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Patents published 8/6/2013                   

8,499,362 through 8,505,111

303/6179 (Number selected /Total number)


303. 8,502,401 
Polymeric compositions comprising per(phenylethynyl) arene derivatives 

302. 8,502,399 
Resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device 

301. 8,502,398 
Wiring board, semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing them 

300. 8,502,397 
Heat-resistant adhesive sheet for semiconductor device fabrication, adhesive used for the sheet, and method for fabricating semiconductor device using the sheet 

299. 8,502,013 
Disposable absorbent article 

298. 8,502,012 
Absorbent structures including coated absorbent material 

297. 8,502,011 
Absorbent article and method of manufacturing the absorbent article 

296. 8,502,010 
Absorbent article having a potty training readiness indicator 

295. 8,502,009  
Matrix material comprising graphite and an inorganic binder suited for final disposal of radioactive waste, a process for producing the same and its processing and use 

294. 8,502,003 
Biomass conversion using carbon monoxide and water 

293. 8,501,997 
Curing agent for low temperature cure applications 

292. 8,501,942 
Polymerizable monomers 

291. 8,501,904 
Method for producing polyols 

290. 8,501,903 
Urea-bonded alkoxysilanes for use in sealants and adhesives 

289. 8,501,902 
Process for the polymerisation of thiophene or selenophene compounds 

288. 8,501,900 
Nylon resins and process 

287. 8,501,899 
Multifunctional forms of polyoxazoline copolymers and drug compositions comprising the same 

286. 8,501,898 
Method of forming a polyamide 

285. 8,501,897 
Method for producing liquid-crystalline polyester 

284. 8,501,896 
High temperature poly(aryl ether)s containing a phthalazinone moiety 

283. 8,501,895 
Method for making alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes and amino alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes 

282. 8,501,894 
Hydrosilyation of vinyl macromers with metallocenes 

281. 8,501,893 
Synthetic method for preparing dual curable silicone compositions 

280. 8,501,892 
Propylene ethylene polymers and production process 

279. 8,501,891 
Ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer and molded article 

278. 8,501,890 
Copolymerizable methine and anthraquinone compounds and articles containing them 

277. 8,501,889 
Conducting and semiconducting organic materials 

276. 8,501,888 
Fluorine-containing polymer and surface-modifying agent containing the same as active ingredient 

275. 8,501,887 
Radical polymerizable composition 

274. 8,501,886 
Accelerated organoborane amine complex initiated polymerizable compositions 

273. 8,501,885 
Dual- or multi-headed chain shuttling agents and their use for preparation of block copolymers 

272. 8,501,884 
Polyethylene and catalyst composition and process for the preparation thereof 

271. 8,501,883 
Method and device for optimising catalyst supply to a polymerisation reactor 

270. 8,501,882 
Use of hydrogen and an organozinc compound for polymerization and polymer property control 

269. 8,501,881 
Process for olefin polymerization 

268. 8,501,880 
Polymers obtainable from oxetane based macromonomers, method for the production thereof, and the use thereof as additives in coating agents and plastics 

267. 8,501,879 
Adhesive composition, adhesive sheet, semiconductor apparatus protection material, and semiconductor apparatus 

266. 8,501,878 
Method for producing polycarbonate material having excellent solubility and affinity, and contact lens material comprising the same 

261. 8,501,877 
Thermosetting compositions containing isocyanurate rings 

260. 8,501,876 
Glass printing ink or lacquer of epoxy resin, other resin and photoinitiator 

259. 8,501,875 
Surface induced ring-opening polymerization and medical devices formed therefrom 

258. 8,501,874 
Thermosetting resin composition, multilayer body using same, and circuit board 

257. 8,501,873 
Water absorbent material, method for production of surface cross-linked water absorbent resin, and method for evaluation of water absorbent material 

256. 8,501,872 
Curable fluoroelastomer compositions 

255. 8,501,871 
Golf ball 

254. 8,501,870 
Thermosetting resin composition of semi-IPN composite, and varnish, prepreg and metal clad laminated board using the same 

