,507,035 
Method and apparatus for coating a complex object and composite comprising the coated object 

170. 8,507,034 
Controlling top of the line corrosion in hydrocarbon pipelines 

169. 8,507,032 
Orientation of nanotubes containing magnetic nanoparticles in a magnetic storage medium 

168. 8,507,030 
Method of fabricating metal oxide film on carbon nanotube and method of fabricating carbon nanotube transistor using the same 

167. 8,507,006 
Porous particles loaded with cosmetically or pharmaceutically active compounds 

166. 8,507,003 
Compressed tablets comprising microcapsules with modified release 

165. 8,507,002 
Hydrogel composition and methods for making the same 

164. 8,506,988 
Process for making a multicomponent bioactive intravaginal ring 

163. 8,506,987 
Ocular implant made by a double extrusion process 

162. 8,506,986 
Sustained release intraocular implants and methods for treating ocular vasculopathies 

161. 8,506,981 
Compositions and their use in bone healing 

160. 8,506,976 
Makeup composition comprising encapsulated carbon black 

159. 8,506,972 
Highly biocompatible dual thermogelling chitosan/glucosamine salt compositions 

158. 8,506,950 
Degradable microcapsules 

157. 8,506,945 
Polymers with structure-defined functions 

156. 8,506,923 
Nanostructured sorbent materials for capturing environmental mercury vapor 

155. 8,506,922 
Composite sintering materials using carbon nanotube and manufacturing method thereof 

154. 8,506,921 
Production of vertical arrays of small diameter single-walled carbon nanotubes 

153. 8,506,920 
Method for creating diamond dust via detonation of carbon dioxide and reducing agent combinations 

152. 8,506,919 
Fine powder of single crystalline diamond particles and a method for the production thereof 

151. 8,506,894 
Honeycomb structural body and exhaust gas conversion apparatus 

150. 8,506,887 
Porous membrane waveguide sensors and sensing systems therefrom for detecting biological or chemical targets 

149. 8,506,881 
Intermetallic bonded diamond composite composition and methods of forming articles from same 

148. 8,506,875 
Single sided shuttle-type blow molding method 

147. 8,506,873 
Method for producing a fibre-composite component 

146. 8,506,872 
Method for manufacturing resin mold assembly 

145. 8,506,871 
Process of making a monocomponent non-woven web 

144. 8,506,870 
Methods of manufacturing layered three-dimensional forms 

143. 8,506,869 
Device and method for manufacturing plastic containers 

142. 8,506,868 
Method and articles including glass flakes in rubber 

141. 8,506,867 
Printing semiconductor elements by shear-assisted elastomeric stamp transfer 

140. 8,506,866 
Method for producing a multilayered part 

139. 8,506,865 
Composite fabric product and production process therefor 

138. 8,506,864 
High molecular weight poly(alpha-olefin) solutions and articles made therefrom 

137. 8,506,862 
Three dimensional printing material system and method using plasticizer-assisted sintering 

136. 8,506,861 
Molding composition and method using same to form displacements for use in a metal casting process 

135. 8,506,860 
Method for manufacturing crosslinked foam 

134. 8,506,859 
Method of making a soft gel capsule comprising CoQ-10 solubilized in a monoterpene 

133. 8,506,857 
Injection compression molding method of lens 

132. 8,506,856 
Method for making silicone hydrogel contact lenses 

131. 8,506,854 
Stabilizer system for halogenated polymers 

130. 8,506,853 
Composition for optical materials 

129. 8,506,848 
Semielectroconductive polyimide resin belt and process for producing semielectroconductive polyimide resin belt 

128. 8,506,842 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

127. 8,506,841 
Photopolymerizable liquid crystal mixture and manufacturing method of photopolymerizable liquid crystal 

126. 8,506,836 
Methods for manufacturing components from articles formed by additive-manufacturing processes 

125. 8,506,833 
Molded body, method for producing the body and use thereof 

124. 8,506,818 
Method for producing chelate resins 

123. 8,506,817 
Enhanced high water recovery membrane process 

122. 8,506,816 
Membrane separation of water and fuel from engine oil in an internal combustion engine 

121. 8,506,815 
Removal of water from fluids 

120. 8,506,814 
Process for membrane separation of linear hydrocarbons within a hydrocarbon mixture 

119. 8,506,812 
Method, equipment and specific drawer for membrane separation utilizing concentration polarization 

