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Patents published 7/30/2013                   

8,495,762 through 8,499,361

167/4017 (Number selected /Total number)


167. 8,497,631 
Polymer microcavity and microchannel devices and fabrication method 

166. 8,497,451 
Brittle nonmetallic workpiece and method and device for making same 

165. 8,497,448 
Apparatus and method for working a surface of a workpiece by means of laser radiation 

164. 8,497,407 
Sealing film dressing 

163. 8,497,392 
Process for producing functionalized carbon nanotubes 

162. 8,497,391 
Insulating film material, method of film formation using insulating film material, and insulating film 

161. 8,497,386 
Method of carbon chain extension using novel aldol reaction 

160. 8,497,366 
Processing biomass 

159. 8,497,365 
Cyclodextrin-based polymers for therapeutics delivery 

158. 8,497,357 
Degradable heterobifunctional poly(ethylene glycol) acrylates and gels and conjugates derived therefrom 

157. 8,497,356 
Biomolecule polymer conjugates and methods for making the same 

156. 8,497,346 
Polymer powder storage and/or transport and/or degassing vessels 

155. 8,497,345 
Device and method for degassing solvent-containing polycarbonate solutions 

154. 8,497,344 
Process for making DAPBI-containing aramid crumbs 

153. 8,497,343 
Polyarylate compositions and articles therefrom 

152. 8,497,342 
Liquid crystal block copolymer and methods of making and using the same 

151. 8,497,341 
Transparent thermoplastic polyurethanes having low haze and good processability, methods of making the same, and uses therefor 

150. 8,497,340 
Fluorosilicone mold release composition 

149. 8,497,339 
Process for the continuous preparation of crosslinkable materials based on organosilicon compounds 

148. 8,497,337 
Process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles with improved color stability 

147. 8,497,336 
Method for manufacturing water-absorbing polymer particles with a low centrifuge retention capacity 

146. 8,497,335 
Surface conditioner for coating agents 

145. 8,497,334 
Conjugated diene polymer, conjugated diene polymer composition, and method for producing conjugated diene polymer 

144. 8,497,333 
Polylactic acid composition for automobile parts 

143. 8,497,332 
.alpha.-Allyloxymethylacrylic acid-based copolymer, resin compositions, and use thereof 

142. 8,497,331 
Polymerisation of ethylene and alpha-olefins with pyrrol-iminophenol complexes 

141. 8,497,330 
Methods for polymerization using spray dried and slurried catalyst 

140. 8,497,329 
Methods of controlling polymer properties 

139. 8,497,328 
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins and catalysts therefrom obtained 

138. 8,497,327 
Hydrogenated .beta.-pinene-based polymers and molded articles comprising the same 

137. 8,497,326 
Antistatic ionomer composition and articles therewith 

136. 8,497,325 
Thermoplastic polyolefin blends and films therefrom 

135. 8,497,324 
Methods of increasing toughness of immiscible polymer blends 

134. 8,497,323 
Powder of vinyl polymer containing silicone polymer and method for producing the same, resin composition, and shaped article 

133. 8,497,322 
Peelable polyethylene films 

132. 8,497,321 
Tacky resin composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive film or sheet 

131. 8,497,320 
Polyrotaxane, crosslinked structure comprising polyrotaxane and polymer, and processes for producing these 

130. 8,497,319 
Dispersion and aqueous coating composition comprising the dispersion 

129. 8,497,318 
Copolymers of monocarboxylic acids and dicarboxylic acids, their preparation and use 

128. 8,497,317 
Preparation method for aqueous polyurethane resin-pigment dispersion, aqueous polyurethane resin-pigment dispersion, and ink composition 

127. 8,497,316 
Crosslinkable and foaming polyester-polyurethane (hybrid) resin moulding compositions, with foaming characteristics for closed mould applications 

126. 8,497,315 
Method for producing dispersions and use thereof 

125. 8,497,314 
Liquid hardening 

124. 8,497,313 
Biorenewable thermoplastic elastomers 

123. 8,497,312 
One-package dental adhesive composition 

122. 8,497,311 
Silicone-containing polyisocyanurate foam 

121. 8,497,225 
Method of producing graphite-carbon composite electrodes for supercapacitors 

120. 8,497,217 
Film forming apparatus and film-forming method 

119. 8,497,213 
Plasma processing method 

118. 8,497,207 
Methods of forming semiconductor devices including landing pads formed by electroless plating 

