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Patents published 7/2/2013

8,474,062 to 8,479,311

241/5681(Number selected /Total number)


241. 8,476,638  
Plasma CVD apparatus 

240. 8,476,621 
Resin composition, gate insulating layer, and organic thin film transistor 

239. 8,476,551 
Laser cutting apparatus 

238. 8,476,535 
Multilayered printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same 

237. 8,476,528 
Electrically insulating coating and method of formation thereof 

236. 8,476,527 
Resin composition and high-frequency co-axial cable using same 

235. 8,476,479 
Method of treating biomass, fuel for fuel cell, gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, and synthetic resin 

234. 8,476,475 
Premixture for preparing an absorbent for removing acidic gases from fluid streams 

233. 8,476,403 
Crosslinking of reactive polyolefin prepolymers using a coreactant 

232. 8,476,402 
Carbohydrate lactone polymers 

231. 8,476,400 
Dendritic oxygen scavenging polymer 

230. 8,476,399 
Biocompatible polymers for medical devices 

229. 8,476,398 
Perfluoropolyether urethane additives having (meth)acryl groups and hard coats 

228. 8,476,397 
Phenoxazine polymer compound and light emitting device using the same 

227. 8,476,396 
Allophanate modified polyisocyanates 

226. 8,476,395 
Polypropylene composition with improved optics for film and moulding applications 

225. 8,476,394 
Polymer resins having improved barrier properties and methods of making same 

224. 8,476,393 
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin interpolymers containing low crystallinity hard blocks 

223. 8,476,392 
Polymerization processes using metallocene catalysts, their polymer products and end uses 

222. 8,476,391 
Anionic water-in-water polymer dispersion, method for the production thereof and its use 

221. 8,476,390 
Light filters comprising P-nitrophenylazo salicylic acid derivatives thereof 

220. 8,476,389 
Silicone hydrogel, lens for eye and contact lens 

219. 8,476,388 
Polymeric acid catalysts and uses thereof 

218. 8,476,387 
Catalytic process for preparing (meth)acrylic esters of N-hydroxyalkylated lactams 

217. 8,476,386 
Hyperbranched polymers and their applications 

216. 8,476,385 
Fluorinated ether compositions and methods of using the same 

215. 8,476,384 
Olefin acrylate emulsion copolymerization 

214. 8,476,383 
Process for producing polyolefins 

213. 8,476,382 
Multiple continuous microfluidic reactors for the scaled up synthesis of gel or polymer particles 

212. 8,476,381 
Method for producing crystalline polyoxyalkylene polyol, and resin obtained by using the same as raw material 

211. 8,476,380 
Room temperature curable silicon group-containing polymer composition 

210. 8,476,379 
Silphenylene skeleton-containing silicone type polymer and method for manufacturing the same 

209. 8,476,378 
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic polyesters 

208. 8,476,377 
Crosslinkable polyamide molding compounds and molded parts produced therewith 

207. 8,476,376 
Heat-curing powder-lacquer compositions yielding a matte surface after curing of the coating, as well as a simple method for production of same 

206. 8,476,375 
Polymers modified by silanes 

205. 8,476,374 
Activated silane compound, rubber composition using the same and tire 

204. 8,476,373 
Branched and star-branched styrene polymers, telomers, and adducts, their synthesis, their bromination, and their uses 

203. 8,476,372 
Polyester fiber and method for its production, and tire cord, tire, belt-reinforcing fiber material and belt comprising the polyester fiber 

202. 8,476,371 
Interpolymer resin particles 

201. 8,476,370 
High density polymer compositions, a method for their preparation and pressure-resistant pipes made therefrom 