118. 8,506,808 
Tubesheet and method for making and using the same 

117. 8,506,784 
Carbon dioxide capture using resin-wafer electrodeionization 

116. 8,506,781 
Hydrolysis-resistant polyacrylamide gels 

115. 8,506,774 
Vacuum processing device 

114. 8,506,772 
Sputtering apparatus 

113. 8,506,768 
Low-maintenance coatings, and methods for producing low-maintenance coatings 

112. 8,506,758 
System for guiding web patching using a re-reeler 

111. 8,506,757 
Hydrophobically modified poly(aminoamides) 

110. 8,506,756 
Embossed sheet comprising a ply of water-soluble material and method for manufacturing such a sheet 

109. 8,506,750 
Composite structure and process for producing the same 

108. 8,506,749 
Method of improving adhesive coverage to maximize waterproofness while maintaining breathability of adhesively laminated webs, and laminates produced thereby 

107. 8,506,748 
Imaging process for flooring material 

106. 8,506,747 
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of the same 

105. 8,506,746 
Method of forming a joint 

104. 8,506,745 
Method of sealing reclosable fasteners 

103. 8,506,744 
Decorative tile 

102. 8,506,743 
Composite sandwich structure with integrated reinforcement area and method of producing the same 

101. 8,506,742 
Method for laminating plastic films with wood-base substrates, in particular for producing high-gloss surfaces 

100. 8,506,741 
Protective film 

99. 8,506,737 
Method of making coated glass article, and intermediate product used in same 

98. 8,506,735 
Pre-applied protective jacketing construction for pipe and block insulation

97. 8,506,718 
Polymer removing apparatus and method 

96. 8,506,717 
Methods of treating a biomass for enzymatic hydrolysis 

95. 8,506,716 
Method for treating biomass and organic waste with the purpose of generating desired biologically based products 

94. 8,506,715 
Coating deposition apparatus and method therefor 

93. 8,506,714 
Substrate processing system 

92. 8,506,713 
Film deposition apparatus and film deposition method 

91. 8,506,699 
Thermoreversibly crosslinked elastic bituminous composition 

90. 8,506,695 
Coating compositions 

89. 8,506,671  
Coated fertilizer 

88. 8,506,669 
Pleated filter with monolayer monocomponent meltspun media 

87. 8,506,668 
Fluted filter with axial seal 

86. 8,506,667 
Filters and methods for imparting structural support to pleated filter media 

85. 8,506,666 
Filter assembly with improved gasket 

84. 8,506,665 
Centrifugal separator assembly 

83. 8,506,664 
Filter pipeline 

82. 8,506,663 
Filter element and soot filter having improved thermal shock resistance 

81. 8,506,635 
System and methods for a laterally expanding implant 

80. 8,506,634 
Intervertebral implant 

79. 8,506,633 
Rehydration and restoration of intervertebral discs with polyelectrolytes 

78. 8,506,537 
Sealing device 

77. 8,506,525 
Wound sealing fluid delivery apparatus and method 

76. 8,506,430 
Oval ball, especially rugby ball or football 

75. 8,506,424 
Golf ball having a thermosetting intermediate and outer cover and thermoplastic inner cover 

74. 8,506,336 
Stamped and formed contact 

73. 8,506,286 
Tool closing system for plastic blow molding machines 

72. 8,506,285 
Method and apparatus for reforming a portion of a plastic container using induction heating 

71. 8,506,284 
Hot isostatic pressing device 

70. 8,506,282 
Die and die device 

69. 8,506,281 
Rotating structure of rotary member 

68. 8,506,280 
Lip adjustment system having cross-bar 

67. 8,506,279 
Safety device for punches in a compression moulding apparatus 

66. 8,506,278 
Resin transfer molding device and resin transfer molding method 

65. 8,506,277 
Cylindrical core for manufacturing endless belt-shaped body, and method for manufacturing endless belt-shaped body 

64. 8,506,273 
Seamless capsule manufacturing apparatus 

63. 8,506,207 
Helical screw pile 

62. 8,506,206 
Composite pile formed of interconnected rigid hollow tubes 

61. 8,506,201 
Structural assemblies and preforms therefor formed by linear friction welding   

60. 8,506,186 
Coating and developing apparatus, coating and developing method and non-transitory tangible medium 

59. 8,506,179 
Deformable plastic radially symmetric mechanical splicers and connectors for optical fibers 