253. 8,501,869 
Block copolymer composition and hot-melt adhesive composition 

252. 8,501,868 
Thermoplastic molding compositions with improved optical properties 

251. 8,501,867 
Mixture based on a polyisocyanate and a solvent of ether ester type, aqueous emulsion obtained from this mixture and use of this emulsion for the manufacture of coatings and adhesives 

250. 8,501,866 
Colorant concentrates for thermoplastic biofiber composites 

249. 8,501,865 
Compositions having HASE rheology modifiers 

248. 8,501,864 
Insulating composition for an electric power cable 

247. 8,501,863 

246. 8,501,862 
Extrusion agent based on a heterogeneous PVDF 

245. 8,501,861 
Polyolefin graft poly(meth)acrylate copolymer-based adhesion promoter for coating polyolefin surfaces 

244. 8,501,860 
Compositions having HASE rheology modifiers 

243. 8,501,859 
Rubber containing hydrophilic sorbitan monostearate and tackifying resin and tire with sidewall thereof 

242. 8,501,858 
Expanded graphite and products produced therefrom 

241. 8,501,857 
Abrasion resistant silicone coating composition, coated article, and making method 

240. 8,501,856 
Curable silicon-containing compositions possessing high translucency 

239. 8,501,855 
Multistage emulsion polymer and coatings formed therefrom 

238. 8,501,853 
Aqueous adhesive for bonding elastomers 

237. 8,501,852 
Method for improving the wettability and/or the adhesivity of plastic surfaces, in particular, to facilitate printing 

236. 8,501,851 
Pre-accelerated resin composition 

235. 8,501,850 
Induced polymer assemblies 

234. 8,501,849 
Silated core polysulfides, their preparation and use in filled elastomer compositions 

233. 8,501,848 
Polycarbonate resin composition for flame retardant film, flame retardant film including the resin composition and method for producing the flame retardant film 

232. 8,501,847 
Thermoplastic elastomer resin composition and connector 

231. 8,501,846 
Stabilizer compositions 

230. 8,501,845 
Flowable polyesters with hydrolysis resistance 

229. 8,501,844 
Low migration polyolefin composition comprising vitamin E-type stabiliser 

228. 8,501,843 
Optical filter 

227. 8,501,842 
Polypropylene resin composition and molded article 

226. 8,501,841 
Utilization of kraft lignin in phenol/formaldehyde bonding resins for OSB 

225. 8,501,840 
Water based slurry compositions for making environmental barrier coatings and environmental barrier coatings comprising the same 

224. 8,501,838 
Composite wood board 

223. 8,501,837 
Tire having rubber component containing short fiber reinforcement with compatablizer 

222. 8,501,836 
Adhesive composition 

221. 8,501,833 
Method for preparing silicone hydrogels 

220. 8,501,832 
Polymeric compositions comprising at least one volume excluding polymer 

219. 8,501,831 
Polyisobutylene urethane, urea and urethane/urea copolymers and medical devices containing the same 

218. 8,501,828 
Cure rebond binder 

217. 8,501,827 
Methods for using hollow sphere polymers 

216. 8,501,826 
Process for the production of polyurethane products 

215. 8,501,825 
Formulation and method for preparing gels comprising hydrous hafnium oxide 

214. 8,501,673 
DLC-coated member 

213. 8,501,668 
Drug screening via nanopore silicon filters 

212. 8,501,665 
Method for manufacturing film catalyst 

211. 8,501,663 
Process for obtaining an adsorbent from a waste material and use of the adsorbent 

210. 8,501,655 
Catalyst activators, processes for making same, and use thereof in catalysts and polymerization of olefins 

209. 8,501,654 
Use of hydrogen scavenging catalysts to control polymer molecular weight and hydrogen levels in a polymerization reactor 