200. 8,476,369 
Metal salt nanogel-containing polymers 

199. 8,476,368 
Low-k dielectrics obtainable by twin polymerization 

198. 8,476,367 
Pelletized plastic compounds and method of manufacture 

197. 8,476,366 
Block compositions in thermoplastic vulcanizate applications 

196. 8,476,365 
Method for gas phase polymerization 

195. 8,476,364 
Polymer manufacturing process 

194. 8,476,363 
Expanding void filler and a process of manufacturing same 

193. 8,476,362 
Moisture-curing polyisocyanate mixtures 

192. 8,476,361 
Fine pattern transfer material 

191. 8,476,360 
Calendered films of plasticized blends of plastomer and impact copolymer 

190. 8,476,359 
Polyolefin based hot melt adhesive having improved heat resistance 

189. 8,476,358 
Use of vinyl ester copolymers as low-profile additives (LPAS) 

188. 8,476,357 
Method for making composite carbon nanotube structure 

187. 8,476,356 
(Per)fluoroelastomeric compositions 

185. 8,476,355 
Long glass fiber reinforced resin composite and method for preparing the same 

185. 8,476,354 
Low sink marks and excellent surface appearance reinforced polyamide compositions 

184. 8,476,353 
Amorphous polyamide resin composition and molded product 

183. 8,476,220 
Biocompatible polymers, process for their preparation and compositions containing them 

182. 8,476,216 
Colored speckles having delayed release properties 

181. 8,476,214 
Low voc hard surface treating composition providing anti-fogging and cleaning benefits 

180. 8,476,352 
Elastomeric compositions comprising hydrocarbon polymer additives having improved impermeability 

179. 8,476,351 
Black composition, black coating composition, resin black matrix, color filter for liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display 

178. 8,476,350 
Triglyceride plasticizer and process of making 

177. 8,476,348 
Protein-free natural rubber, latex thereof, and method for manufacturing said rubber and latex 

176. 8,476,347 
Resin compound, resin composition, and resin-molded article 

175. 8,476,345 
Use of oily soft waxes as hydrophobizing agents in timber products, timber products thus produced, and processes for introducing soft waxes into timber products 

174. 8,476,344 
Method for preparing silicon-sulfur compounds and their use in bitiminous compositions 

173. 8,476,343 
Toy putty material compositions 

172. 8,476,342 
Method and formulation for reinforcing elastomers 

171. 8,476,341 
Multi-branched polyalkylene glycol polymer, method for producing the same, and admixture for cement 

170. 8,476,339 
Method and apparatus for making composite solid surface article and composite solid surface article containing large particles 

169. 8,476,338 
Dental curable composition and composite resin using the same 

168. 8,476,337 
Wettable silicone hydrogel contact lenses and related compositions and methods 

167. 8,476,336 
Ophthalmologic composition and ophthalmologic lens 

166. 8,476,335 
Method of manufacturing monolithic stationary phase and monolithic stationary phase produced thereby 

165. 8,476,334 
Acrylated polyamides 

164. 8,476,333 
Photocurable composition 

163. 8,476,331 
Photosensitive resin composition and preparation method 

162. 8,476,330 
Polyurethane foam containing synergistic surfactant combinations and process for making same 

161. 8,476,329 
Bioresin composition for use in forming a rigid polyurethane foam article 

160. 8,476,327 
Extruded polymer foam process with staged forming 

159. 8,476,326 
Fibrillated polyolefin foam 

158. 8,476,325 
Styrene-modified polyethylene-based resin beads, styrene-modified polyethylene-based expandable resin beads, production method therefor, pre-expanded beads and expanded molded article 

157. 8,476,324 
Method for manufacturing anion exchange resin, anion exchange resin, method for manufacturing cation exchange resin, cation exchange resin, mixed bed resin, and method for manufacturing ultrapure water for washing electronic component material 

156. 8,476,323 
Fluorocarbon polymer material and method for synthesizing 

155. 8,476,322 
Microphase-separated structure membrane and process for producing the same 

154. 8,476,119 
Encapsulation methods and dielectric layers for organic electrical devices 

153. 8,476,198 
Fungicidal composition 

152. 8,476,197 
Aminopropenoates as fungicides 

151. 8,476,195 
Uses of thaxtomin and thaxtomin compositions as herbicides 

150. 8,476,194 
Fungicidal compositions including hydrazone derivatives and copper 