58. 8,506,165 
Easily openable packaging bag 

57. 8,506,164 
Bag for packaging a biological substance comprising openings for hanging to a support device, and strip formed with such bags 

56. 8,506,159 
Method for detecting defect in material and system for the method 

55. 8,506,076 
Optimization and production of an eyeglass lens for correcting an astigmatic refraction 

54. 8,506,075 
Ophthalmic lens with multiple phase plates 

53. 8,506,074 
Ophthalmic lens and spectacles comprising at least such one lens 

52. 8,506,027 
Thermoplastic refrigeration appliance handle with overmolded inserts 

51. 8,506,026 
Refrigerator with step adjustment device 

50. 8,506,025 
Supporter and pedestal and washing/drying machine having the same 

49. 8,506,001 
Coated article including low-E coating with improved durability and/or methods of making same 

48. 8,505,889 
Vibration-isolating bush 

47. 8,505,887 
Micro cellular urethane (MCU) progressive rate bump stop/spring aid 

46. 8,505,881 
Mixing systems and methods of mixing 

45. 8,505,844 
Method for operating a winding machine 

44. 8,505,843 
Crushing mill 

43. 8,505,842 
Mixing machine for homogenising a liquid mixture containing bitumen with solid granules 

42. 8,505,841 
Anti-jamming assembly for shredders of sheet like material 

41. 8,505,840 
Method for modifying nomal clay and a method for producing composite elastomer from the clay 

40. 8,505,825 
Layered composite for a card body and method for producing the layered composite

39. 8,505,822 
Apparatus and method comprising deformable lens element 

38. 8,505,810 
Systems and methods for adding authenticating features to process molded parts and the resultant molded parts 

37. 8,505,788 
Detachable handle for a portable paint and brush container 

36. 8,505,787 
Magnetically-biased extendable spout 

35. 8,505,783 
Squeezable bottle 

34. 8,505,770 
Plush animal waste bag dispenser 

33. 8,505,769 
Medical waste receptacle 

32. 8,505,763 
Synthetic resin container having inverted, folded back bottom wall 

31. 8,505,762 
Vessel neck construction of a pressure vessel 

30. 8,505,761 
Sealing bladderless system and method 

29. 8,505,760 
Flat self-opening closure for composite packagings or for container nozzles or bottle necks to be closed by film material 

28. 8,505,759 
Method for closing a waste bin filling hole and a waste bin 

27. 8,505,758 

26. 8,505,757 
Shoulder rib to direct top load force 

25. 8,505,756 
Synthetic resin bottle 

24. 8,505,746 
Separation membrane comprising polyethersulfone, process for producing thereof, and dope solution for membrane production 

23. 8,505,745 
Fouling resistant membranes formed with polyacrylonitrile graft copolymers 

22. 8,505,743 
Surface modification of polyamide reverse osmosis membranes 

21. 8,505,742 
Perforated hexagon-hole tube support for synthetic screen separator 

20. 8,505,736 
Biodegradable float aid for mining beneficiation 

19. 8,505,682 
Lightweight polymeric exhaust components 

18. 8,505,679 
Panel for the acoustic treatment with a progressive thickness 

17. 8,505,631 
Compositions having HASE rheology modifiers 

16. 8,505,599 
Panelization system and method 

15. 8,505,587 
Method of manufacturing a reinforcement element for a flexible pipeline 

14. 8,505,487 
Absorbent material comprising of wood and certified organic alfalfa 

13. 8,505,479 
Resist coating apparatus 

12. 8,505,478 
Apparatus for high-efficiency synthesis of carbon nanostructure 

11. 8,505,477 
System for applying hot melt adhesive powder onto a non-metallic object surface 

10. 8,505,285 
Catalyst and method of manufacture 

9. 8,505,284 
Stratified particulate filter regeneration system 

8. 8,505,271 
Spliced fiber glass rovings and methods and systems for splicing fiber glass rovings 

7. 8,505,263 
Inflatable barrier 

6. 8,505,257 
Mechanical locking of floor panels 

5. 8,505,256 
Synthetic floor tile having partially-compliant support structure 

4. 8,505,255 
Laminate flooring with footstep sound absorption 

3. 8,505,249 
Hook and loop attachment of solar panels to roofing membranes 

2. 8,505,150 
Sponge product 

1. 8,505,113 
Ballistic helmet with nape protector


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