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Patents published 7/16/2013

8,484,762 to 8,490,211

219/5865 (Number selected /Total number)


219. 8,487,296 
Graphene deposition and graphenated substrates 

218. 8,487,193 
Conductive plate 

217. 8,487,192 
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same 

216. 8,487,191 
Flexible laminate and flexible electronic circuit board formed by using the same 

215. 8,487,190 
Flexible printed circuit board 

214. 8,487,189 
Wired circuit board assembly sheet 

213. 8,487,177 
Integrated thermoelectric honeycomb core and method 

212. 8,487,156 
Hygiene articles containing nanofibers 

211. 8,487,149 
Renewable compositions 

210. 8,487,137 
Photochemical crosslinkers for polymer coatings and substrate tie-layer 

209. 8,487,089 
Associative water-soluble cellulose ethers 

208. 8,487,071 
Polyether polymer and production process thereof 

207. 8,487,070 
Sulfonated poly(arylene ether) having crosslinkable moiety combined in chain of polymer, sulfonated poly(arylene ether) having crosslinkable moieties combined in polymer and at polymer end group, and polymer electrolyte membrane using sulfonated poly(arylene ether) 

206. 8,487,069 
Liquid crystal photo-alignment agent, liquid crystal photo-alignment layer manufactured using the same, and liquid crystal display device including the liquid crystal photo-alignment layer 

205. 8,487,068 
Method of manufacturing polybenzoxazole precursor 

204. 8,487,067 
Polycarbonate resin and transparent film formed therefrom 

203. 8,487,066 
Polycarbonate nanocomposites 

202. 8,487,065 
Copolycarbonate-polyesters, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof 

201. 8,487,064 
Polymer compounds and a preparation method thereof 

200. 8,487,063 
Methods for making polyurea polymer and products prepared therefrom 

199. ,487,062 
Polyimidesilicone having alcoholic hydroxyl group and process for producing the same 

198. 8,487,061 
Star hydrocarbon polymer, process for making, and a polymer blend composition having same 

197. 8,487,060 
Method for producing polychloroprene latex, polychloroprene latex, and adhesive using the same 

196. 8,487,059 
Synthesis of dendritic polyolefins by metathesis insertion polymerization 

195. 8,487,058 
Wettable silicone hydrogel contact lenses 

194. 8,487,057 
Maleimide-alpha-alkylstyrene-based tetrapolymer with low molten viscosity and continuous bulk process for producing it 

193. 8,487,055 
Hole transport polymers 

192. 8,487,054 
Benzopinacol metalloester polymerization initiator 

191. 8,487,053 
Methods for removing polymer skins from reactor walls 

190. 8,487,052 
Resin composition for fiber-reinforced composite material, cured product thereof, fiber-reinforced composite material, molding of fiber-reinforced resin, and process for production thereof 

189. 8,487,051 
Polyurethane based pigment dispersants which contain reactive double bonds 

188. 8,487,050 
Composition containing fluorine-containing aromatic polymer and laminated body containing fluorine-containing aromatic polymer 

187. 8,487,049 
Recycling superabsorbent polymer fines 

186. 8,487,048 
Water-absorbent resin and its production process 

185. 8,487,046 
Polycycloolefin (PCO) thermoset assembly and process for its preparation 

184. 8,487,045 
Pressure pipes and polyolefin composition for the manufacture thereof 

183. 8,487,044 
Oriented white polyester film 

182. 8,487,043 
Phosphorous flame retardant and application thereof to polymer 

181. 8,487,042 
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and a molded article formed therefrom 

180. 8,487,041 
Unsaturated polyester 

179. 8,487,040 
Flame and smoke spread retardant molding compounds and components molded from these compounds 

178. 8,487,039 
Salt resistant polyamide compositions 

177. 8,487,038 
Polycarbonate and process for producing the same 

176. 8,487,037 
Preparation of organosiloxane polymers 

175. 8,487,036 
Self-dispersing latex particulates 

174. 8,487,035 
Resin composition and molded product thereof 

173. 8,487,034 
Melt molding polymer composite and method of making and using the same 

172. 8,487,033 
Thermoplastic elastomer compositions, methods for making the same, and articles made therefrom 

171. 8,487,032 
Rubber composition and tire using same 

170. 8,487,030 
Organic-inorganic hybrid composition and image sensor 

169. 8,487,029 
Thermosetting polymer-based composite materials 

168. 8,487,028 
Polymer-assisted deposition of films and preparation of carbon nanotube arrays using the films 