208. 8,501,653 
Heat-treated Ziegler-Natta catalysts for ethylene polymerization 

207. 8,501,648 
Pre-moistened nonwoven webs with visible compressed sites 

206. 8,501,647 
High strength and high elongation wipes 

205. 8,501,646 
Non-woven fabric laminate 

204. 8,501,645 
Enhanced filamentous silicone products and processes 

203. 8,501,644 
Activated protective fabric 

202. 8,501,643 
Method for manufacturing basalt fiber 

201. 8,501,642 
Nano-fiber compound solutions, emulsions and gels, production method thereof, Nano-fiber synthetic papers, and production method thereof 

200. 8,501,641 
Compositions comprising cationic fluorinated ether silanes, and related methods 

199. 8,501,640 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet 

198. 8,501,639 
Thermally protective flame retardant fabric 

197. 8,501,432 
Processing of nanoparticles 

196. 8,501,393 
Anti-reflective coating forming composition containing vinyl ether compound 

195. 8,501,371 
Holographic data storage method and system 

194. 8,501,369 
Composite for fuel cell membrane based on organomodified inorganic particles and method for preparing same 

193. 8,501,368 
Inter-penetrated proton exchange membrane, method for manufacturing the same, and proton exchange membrane fuel cell utilizing the same 

192. 8,501,326 
Wax replacement specialty formulated corrugating adhesive 

191. 8,501,323 
Two-component composition for producing polyurethane gel coats for epoxy-resin and vinyl-ester resin composite materials 

190. 8,501,321 
Bundle of long thin carbon structures, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device 

189. 8,501,319 
Pre-formed assemblies of solgel-derived nanoparticles as 3D scaffolds for composites and aerogels 

188. 8,501,318 
Dispersible and conductive nano graphene platelets 

187. 8,501,317 
Variable-airflow cloth, sound absorbing material, and vehicular part 

186. 8,501,316 
Process for printing wax release layer 

185. 8,501,315 
High-gloss pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet 

184. 8,501,314 
Method of applying an anti-corrosion and/or adhesion promoting coating to a metal and resulting coated metal 

183. 8,501,313 
Wavelength conversion film, agricultural film, structure and coating film forming composition 

182. 8,501,310 
Foam waterproofing material with a micro cell structure 

181. 8,501,309 
Fibre reinforced assembly 

180. 8,501,308 
Grafted cyclodextrin 

179. 8,501,307 
Recompressed exfoliated graphite articles 

178. 8,501,306 
Viscoelastic articles with polymer layer containing elastomer unevenly distributed 

177. 8,501,305 

176. 8,501,304 
Methods and compositions for forming patterns with isolated or discrete features using block copolymer materials 

175. 8,501,303 
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition 

174. 8,501,300 
Coated polymeric substrates having improved surface smoothness suitable for use in flexible electronic and opto-electronic devices 

173. 8,501,298 
Resin-molded article 

172. 8,501,297 
Honeycomb structure 

171. 8,501,296 
Stabilized low-microcracked ceramic honeycombs and methods thereo

170. 8,501,295 
Wall drop paint barrier protector 

169. 8,501,292 
Plastic baby bottles, other blow molded articles, and processes for their manufacture 

168. 8,501,291 
Sterilized polyetherimide/polyphenylene ether sulfone articles 

167. 8,501,290 
Implantable medical devices fabricated from polyurethanes with biodegradable hard and soft blocks and blends thereof 

166. 8,501,289 
Cooking item comprising a non-stick coating with improved properties of adhesion to the substrate 

165. 8,501,288 
Image transfer paper 

164. 8,501,287 
Plastic baby bottles, other blow molded articles, and processes for their manufacture 

