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Crosslink Testing

Direct conversion of solar energy to electrical energy can provide a virtually unlimited source of clean energy.  Conventional photovoltaic modules typically include a stack of materials encapsulated in a transparent polymer such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers.  During lamination, EVA is applied to a photovoltaic module and cured to prevent long term creep due to temperature and stress.  Crosslinking is critical to long term performance and must be monitored.  Conventional crosslinking measurements are the  “gel fraction” test and "creep" test requiring destruction of the tested material.  An automated, nondestructive test is badly needed. 

Dobble et al measured cross-linking by localized deformation without damage to the module.  A polymer sample is indented and  the relaxation or a recovery recorded.  This recovery is then compared to a reference material.  An automated test for crosslinking could be a major step in quality control as well as monitoring long term performance.  

US Patent 8,950,267 (February 10, 2015), “ Methods and Apparatus for Detecting Cross-Linking in a Polymer,” Dan Doble, Rafal Mickiewicz, John Lloyd, Marco Jaeger, and William F. Hartman (Fraunhofer USA, Inc., Plymouth, Michigan, USA).

See Maro Patentpedia, Crosslinking.


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