149. 8,476,191 
Heat-sensitive recording body and method for producing same 

148. 8,476,190 
Composite particles 

147. 8,476,189 
Process for superabsorbent polymer and crosslinker composition 

146. 8,476,188 
Cloth-like radioactive material adsorbent and its manufacturing method 

145. 8,476,183 
Catalyst for polyester polycondensation and method for producing polyester resin using the same 

144. 8,476,181 
Catalyst systems for the oligomerization of olefin monomers 

143. 8,476,180 
Regenerating molecular sieve absorbents used for alcohol dehydration 

142. 8,476,173 
Laminate material for absorbent articles and method for its manufacture 

141. 8,476,000 
Method of producing a relief image from a liquid photopolymer resin 

140. 8,475,970 
Fluoroesin-coated polymer film for reinforcing polymer electrolyte membrane, reinforced polymer electrolyte membrane, and membrane electrode assembly 

139. 8,475,961 
High performance energy storage and collection devices containing exfoliated microtubules and spatially controlled attached nanoscale particles and layers 

138. 8,476,052 
Enzyme for the production of long chain peracid 

137. 8,476,076 
Chromatography of polyolefin polymers 

`136. 8,476,056 
Thermotolerant actinomadura strain capable of degrading polyesters 

135. 8,475,945 
Composite article including silicon oxycarbide layer 

134. 8,475,944 
Coated ceramic cutting insert and method for making the same 

133. 8,475,943 
Coated article having yttrium-containing coatings applied by physical vapor deposition and method for making the same 

132. 8,475,942 
Hard-coating-coated member, tool, and target 

131. 8,475,941 
Hard film, plastic working die, plastic working method, and target for hard film 

130. 8,475,937 
Silicone composition and organic light-emitting diode 

129. 8,475,934 
Flame-retardant timber materials 

128.  8,475,933 
Interpolymers suitable for multilayer films 

127. 8,475,932 
Compositions of organic acid modified ionomers filled with silica 

126. 8,475,931 
Polarizer protective film, polarizing plate, and image display apparatus 

125. 8,475,930 
Composite coated metal sheet, treatment agent and method of manufacturing composite coated metal sheet 

124. 8,475,929 
Barrier film and laminated material, container for wrapping and image display medium using the same, and manufacturing method for barrier film 

123. 8,475,925 
PBI/epoxy coatings 

122. 8,475,923 
Heat transfer film, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus 

121. 8,475,922 
Nanoparticle composite material and antenna device and electromagnetic wave absorber using the same 

120. 8,475,921 
Composite material, composite material substrate, composite material dispersed fluid, and manufacturing methods thereof 

119. 8,475,920  Cable with environmental stress cracking resistance 

118. 8,475,919 
Wool and aramid fiber blends for multifunctional protective clothing 

117. 8,475,917
Fluororubber-metal laminate sheet 

116. 8,475,916 
Antireflection film and method for manufacturing the same 

115. 8,475,915 
Methacrylic composition for obtaining a coating having a rough texture and a matt appearance 

114. 8,475,914 
Thick, printable labels suitable for use in a thermal transfer printer 

113. 8,475,913 
Titanium/titanium alloy-and-resin composite and method for making the same 

112. 8,475,912 
Coating composition for forming low-refractive-index layer, antireflective film using the same, and image display device including the antireflective film 

111. 8,475,910 
Edge stiffened polymeric corrugated sheet material 

110. 8,475,909 
Three-dimensional reverse tanking membranes 

109. 8,475,908 
3D embossing 

108. 8,475,907 
Silicon carbide-based porous body 

107. 8,475,906 
Silicon carbide based porous material and method for preparation thereof 

106. 8,475,902 
Optical recording medium 

105. 8,475,899 
Process for producing broader molecular weight distribution polymers with a reverse comonomer distribution and low levels of long chain branches 