163. 8,501,286 
Reactive monomer of liquid crystal and liquid crystal panel 

162. 8,501,285 
Optically isotropic liquid crystal medium and optical device 

161. 8,501,284 
Blue phase liquid crystal composition 

160. 8,501,283 
Methods for depositing bevel protective film 

159. 8,501,282 
Paint applicator 

158. 8,501,281 
Shining coating film formation method and coated article 

157. Use of high-functionality highly branched polyetheramine polyols to coat surfaces 

156. 8,501,279 
Flexible laminate board, process for manufacturing of the board, and flexible print wiring board 

155. 8,501,278 
Method and apparatus for the treatment of individual filaments of a multifilament yarn 

154. 8,501,277 
Durable, heat-resistant multi-layer coatings and coated articles 

153. 8,501,276 
Carbon film 

152. 8,501,275 
Enhanced deposition of noble metals 

151. 8,501,274 
Coating treatment method, computer storage medium, and coating treatment apparatus 

150. 8,501,273 
Mixture and technique for coating an internal surface of an article 

149. 8,501,272 
Hemispherical coating method for micro-elements 

148. 8,501,271 
Process of making coated vegetation friendly ice melter 

147. 8,501,270 
Optical transparent member and optical system using the same 

146. 8,501,268 
Methods of forming material over a substrate and methods of forming capacitors 

145. 8,501,267 

144. 8,501,230 
Self solidifying bioerodible barrier implant 

143. 8,501,229 
Hydrophobic cross-linked gels for bioabsorbable drug carrier coatings 

143. 8,501,226 
Coating method 

142. 8,501,216 
Bioerodible polymers for injection 

141. 8,501,215 
Injectable multimodal polymer depot compositions and uses thereof 

140. 8,501,214 
Hydrophilic foam and pharmaceutical dosage form employing the same 

139. 8,501,148 
Coating composition incorporating a low structure carbon black and devices formed therewith 

138. 8,501,147 
Method and system for producing graphene and graphenol 

137. 8,501,146 
Preparation method for hollow carbon fiber using supercritical fluid 

136. 8,501,145 
Method for growing carbon nanowalls 

135. 8,501,144 
Polycrystalline diamond apparatuses and methods of manufacture 

134. 8,501,143 
Single crystal diamond prepared by CVD 

133. 8,501,142 
Carbonising and/or activating carbonaceous material 

132. 8,501,132 
Nanocomposite particle and process of preparing the same 

131. 8,501,122 
Manufacturing and processing polymer arrays 

130. 8,501,118 
Disposable pipette tip 

129. 8,501,108 
Carbon nanotube growing system 

128. 8,501,106 
Plasma generation system and plasma generation method 

127. 8,501,078 
Method and device for blow molding containers 

126. 8,501,077 
Process and apparatus for forming an inner vessel liner for a pressure vessel 

125. 8,501,076 
Composite exterior cladding panel 

124. 8,501,075 
Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional object 

123. 8,501,074 
Siloxane polymerization in wallboard 

122. 8,501,073 
Device for injecting a resin into at least one fibre layer of a fibre-reinforced product to be manufactured 

121. 8,501,072 
Dispensing valves 

120. 8,501,071 
Method for obtaining high-tenacity aramid yarn 

119. 8,501,070 
Resin transfer molding device and resin transfer molding method 

118. 8,501,069 
Resin panels, methods, and apparatus for making resin panels 

117. 8,501,068 
Layered zeolite materials and methods related thereto 

116. 8,501,067 
Method for producing a mould element 

115. 8,501,066 
System and method for manufacturing heat-activable adhesive pellets 

114. 8,501,065 
Film and method for producing film 

113. 8,501,064 
Manufacturing nanocomposites 

112. 8,501,063 
Process of graining thermoplastic sheets 

111. 8,501,062 
Method for making a composite article 

110. 8,501,061 
Method for making foam-in-place cushions with selective distribution of foam 

109. 8,501,060 
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of molds, dies, and injection barrels using fluid media 

108. 8,501,059 
Injection unit having a filter, a method of controlling melt pressure in accordance with a target pressure range 

107. 8,501,058 
Method of cleaning template and pattern forming method 

106. 8,501,047 
Mixed carbon material and negative electrode for a nonaqueous secondary battery 