167. 8,487,027 
Golf ball material and method of preparing the same 

166. 8,487,026 
Hot-melt adhesive substance 

165. 8,487,025 
Branched melt polycarbonate with low content of defective structures 

164. 8,487,024 
Polyamide, polyamide composition, and method for producing polyamide 

163. 8,487,023 
Nucleating agents for polyhydroxyalkanoates 

162. 8,487,020 
Microcapsules containing curable siloxanes 

161. 8,487,019 
Filled resins and method for making filled resins 

160. 8,487,018 
Heavy metal-free and anaerobically compostable vinyl halide compositions, articles and landfill biodegradation 

159. 8,487,017 
Biodegradable materials for orthopedic devices based on polymer stereocomplexes 

158. 8,487,016 
Dental impression material containing rheological modifiers and process of production 

157. 8,487,015 
Flexible polyurethane foam and process for its production 

156. 8,487,014 
Silica filler pretreated with bio-based polyol and elastomer composition containing the same 

155. 8,487,013 
Production method of porous resin particle having hydroxyl group 

154. 8,487,012 
Open celled foams, implants including them and processes for making same 

153. 8,487,002 
Controlled-release compositions 

152. 8,486,986 

151. 8,486,962 
Antifungal agents 

150. 8,486,899 

149. 8,486,872 
Silicone lubricant with good wetting on PET surfaces 

148. 8,486,669 
Enzymatic hydrolysis of a cellulose material treated with an ionic liquid 

147. 8,486,631 
Quality control methods for the manufacture of polymer arrays 

146. 8,486,579 
Polymer blend proton exchange membrane and method for manufacturing the same 

145. 8,486,556 
Multilayer separator exhibiting improved strength and stability 

144. 8,486,539 
Coating compositions and coatings produced from them with high scratch resistance, weathering stability, and good optical properties 

143. 8,486,538 
Electrodepositable coating composition comprising silane and yttrium 

142. 8,486,537 
Transparent conductive films, articles, and methods 

141. 8,486,534 
Surface-modified polymer films 

140. 8,486,533 
Anti-corrosion conformal coating for metal conductors electrically connecting an electronic component 

139. 8,486,532 
Non-fouling surfaces for reflective spheres 

138. 8,486,531 
Thermally expanded microspheres and a process for producing the same 

137. 8,486,530 
Method for reducing volatile organic compounds in composite resin particles, and composite resin particles 

136. 8,486,527 
Compact, hybrid fiber reinforced rods for optical cable reinforcements and method for making same 

135. 8,486,526 
Low volatiles coatings, sealants and binders from renewable oils 

134. 8,486,525 
Method and apparatus having two surfaces for sealing distribution ducts 

133. 8,486,524 
Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape 

132. 8,486,523 
Lignocellulosic products and methods of forming the same 

131. 8,486,522 
Multi-layer composite materials comprising a foam layer, corresponding method of production and use thereof 

130. 8,486,521 
Microporous polyethylene film with good property of strength and permeability at high temperature 

129. 8,486,520 
Thermal spray coating of porous nanostructured ceramic feedstock 

128. 8,486,519 
White film for surface light source reflecting members 

127. 8,486,518 
Epoxy resin for prepreg, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material and methods for production thereof 

126. 8,486,517 
Helical textile with uniform thickness 

125. 8,486,516 
Plastic coated composite building boards and method of making same 

124. 8,486,515 
Coating agent for plastic label, and plastic label 

123. 8,486,514 
Method to fabricate a mould for lithography by nano-imprinting 

122. 8,486,513 
Object structure having patterns of refractive veins thereon 

121. 8,486,512 
Pattern formation employing self-assembled material 

120. 8,486,511 
Pattern formation employing self-assembled material 

119. 8,486,507 
Expandable foam sheet that locks in expanded configuration 

118. 8,486,506 
Protective film 

117. 8,486,505 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet with release liner 

116. 8,486,504 
Multilayer masking tape 

115. 8,486,503 
Surgical tape 

114. 8,486,502 
PVDF/PVC alloys for plenum cable applications 

113. 8,486,501 
Plastic ampule and colored plastic container 

112. 8,486,500 
Flat bottom bag 

111. 8,486,498 
Thermally decomposable polymer coated metal powders 

110. 8,486,497 
Liquid crystal compound, and liquid crystal display 

109. 8,486,496 
Method of preparing wear-resistant coating layer comprising metal matrix composite and coating layer prepared thereby 