104. 8,475,898 
Polyolefin resin blends for crack-resistant pipe 

103. 8,475,897 
Laminate and composite layer comprising a substrate and a coating, and a process and apparatus for preparation thereof 

102. 8,475,896 
Multilayer film 

101. 8,475,895 
Articles comprising composite structures having mounting flanges 

100. 8,475,894 
Engineered molded fiberboard panels, methods of making the panels, and products fabricated from the panels 

99. 8,475,893 
Vacuum insulation panel 

98. 8,475,892 
Transfer film and method of manufacturing same 

97. 8,475,890 
Colored material coated transparent chip for artificial stone, method of preparing same, and artificial stone including same 

96. 8,475,889 
Liquid-crystalline medium 

95. 8,475,888 
Five-ring liquid crystal compound having a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic ring, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

95. 8,475,887 
Optically isotropic liquid crystal medium, and optical device 

94. 8,475,886 
Methods for producing surfaces that resist non-specific protein binding and cell attachment 

93. 8,475,885 
Method of forming organic film, and organic film, nozzle plate, inkjet head and electronic device 

92. 8,475,884 
Coatings with organic polymeric fillers for molded SMC articles 

91. 8,475,883 
Corrosion-protection agent forming a layer of paint and method for current-free application thereof 

90. 8,475,881 
Golf ball adhesion promoter 

89. 8,475,879 
Polymer nanocomposites with improved resistance to ionizing radiation 

88. 8,475,878 
Polyolefin dispersion technology used for porous substrates 

87. 8,475,877 
Method for counteracting curling tendency of gas barrier film, method for producing gas barrier film, and method for producing electronic device 

86. 8,475,876 
Apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste with homogeneous distribution of coating amount of electrode mixture paste 

85. 8,475,871 
Building board and method for production 

84. 8,475,870 
Resin layer formation method, resin layer formation device, disk and disk manufacturing method 

83. 8,475,846 
Colored micaceous pigments having bismuth oxychloride appearance and performance effects 

82. 8,475,845 
Method of particle formation 

81. 8,475,844 
Fluoropolymer-based medical implant coating compositions 

80. 8,475,843 
Silyl ether-modified hydrophilic polymers and uses for medical articles 

79. 8,475,812 
Gelatin sponge comprising an active ingredient, its preparation and use 

78. 8,475,780 
Ion binding polymers and uses thereof 

77. 8,475,779 
Methods of treating disease with random copolymers 

76. 8,475,777 
Silicone emulsions, and methods for the production thereof 

75. 8,475,770 
Foamable suspension gel 

74. 8,475,769 
Aerosol composition with enhanced dispersion effects 

73. 8,475,765 
Hydroxyalkyl starch derivatives 

72. 8,475,761 
Method for producing carbon nanocoils 

71. 8,475,760 
Device and method for producing nanotubes 

70. 8,475,746 
Uranium ion exchange adsorption method using ultrasound 

69. 8,475,729 
Methods for forming honeycomb minireactors and systems 

68. 8,475,726 
Reactor and apparatus for pyrolyzing waste, especially tyre 

67. 8,475,724 
Method and apparatus for plasma-treating porous body 

66. 8,475,703 
Method of orientating fillers in composite materials 

65. 8,475,701 
Silicone rubber formed product and method for production thereof 

64. 8,475,700 
Oriented polymer composition with a deoriented surface layer  

63. 8,475,699 
Method for rounding edges of openings in a tubular body and a product thereof 

62. 8,475,698 
Methods of making carbon nanopipes and ductwork with nanometric walls 

61. 8,475,697 
Method to manufacture reinforcement insertion type mascara brush and manufacturing for transfer mold 

60. 8,475,694 
Shaped expandable material 

59. 8,475,693 
Methods of making substrate structures having a weakened intermediate layer 

58. 8,475,692 
Nanofiber manufacturing apparatus and nanofiber manufacturing method 