105. 8,501,045 
Circuit connecting material, film-form circuit connecting material using the same, circuit member connecting structure and method of manufacturing the same 

104. 8,501,044 
Antistatic composition 

103. 8,501,043 
Processing of biomass-derived oxygenates with particles comprising a coke deposit 

102. 8,501,039 
Fluorescent material and light-emitting device employing the same 

101. 8,501,038 
Liquid crystal compound, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

100. 8,501,037 
Optically anisotropic compound and resin composition comprising the same

99. 8,501,033 
Radiation curable resin composition and rapid three-dimensional imaging process using the same 

98. 8,501,022 
Method using block copolymers for making a master disk with radial nondata marks for nanoimprinting patterned magnetic recording disks 

97. 8,500,991 
High activity MTT framework type molecular sieves 

96. 8,500,990 
Electrochemical biosensors based on NAD(P)-dependent dehydrogenase enzymes 

95. 8,500,983 
Pulse sequence for plating on thin seed layers 

94. 8,500,982 
Compositions, devices, systems, and methods for using a nanopore 

93. 8,500,978 
Composite coating apparatus 

92. 8,500,977 
Coating apparatus 

91. 8,500,976 
Rotatable sputtering magnetron with high stiffness 

90. 8,500,975 
Method and apparatus for sputtering onto large flat panels 

89. 8,500,974 
Carrier and sputtering device using the same 

88. 8,500,973 
Anode for sputter coating 

87. 8,500,968 
Deplating contacts in an electrochemical plating apparatus 

86. 8,500,966 
Nanolayered coated cutting tool and method for making the same 

85. 8,500,965 
MSVD coating process 

84. 8,500,960 
Multi-phase selective mass transfer through a membrane 

83. 8,500,959 
Method for performing pyrolysis and a pyrolysis apparatus 

82. 8,500,952 
Plasma confinement rings having reduced polymer deposition characteristics 

81. 8,500,948 
PU adhesives for sterilizable composite films 

80. 8,500,947 
Speeding cure rate of bioadhesives 

79. 8,500,943 
Continuous composite rod and methods 

78. 8,500,940 
Hook-engageable fastener sheets, and methods and articles of manufacture 

77. 8,500,936 
Multi-panel blank with parallel panel axes for a collapsible field director structure 

76. 8,500,931 
Polymer fabric, method of manufacture and use thereof 

75. 8,500,914 
Device for blowing off bottle bottoms 

74. 8,500,913 
Methods for treating surfaces, and methods for removing one or more materials from surfaces 

73. 8,500,912 
Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus 

72. 8,500,910 
Modification of biomass for efficient conversion to fuels 

71. 8,500,909 
Apparatus for flattening coating material and evaporation deposition device having same 

70. 8,500,901 
Interference pigments 

69. 8,500,900 
Non-curable coating composition 

68. 8,500,899 
Method for production of granulated polymer-asphalt binder and sulfur concrete with participation of sulfur polymer obtained in waste sulfur solvent--borne modification 

67. 8,500,871 
Water-vapor-permeable membrane, hollow-fiber membrane, and hollow-fiber membrane module 

66. 8,500,870 
Biocompatible, corrosion-inhibiting barrier surface treatment of aluminum foil 

65. 8,500,856 
Hybrid adsorbent method of capturing carbon dioxide in gas and apparatus for capturing carbon dioxide in gas 

64. 8,500,855 
System and method for carbon dioxide capture and sequestration 

63. 8,500,854 
Regenerable sorbent technique for capturing CO.sub.2 using immobilized amine sorbents 

62. 8,500,843 
Controlled porosity article 

61. 8,500,839 
Panel filter 

60. 8,500,829 
Biomass oil conversion using carbon monoxide and water 

59. 8,500,826 
Lipid-based wax compositions substantially free of fat bloom and methods of making 