117. 8,497,137 
Smart hydrogel particles for biomarker harvesting 

116. 8,497,131 
Surface enhanced spectroscopy-active composite nanoparticles comprising Raman-active reporter molecules 

115. 8,497,062 
Resin for formation of upper antireflective film, composition for formation of upper antireflective film, and resist pattern formation method 

114. 8,497,058 
Image forming method and method of recycling image forming material 

113. 8,497,050 
Amorphous carbon coatings for fuel cell bipolar plates 

112. 8,497,028 
Multi-layer metallic coating for TBC systems 

111. 8,497,027 
Utilization of amorphous steel sheets in honeycomb structures 

110. 8,497,026 
Porous metal foil and production method therefor 

109. 8,497,025 
Polyimide, polyamic acid and processes for the production thereof 

108. 8,497,024 
Organopolysilmethylene-siloxane and a cured product thereof 

107. 8,497,023 
Polyurethane-grafted hydrogels 

106. 8,497,022 
Three-metallic-component type composite nanometallic paste, method of bonding, and electronic component 

105. 8,497,021 
Superoleophilic particles and coatings and methods of making the same 

104. 8,497,020 
Precision wood particle feedstocks 

103. 8,497,019 
Engineered plant biomass particles coated with bioactive agents 

102. 8,497,018 
High temperature stable amorphous silica-rich aluminosilicates 

101. 8,497,017 
Polymer matrix, uses thereof and a method of manufacturing the same 

100. 8,497,016 
Conductive carbon black 

99. 8,497,015 
Reflective article 

98. 8,497,014 
Heat treatable coated glass pane 

97. 8,497,013 
Printable coating 

96. 8,497,012 
Authenticity mark in the form of a luminescent substance 

95. 8,497,011 
Decorative material and decorative sheet 

94. 8,497,010 
Breathable low-emissivity metalized sheets 

93. 8,497,009 
Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same 

92. 8,497,008 
Process for producing laminates of unidirectionally arranged polymeric tapes 

91. 8,497,007 
Protective sheathing apparatus 

90. 8,497,005 
Highly abrasion-resistant grafted polyolefin pipe 

89. 8,497,004 
Sterilized polyetherimide articles 

87. 8,497,003 
Glucose compound, cellulose composition, cellulose film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device 

86. 8,497,002 
Liquid crystal display device 

85. 8,497,001 
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display 

84. 8,497,000 
X-ray induced wettability modification 

83. 8,496,997 
Process for the preparation of a cross-linked multilayer film 

82. 8,496,996 
Method of forming a brilliant multi-layered coating film 

81. 8,496,992 
Methods of forming nanocomposites containing nanodiamond particles by vapor deposition 

80. 8,496,991 
Coating treatment method 

79. 8,496,990 
Method of repairing a coating on an article 

78. 8,496,989 
Process for producing an ion-permeable web-reinforced separator 

77. 8,496,988 
Dispenser for fabricating liquid crystal display panel and method for controlling gap between nozzle and substrate by using the same 

76. 8,496,987 
Trans fat free plastic composition for bakery products 

75. 8,496,970 
Conformable tissue repair implant capable of injection delivery 

74. 8,496,959 
Method of promoting new tissue growth and/or wound healing using bioresorbable dressing comprising microspheres or microparticles 

73. 8,496,954 
Coating systems for the controlled delivery of hydrophilic bioactive agents 

72. 8,496,952 
Antimicrobial compositions comprising silver chloride and benzoisothiazoline 

71. 8,496,946 
Antimicrobial hydrogels, methods of preparation thereof, and articles therefrom 

70. 8,496,904 
Single-walled carbon nanotube catalysts and method for preparing same

69. 8,496,885 
Container having oxygen scavenging system 

68. 8,496,883 
Honeycomb filter 

67. 8,496,868 
Polylactic acid shrink films and methods of manufacturing same 

66. 8,496,867 
Process for manufacturing a fuel tank 

65. 8,496,866 
Chip resistor substrate 

64. 8,496,865 
Method to minimize chain scission and monomer generation in processing of poly(L-lactide) stent 

63. 8,496,864 
Static dissipative cable ties, such as for radiation belt storm probes 