108. 8,486,495 
Siloxane removal via silicate formation for lifetime extension of photocatalytic devices 

107. 8,486,494 
Organic/inorganic composite coating film, structural color film using the same, and preparation methods thereof 

106. 8,486,493 
Complex oxide film and method for producing same, composite body and method for producing same, dielectric material, piezoelectric material, capacitor and electronic device 

105. 8,486,492 
Complex oxide film and method for producing same, composite body and method for producing same, dielectric material, piezoelectric material, capacitor, piezoelectric element and electronic device 

104. 8,486,490 
Method for producing a three-dimensionally shaped object 

103. 8,486,489 
Methods for aligning polymer films and related structures 

102. 8,486,488 
Method and device for coating a polymer film with an oxide layer 

101. 8,486,487 
Gas barrier film, gas barrier film manufacturing method, resin substrate for organic electroluminescent device using the aforesaid gas barrier film, and organic electroluminescent device using the aforementioned gas barrier film 

100. 8,486,484 
Implant comprising a biotoxic coating and method for the production thereof 

99. 8,486,483 
Deposition of discrete nanoparticles on an implant surface 

98. 8,486,482 
Methods to improve adhesion of polymer coatings over stents 

97. 8,486,455 
Polymeric delivery formulations of leuprolide with improved efficacy

96. 8,486,437 
Multifunctional compounds for forming crosslinked biomaterials and methods of preparation and use 

95. 8,486,428 
Compositions and methods for making and using acyclic N-halamine-based biocidal polymeric materials and articles 

94. 8,486,386 
Modified two-component gelation systems, methods of use and methods of manufacture 

93. 8,486,375 
Foamable compositions 

92. 8,486,369 
Introduction of mesoporosity in low Si/Al zeolites 

91. 8,486,364 
Production of graphenic carbon particles utilizing methane precursor material 

90. 8,486,363 
Production of graphenic carbon particles utilizing hydrocarbon precursor materials 

89. 8,486,362 
Redispersible agglomerate of fine carbon fibers and method for producing thereof 

88. 8,486,348 
Channel and method of forming channels 

87. 8,486,325 
Parison and method for the production of plastic bottles 

86. 8,486,324 
Method and apparatus for producing tiered containers 

85. 8,486,323 
Rotational molded articles, and method of making the same 

83. 8,486,322 
Golf ball manufacturing method 

82. 8,486,321 
Print through reduction in long fiber reinforced composites by addition of carbon nanotubes 

81. 8,486,320 
Spindle motor tray adhesive dispensing method and supplementary apparatus 

80. 8,486,319 
Articles with super-hydrophobic and/or self-cleaning surfaces and method of making same 

79. 8,486,318 
Fiber, fiber aggregate and adhesive having the same 

78. 8,486,317 
Apparatus and method for forming laminated and molded garments 

77. 8,486,316 
Process and plant for the continuous manufacturing of at least a layer of latex foam with recesses 

76. 8,486,315 
Injection molding method and injection molding device 

75. 8,486,314 
Method of internally restoring a leaking pipe 

74. 8,486,313 
Flame retarding thermoplastic alloy and its preparation method 

73. 8,486,305 
Nanoparticle composition and methods of making the same 

72. 8,486,304 
Gelable composition 

71. 8,486,303 
Granule mass 

70. 8,486,291 
Plasma processing method 

69. 8,486,288 
Pattern forming method 

68. 8,486,287 
Methods for fabrication of positional and compositionally controlled nanostructures on substrate 

67. 8,486,274 
Stimulant sensitive flocculation and consolidation 

66. 8,486,250 
Electrodeposition method of forming a probe structure having a plurality of discrete insulated probe tips projecting from a support surface 

65. 8,486,237 
Process for continuous coating deposition and an apparatus for carrying out the process 

64. 8,486,228 
Lignocellulosic biomass saccharification pre-treatment device 

63. 8,486,213 
Method of making composite laminated product 

62. 8,486,211 
Methods for manufacturing a paint roller and component parts thereof having a composite cover formed of compounded material 