57. 8,475,691 
UV-absorbers for ophthalmic lens materials 

56. 8,475,687 
Hydrogen storing carbon material 

55. 8,475,679 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

54. 8,475,675 
Polymer dispersions for fire prevention and firefighting

53. 8,475,637 
Electroplating apparatus with vented electrolyte manifold 

52. 8,475,636 
Method and apparatus for electroplating 

51. 8,475,635 
Processes and device for the deposition of films on substrates 

50. Application of HIPIMS to through silicon via metallization in three-dimensional wafer packaging 

49. 8,475,633 
Production method for a nanopatterned epoxy substrate 

48. 8,475,631 
Reduction of fiber knots of cellulose crosslinked fibers by using plasma pre-treated pulpsheets 

47. 8,475,630 
Retention systems and methods for papermaking 

46. 8,475,629 
Coating compositions comprising alkyl ketene dimers and alkyl succinic anhydrides for use in paper making 

45. 8,475,627 
Process of treating a lignocellulosic material 

44. 8,475,622 
Method of reusing a consumable part for use in a plasma processing apparatus 

43. 8,475,621 
Adhesion promotion to difficult substrates for hot melt adhesives 

42. 8,475,619 
Process for improving the adhesion of a UV-crosslinkable material to a substrate 

41. 8,475,616 
Reactors for forming foam materials from high internal phase emulsions, methods of forming foam materials and conductive nanostructures therein 

40. 8,475,615 
Method for repairing a wall consisting of a plurality of layers 

39. 8,475,606 
In-situ oxidized thermally applied ceramic coating 

38. 8,475,158 
Edge-gated nozzle 

37. 8,475,157 
Injection nozzle with enhanced heat transfer characteristics 

36. 8,475,156 
Injection mold 

35. 8,475,155 
Injection molding nozzle having a bracing component and a securing component 

34. ,475,154 
Flower pot mold for blow molding 

33. 8,475,153 
Method for forming strips of containers 

32. 8,475,152 
Apparatus for producing three-dimensional shaped product 

31. 8,475,299 
Low lift golf ball 

30. 8,475,298 
Golf ball having dual core deflection differential 

29. 8,475,297 
Golf ball with carbon dioxide absorbents 

28. 8,475,595 
Coating system 

27. 8,475,594 
Galvanizing bath apparatus 

26. 8,475,591 
Method of controlling a thickness of a sheet formed from a melt 

25. 8,475,586 
Structural composite having novel organic components and method of manufacture 

24. 8,475,585 
Stable foamed cement slurry compositions and methods for making and using same 

23. 8,474,362 
Diamond-reinforced composite materials and articles, and methods for making same 

22. 8,474,489 
Flexible pipe 

21. Reinforced composite sandwich panel 

20. 8,474,572 
Apparatus and method to attenuate vibration and acoustic noise

19. 8,474,639 
Collapsible container 

18. 8,474,638 
Plastic container 

17. 8,474,637 
Releasable entrapment of aroma using a polymeric matrix 

16. 8,474,636 
Twist-cut unsealing mechanism for container 

15. 8,474,744 
Floor covering storage, dispensing and retrieval rack with blower device 

14. 8,475,046 
Heat activated adhesives for bag closures 

13. 8,475,045 
Bag with cover 

12. 8,475,033 
Luminescent object comprising aligned polymers having a specific pretilt angle 

11. 8,475,004 
Optical sheet, light-emitting device, and method for manufacturing optical sheet 

10. 8,474,086 
Composite bristle 

Method for fabricating printed circuit board 

8. 8,474,189 
Weather strip for use with frame structures having sharp corners 

7. 8,474,158 
Molded snowshoe with compound deck 

6. 8,474,151 
Method and device for measuring the thickness of thin layers over large-area surfaces to be measured 

5. 8,474,221 
Telescoping fiberglass utility pole 

4. Precision surface technology 

3. 8,474,208 
Floor panel containing a polymer and cork 

2. 8,474,202 
Extruded seal plate for horizontal insulated composite architectural panel vertical end joints 

1. 8,474,201 
One-piece integrated composite wall foundation and floor slab system 


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