62. 8,496,861 
Process for making plastic fibers for application in concrete 

61. 8,496,860 
Foam-backed, hollow articles made by cold rotational molding 

60. 8,496,859 
Method of producing a plastic polarized lens 

59. 8,496,858 
Self-supporting optical fiber spool and method for the production thereof 

58. 8,496,857 
Nanotextured surfaces 

57. 8,496,825 
Spiral wound module including membrane sheet with regions having different permeabilities 

56. 8,496,799 
Systems and methods for in situ annealing of electro- and electroless platings during deposition 

55. 8,496,796 
Composite films comprising carbon nanotubes and polymer 

54. 8,496,782 
Methods for preparing alkali cellulose and water-soluble cellulose ether 

53. 8,496,781 
Plasma processing apparatus 

52. 8,496,780 
Apparatus for the deposition of high dielectric constant films 

51. 8,496,778 
Method for manufacturing an absorbent article 

50. 8,496,776 
Letterpress application of elastomeric compositions 

49. 8,496,775 
Method for embossing an absorbent article  

48. 8,496,774 
Process and materials for coiling z-filter media; and/or closing flutes of filter media; and, products 

47. 8,496,773 
Diaper closure and method of making same 

46. 8,496,735 
Method and apparatus for control and elimination of undesirable substances 

45. 8,496,734 
Sorbent structure applicable for carbon dioxide capture 

44. 8,496,725 
Composition for producing magnetic or magnetizable moldings, and process for producing the same 

43. 8,496,724 
Plugged honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same 

42. 8,496,723 
Air filter arrangement 

41. 8,496,722 
Nonwoven for air filtration and a preparation method thereof 

40. 8,496,721 
Hollow body having an integrated oil separating device 

39. 8,496,720 
Building air filtration system 

38. 8,496,470 
Injection molding die for producing a molded product having an appearance surface 

37. 8,496,469 
Closure assembly for an injection unit of plastic material with micrometrical regulation of the closure rod, and corresponding device for regulating micrometrically and fixing a threaded element 

36. 8,496,468 
Blow valve 

35. 8,496,467 
Process and device for producing hollow bodies 

34. 8,496,466 
Press system with interleaved embossing foil holders for nano-imprinting of recording media 

33. 8,496,465 
Suture containing barbs 

32. 8,496,464 
Closure assembly, with a multi-rod drive, for the injection moulding of plastic material 

31. 8,496,463 
Extruder feed section with pivotable feed roll assembly 

30. 8,496,462 
Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method 

29. 8,496,461 
Motor driven mold 

28. 8,496,460 
Pipe extrusion die flow path apparatus and method 

27. 8,496,459 
Apparatus for producing a spunbonded fabric 

26. 8,496,458 
Die press assembly for powder pressing  

25. 8,496,329 
Low inventory method of making eyeglasses 

24. 8,496,328 
Process for producing optical article 

23. 8,496,323 
Metastable nanoparticle ink compositions and images made therefrom 

Paper shredder with staple and clip remover 

21. 8,496,196 
Asphalt material recycling system and method 

20. 8,496,194 
Method and apparatus for retaining highly torqued fittings in molded resin or polymer housing 

19. 8,496,162 
Carton and carton blank 

18. 8,496,159 
Injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on substrates 

17. 8,496,142 
Foam-dispensing pump container 

16. 8,496,130 
Hot-fill container having movable ribs for accommodating vacuum forces 

15. 8,496,123 
Process for cross-linking cellulose ester membranes 

14. 8,496,122 
Permselective membrane and process for manufacturing thereof 

13. 8,496,121 
Macroporous copolymers with large pores 

12. 8,496,120 
Filter network 

11. 8,496,115 
Foaming agent and method for floatation of insoluble components of raw salts

10. 8,496,088 
Acoustic composite 

9. 8,496,037 
Adhesive injection device 

8. 8,496,033 
Comminution process to produce engineered wood particles of uniform size and shape with disrupted grain structure from veneer 

7. 8,496,024 
Paint circulation system with coiled back pressure regulator 

6. 8,495,989 
Gasket of an internal combustion engine and internal combustion engine 

5. 8,495,849 
Floor covering and locking systems 

4. 8,495,848 
Laminate floor panels 

3. 8,495,847 
Evenly distributed seamed roof panel system 

Formwork assembly for fabricating composite structures including floor and roof structures 

1. 8,495,815 
Electromagnetic shielding method and electromagnetic shielding film 



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