61. 8,486,210 
Apparatus for producing elastomeric nonwoven laminates 

60. 8,486,209 
Method for the production of a breathable multilayer synthetic leather, and breathable multilayer synthetic leather 

59. 8,486,208 
Cold crack additive on paving advertising and related methods 

58. 8,486,203 
Conversion coating and anodizing sealer with no chromium 

57. 8,486,196 
Vaporizing apparatus and film forming apparatus provided with vaporizing apparatus 

56. 8,486,188 
Polyhydroxyfunctional polysiloxane as anti-adhesive and dirt-repellant additives 

55. 8,486,187 
Multipurpose additive for low VOC solvent based coatings 

54. 8,486,184 
Oxygen-permeable membrane and method for the production thereof 

53. 8,486,179 
Method for producing carbon molecular sieve membranes in controlled atmospheres

52. 8,486,161 
Lignin upgrading for hydroprocessing to biofuel 

51. 8,486,135 
Implantable medical devices fabricated from branched polymers 

50. 8,486,033 
Application of polymeric materials to screens to facilitate hemostasis and wound healing 

49. 8,486,018 
Adhesive and peripheral systems and methods for medical devices 

48. 8,486,013 
Balloon catheter having coating 

47. 8,485,860 
Abrasive products with splice marks and automated splice detection 

46. 8,485,859 
Plastic beehive 

45. 8,485,858 
Toy gun having a laser sight 

44. 8,485,812 
Spin-mounted fabrication of injection molded micro-optics 

43. 8,485,811 
Fine structure formation apparatus 

42. 8,485,810 
Blow molding apparatus 

41. 8,485,809 
Device for attaching a mould base on a medium 

40. 8,485,808 
Apparatus for producing three-dimensional shaped product 

39. 8,485,807 
Device and method for thermoforming a sheet 

38. 8,485,728 
Resealable packaging 

37. 8,485,610 
Paint brush with reinforced ferrule construction 

36. 8,485,579 
Vacuum pickup assemblies for picking up articles and minimizing contamination thereof 

35. 8,485,578 
Wrap for bundling objects 

34. 8,485,533 
Dynamic seal using vulcanization of fluorocarbon elastomers 

33. 8,485,532 
Composition for gasket and gasket 

32., 8,485,491 
Movement limiting anti-vibration mount   

31. 8,485,460 
Polyester film roll 

30. 8,485,457 
Method, device and use of a device for producing fuel from moist biomass 

29. 8,485,456 
Method and apparatus for manufacturing submicron polymer powder 

28. 8,485,378 
Multi-container packages for dispensing liquid and dry food 

27. 8,485,377 
Modular container assembly 

26. 8,485,376 
Folding container 

25. 8,485,375 
Plastic bottle with a champagne base and production method thereof 

24. 8,485,374 
Plastic closure with enhanced performance 

23. 8,485,373 
Stopper device for stopping a container neck 

22. 8,485,360 
Fracturable container 

21. 8,485,336 
Composite chute liners 

20. 8,485,229 
Wrappable styrenic pipe insulations 

19. 8,485,162 
Plasma apparatus using a valve 

18. 8,485,128 
Movable ground ring for a plasma processing chamber 

17. 8,485,126 
Coating apparatus including a glove part and a controller for stopping coating 

16. 8,485,125 
Electrostatic spraying arrangement 

15. 8,485,124 
Silver thin-film spread apparatus by means of deposition of nano metallic silver 

14. 8,485,122 
Gluing unit and method of applying adhesive to opening devices for gluing to sealed packages of pourable food products 

13. 8,485,121 
Coating tool for applying a fluid film onto a substrate 

12. 8,485,120 
Method and apparatus for wafer electroless plating 

11. 8,485,081 
Synthetic fiber rope for crane and method of manufacturing the same 

10. 8,485,080 
Cutting unit for cutting sheet material 

9. 8,485,079 
Angle cutting machine with exchangeable cutting members 

8. 8,485,045 
Foam free testing systems and methods 

7. 8,485,002 
Plastic tub for a washing machine or a washer dryer 

6. 8,484,924 
Panel, in particular floor panel 

5. 8,484,922 
Alkaline and heat resistant foam composite and floor underlayment 

3. 8,484,918  
Composite structural elements and method of making same 

Flexible plastic utensil 

1. 8,484,846 
Method of joining components for a composite showerhead electrode assembly for a plasma processing apparatus 


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