58. 8,500,776 
Vacuum patch for rapid wound closure 

57. 8,500,575 
Golf ball comprising a core layer having a hardness gradient and trans gradient 

56. 8,500,574 
Multi-layer golf ball  

55. 8,500,508 
Transformable toy 

54. 8,500,439 
Extrusion blow-molding device and method for producing plastic containers 

53. 8,500,438 
Device for stretch blow molding and method for producing preforms 

52. 8,500,437 
Process for manufacturing a plastic hollow body, device and equipment for the implementation thereof 

51. 8,500,436 
Ball lock clamp 

50. 8,500,435 
Positioning device 

49. 8,500,434 
Device for granulating plastic 

48. 8,500,433 
Screw machine 

47. 8,500,432 
Corrugator device with a mould release device 

46. 8,500,431 
Electrospinning control for precision electrospinning of polymer fibers 

45. 8,500,430 
Vulcanizing press 

44. 8,500,429 
Method and means of lining a manhole 

43. 8,500,427 
Method and apparatus for forming nano-particles 

42. 8,500,426 
Apparatus for controlling counterpressure and temperature in mold cavity 

41. 8,500,404 
Plasma actuator controlled film cooling 

40. 8,500,362 
Molded brick for laying ground coverings 

39. 8,500,330 
Packaging bag and manufacturing method thereof 

38. 8,500,273 
Soft contact lenses for treating ametropia 

37. 8,500,266 
AB block copolymer dispersants having an ink vehicle soluble block 

36. 8,500,186  
Ballistic protection sun visor apparatus 

35. 8,500,183 
Wall and roof liner for installation in a cargo vehicle 

34. 8,500,175 
Plastic male screw connector using injection molding 

33. 8,500,174 
Pipe coupling having compression band 

32. 8,500,109 
Vibration damping support apparatus 

31. 8,500,097 
Flooring element locator including a substantially circular spacing member 

30. 8,500,043 
Device for spraying on pigmented liquids 

29. 8,500,040 
Circulating paint systems and article coating methods 

28. 8,500,039 
Remote actuation device for spray cans 

27. 8,499,982 
High velocity foam pump 

26. 8,499,981 
Bifurcated stem foam pump 

25. 8,499,956 
Cellular container 

24. 8,499,908  
Non-newtonian fluid (NNF) filled cable and method 

23. 8,499,861 
Ultra-hard composite constructions comprising high-density diamond surface

22. 8,499,844 
Expandable packer 

21. 8,499,843 
System and method to seal using a swellable material 

Nanoparticle-densified Newtonian fluids for use as cementation spacer fluids and completion spacer fluids in oil and gas wells 

19. 8,499,817 
Method for making carbon nanotube metal composite 

18. 8,499,792 
Activatable nanoparticle composite valve 

17. 8,499,720 
Heat resistant system for outdoor animal housing and nesting 

16. 8,499,716 
Portable spray containment enclosure 

15. 8,499,715 
Coating appratus having two coating devices for successively coating same surface of substrate 

14. 8,499,714 
Powder painting cabin 

13. 8,499,713 
Water-based coating application system 

12. 8,499,619 
Process and rheometer for determining the rheological properties of materials 

11. 8,499,618 
Device for automatically measuring viscosity of liquid 

10. 8,499,520 
Floor covering 

9. 8,499,519 
Floor panel, as well as method, device and accessories for manufacturing such floor panel 

8. 8,499,518 
Molded shingle with moisture guards for fasteners and with shingle alignment features 

7. 8,499,517 
Insulated fiber cement siding 

6. 8,499,516 
Molded fiberglass sidelite assembly 

5. 8,499,515 
Systems, methods, and components for the construction and disassembly of raised panel assemblies 

4. 8,499,505 
Pultruded trim members 

3. 8,499,504 
Prefabricated building and method for constructing a building 

2. 8,499,389 
Molded product and use thereof   

1. 8,499,362 
Armor vest with mechanical quick release mechanism 


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